20 Recruitment Agencies in Croatia; Top Agencies

To work in a developed country like Croatia, it is needful to consult any of the professional recruitment agencies in Croatia. Also, if you want your staffing needs fulfilled, these agencies are there too.

Croatia is a good option if you want to work in a good country with good pay. Recruitment agencies in Croatia have different sectors that are available for job seekers in IT and non-IT jobs.

Through the advancement of technology, people of different countries have come closer, Croatia, a member of the EU, has made available various vacancies and opportunities for both foreigners and its citizens.

Is Croatia A Good Place For Business Start-Ups?

For new start-ups, Croatia is very affordable, has pro-business legislation, is Populated by talented European citizens, has Favourable corporate tax rates (12-18%), and is a new place to be for investors.

Is Croatia An Attractive Place To Work?

Croatia is a good economy and a very attractive  place to work, and here are some reasons;

– Croatia is financially attractive (with an extremely low taxation system),

-Excellent logistics and connections to all European cities,

– Parts of the beautiful Mediterranean sea,

-Has excellent access to CEE resources and,

 -Very attractive for clients & employees.

What Is The Strategic Geographical Location Of Croatia?

Croatia is located  in the heart of Continental Europe & Middle East

Boat harbors, marinas, and airports serve as a gateway to the rest of Europe, GCC and CEE major cities

Is Croatia A Member Of The European Union Or A Euro Member?

Croatia is legally and fully integrated into European Union.

The country became the 28th EU member country on 1 July 2013 till date, which has made the Croatian economy stable.

What Do Recruitment Agencies In Croatia Do?

Recruiting agencies in Croatia carry out the following  procedures and services;

  • Local registrations of employees.

  • Creating, maintaining, and rolling out employment contracts under our company name.

  • Employee onboarding.

  • Completing all required compliance according to local labor law.

  • Offering and administering benefits and bonuses if requested by clients.

  • Single point of contact and support you as our client in the whole process.

  • Collecting and processing timesheets.

  • Payroll

  • Filing taxes.

  • Terminating employees.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Croatia

Recruitment agencies in Croatia are one of the sources to getting oneself acquainted with various vacancies or experts for your staffing needs.

Below is a list of reputable recruitment agencies in Croatia.


DEKRA is a recruiting agency with years of experience they act as an intermediary between employees and the client’s company. 

They carry out services such as:

-Recruitment & Selection / Executive Search, 

-Online testing –Thomas International PPA (Personality Profile Analysis),

-Employer Branding,

-Psychological Assessments,

-HR Outsourcing, 

-Organizational Climate and Employee Satisfaction Survey,

-HR Outsourcing,  

-HR Consulting,

-Research, and lots more.

Contact Details:

Address: Zagreb, Croatia 

Phone: +385160 64 420

            +385160 64 429

Email: info.hr@dekra.com

Website: DEKRA HR.net


SELECTIO Group is a recruiting agency located in Croatia, they are a leading group specializing in executive search and strategic human resources consulting.

They have an excellent understanding of the labor market, segments, and industries, and can also deliver. Business ethics are their main qualities in approaching any form of business. 

Here are some services they render:

-Executive search, 

-Psychological assessment,

-Development of the HR function_

-Career guidance, and more.

Contact Details;

Address: Strojarska Cesta 2010000 Zagreb, Hrvatska Croatia

phone: +385 1 6065 255

fax: +385 1 6065 256

Email: kontakt@selectio.hr

AA Euro Group

AA Euro Recruitment is one of the experienced Recruitment agencies in Croatia since 2008 and in other countries such as Waterford, Cork, the UK, France, Romania, and Poland. 

They operate both globally and locally providing short or long-term labor hire solutions through the AA Euro Group brand and also permanent, senior, and executive-level placement solutions through Euro Executive.

Contact Details;

Address: Croatia 

Phone: +3530818355700


Email: info@aaeuro.com

Website: www.aaeuro.com

Mediator Group

The company MEDIATOR GROUP is a Service Provider, which operates as an international personnel recruiting agency based in Croatia. They operate in Personnel screening, International recruitment office, and agency for skilled workers, and staff.

Contact Details;

Address: Osijek, Croatia

Phone: +385 120555 05

               +385 98665572


AKD D.O.O. is a recruiting agency in Croatia, that was founded in 1991. With several years of experience, they operate in the Personnel recruitment, and international industry. And also operates in the Graphologists and Advertising agencies industries. 

Contact Details;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia.

Phone: +385 13 65 77 20

               +385 1484 35 18

Website: www. akd.hr


TempoEast recruiting agency started its history in 2013 by focusing on international job services to EU countries.

They have been committed to providing European partners with a cost-efficient, competent, and credible workforce from other countries and the CIS region.

They offer  services in 4 main areas:

– Recruiting

– Work permits support

– Staff transportation

– Training and certification

They offer services in these business sectors: Agriculture & Food Processing, Residential & Commercial Construction, Wholesale & Retail, Hotel & Tourism, Technical & Production, Engineering & Manufacturing,  Logistics & Shipping, Warehousing & Distribution

Contact Details;

Address: Berehove, st. Szechenyi 23a

Phone: +380 99 454 8807

Website: Www.tempoeast.com 


Kadus Zaposljavanje is a recruitment agency based in Croatia which operates in the Personnel recruitment, and international industry.

Contact Details ;

Address: Croatia

Phone: +385 14854001

Website: Www.kadus.hr

Trenkwalder Privremeno Zaposljavanje

The company TRENKWALDER PRIVREMENO ZAPOSLJAVANJE D.O.O., operates in the Personnel recruitment, international industry. It is a recruitment agency in Zagreb, Croatia with years of experience.

Contact Details;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia.

