26 Top Recruitment Agencies in Belgium-Get Hired Quick

Belgium is a country in the Western part of Europe. It has a very industrial economy and as such has recruitment agencies in Belgium that handle employment opportunities. 

The recruitment agencies in Belgium are companies and organizations that act as an intermediate between job professionals and employers. They connect skilled and proficient applicants to organizations.

Many recruitment agencies offer temporary, contract, and permanent recruitment and also specialize in different recruitment sectors. Although there are lots of recruitment agencies in Belgium, this article provides a list of a few of the recruitment agencies in Belgium that can handle your staffing needs.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Belgium

A list of Some Top-Notch Recruitment Agencies in Belgium include:


Real Staffing is a specialized recruitment agency in Belgium with over 13 years of experience. They recruit experts and professionals into placements within:

  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • Medical Devices 
  • Food and FMCG
  • Chemicals. 

They handle both contracts,  freelance, and permanent recruitment.

Contact Details:

  • Address:  Brussels, Belgium

  • Phone: +32 2 610 59 59


SQLI Digital Experience is a European full-service digital company that establishes, structures, and develops the digital business value of international A-brands, by offering top-notch recruitment services.

With over 20 years of experience and serving over 200 enthusiastic employees, they offer services in:

  • Digital Consulting

  • Digital Marketing and Design

  • E-Commerce

  • Data and Insights

  • Experience Platform

  • Technology and Transformation.

Contact Details:

  • Address 1: Brussels, Belgium

  • Phone:+32 (0)2 311 58 38

  • Address 2:  Ghent, Belgium

  • Phone: +32 (0)9 329 83 80

  • Address 3:Hasselt, Belgium

  • Phone:+32 (0)11 260 990


Robert Half is one of the popular recruitment agencies in Belgium that offers consultation solutions for managing businesses.

They offer recruitment services in:

  • Finance & accounting

    Accountants, controllers, auditors, business analysts, and more

  • Administrative, HR & office support

   Management assistants, HR professionals, customer             service employees, administrative employees, project and interim management, and more

  • IT

     IT business analysts, helpdesk, application managers,   IT project managers, innovation leads, and more

  • Legal

     Junior and senior legal counsel/advisors and more

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussels, Belgium

  • Phone: +32 2 808 58 68


Gentis is a recruitment agency in Brussels that provides staffing as well as project sourcing solutions worldwide in different sectors. They are one of the main market leaders in the field of recruitment. 

Gentis has expertise in the following sectors:

  • IT

  • Engineering

  • Life Sciences

  • Financial Services

  • Human Resources

  • Digital Marketing

  • Construction & Real Estate

  • Energy & Natural Resources

  • Supply Chain & Procurement

  • Technical Sales

Contact Details:

  • Address: Gentis Brussels

  • Tel:  +32 2 737 51 60


This agency uses Search & Selection process, to identify candidates who not only have the necessary skills and experience to meet specific needs but who will prove to be an ideal fit for every organization.

The following steps are taken in the recruitment process but can be adapted accordingly: Briefing, Search, Interviews & Assessments, Shortlist, and Completion.

They specialize in these sectors:

  • Healthcare/Pharma 
  • Financial Services
  • Advocacy and more.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussels, Belgium 

  • Phone: +32 (0) 2648 8309
  •             +32 (0) 2893 9795


MindWorks recruitment acts as an extension of your human resources department. 

They help to identify the context jobs and select the most relevant candidates, with a  personal, honest approach and a dynamic straightforward working method.

They are recruiting experts in these fields:

  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources & Administration
  • Finance 

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussels – Belgium

  • Phone: +32 2 640 10 64


Recruitment Solutions is a recruitment and selection agency specialized in:

  • Sales, 
  • Marketing & Communication, 
  • HR, 
  • Office People and
  •  Consultancy.

They assist clients in the recruiting process by conducting a detailed inquiry of their needs and also offer the candidates a suitable position after a thorough examination of their goals in terms of career standpoints.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Bruxelles, Belgium

  • Phone: 00 32 2 626 08 00


Careers international is a recruiting agency in Belgium that specializes in :

  • IT
  • Tech
  • Engineering and Construction

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussels, Belgium

  • Phone: +322 401 48 30


Arcadia’s is a recruitment agency for admin jobs only. Arcadius from Diegem has been a specialist for 25 years in the selection, recruitment, and outsourcing of trilingual assistants and management support.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Diegem, Belgium

  • Phone: +32 (0) 2709 7271


 AT recruitment is a recruitment office in Belgium specializing in IT and Digital. They have been helping organizations in the recruitment of talents since the year 200.

