7 Top Flight Schools in Montreal-Requirements & Licenses

Are you looking for top-flight schools in Montreal that can help you learn how to be a professional pilot? You’ve come to the right place!

This article will provide you with the most comprehensive list of the best pilot schools in Montreal, including their tuition fee, awards and recognition programs, student satisfaction, and more.

Learning to fly is sure to be an exciting step for any student, as it opens up a world of possibilities.

You should be aware that flying an aircraft isn’t a walk in the park, it’s something that requires a lot of work and dedication.

Choosing to learn to pilot an aircraft requires a great deal of time and planning.

You need to be able to fully grasp the complexities involved with pilots and the equipment needed for every flight.

What To Consider Before Choosing A Flight School.

Different people have different preferences, thus, what might be convenient for someone else might not be convenient for you. But when it comes to choosing a flight school, there are some favors you should consider.

They include:

Weather Condition and Location 

Ensure the weather and the facility location are suitable for flight training.

You should look out for schools situated in countries that have a good living environment and great weather conditions.


Ensure you look out for flight schools with new aircraft with a new model.

The reason is that new and modern flights are safer, they have little or no maintenance issues, and they make flying fun.


Ensure the school has trained and experienced instructors, because the instructors who train you, will determine the kind of pilot you turn out to be.

Environment and Quality 

There are lots of flight schools all over the world, but some of them lack good facilities to train their students.

Ensure to visit the school to interact with other students to know how their experiences have been so far, and also, the kind of courses they offer.


Most flight schools have high tuition fees. It is important to consider, before applying to a flight school if the cost of tuition fees is affordable for you. 

Some additional factors to look out for include:

  • The success rate of students 
  • Graduate job placement 

Reasons To Pursue Your Flight Training In Montreal

There are various reasons you should consider learning to fly in any of the top schools in Montreal. Some of these reasons include:

1. Montreal is home to some of the best flight schools in Canada if not even the world.

As one of the most active cities for flight training, Montreal has a lot of things going for it: great weather, breathtaking natural beauty, and a diverse population that is welcoming to newcomers from around the globe.

2. Montreal is a great city for flight training. The city’s airport is one of the largest in Canada and serves as a major transit hub for flights to Canada and beyond.

Montreal also has a well-earned reputation as one of the world’s most livable cities, which makes it attractive to corporate employees and young professionals.

3. Students at flight schools in Montreal will learn how to fly both single-engine and multi-engine aircraft, including helicopters.

They’ll also gain experience with instrument flying and night flying procedures.

There are several flight schools in Montreal that offer courses for aspiring commercial pilots or those planning on studying for their amateur license. 

If you’re looking at pursuing your dream job as a pilot but aren’t sure where to begin, read on for some tips about how to choose the right school for you!

Requirements to Enroll in a Flight School in Montreal 

The requirements to learn to pilot an aircraft varies depending on the school and some other factors.

However, you are expected to meet these general requirements:

  • You should be over 18 years of age.

  • You should have completed your high school education.

  • You should have obtained a medical certificate.

  • You should successfully pass the assessment test.

How Much Does a Flight School Cost In Canada?

Flight school costs in Canada vary depending on the choices of school, and whether you attend full-time or part-time. 

However, If you plan on flying commercially, it could cost anywhere from $10,500 to $20,000. 

This price range is also applicable to Private pilots, but theirs are likely to fall under the range of $7,500-$15,000.

For those planning to become helicopter pilots, the costs start at about $9,000.

Training includes ground school, simulator sessions, and actual flights. You’ll learn how to read charts, navigate, land, take off, and perform emergency procedures.

Depending on what type of aircraft you choose to fly, you might even need to undergo additional training. 

Pilots are required to complete a medical exam, a vision test, and a drug screening. They must also pass a written exam and an oral interview.

The List of Top Flight Schools in Montreal 

There are lots of flight schools in Canada but this list has been narrowed down to flight schools in Montreal, Canada.

Some of the courses offered in these schools include:

  • systems of aircraft
  • Management operations 
  • The flow of aircraft 

and lots more.

Upon completion of the flight program in these schools, students would have obtained practical skills that are necessary when it comes to working in the flight industry, and they would have also gained useful experience.

Pilots are needed in every industry and field of endeavor, from airline pilots to crop dusters. Being a pilot requires years of training and experience, something that has to be earned through intense study. 

The list below will show you some of the top-flight schools in Montreal that offer the highest level of education for their students.

Here is a list of top-flight schools in Montreal:

  • Collège D’Aéronautique – College of Aeronautics
  • Bombardier Training Centre
  • College Air Richelieu
  • Saint Hubert Flying School
  • Helicraft – Helicopter Flight School
  • Cargair Saint-Hubert
  • Dorval Aviation Inc.

Collège D’Aéronautique – College of Aeronautics

Academy of Aeronautics is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The school was established in the year 1964 by executive members of the aeronautics sector.