Phone: +385 14633886

Email: infocroatia@trenkwelder.com

Website: hr.trenkwalder.com

Electus DGS D.O.O

The company ELECTUS DGS D.O.O.,  is one of the recruitment agencies in Croatia that performs Personnel recruitment, in the international industry. They are is based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Contact Details;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia.

Website: www. electus.hr

Email: electusdgs@electus.hr

Info art. d.o.o

Info art is one of the leading recruiting agencies in Croatia. It is an ICT company with a vast ordeal in engineering, developing, and providing exceptional business solutions for industries and the public sector since 1989.

With over 28 years in the market, Info art has been producing premium software solutions and other administration systems for large retailers, and other enterprise organizations.

Contact Details;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia

Tel: +385 1 2334 754

Fax: +385 1 2303 707

e-mail: info@infoart.hr

web: www. infoart.hr

Professor d. O. O.

Professor is a recruiting agency in Croatia with several years of experience. 

This agency was founded in 2018 by experienced experts in the field of human resources and employee management, and over the years it has become one of the leading recruiting agencies in Croatia and beyond.

Their processes include identification, evaluation, as well as the application of appropriate selection methods, to assess all the necessary competencies of the candidates.

 -Search and selection

-Employer of Record /Payroll / Professional Employer Organization (PEO) 

– Coaching 

– Consulting and support in human resource management.

Contact Details;

Address: Headquarters:  Ulica kneza Branimira 22, 10000 Zagreb 

Phone: +385 1 201 6573

               +385 (0) 1 201 65 74

Email: info@profesio.hr

Website: Www.profession.hr


b4d agency is a recruitment agency in Croatia characterized by an excellent knowledge of business processes and segments.

They provide services of implementation, support, application development, audit of your SAP ERP / BI systems, and education.

Contact Details;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia

Tel: +385 1 6177 055

Email: Info@b4b.hr

Web: http://www.b4b.hr


Choosing the right technology partner is crucial to ensure that your organization is keeping up with the business world’s digitization process.

itialuS Global Network is one of the largest financial and corporate services networks spanning the entire globe, composed of expert accounting, consulting, and auditing firms. They are into:

-Performance analysis



-Human resource

-Property management 

Contact Details; 

Address: Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Email: info@itialus.com

Phone: +385 1 6397 040

Website: Www.itialus.com


Scalable Global Solutions (SGS) is one of the top-notch recruitment agencies in Croatia and one of the first in the world DaaS [Department as a Solution] providers that allow clients to create departments and vital corporate processes using WaaS [Workforce as a Solution] and SaaS [Software as a Service] as the detailed solution.

They partner with clients to drive real innovative ideas that can turn ideas into massive business enterprises and also help transform and grow their organizations.

With their global presence and experience, they can influence how people and companies work in the present and how they will in the future.

Contact Details;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia

Phone:  +38513535930


Email: business@sgs-daas.com


Razum is a recruiting agency in Croatia that guides very advanced, ambitious, and visionary companies to excellence.

They have a unique organizational culture, the image of a suitable employer, and market leader status.

Contact Details;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia

Website: Www.razum.com.hr

Humble Hunters

This is a recruiting agency based in Croatia.

They offer their clients the highest level of recruitment and selection services.

Contact Address;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia 

Phone: +385916045034

Email: info@humble-hunters.com

Globtik Express Agency

Globtik supplies well-trained and highly motivated Croatian sea staff to clients. 

They offer services such as:

-Full crew management with Croatian crew.

-Full crew manning with Croatian crew.

-Partial crew management with Croatian crew.

-Partial crew manning with Croatian crew.

-Individual assignments with the Croatian crew.

-Crew travel through an in-house i.a.t.a. licensed travel agency.

-Principals database / softer administration.

-Crew wages administration and payroll.

-In-house training and courses.

-Application of different flag state documents.

-Union negotiations.

-Recruitment of shore personnel for the maritime industry.

-HR consulting and support.

Contact Details;

Phone: +38521439600


Email: crewing@globtik.hr

Website: Www.globatik.hr

Smart Group HR solutions

Smart Group HR solutions are a reliable partner for a large number of companies in various industries, mainly in the field of information technology, engineering, finance, business services, and retail. 

Smart Group specializes in five areas;

-Search for specialist staff 

– Professional Search

-Executive Search

-Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

-Payroll and HR admin

Contact Details;

Address: Zagreb, Croatia


Phone: +385 1 2092 222 

              +385 1 2092 220

 Website: Www. smart group.hr

Labyrinth Recruitment

Labyrinth Recruitment agency in Croatia allows employees to find quality workers who meet the needs of their business easily.

With years of experience in recruitment services, they offer great services to clients.

Contact Details;

Address: Solin, Croatia

Phone: +385 91 529 4023

Email: vinko@lab-rec.com

Website: Www.lab-rec.com


At INCOR, we believe that an individual and personal approach to each candidate is crucial to make you feel best in the process of employment and relocation to a new country.

Incor has been operating since 2016 they have provided various opportunities for career development and several types of employment. At Incor they nurture open and transparent relationships through an individual approach to each candidate.

Incor does offer services such as:

-Information and consultation.

-Recruiting doctors, medical staff, dentists, and pharmacists in the form of mediation in the Republic of Croatia.

-B2B meetings (main meetings from the textile industry, various industries, IT industry, dental industry, etc.)

-Harmonization of business by GDPR companies in the Republic of Croatia and abroad

-Business courses in foreign languages ​​(English, Swedish, German) 

Contact Details;

Address: Republic of Croatia

Email: info@incor.hr


Phone: + 385-99-555-33-22


To get a job in Croatia, it’s a must to know about the country and its recruiting agencies from a reliable source.

This article has put together a list of reputable recruitment agencies in Croatia for any skilled professionals in search of these.

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