Some of the areas they specialize in recruitment include:

  • HR
  • Support Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • PHP Developer
  • Full-stack developer business Analyst
  • Data Project Manager and more

Contact Details :

  • Address: Antwerp, Belgium

  • Phone +323 233 5653


Morgan Philips Group is one of the recruitment agencies in Belgium that uses the latest digital tools together with the latest sourcing techniques to recruit professionals for agencies.

They  have an extensive track record in finding the right talent in the following areas:

  • Banking & Fintech

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Insurance

  • IT & Digital

  • Life Sciences

  • Luxury & FMCG

  • Office & Sales Support

  • Property & Construction

  • Public Sector & Not for profit

  • Sales, Marketing & Communication

  • Startups

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

Contact Details:

  • Phone: +322 502 8232


Lexius Staffing is a recruitment agency that specializes in legal and tax experts. They provide the right candidates for legal, tax, and compliance vacancies within Belgium and Luxembourg.

With their tax & legal specialization, they provide a wide variety of permanent or temporary vacancies and recruit legal professionals for many companies looking for executives with a tax or legal background. 

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussel, Belgium

  • Tell: +32 (0)2 888 93 88

  • mobile: +32 (0)465 03 88 03


Generations Recruitment is a sales & marketing recruitment expert in Belgium. They have had consultants who are true specialists in Marketing and Sales since 2009. 

They have a developed and deep understanding of the Marketing and Sales job market, across several industries.

Contact Details: 

  • Address: Brussels – Belgium

  • Phone: +32 2 344 44 08


Hiring is a marketplace that connects employers who have open vacancies with specialized recruitment agencies available to fill them with the right candidates.

Contact Details:

  • Address:Etterbeek, Belgium

  • Phone:+32 477 95 77 73


With more than 50 recruitment consultants covering various sectors, from Finance and IT to Sales & Marketing, Micheal page is a recruiting agency in Belgium that offers full-time and part-time or interim jobs in Brussels.

Their consultant’s teams have either a  broad experience in the recruitment processes they specialize in, They also have a deep understanding of how the Belgian market and more specifically the market in Brussels operates. 

They specialize in the following disciplines:

  • Banking & Financial Services

  • Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Finance

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • Human Resources

  • Interim Management

  • Procurement & Supply Chain

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Tax & Legal

Contact details

  • Address:  Brussel, Belgium

  • Phone:+32 2 509 45 45


RGF Staffing Belgium is part of a global agency and one of the world’s largest HR services providers, with activities in other parts of the world like Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

RGF Staffing Belgium creates long-term opportunities for employees, companies, governments, and society at large.

They specialize in HR sectors such as:

  •  ICT, 
  • Finance, 
  • Payroll or admin

Contact Details :

  • Address:  Antwerp, Belgium

  • Phone:  +32 (0)3 800 64 00


With over 7 years in business, Hays is one of the market leaders in the recruitment of experienced and competent professionals.

They recruit & appoint based on permanent, temporary contracts or Contracting / Freelance jobs.

They are recruitment specialists in this sector:

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Banking & Insurance

  • Construction

  • Contracting

  • Engineering

  • HR

  • Information technology

  • Legal

  • Life Sciences

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Office Professionals

  • Purchasing & Logistics

  • Retail

  • Senior Management

Contact Details:

  • Address: Gent, Belgium

  • Phone: +32 9 267 99 83


LMH is a  Recruitment Consultancy that specializes in the engineering market. 

Their specializations include:

  • Electrical
  • mechanical
  • Maintenance(Field) Service
  • Sales and Technical Purchasing
  • Construction and Civil

This is one of the recruitment agencies in Belgium that know the engineering market and have a large professional network.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Antwerp, Belgium 

  • Phone: +32 35009 350


Rainbow HR Careers specializes in the HR and Communications area and recruit people for all HR functions.

Rainbow Admin group recruits multilingual professional staff for several companies in Belgium and recruits in the areas of:

  • Management Assistant, 

  • Executive Assistant, 

  • Legal Assistant, 

  • Customer Service Representative, 

  • Receptionist, 

  • Sales Assistant,

  • Internal sales support, 

  • Marketing Assistant, and much more.

