43 Top Welding Schools in Arizona|Certifications & Cost

If you are the type of student that enjoys working with his or her hands, then you can consider attending the welding schools in Arizona and welding as a whole could be the perfect career for you.

Welders help build and repair after they have gone through any of the welding programs in the welding schools in Arizona.

One of the reasons you should consider this career path is that there is a shortage of welders in the country in general and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average pay for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers at $39,390. However, the highest 10% earn more than $62,100.

  • American Welding Society says the U.S. could need more than 400,000 new welders by 2024.

  • Employment of plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters is projected to grow 5% from 2020-2030.

  • According to U.S. News & World Report, plumbers rank #2 and electricians rank #3 in a list of Best Construction Jobs, which considers salary, flexibility, and growth opportunities, among other factors.

In this article, we will be looking at the welding schools in Arizona and some other important factors to consider about welders.

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What Are Welding School Programs Like?

Going for a welding program in one of the welding schools in Arizona means you will be spending a significant amount of time on primarily practical programs which are designed to teach you the technical skills that you need to excel in your craft.

Other soft skills associated with welding which you will learn in your welding program are technical writing, effective communication, psychology of the workplace, etc. Let us look at what you will learn in that welding school program of your choice.

What will you Learn in your Welding School Programs?

Welding school is a mix of theory and practice. The exact mix depends on the program in question anyway, however, we have looked at a few things that will give you ideas about what’s ahead.

  • Learn to weld plates and pipe in multiple positions
  • Learn all of the major welding processes
  • Some programs teach industry-related skills

Learn to weld plates and pipes in multiple positions: As someone who wants to get ahead as a Welder, you need to know how to weld pipes and plates together in the awkward positions that exist in real-world jobs.

Learn all of the major welding processes: There are many welding processes that you can be certified in, but most of these are used by specific industries.

If you attend any of the good welding schools in Arizona, you will be taught SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and Flux Core Arc Welding, which are the most common types of welding.

Some programs teach industry-related skills: In the welding schools in Arizona, skills such as technical writing, service management, communication, or even theory about a specific industry can open up many career paths.

Certification in Welding VS Degree in Welding

When you are certified in welding, you are qualified to do some specific set of welds, such as welding horizontal pipes.

But, the degree program, qualifies you for the most important types of weld for both sheets and pipes.

Furthermore, a good degree program teaches you the related skills that will help you succeed in your career. Above all, a good degree program documents those skills, such that employers can be confident that you are competent enough in the field.

The jobs available for someone with a certificate or degree in welding

A single certification in welding qualifies you for an entry-level job as a welder. You will be needing several certificates though together with on-the-job experience before you can move up to a supervisory role.

It is important to know that having the multiple certifications you get with a degree makes you more useful than someone with a single certificate. Also, it puts you on a fast track to better jobs in the field.

With your qualifications and some documented experience in your workplace, you could become a welding inspector, a supervisor, a teacher or a trainer, which all give you better pay and more responsibility.

Welders who have certifications in multiple weld types are also the most obvious candidates for learning to manage, maintain, program, and operate robotic welding cells.

These robotic units are widely seen as a solution to the shortage of skilled welders, and their operations could be in high demand in the coming years.

What are the responsibilities of Welders?

+ Welders are into welding supplies and equipment welding.

+ Blueprint reading and understanding.

+ Choosing the best method for a particular welding type.

+ They choose the best tools and supplies equipment that is required for the task performance.

Industries where one can work as a Welder

Once you finish your welding training and get your certification in any of the welding schools in Arizona, there are a number of career paths that you can take.

Listed below are the six most popular fields you can work at:

  • Shipbuilding
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace applications
  • Construction of buildings and bridges
  • Auto & motorcycle fabrication and repair
  • Gas & oil field power plants and refineries

How much do Welders make in Arizona?

The average median salary of a welder in Arizona is about $42 330 per year.

That means you can earn about $ 20,35 per hour.

Moreover, this is higher than the average median salary throughout the country, which is $39 390 per year or $18,94 per hour.

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How Long does it take to get a welding certification in Arizona?

Getting your certification from the American Welding Society (AWS) is necessary if you want to become a welder. This simply means that you need to attend any of the welding schools in Arizona that are accredited.

While training, there are a lot of theoretical classes as well as practical courses that you will be taking.

Once you complete your program at any of the welding schools in Arizona, you will need to pass the certification test.

Normally you can pass your test at your school but the location may vary.

There are a lot of standard skills where you will need to show your proficiency during the examination.

However, the duration of your training depends on the program length and most importantly on any of the welding schools in Arizona you choose. Nevertheless, most programs take no longer than 2 years.

The 9 Best Welding Schools in Arizona

  1. Arizona Automotive Institute
  2. The Refrigeration School, Inc.
  3. GateWay Community College
  4. Universal Technical Institute
  5. West-MEC
  6. Vocational Training Institute
  7. Northland Pioneer College
  8. Arizona Western College
  9. Mesa Community College

Arizona Automotive Institute‘s combination welding prepares you with industry-recognized certifications for a growing career field.

