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Turkey’s economy is actively developing and the top recruitment agencies in Turkey are handling the number of Turkish job opportunities for overseas workers and citizens as well.

Turkey in general is a nation that has a diverse cultural heritage and is situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

Turkey is also home to stunning national parks, beautiful architecture and other points of interest. All, attracting people to this popular destination.

Turkey was one of the few economies to grow in 2020 with its fastest rate of expansion since 1999. Read on to see the recruitment agencies in Turkey.

Working in Turkey

99% of the population in Turkey is Muslim. According to government figures, religious holidays are of great importance.

Two Islamic festivals, a three-day celebration of the end of Ramadan and the four-day Feast of Sacrifice, accompany the seven Turkish national holidays.

Technically speaking, there’s no standard working week – most businesses usually open from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, with earlier start and finishing times during the summer months.

In Turkey, the minimum wage is drastically lower than in the UK, with workers who are single earning just about TRY 3,578 (£292) per month (before tax) in 2021.

Married workers with three children get TRY 3,013.70 (£246) a month.

However, the cost of living in Turkey is lower by more than half (54%) when compared to the UK, with rent prices sitting three-quarters lower (76%).

Jobs in Turkey

Over the past few years, the Turkish government has struggled to maintain its rapid expansion, in 2021, it was forecasted to grow by 5.7%.

The challenges relating to this include the low labour force participation of women, lack of skills and strict employment rules which have prevented the key roles from being filled by qualified overseas workers.

The unemployment rate for the country’s 84.34 million inhabitants is still high at 12.1% (August 2021). However, employment growth was reported in Turkey’s construction and agriculture sectors.

Its top exports are vehicles and vehicle parts, which brought in around £15.4billion in 2020. Below are some of the most popular graduate jobs in Turkey.

  • IT
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Supply chain management

While the cost of living in Turkey is generally much lower than in the UK, most graduate position salaries cover basic living costs and not much else.

Working Hours in Turkey

The working week cannot exceed 45 hours. Work over forty-five hours a week and within the framework of the conditions that are set out in the law are considered to be overtime.

The wage for each overtime is calculated by increasing the normal hourly wage by fifty per cent.  A maximum of 270 hours of overtime may be worked annually.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Turkey

  • Global Tech Recruitment & Staffing
  • OneWorld Consulting
  • Talent Place
  • Manpower Turkiye
  • StaffingPartner
  • Nicholson International Turkey
  • FMC Group
  • TalentGrid
  • Empatik İnsan Kaynakları
  • Pratik İnsan Kaynakları
  • TGS Lydia
  • Advantis Consulting Turquie
  • Agamemnon Consulting Group
  • International Service Group
  • TempoEast
  • Manpower Turkiye
  • Johnson HR
  • Spring Professional Recruitment
  • Cornerstone Group

Global Tech Recruitment & Staffing

Global Tech Recruitment & Staffing provides IT recruitment and Nearshoring services in the EMEA region.

They are into matching permanent talent and skilled contracts in the technology, marketing and creative fields. Website.

OneWorld Consulting

OneWorld Consulting thought their executive search provide tailored solutions in order to recruit the best talent.

They provide services like executive search, executive coaching, Outplacement, mentoring programmes, leadership team coaching, people advisory, and intercultural work.

Talent Place

Talent Place has unique knowledge and innovative approach towards recruitment, remote work and HR processes.

They also take care of IT recruitment for their recruiters every year.

In the ranking of the American website Clutch, Talent Place took first place among the best providers of recruitment services in the world in 2020.


StaffingPartner is all about fast and effective recruitment. They have a database of more than 230,000 candidates, which simply means that they can hire developers, designers, and other IT professionals without stress and delays.

Nicholson International Turkey

Nicholson International Turkey was established in 1991. They are one of the longest-running executive search and human resource consulting firms in Turkey.

They combine HR knowledge and experience with business insight and acumen in order to best meet and exceed their client’s expectations.

They are one of the recruitment agencies in Turkey that combine extensive international experience with a deep understanding of the local market and people’s needs.

FMC Group

FMC Group is a German-owned group, that helps you to understand, operate and grow your business in markets abroad.

Their outsourcing recruitment services to the right agency is a crucial decision.

Therefore if you are building up a newly formed team or if you are in the restructuring and growing phase in Turkey, then you can trust the FMC Group to help you with that.


TalentGrid is one of the recruitment agencies in Turkey that helps companies grow their engineering teams without any location boundaries and seamlessly.

They also match developers with companies.

Empatik İnsan Kaynakları

Empatik İnsan Kaynakları is a consultancy firm that is focused on employment. They use their long-standing knowledge of human resources and information technology to effectively manage HR processes.

They select candidates and provide placement consulting, as well as manage collective processes.