Students are trained to become professional airline pilots, Cargo pilots, Medical pilots (in emergencies), and lots more.

This flight school is known as the fastest and least expensive path to earning a Commercial Pilot License.

The Academy of Aeronautics, Montreal offers programs that allow you to get your Private Pilot License, Ratings, Commercial Pilot License, Airline Transportation Pilot Licence, Aircraft Mechanics, and a Flight Instructor Certificate.

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Bombardier Training Centre

The Bombardier Training Centre has a standard training facility for all flight-related programs, including the Bombardier Challenger 300, Bombardier Challenger 600 series, Bombardier C-series, and global programs.

This flight training school meets all the requirements of the aviation agencies including the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, Civil Aviation Authority, National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Bombardier Training Centre makes use of up to standard devices, including flight simulators, and conducive classrooms, to ensure its students have a conducive environment while gaining valuable knowledge.

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College Air Richelieu

The College Air Richelieu offers standard fight training, with courses that will allow you to learn at your speed.

The training is available for both in-state students and out-of-state students.

This flight school trains you on courses that will enable you to gain your Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Night Ratings, Flight Instructor Rating, Instrument Rating, Aerobatic Instructor Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Flight Management System Training, and lots more, upon completion of the various programs.

The programs offered in this college include:

  • Diploma of College Studies – Aircraft Piloting
  • Attestation of College Studies – Airline Transport Pilot

At the end of the training in College Air Richelieu, students have the opportunity of becoming first officers at the end of their training.

Also, due to the Jazz pathway agreements, graduates with the top grades have access to be called for interviews by Jazz Aviation and Airmedic.

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Saint Hubert Flying School

Saint Hubert Flying School is one of the best flying schools in Montreal and the school is accredited by the Minister of Education, Quebec, and the Minister of Transportation, Canada. It is also accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The school provides its students with the Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) program.

At the end of this program, students earn a pilot license that will enable them to fly either as a captain, a co-pilot, or in a multi-crew.

Students in this program will as well benefit from the integrated training advantages.

The students are allowed to progress, in their training, at their own pace. The training period depends on the student’s pace. The ACS program teaches the students both the theoretical and practical aspects of flying an airplane.

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Helicraft – Helicopter Flight School

Helicraft is located in Montreal, Canada, and is recorded as the first helicopter flight school located in that city.

Helicraft provided its students with a good learning environment, and the instructors are always available to assist the students.

They also offer the Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) program to become a professional helicopter pilot.

Helicraft has various helicopters for the training of students, including, Robinson 222, Bell 206, Astar 305, and lots more.

This flight school offers a variety of training including Flight Simulator, Annual, Aerial, and Sling Work training.

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Cargair Saint-Hubert

The Cargair Saint-Hubert flying school is recorded to have the largest fleet in Canada, having over 65 aircraft, as well as, simulators. The school has a 100% placement rate and 60 instructors.

At Cargair Saint-Hubert, there are programs carried out to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence and a Private Pilot License.

Commercial Pilot License 

  • Total of 80 hours in class
  • Total of 200 flight hours
  • 9 months of training

Private Pilot License

  • Total of 66 hours in class
  • Total of 45 flight hours
  • 4 months of training 

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Dorval Aviation Inc.

Dorval Aviation flight school has been training students for over 20 years. They also offer “Online Private Pilot Ground School”

At Dorval Aviation, they offer prime courses including Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Night Rating, and much more.

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What Are the Types of Pilot Licenses?

There are 3 types of pilot licenses that you can acquire in Canada. They include:

  • Private Pilot License (PPL)

The Private Pilot License authorizes you to fly for fun or transportation, mainly with your family and friends. It is recognized all over the world.

  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

This license authorizes you to fly for charters and also, airline companies. It is recognized all over the world, you also have the authorization to fly Big Jets, but not as a Captain.

  • Airline Transportation Pilot Licence (ATPL)

This license authorizes you to fly for airline companies (including Big Jets), even as a Captain, and it is recognized all over the world.

In addition, we have the:

  • Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP)

The Recreational Pilot Permit, as the name implies, is a permit and not a license. Just like the PPL, the Recreational Pilot Permit permits you to fly with your family and friends. But, it is recognized only in Canada. 

As a pilot, your first license will either be a Private Pilot License (PPL) or a Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP). With more training and experience, you can upgrade your license from a PPL to a Commercial Pilot License, and then after, an Airline Transportation Pilot Licence.

It is also important to note that as a pilot, obtaining a commercial license is never enough. Most job applications require a minimum number of flight hours.


A career as a commercial pilot could get you the freedom and flexibility to live anywhere in the world. But to enjoy the perks that come with being a pilot, you’ll need to start by becoming a licensed professional pilot.

Browse through this list and learn more about each school so that you can make a decision about which school offers the best education for you.

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