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Searching for recruitment agencies in Qatar? Then you must read to the end. Qatar has the highest GDP per capita of any Arab country in the world. Incredibly wealthy, it offers workers a high quality of life that many countries can only dream of.

In the past decades, Qatar has seen a huge flow of immigrants, and it has even been debated that Qatar’ state today can be traced to its foreign workers, after all in the past years, Qatar’s population has boomed.

Not because its citizens are giving birth to more children, but the country is now at a point where for one Qatari, there are five foreigners. In other words, Qataris are far outnumbered in their own country.

This Arab country offers many attractions, but unlike other countries, its culture and customs are very different from those that Western people are used to, so it is necessary to know how to adapt to be able to enjoy everything this wonderful country has to offer.

In this article, we will be looking at recruitment agencies in Qatar and the advantages of living in Qatar.

Advantages of living in Qatar

One of the biggest attractions of this country on the Arabian Peninsula is its high standard of living. People who have stable jobs receive remuneration that is well above the average for the region and even for countries with high standards of living such as the European ones.

This situation is more accentuated in large cities such as Doha, in this city a well-paid professional can have an income of around one hundred and twenty thousand euros a year.

The economic growth that Qatar has experienced in recent years thanks to oil exploitation is truly amazing. This has allowed this country to go from being one of the poorest in the region to being one of the richest nations in the world.

Another important benefit enjoyed by the inhabitants of Qatar is that related to health. The health system of this country has very good doctors who are attracted by the high salaries that the country offers.

Its hospitals and health centers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are trained to provide top quality medical care. Health is public and free for all legal residents in the country.

As for life in Qatar, this country is very calm, criminal incidents are practically nil, especially since those who break the law face a very harsh penal system with serious consequences. Also, its police system is very efficient with a high rate of solved crimes.

Something else you should consider if you are thinking of living in Qatar is related to the weather. If you are a lover of dry and hot climates, this is your ideal place. Now if you don’t like hot places, you should consider your options, because the climate of this country is really hot.

Life in Qatar

Many things are said about the customs and social norms of Islamic countries, you should keep in mind that some are true. For example, dress codes.

If you are a woman, even if you are Western, you must take care not to wear short skirts, you cannot wear tight pants either and it is always convenient to have a scarf that you can use to cover your head.

In the case of men, they are not allowed to walk as they wish, the use of shorts or sleeveless shirts is not allowed. These dress codes apply to public places.

Another important issue in Qatar for expatriates is romantic relationships, you must be careful about displays of affection, physical contact such as kisses, hugs and caresses are not allowed in public places, even holding hands with your partner is not something that is well seen.

You should also be aware that entering into romantic relationships with people of Qatari nationality is something that must be approved by many instances such as their family and civil authorities, in reality it is not something easy or something that happens frequently.

Another aspect that is important to know is related to food and beverages. You cannot consume alcohol in public places, its consumption is only allowed in five-star hotels or in your own residence, but in order to buy alcohol you must have a special license.

The pig, pork or pig is another article prohibited for religious reasons. It cannot be imported, so if it is one of your favorite dishes and you plan to reside in Qatar, you should forget about it.

An important advantage of Qatar is that despite the fact that the official language is Arabic, English is spoken and heard everywhere, if you know this language you will be able to get around and live in Qatar without problems.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Qatar

Having looked at the advantages, we compiled a list of 30 recruitment agencies in Qatar to help you should you want to pursue your career in this small rich country.


BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. In the Middle East, BPO + is a top provider of business process outsourcing services. They provide services to important local organizations.

They are able to provide a variety of services because they combine cutting-edge infrastructure with cutting-edge technology.

A highly committed and knowledgeable team is included with each of their services to help you develop and recreate long-lasting and fulfilling solutions.

Using omni-channel solutions, BPO+ assists clients in offering top-notch customer service. Through high availability systems, BPO+ aids in delivering a flawless experience regardless of the number of transactions.

Their top-notch customer support systems make sure they meet the demanding deadlines while also taking care of the various requirements of their wide range of clients. Their dedication to excellence means that they consistently produce results that are above average.

In order to meet a variety of outsourcing needs, BPO Plus offers a wide range of services, including business consulting, technology services, and operations management, spanning a number of industry verticals, including banking, finance, healthcare, insurance, food and beverage, and retail, to name a few.

Website: bpo-plus.com

IRM Offshore Services

Founded in Qatar in 2006, IRM is a globally acclaimed provider of  sustainable dispatch solutions in the Middle East.

They currently manage an extensive network of professionals around the world.

This allows you to deploy a wide range of people, whether you need to build your employees from scratch or reorganize your existing system.

This is one of the recruitment agencies in Qatar that deals in executive search and recruitment, contract manpower and small projects.


SAFWA, Block 24, 2nd Floor,

Barwa Commercial Avenue, Industrial Area,

PO Box. 55806, Doha, Qatar.

