7 Popular Paraphrasing Tools for Authors and Bloggers

Writing is more popular than ever, however, writers don’t have it easy. With tight deadlines and extremely high demand for new content, they frequently find themselves burnt out and tired. Fortunately, their job has become easier due to content optimization tools.

One such tool that is used by authors and bloggers is the paraphrasing tool.  Paraphrasers are AI-based software that can modify your writing by changing the words and phrases in it but without altering its overall meaning.

Paraphrasers are used by bloggers who have to write on similar topics several times to prevent self-plagiarism and keep their writing style fresh.

In this post, we are going to check out seven popular paraphrasing tools that authors and bloggers can use.

7 Popular Paraphrasing Tools for Authors and Bloggers


Paraphrasing.io is an online platform that has quite a few content optimization tools. The main tool which it provides is the paraphrasing tool. This tool can be used for free and requires no registration.

It has a small word limit of 500 words per query. You can upload a file (as long as it has less than 500 words) or type/paste some text in the input box. Then you have to run the captcha and press the button to paraphrase it.

The results are shown in a separate output box and all the changes are written in bold.

In the free version, you can access the Fluency mode and Standard mode. The difference between the modes is that the Fluency mode gives more easy-to-understand results.

The premium version adds an extra mode called “Creative mode” and increases the word limit to 1,000.


  • Free
  • Multiple language support
  • Integrated summarizer, grammar checker, and plagiarism checker.


Linguix.com has a very handy paraphrasing tool which also comes with a grammar checker. 

To paraphrase, you have to select the text and it will automatically start giving you multiple suggestions for each sentence. You can choose which suggestion you want to apply by clicking on it. 

There are no modes available though and the word limit is very small. You can only check one paragraph at a time.

However, bloggers and authors will find it useful when they are stuck trying to rewrite a specific part in their content that does not sound right.


  • Free
  • No ads
  • Easy to use


Essay-editor.net is an online service that helps people write or rewrite their essays and assignments using professional aid. They also provide a completely free paraphrasing tool as well.

This tool is marvelous as far as free tools go. 


  • No ads
  • No captcha
  • No registration 
  • Large word limit (1,000+)

The method to use it is simple. You just have to type or copy some text in the input field and click on the “Rewrite” button. After a few seconds of processing, the entire text will be highlighted in various parts.

The highlighted words and phrases can be manually paraphrased. Hovering the mouse over it will show a menu that has different suggestions. You can choose whichever suggestion you like.

This feature can allow an author to paraphrase their text while still putting a personal spin on it.


Editpad.org, much like other tools on this list, is also an online toolkit that provides multiple content optimization tools.

One such tool is obviously the paraphrasing tool. The neat thing about this tool is that it supports multiple languages (18 languages are supported including English).

To use this tool, you can upload a file or type/paste text on the input box (the word limit is 1,000 words). Then you have to run the captcha and press a button to confirm.

In the output, all your changes will be written in bold or in a different color. You can copy the results or download them as a file.


  • Free
  • Multiple language support
  • Integrated grammar checker and plagiarism checker.


This paraphraser is not as feature-rich as most tools in this list. It does not offer multiple modes, nor does it have multiple language support. It doesn’t even highlight the changes it makes.

The only thing good about this tool is that it is free and has no ads. You use this tool just like any other. All you need to do is write or copy some text in the input field and do the captcha.

Your output will replace the input text and you can copy it. The results of this tool can be a bit bad sometimes, and you may have to deal with some grammatical mistakes as well.


Prepostseo.com is a huge online toolkit with over 90+ tools that have different purposes. The paraphrasing tool is one of the content optimization tools that they offer.

This tool provides three different paraphrasing modes for free users. If you want, you can cough up some bucks and enjoy an additional ‘Creative’ mode as well.

  • The Simple mode just changes some words with their synonyms.
  • The Advanced mode replaces words with their synonyms but allows you to edit the results if you are not happy with them.
  • The Fluency mode paraphrases with an emphasis on readability.

There are other features that make this tool easier to use

  • Upload files from the cloud.
  • Download results.
  • Integrated plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and summarizer.

This tool is quite handy and useful for both bloggers and authors.


Ref-n-write.com is a website that aims to help researchers. One of their tools is the paraphrasing tool. 

You can use it for free with a limited word count. To unlock its full features, you will need to upgrade to premium.

The functionality of the tool is pretty good. Due to the color-coding, you can easily track all changes that were made. There are no grammatical errors, and the changes do not ruin the meaning of the original sentence. In this regard, this tool is really good.

There are no ads and no registration is required. The word count is quite small though, but just like Linguix, it’s really effective when you are stuck trying to rewrite a confusing paragraph.


  • Free
  • Easy to track changes
  • No ads


These were seven paraphrasing tools that authors and bloggers can employ in 2022. All the tools discussed in this post are free to use and require no registration.

Paraphrasing tools are used by writers to remove accidental plagiarism from their write-ups. They are also used to remove repetitive words and phrases from their content.

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