It is one of the welding schools in Arizona with enrollment starting on a rolling basis and programs that can be completed in 10 months, your dream career is in your near future. See Program Details

The Refrigeration School, Inc. is preparing students for a successful career in air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical technology, and welding.

GateWay Community College is one of the welding schools in Arizona where you will be taught the ropes of Oxy-Fuel welding (OFW) and cutting (OFC), as well as Shielded Metal Arc welding (SMAW). See Program Details.

Universal Technical Institute‘s welding technology program provides hands-on training that is needed to prepare students for a flexible career in industries from automotive fabrication to aerospace. It is a 9 months program. See program details.

West-MEC‘s welding program is a two-year program that explores the basic skills used in metalworking, manufacturing and industrial production. See program details.

Vocational Training Institute‘s welding training program provides graduates with the skills they need to launch their careers in welding.

With over 287 training hours it is one of the welding schools in Arizona that gives a front-row seat to real-world applications of welding, and students develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals. 

North land Pioneer College offers a wide range of job possibilities and will give you skills that you need to succeed in welding. See the program details.

Arizona Western College‘s welding program and certification offer a selection of technology courses and programs that prepares graduates for a career in welding. See the program details.

Mesa Community College has experienced instructors that teach the ropes of Oxy-Fuel welding (OFW) and cutting (OFC), as well as Shielded Metal Arc welding (SMAW) processes. See the program details.

The List of Welding Schools in Arizona

  • GateWay Community College
  • Arizona Automotive Institute
  • The Refrigeration School, Inc.
  • Arizona Western College – IWT
  • Ash Fork High School
  • Bagdad High School
  • Camp Verde High School – Agriculture Welding
  • Central Arizona College
  • Cholla High Magnet School
  • Cortez High School
  • Dobson High School
  • East Valley Institute of Technology
  • Flagstaff High School
  • Ganado High School
  • Holbrook High School
  • Kofa High School
  • Maricopa High School
  • Maricopa Skill Center
  • Mesa High School
  • Mingus Union High School
  • Mohave Community College
  • Mountain View High
  • North Canyon High School
  • Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology
  • Northland Pioneer College – Painted Desert Campus
  • Northland Pioneer College – White Mountain Campus
  • Page High School
  • Paradise Valley High School
  • Red Mountain High School
  • River Valley High School
  • Skyline High School
  • Tucson High Magnet School
  • Western Maricopa Edu. Center
  • Westwood High School
  • White Cone High School
  • Yuma High School

