20 Top Scholarships for College Students in Texas

Texas is a great place to study in the United States of America. This city has got eye-catching coasts, grasslands, and prairies. Needless to say, it is a center for rich culture and innovative engagements.

But this page isn’t for heralding the magnificent structures, captivating history, and whatnot of the Texan state. You’re here to gain insight on how to secure scholarships for college students in Texas. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

Needful or needless, let’s get some things straight on what a Scholarship offer really is, and, what it’s not.

  • A Scholarship is a grant-in-aid to a student. This is money given to assist a student in studying or continuing their study/research at an institution for a dedicated amount of time for which that Scholarship grant is valid.

    A Scholarship is not a job – The one you work to get paid for a service you rendered to an organization for an agreed time interval. It is just a grant made available by the goodwill of individuals/companies who choose to extend their generosity to encourage and support students who wish to pursue higher academic achievement.

    And this grant usually comes with a certain level of requirements to become a beneficiary.

In this article, we’ve prepared for you a good number of scholarships for college students in Texas that you could benefit from.

The List of Some Scholarships for College Students in Texas{International Students}

  • Eppright Outstanding International Student Award
  • International Peace Fund Scholarship
  • General ISSA Scholarship
  • Tuition Assistance for Mexican Students (TAMS)
  • Good Neighbour Scholarship
  • Tina Watkins Scholarship
  • Fullbright Foreign Student Program

Eppright Outstanding International Student Award

For this scholarship program – its scholarship trust only qualifies the awardees by merit of students whose academic records read at least a 3.5 GPR and have been very active both in community and campus activities with bias on leadership positions.

It is the highest scholarship award an international student may get enrolled at Texas A&M University. You become eligible for this award only after having been enrolled at the university for a minimum of two semesters and through this, you can win a $2000 yearly fund.

Fullbright Foreign Student Program

 Now this is one every student would want to covet as this scholarship is such a generous one. The Fullbright foreign student program is open to candidates who have completed their graduation and want to pursue higher studies in the US.

Also, artists and professionals in their fields who intend carrying more research and studies at most Texas universities are eligible to apply for it.

This grant, generous as it is – covers complete tuition, travel fare, and health insurance.

Surprisingly, it still offers each awardee a living stipend. All applications from an interested student must be done through the US embassy in their country.

International Peace Fund Scholarship

An organization named P.E.O. International offers the international peace fund scholarship to foreign women who intend to pursue a graduate program in the united states or Canada.

For one who wants to win this award; it is necessary you should be able to demonstrate your need. It is not a fully-funded scholarship, but, you can be awarded a very helpful $12500 which stands as the max you can receive.

You may also be required to show other financial sources you’re using to pay for your college expenditures. Which may be personal or family funds or even study grants.

General ISSA Scholarship

This foundation is a philanthropic organization whose primary objective is receiving funds from charitable companies and individuals to fund scholarships and research-study grants.

Graduates and undergraduates seeking to study a course at accredited universities are awarded these scholarships.

ISSA member companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Newell Brands inc., and other reputed companies in the global maintenance industry who are sponsors of this scholarship program give their staff relations advantage in securing this scholarship.

In other words, having a parent, grandparents or even having a spousal relationship with anyone working in any of these companies would make you eligible to apply.

Therefore, you can be eligible for this scholarship if you’re being sponsored by an ISSA member company.

Each year, the foundation awards over 50 students $150,000 or more to pursue their studies in private and public colleges alike in the united states.

Tuition Assistance for Mexican Students (TAMS)

This tuition assistance is offered to new and existing-continuing students from Mexico at the University of Texas Austin (UT).

The scholarship takes care of your tuition fees as long as you can prove with verifiable and undeniable evidence that you’re financially incapable of handling your school bills all by yourself.

And also, you will have to convince the scholarship trust of your intention to return back to Mexico after you’ve completed your studies.

The Applications for it are usually due by May 31. It’s a highly competitive grant, so the authorities don’t accept late applications.

Good Neighbour Scholarship

For this scholarship: At the time you’re applying for it you ought to be presently residing in your native country. And it is available for international non-residing students from countries of the western hemisphere except Cuba.

A merit-based awarded scholarship will only be given to folks who will return back to their varying countries upon completion of their studies.

Tina Watkins Scholarship

If you’re already a student enrolled at Texas A&M and you can apply for the $500 Tina Watkins Scholarship on the basis that you’re also a self-supported student.

Although, your merit to be given this scholarship would be requiring you to have at least a 3.0GPR. And it’s a one-off scholarship application.

Scholarships For College Students in Texas Universities

Texas A&M University-Texarkana:

TAMUT offers eligible international students a global heritage scholarship and associated tuition waiver of up to $14,000 per academic year.

you can look up details regarding their merit judgment or criteria for awarding scholarships at Texas A&M university-Texarkana.

Texas A&M International University

TAMIU offers a number of scholarships.  Please see the website for a list of available scholarship opportunities and further details.

Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University offers the same merit scholarships to international students (and charges the same tuition) as any other student.