Just recently Rainbow Group became a part of   Axis Group (a major lead in the recruitment and HR services)and worked together to offer services.

Contact Details

Website: www.rainbowgroup.com


For almost 35 years, Hudson recruitment agency in Belgium has helped professionals and organizations.

With about  275 consultants they build and develop the human capital of organizations.

With their experience in Recruitment & Selection in HR and IT services, Hudson is a reliable HR partner that finds the right recruit for organizations.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussel, Belgium

  • Phone: +32 2610 2700


Lexius Staffing focuses on the recruitment of legal, fiscal, and compliance specialists.

Lexius Staffing also has a pool of specialized lawyers, and tax and compliance specialists to manage projects at the client’s premises.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussel, Belgium

  • tel: +32 (0)2 888 93 88

  • mobile: +32 (0)465 03 88 03


Fasthire is a career and educational brand using content, resources, and training to create value for professionals around the globe.

This is one of the recruitment agencies in Belgium that deliver the best career and educational services, including; job listing and recruitment, personal statement, CV, cover letter, and more.

Contact Details: 

  • Phone:+2348138235629

  • Email:info@fasthire.com.ng,      fasthireng@gmail.com


Bradford Jacobs is an international employment consultancy that helps professionals find their dream jobs.

They offer  Employment Services that allow companies to move employees and teams anywhere in the world. 

They offer comprehensive employment and corporate services in different sectors.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussels, Belgium 

  • Telephone: +44 131 526 3300


Engine Group is a recruitment agency in Belgium that was founded in 2006 by Eric Myard, a civil engineer, Who has a passion for science, technology, and engineering.

With their extensive experience in engineering and HR, they offer these niche recruitment services to various technological companies.

Engine Group specializes in the recruitment and selection of engineers and highly specialized technicians in four key sectors: 

  • the production industry,
  • Civil and building construction, 
  • Energy and
  • Aerospace. 

Contact Details:

  • Address: Derwent, Belgium

  • Phone:32 (0)16 65 73 22


NonStop Consulting is a leading name in recruitment consultancy in Belgium. They select and provide contractors or labor leasing services, to large multinationals.

As a company, they connect top talent with top employers while striving to raise the bar of recruitment industry standards in Belgium.

They offer recruitment services in: 

  • Chemical
  • Digital
  • Finance
  • Technical
  • Life Sciences
  • Health and Social Care

Contact Details:

  • Address:  Luxembourg

  • Telephone: +32 289 198 99,

  •                    +35 220 204 215


Manpower is a recruitment agency in Belgium that was founded in 1938. They specialize in the delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services, to companies.

​Manpower Group has helped define the changing world of work and HR for more than 65 years.

They specialize in recruitment services in these sectors:

  • Administration & Support

  • ICT & Telecom

  • Sales & Retail

  • Education

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Production

  • Land & Environment

  • Logistics

  • Catering

Contact Details:

  • Address:  Bruxelles, Belgium

  • Tel: +32(0)2 639 10 70
  • Fax: +32(0)2 639 10 71


Maven is an organization that connects employees with professionals, and talents with job opportunities in the marketplace.

They carry out their recruitment processes through assessment, career coaching, talent management, screening and shortlisting interim recruitment, and all-around search and place.

Contact Details:

  • Address: Brussels, Belgium

  • Phone: +32 (0) 2648 8309

Is It Easy To Get A Job In Belgium As A Foreigner?

In most cases, it is easy for foreigners to get jobs in Belgium, and chances of finding jobs are higher in Brussels, Belgium’s main city. Belgium is an international business scene and has a European Union (EU) presence.

What is Work Permit A?

A Permit is the hardest work permit to obtain, but the best because of what it offers to workers. It could last for as long as desired.

However, the worker who is applying for the A Permit will be required to prove four years of job experience in Belgium.

So I Need A Work Permit To Work In Belgium?

Yes, you need a work permit If you’re from outside the EU. There are three types of work visas (A, B, and C) in Brussels, and in Belgium as a whole.


The recruitment agencies in Belgium provide a wide range of services and connect the right professionals and experts to the right company.

Getting your dream job can be difficult at times, but with the above-listed recruitment agencies in Belgium, you will easily find and get a dream job in Belgium.

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