6 Best 6-Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well

Searching for 6-month certificate programs that pay well? There are numerous career programs for everyone, depending on your education, interests, skills, values, and financial needs. Some jobs require a higher education level than others. For instance, you need a university degree for some jobs, a high school diploma for some, and a specialized certificate for others. 

There are many 6-month certificate programs that pay well over a certain period as they progress in their careers. The duration of the certificate programs depends on the job you want. Some programs may require a couple of years or more. On the other hand, specific programs may require a year, six months, or even less.  

The List of 6-Month Certificate Programs That Pay Well

So what are these high-paying jobs that require a 6-month certificate program? Some of them include:

  • Emergency Medical Services 
  • Brick Masonry
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Automobile Service Station Management
  • Firefighting

Emergency Medical Services 

The average hourly pay for this job is roughly $15. Emergency medical services are one of the very best certificate programs because it offers you preliminary training for other careers that need a certificate as well. 

Many of these emergency medical technicians usually have a high school diploma or something equivalent. However, they need to complete specific educational programs after high school. This includes training programs, for example, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification programs. 

As this field experiences more growth and becomes increasingly competitive, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes one of the most lucrative certificate programs. To boost your chance of advancing in this career, for instance, rising to the level of a paramedic, get more advanced certifications in addition to this.

Brick Masonry

The average hourly pay of a brick mason is roughly $21. If you start as an apprentice on this career path, you’ll need to learn:

  • Safety procedures
  • Measurement calculations
  • Masonry practices
  • Basics or construction
  • Construction of structures, fences, and walls with bricks.

Brick masonry is a menial job, but the pay is quite attractive. A typical day at work includes activities such as lifting heavy stuff, using power tools to clean surfaces, reading blueprints, and gathering materials. This career opportunity comes with a high injury risk. It requires skills such as attention to detail, physical strength, and hand-to-eye coordination. 

Air Traffic Control

The average annual pay for this career is over $47,000. Though it doesn’t require certification or formal education to be eligible, top candidates usually have formal education and work experience. This is because this career is very competitive. So getting a certification for this can significantly boost your career progress. 

Air traffic controllers participate in intense training and testing by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This includes mental stability, health, and wellness tests. The maximum eligible age for these tests is 31. It’s a high-stress career, usually involving work during weekends, nights, and holidays. They serve as a guide to pilots during in-flight emergency scenarios. 

Real Estate Brokerage

The average annual pay of a real estate broker is over $71,000. These career options require a high school diploma or its equivalent. Suppose you have a university degree, even better. The real estate certification program is one of the 6-month certificate programs that pay well that require some testing and a few classes. These requirements take less time and cost less than a 4-year university course. 

The requirements for real estate certification vary depending on the state. However, one constant is that several universities have both digital and physical real estate certificate programs. The real estate industry sells or leases properties, files the paperwork, and guides clients through the process. 

Having a flexible work schedule and excellent interpersonal communication skills is key to success in this career. Real estate brokers can use specific tools such as Affinda to manage invoices for prospective property owners. 

Automobile Service Station Management

The average hourly pay is roughly $24. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma or its equivalent. However, to boost your chances of career progress, we recommend getting a certification in this field. Institutions such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence offer certificate programs. 

Automobile service stations have an employee-friendly company culture. So you can acquire on-the-job training and gradually advance to desirable positions in this career. The required skills include employee management, inventory management, maintenance of safety regulations, etc. 


The average annual pay for a firefighter is over $44,000. It’s a rewarding career opportunity offering training and certification. We recommend having prior training and a work experience in emergency medical services to be a top firefighting prospect. Becoming a firefighter involves a grueling training program. So you must have stamina and considerable physical strength.  

To be a firefighter in certain states, one must first acquire certification in emergency medical services, fire science, and paramedics. Alternatively, you can begin as an emergency medical technician or a paramedic. From there, you can easily work your way to a firefighting career. Professionals who work with document applications can check out Draftable.

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