Arizona Western College – IWT

2020 South Ave 8E, P.O. Box 929, Yuma, AZ 85366-0929, United States
(928) 344-7570

Ash Fork High School

46999 N. 5th St., Ash Fork, AZ 86320, United States
(928) 637-2561

Bagdad High School

215 Breezy Circle Bagdad, AZ 86321 United States
(928) 633-2201

Camp Verde High School – Agriculture Welding

1326 N Montezuma Castle Hwy, Camp Verde, AZ 86322, United States
(928) 203-2659

Central Arizona College

8470 N. Overfield Road, Coolidge, AZ 85228, United States
(520) 424-5315

Cholla High Magnet School

2001 West Star Pass Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85713, United States
(520) 225-4000

Cortez High School

8828 North 31st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85051, United States
(623) 915-8200

Dobson High School

1501 West Guadalupe Road, Mesa, AZ 85202, United States
(480) 472-3000

East Valley Institute of Technology

1601 West Main St., Mesa, AZ 85201, United States
(480) 461-4000

Flagstaff High School

400 W. Elm, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, United States
(928) 773-8100

Ganado High School

P.O. Box 1757, Ganado, AZ 86505, United States
(928) 755-1548

Holbrook High School

1000 N 8th Ave, Holbrook, AZ 86025, United States
(928) 524 2815

Kofa High School

3100 Ave A, Yuma, AZ 85364, United States
(928) 726-5750

Maricopa High School

45012 W. Honeycutt Avenue, Maricopa, AZ 85139, United States
(520) 568-8100

Maricopa Skill Center

1245 East Buckeye Road, Phoenix, AZ 85034, United States
(602) 238-4300

Mesa High School

1630 East Southern Avenue, Mesa, AZ 85204, United States
(480) 482-5900

Mingus Union High School

1801 E. Fir St., Cottonwood, AZ 86326, United States
(928) 634-7531 ext.1122

Mohave Community College

1971 Jagerson Ave, Kingman, AZ 86409, United States
(928) 692-3012

Mountain View High

2700 E Brown Rd, Mesa, AZ 85213, United States
(480) 472-7165

North Canyon High School

1700 E Union Hills Drive Phoenix, AZ 85024 United States
(602) 449-7036

Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology

951 West Snowflake Blvd Snowflake, AZ 85937 United States
(800) 266-7845

Northland Pioneer College – Painted Desert Campus

2251 N. Navajo Boulevard, Holbrook, AZ 86025, United States
(800) 266-7845

Northland Pioneer College – White Mountain Campus

951 West Snowflake Blvd. Snowflake, AZ 85937 United States
(800) 266-7845

Page High School

500 S NAVAJO PAGE, AZ 86040 United States
(706) 485-9971

Paradise Valley High School

3950 E. Bell Road Phoenix, AZ 85032 United States
(602) 449-7036

Red Mountain High School

7301 E. Brown Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207, United States
(480) 472-8000

River Valley High School

2250 Laguna Rd, Mohave Valley, AZ 86440, United States
(928) 788-1548

Skyline High School

845 S. Crimson, Mesa, AZ 85208, United States
(480) 472-9400

Tucson High Magnet School

400 N 2nd Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705, United States
(520) 225-5000

Western Maricopa Edu. Center

5487 N. 99th Ave. Glendale, AZ 85305 United States
(623) 872-1682

Westwood High School

945 W 8th St, Mesa, AZ 85201, United States
(480) 472-4639

White Cone High School

P.O. Box 367, Mile Post 31.2 – Hwy 77, Keams Canyon, AZ 86034, United State
(928) 654-3950

Yuma High School

400 South 6th Avenue, Yuma, AZ 85364, United States
(928) 502-5000

Frequently Asked Questions

Welding requires some technical abilities in order to produce work across a range of industries. Let us look at some frequently asked questions.

What are Welding Certifications?

Welding certifications can be defined as the formal assessments that are offered by professional organizations, such as the American Welding Society (AWS) to verify welding skills and practices.

In other words, they are credentials earned by passing assessments. The tests may be computerized knowledge examinations or practical demonstrations of welding expertise.

Certified Welder (CW)

Through practical assessments that give your transferable credentials, you can earn the Certified Welder Distinction.

The Certified Welder program assesses welding skills in certain procedures that are used in different industries. As a certified welder, you can work on petroleum pipelines, structural steel, chemical refinery welding, Sheet metal, etc.

Certified Welding Inspector certification (CWI)

This certification which can be obtained in any of the welding schools in Arizona is widely recognized as a sign of leadership and high skill level.

To qualify for this, you will be needing at least a year of practical work experience depending on your level of education.

The certification is two hours long computerized tests, comprising of assessments on the fundamental welding knowledge and inspection-based questions.

Certified Welding Educator certification (CWE)

Certified Welding Educator certification (CWE) is one that prepares welding instruction, conducts skill and technical training, and creates instructional materials, to train certified individuals to be able to do the following:

  • Read drawings
  • Prepare and create reports
  • Understand welder qualifications
  • Understand the limitations of welder testing
  • Understand welding procedures and processes

For you to qualify for this program, you must have a high school diploma and you must have attended a welding training program that has at least five years of experience in the field.

Certified Resistance Welding Technician certification (CRWT)

Resistance welding is welding that gives welders proof of their advanced abilities in resistance processes.

The experience consists of application, operation and design in sheet metal, automobiles, appliances, and wire products.

It certifies the ability of the technician to use the techniques in resistance welding and their knowledge of the industry.

Certified Radiographic Interpreter certification (CRI)

The Certified Radiographic Interpreter certification (CRI) certifies the welder’s ability to analyze radiographs of weldments.

Radiographic interpreters must be able to analyze indications from radiographic media throughout the process of evaluating both weldments and adjacent base metal.

To qualify for this certification, applicants must hold a high school diploma or equivalent GED.

They must undergo at least 40 hours of organized radiographic interpretation and examination and The American Welding Society offers seminars that cover this training.

Certified Welding Supervisor certification (CWS)

Certified Welding Supervisor certification (CWS) is the highest certification that is available. It is recommended for those who have reached managerial positions in the field.

It is ideal for welding leaders who have experience in quality assurance and problem-solving.

To qualify, applicants must hold a CWI certification for six out of eight previous years before taking the CWS exam.

That’s not all, you also need at least 15 years of relevant work experience as defined by the American Welding Society to be accepted for certification.

 The certification has an exam that consists of two parts that focus on both technical and administrative fundamentals.

Certified Welding Engineer (CWE)

Welding engineers sometimes want to certify their expertise in welding. This, therefore, is the right certification for them.

This certification certifies their expertise when it comes to the preparation of welded joints as well as in assembly and fabrication also.

A certified welding engineer is part of the process for defining welding plans and processes as well as the actual welding work.

The examination for CWE consists of four parts that cover the fundamentals of science and welding.

Candidates must pass all parts with a score of at least 60% to earn the certification.

What are the common processes assessed in welding certifications?

  • Flat, overhead, horizontal and vertical welding positions
  • 6G pipe welding
  • Gas tungsten arc welding
  • Gas metal arc welding
  • Flux core arc welding
  • Shielded metal arc welding

Welders can also earn certifications for specific processes. This can be done by proving their skills in those specific areas. Such specific areas where they can be certified are laser welding, stud welding, Plasma welding, soldering, brazing, pipe welding, submerged arc welding, resistance welding, etc.

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