Website: irm-offshore.com

Desert Line Group

Desert Line Group is a tip recruitment agency founded in  2004 and in 18 years have grown into a 5,000 man agency.

Offering recruiting services, this is one of the recruitment agencies that operate in the areas of civil engineering, MEP, HVAC, aluminum and glass, trading, machining and fabrication, joinery and woodwork, industrial training, facility management, real estate and automobile spare parts.

Location: 612, Arkan Building, 1st Floor, Barwa Commercial Avenue, Doha, Qatar P.O.Box 22962, Doha, Qatar

Website: desertlinegroup.com

Management Solutions International – MSI

MSI since 1999 has been connecting employers with the best candidates in their fields.

Their services include recruitment solutions, contract employment and interim management, outsourcing workforce, and manpower services.

They test all their candidates in psychometric test, financial test, computer/Ms office test and IQ test.

Location: Ariane Tower, Mushaireb، Al Rayyan Rd, Doha, Qatar

Website: msiqatar.com

Al Sial Group

Al Sial Group is a group of companies that offer a whole lot of services of which recruitment is one of them. It provides job opportunities for job seekers in the areas of building industry, villas to high rises, hotels, hospitals and supermarkets.


P.O.BOX NO.202283



Office Location : AZEEZIYA, Doha – Qatar

Website: alsialgroup.com

Clan International Resources W.L.L

Clan is one of the leading and top recruitment agencies in Qatar. You can hit them up on their phone number for further inquiries.

Location: 2nd Floor, Office No. 9 ,Al Ruffa Tower, Al Meena,, Near Sana R/A, P.O. Box : 20237, Doha, Qatar

Phone number: +974 4441 5172

Doha International Consulting Company

Doha International operates as one of the top recruitment agencies in Qatar that link businesses with workers to fill in their vacant roles.

They deal in business consulting, HR consultancy, IT & Quality consulting, and hospitality consulting.

Phone number: +974 44213131

Email: info@dohaconsulting.com

Website: dohaconsulting.com

Mahad Manpower 

Mahad Manpower recruits intending workers across very important sectors. Aside from being a leading recruitment agency in Qatar, its functions also include managing internal HR functions and regulatory compliance.

Its industries are hospitality, healthcare construction, IT and finance.

Location: 185 Zone, Office No. 32, second floor Building no. 50 Street, 55 Al Aziziya, Doha, Qatar

Website: mahadmanpower.com

Premium HR Services

This recruitment agency is recognized to be a leader in the world of recruitment services, executive search, head hunting, corporate training and development.

Location: Ibn Seena St, Doha, Qatar

Website: premium-qatar.com


IBT is reputable in business outsourcing and IT management for businesses. It also offers recruitment services to job seekers who wish to work in the industries of automobile, banking, construction, distribution, education, FMCG, finance, government, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, and restaurants.

Location: #G8, Retaj Towers, Al Sadd, Doha, Qatar.

Website: ibtevolve.com

Al Mana Recruitment

Al Mana is major when it comes to recruitment services in Qatar and can’t be ignored.

The agency is based in Doha and is involved in real estate, construction, automotive, fashion, luxury brands, powered sports vehicles, furniture, food and beverage, insurance and others.

Location: 2nd Floor

Al Mana Center

Al Sadd Doha Qatar

Website: almana-recruitment.qa

Al Noof Recruitment Services

Founded in the year 1992, Al Noof attends to the huge load of recruitment services requested by a lot of companies both in the private and public sector. 

Location: FANAR TRAVEL, BUILDING, FIRST FLOOR, Al Mirqab Al Jadeed St, Doha, Qatar

Website: alnoof.com

People Dynamics

People Dynamics was laid out in 2007 by a gathering of HR experts with active involvement with overseeing organizations in the Middle East and Asia so as to assist associations with executing the best worldwide HR rehearses in a manner generally fit to their business culture.

Their administrations cover Executive Search, Middle and Senior Management search, HR Consulting and Professional Staffing.

Location: Al Saad, Doha, Qatar.

Website: ppldynamics.com

Vistas Global

Vistas Global is one of the largest outsourcing companies in the Middle East, with 1300 employees from 24 countries across 5 countries.

It offers recruitment solutions in infrastructure, IT operations management, business process applications, analytics and intelligence.

Their services also include marketing, customer service, back office and field services, IT, healthcare, sales, human resources, finance and accounting and information security.

Location: 9th Floor, Tower 3, The Gate Mall, Doha, Qatar.

Website: vistasglobal.com

SWAN Global

SWAN Global is a trusted and tested recruitment agency that provides temporary staffing, contract staffing, blue collar staffing, head hunting, overseas recruitment and payroll services to its clients.

They work in industries like port and shipping, engineering, construction, trading, hospital, logistics, MEP, retail, hospitality, oil and gas and HR.

Address: Doha, Qatar.