A Freshman can earn as much as $21,000 worth of Scholarships in a single academic year, and this of course is dependent on a high school GPA and SAT scores.

Also, Transfer students can be awarded up to $15,000 per academic year based on transfer GPA (including an additional $3,000 per year for Phi Theta Kappa members).

RICE University

Rice university eyes the créme de la créme for it’s scholarship awards. In essence, their merit-based scholarship recipients are outstanding individuals who through their academic or personal excellence have shown exceptional achievements different from their peers.

There’s an automatic consideration for scholarships given to every student applicant admitted into the university, this is so that no other application forms or interviews are needed.

The Admission Board notifies scholarship winners at the time of their admittance into the university.

Angelo State University

ASU’s Carr Scholarship Program is one of the scholarships for college students in Texas that is designed for new students and awards it in honor of dedication to learning and recognizes it by making an assessment of prior academic performance.

The award is up to $18,000 yearly and students are chosen based on a high school GPA and standardized test scores evaluation. You will do well to review the stated test score ranges, so you can know your best shot at qualifying for a Carr Scholarships.

Texas Wesleyan University

This higher institution – Texas Wesleyan offers scholarships up to $14,000 USD yearly for the following undergraduate majors:

PreMedicine Program with MCAT-waived guaranteed admission to Medical School (4 partner choices), 5 years BS/MS program in Biomedical Sciences, History, Mass Communication, Journalism, Education, Exercise Science, Music,  Spanish, Liberal studies, Theatre, Accounting / Forensic Accounting, Management, Mathematics, Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Political Science, Paralegal, Computer Science, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Sociology.

Academic Excellence Scholarships for UT Dallas

Such a reputable university wouldn’t be out-of-place if they have provisions for scholarship opportunities for its students.

This school offers hundreds of AES fully funded Scholarships to new students on the criterion that they hit or exceed 3.0GPA each successive semester as well as show impressive progress across its 4-year program.

Application for this scholarship isn’t only for undergraduates alone, graduates too may also apply.

They also have a program – AES Student Success Program, set up to help students needing one-on-one attention from the SOAR office in dealing with the varying challenges that cause them to fall behind a semester.

Tamu Shibata International Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by Texas A&M University to just one student who enrolls at the institution every year. It grants $500 a semester by merit and openness to other cultures. 

There’s also a necessity for engagement in other organizations, not just the international roles. The Scholarship has its deadline for application and it is usually around the first of February during the spring semester.

University of Mary Hardi-Baylor

The prize money allotted for winning this study grant is $30,000 for International Students.

This scholarship is available to undergraduate international students on an F1 visa. The Scholarship is paid to awarded students – $3,750 for each semester for a rounded total of 8 semesters.

The only requirements are holding an F1 visa, full-time enrollment, and maintaining good academic status once enrolled. This scholarship is available only to international students!

Stephen F. Austin State University

This school aims at directing its Scholarship grants to be awarded to Students whose excellence will contribute to the school’s increased diversity for international representation.

Stephen F. Austin state university offers Scholarships worth $1,000 per annum and includes discounts on tuition for a total reward of up to $11,000.

All interested students are to complete the application and alongside show educational achievement(grade average – 2.75 for undergraduate level and 3.25 for graduate level) to be awarded this Scholarship.

Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University offers the same merit scholarships to international students (and charges the same tuition) as any other student admitted into its school.

Freshmen can earn up to $21,000 in academic scholarships in a year, it’s qualifying assessment falls on high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores.

Transfer students can earn up to $15,000 per academic year based on transfer GPA plus an additional $3,000 per year for Phi Theta Kappa members.

Dalla Baptist University

DBU offers several scholarships and financial aid opportunities. Please visit their website for more information.

This varsity Offers lots of Scholarship opportunities to students who meet the requirements for getting one.

These students are graduates from a Dallas Baptist university Global community partner school eligible to apply for about $12,000 in Scholarship grants toward a 4-year bachelor’s program or $3,600 towards a master’s program.

This scholarship is for international students who have academically demonstrated a good commitment to serving in their varying communities.

Also available are the DBU’s strongly competitive Hope and Future Scholarships grants for those who are both academically strong and have demonstrated a commitment to service in their community.

The DBU’s highly-competitive Hope and Future Scholarship have awards ranging from $500 to $6,000 during the first year of study.

Abilene Christian University

The President’s international Scholarship worth $18,000 yearly spans 4 years in academic sessions and is given to all international students admitted into ACU.

Additionally, international students living on the campus are also eligible to receive the wildcat housing grant for $3,000 a year for about two years to take care of housing costs.

Asides from this, there are other competitive scholarships available for international students.

Final Words

Use the list of scholarships for college students in Texas above as a starting point for your research, but don’t give up too quickly if you don’t find a good fit.

There are other and lots of options littered out there to help you fund your education in Texas. You’ll be sure to find one that will suit your profile.

So there you have it. Hopefully, this article should help you land yourself a scholarship. Or at least, helpful insight into the best scholarship programs available(for an intending student like you) in Texas for her international/college students.

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