EPS-DONPER is a local company established in 1995. They give practical solutions to human resource subjects. They were licensed in 2005 by İşkur.

Pratik İnsan Kaynakları

Pratik İnsan Kaynakları is into providing experts, managers and senior manager selection and placement consultancy services for many sectors, especially finance.

Pratik İnsan Kaynakları serves the following sectors:

  • Finance
  • Bank
  • Insurance
  • Call centre
  • Data processing and services
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy sector
  • Engineering

As Pratik HR, they provide project-based job placement services to many different sectors in expert, executive and senior management positions.

TGS Lydia

TGS Lydia provides tax services, audit & assurance services, IT services and training for companies (e.g. IFRS training).

Their staff are experienced and they provide a prompt reply to all the services they offer and render quality service first.

Advantis Consulting Turquie

Advantis Consulting Turquie is a specialist when it comes to operational consulting and specialist business development in Turkey since 2003.

They have multi-sectoral and intercultural expertise and they equally take action in all business areas.

They have expertise in:

  • market intelligence
  • export development
  • HR PEO hosting
  • company settlement & legal advisory
  • industrıal sourcing
  • merger and acquisition strategic analysis

Agamemnon Consulting Group

Agamemnon Consulting Group is one of the recruitment agencies in Turkey that operates in various paths of business.

Their services cover a wide arch stretching from management of projects to business development, training and education, event management, as well as law and audit consultancy.

International Service Group

International Service Group specialize in executive search, personal consulting, outplacement, and personnel development, as well as training organizations across ten sector groups.

Our consultants are the most qualified professionals for transnational projects and continually offer innovative, customized solutions in line with business praxis.


TempoEast was established in 2013 to focus on international employment services to EU countries.

They are committed to a cost-efficient, qualified and reliable workforce from Ukraine and other countries in the CIS region.

They are into four main areas:

  • Recruiting
  • Work permit support
  • Staff transportation
  • Training and certification

They service the following business sectors:

  • Agriculture & Food Processing
  • Residential & Commercial Construction
  • Wholesale & Retail Hotel & Tourism
  • Technical & Production Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Logistics & Shipping |
  • Warehousing & Distribution

Manpower Turkiye

Manpower Turkiye is one of the recruitment agencies in Turkey that improves your business models and even offers innovative and outsourcing solutions in a number of areas.

Today, leading companies of the world prefer Manpower for their Talent Oriented Outsourcing Service, Recruitment Outsourcing Service, Managed Service Provider Solutions and Cross-Border Talent Solutions. 

Johnson HR

Johnson HR is one of the established recruitment agencies in Turkey that understands the importance of experience and trust.

Their HR experts have extensive industry experience and they are required to pass their intensive recruitment training programs. They recruit in the following areas:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Executive Search
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Mining & Resources
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Property & Construction
  • Retail & Sourcing
  • Sales
  • Secretarial & Office Support
  • Oil & Gas

Spring Professional Recruitment

Spring Professional Recruitment is one of the top recruitment agencies in Turkey that specializes in recruiting technology, digital and change talent from the bottom.

They communicate directly with those who actually make the hiring decision. This is essential in gaining credible intelligence into the technical and personal attributes that will align best for performance and fit.

Cornerstone Group

Cornerstone Group with over 57 offices globally is one of the top 25 Retained Executive Search firms worldwide.

Their core services include Executive Search, CEO Advisory, and Leadership Assessment and Coaching Services.

Turkish visas

The visa requirement depends on the institution. If you are a UK citizen who plans to travel to Turkey for tourism or for business purposes, you can travel without a visa for visits for up to 90 days in any 180-day period.

However, if you plan to remain in Turkey for more than 90 days, then you will need to apply for a longer stay visa before you travel.

Another option to consider is getting a residence permit from the local authorities in Turkey before your 90-day stay has elapses.

Any UK national who is looking for long term work in Turkey needs to secure a work permit, before arriving in the country.

The type of work you do determines the type of work permit you should go for.

Permits for foreign workers are usually issued through businesses for specific positions, and last initially for six months although they can be extended for up to six years.

For you to be able to apply for a work permit from the UK, you will need t first submit a pre-application for the visa.

This process involves uploading the copies of the documents that we will be listed below, to be pre-processed before you can then take the originals to the in-person application appointment at your local embassy, such as the Turkish Embassy In London.

Some of the documents that will be required include:

  • an official letter detailing your prospective job offer
  • a passport-sized photo
  • a passport valid for an additional 60 days after the term of employment
  • valid health insurance

After attending this appointment and submitting your documents, your employer or in this case any of the recruitment agencies in Turkey will carry out the visa application to the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security within ten days.

Check out the Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ visa information for foreigners for more details.

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