Phone: +974 44 55 2016

Website: swan.qa

KEO International Consultants

An international company spread across seven countries, KEO is an highly ranked consulting company specializing in delivery of planning, architecture, engineering, sustainability and project, construction management services.

Location: C-Ring Road, at Al Mana Intersection, P O Box 18108, Doha, Qatar.

Website: keoic.com

Michael Page

Michael Page has offices in six Middle East cities. It is a renowned recruitment agency which works and results speak for itself.

This is one of the recruitment agencies in Qatar that recruits in oil and gas, construction, banking, education, shipping, logistics, supply chain, and healthcare.

Website: michaelpage.ae

Lomontan Recruitment Agency

Lomontan is a top recruitment agency in several cities in Qatar. It provides recruitment services in information technology, human resources, engineering, oil and gas, construction, medical, HVAC, and hospitality.

Location: Othman Bin Affan St, Doha, Qatar

Phone number: +974 7788 8264

Ellora Manpower Recruitment Agency

Ellora is a leading workforce solutions provider that offers permanent recruitment, temporary recruitment, executive search and head hunting services.

They work in the sectors of government, oil and gas, defense, aviation, engineering, hospitality, banking, construction, IT, media, office support, and facilities management.

Location: Muaither 280, Doha, Qatar

Website: elloramanpower.qa

SSR Qatar – Staffing Services & Recruitment

SSR is one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in Qatar. It provides recruitment services in information technology, human resources, engineering, oil and gas, construction, medical, HVAC, and household.

Location: Office No. 12, 1st Floor, Building No. 50 Al Mirqab Al Jadeed Street, Al Nasr Opposite – Mirqab Mall, Doha, Qatar.

Website: +974 3111 6405

Helpline HR Recruitment Consultants Agency

Helpline HR offers recruitment services in IT, HR, engineering, oil and gas, construction, mining and finance.

Location: no.8, Building no, Opp. Qatar, Navigation Plaza, 1st floor, Office, 153 C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar.

Phone number: +974 4427 1100

Al Safwa International Services Company

Al Safwa International provides recruitment services in IT, HR, engineering, oil and gas, construction and telecom.

Location: 7CXC+X6W, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Phone number: +974 4450 9696

Brunel Oil and Gas Services

Brunel provides jobs for seekers in life sciences, renewable energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, future mobility, and mining.

Location: 3108 3 Salwa Rd, Al Waab، Qatar

Phone number: +974 4040 3434

Website: brunel.net

Al Masafat Recruitment Manpower

Al Masafat services provides jobs in information technology, human resources, oil and gas, telecom, construction and engineering.

Location: Al Wajbah service St،, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Phone number: +974 4488 8240

Reliant Manpower Recruitment

Reliant Manpower is one of the recruitment agencies in Qatar that recruits for industries like information technology, human resources, engineering, oil and gas, construction, medical, HVAC, hospitality, and finance.

Location: 320 Zone 26 building, 11 Najma St, Doha, Qatar

Website: reliant-recruitment.com.qa

Dynamic Staffing Services

DSS is one of the most famous recruitment agencies in Qatar due to their capability to provide services in nearly every industry like FMCG, construction, oil and gas, IT, healthcare, powerplant, banking, and refinery.

Location: 505, NBK Musherib

Building Fareed Abdul Azeez,

Doha Qatar

Website: dss-hr.com/qatar-recruitment-agency

Al Khinji Recruitment 

Al Khinji Recruitment is part of the Al Khinji Group. They provide workforce solutions in the construction industry, narrowing down to infrastructure, MEP, high rise, hospitals, malls, stadiums, ports, dredging, and tunneling.

Location: Gate 205 Street 17, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Phone number: +974 6688 7351


Airswift is one of the specialist engineering recruitment agencies in Qatar; an employment solutions provider in Doha.

They work in the sectors of oil and gas, renewable energy, construction projects, petrochemicals, power and infrastructure.

Location: Shoumoukh Tower A, 14th Floor، C Ring Rd, Doha, Qatar

Website: airswift.com/about/locations/qatar


CandidZone is one of the top recruitment agencies in Qatar in every right with services scattered across many sectors like oil and gas, construction and engineering, mechanical and electrical, facilities and asset management, IT and telecom, education, healthcare, automotive, retail, hospitality, tourism and events.

Location: Office No:103, Al, Matar Center Al Matar Al Qadeem St, Doha, Qatar

Website: candidzone.net

International Teachers Plus

With a presence in many countries, this is a recruitment agency that specializes in only one sector – teaching, to connect teachers with schools.

Website: internationalteachersplus.com/qatar

Expenses and Income

Living in Qatar is expensive. Housing rentals in Qatar may surprise you if you compare them with the prices of renting a flat or a house in other places in the world but there’s absolutely no need to worry.

You’ll be working in a country with one of the highest pay for workers. With a decent salary, expenses won’t be an issue for you. What are your thoughts about these recruitment agencies in Qatar?

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