5 Top Film Schools In Norway: Full Details

Students will be able to grasp the complex visual texts that permeate our image-saturated culture and enjoy the beauty of the cinematic language that conveys some of our greatest cultural stories by studying film from a range of disciplinary viewpoints.

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Learning cinematic literacy—the what, how, and why of film in communication—is one of the most significant and gratifying skills a learner can acquire in the twenty-first century since our world communicates through the moving picture.

In this article, we will be looking at film schools in Norway and their details.

The List of Film Schools in Norway

There are 49 universities in Norway, however, these schools listed below are the ones that provide a degree in filmmaking. Without further ado, let us dive into the list of film schools in Norway.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

In the field of Norwegian film studies, the Film Studies research group at NTNU is well-known for its work on Norwegian film history, early/classical films, documentaries, American current films, and commercials.

Media Production is a practical-theoretical course of study. Its main focus is on practical media communication and filmic devices.

Understanding the specific qualities and significance of living images is becoming more and more important due to the substantial role that audiovisual media play in society.

As a result, the Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and Media Production program seeks to impart information on the aesthetics and socio-cultural value of living images.

There are two specializations available in the bachelor’s program in film studies and media production: movie studies, and media creation

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Ostfold University College

Actors and performers interested in pushing and breaking artistic boundaries in theater and beyond may consider a BA in acting.

Along with scenographers, actors participate actively in their own learning at NTA. Developing creative techniques for original work and projects with guest artists is welcomed, as are collaborative risk, raw musicality, and social inquiry.

The goal of NTA acting students is to graduate as independent performers and creators. You are a candidate who is enthusiastic about exploring various methods of acting instruction as well as pushing or confounding conventional creative boundaries in theater and beyond.

You will experiment with new techniques while producing original material, such as social inquiry, raw musicality, and collaborative risk. The values that guide this education concentrate on listening, perseverance in the face of setbacks, reimagining material relationships, excavation, and play.

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Inland Norway University

The Norwegian Film School, which has locations in Lillehammer and Oslo, is frequently referred to by the acronym DNF. Its mission is to train skilled professionals in the fields of film and allied audiovisual arts.

DNF provides instruction that is both future-focused and respectful of the conventional skills found in each academic area. More than 350 film students have graduated from the Norwegian Film School since it initially opened its doors in 1997.

The Norwegian Film School currently provides a fellowship program in artistic research along with a three-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a two-year Master of Fine Arts degree.

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Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media

Become a professional filmmaker and work in the film or television industry. With the help of the same tools used by the film business, you can work as a producer, director, screenplay, photographer, or editor during this film education.

Enrollment requires a three-year upper secondary diploma or a certificate in vocational education.

According to their school policies, you can also apply for admission based on prior learning.

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Nord University

Do you wish to participate in the film and television industry of the future today? You will produce industry-level content by mastering every production technique and method, bringing your concepts from the page to the screen.

You will have the chance to work on a range of film and television genres under the direction of top business experts.

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Does Norway Have a Film Industry?

A reputable film industry exists in Norway. Fiskerlivets farer (“The Dangers in a Fisherman’s Life”), a 1907 short film about fishermen, was the first Norwegian motion picture made domestically. In 1911, Halfman Nobel Roede, the film’s producer, debuted the first motion picture.

Do You Need a Visa to Film in Norway?

If you are being paid by a non-Norwegian company and are traveling from a VISA-free nation, you do not require a visa to enter Norway for shoots lasting less than 90 days.

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