7 Best Film Schools In Berlin:How to Get Started

There are various opportunities for those who want to become filmmakers in Berlin, Germany.

We have a selection of options to help you with your quest, whether you’re looking for film schools in Berlin that offer practical training or a more traditional curriculum.

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Enthusiastic filmmakers from Berlin will discover that each of these film schools offers distinctive chances for them to improve their careers in the city’s industry.

Each institution offers a film program that is extensive, engaging, and helpful for advancing one’s profession.

The List of Film Schools in Berlin

The history of art, art movements, and artistic expression in Germany is extensive. It should come as no surprise that Germany is home to some of the top universities for film and photography.

The education and training are provided in a variety of ways at the top film & photography schools in Germany. While some are shorter studies, others are degree programs.

They all share a dedication to excellence and thorough educational programs.

Some of these will be carried out in German, while others might have research available in other languages, like English. Below is the list of film schools in Berlin.

MetFilm School Berlin

A premier school for film, television, and internet media, MetFilm School offers undergraduate, graduate, and short courses in a range of craft disciplines. There are campuses for the school in Leeds, Berlin, and London.

The goal of MetFilm School as an educational institution is to give students a hands-on, superior learning experience that is based on professional industry preparation and practice.

Since opening, MetFilm School has taken in more than 15,000 students from more than 110 nations, many of whom are now employed in the global creative sectors.

All throughout the world, their students often work together on personal and professional projects after graduation.

They have attended film festivals as students on practically every continent. Over half of their learners are from countries other than the UK, demonstrating their reputation on a global scale.

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Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

Behind the scenes, filmmakers are master craftspeople who produce compelling stories with engrossing pictures and potent dialogue. The practical Film and Television degree program at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences provides the technical and artistic know-how for this.

You can study film at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and gain in-depth knowledge of traditional forms of art, design, and communication. Your studies will concentrate on broad theoretical knowledge, which will be coupled in the curriculum with actual filmmaking skills.

This guarantees that you will be prepared for your future in the film and television industries and that you will always be aware of recent industry trends.

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Since 1966, the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) has served as the state of Berlin’s film school.

She concentrates on the fundamentals of filmmaking during her studies, including screenplay, image design, directing, production and editing, picture, and sound.

Young filmmakers from Germany and beyond can gather at the DFFB to share tales and produce original, imaginative films. The DFFB additionally offers enticing specialty and networking opportunities with its globally focused continuing education program Serial Eyes and the Berlin Film Network.

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Dekra Media University

In the hip Friedrichshain neighborhood of Berlin, there is a private institution of applied sciences called DEKRA Media University.

The university has received the state of Berlin’s official approval, and the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) has granted it accreditation.

They provide bachelor’s degree programs in film and television, journalism and public relations, communication management, and film and performing arts.

These degree programs are designed for the current media landscape and offer practical classes in the relevant subjects taught by professors who are also employed in the media.

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University of Applied Sciences Europe

You will learn the essential approaches, notions, and strategies for the creation of time-based media in the program’s practice-based component.

The course covers a wide range of artistic expression, including digital compositing, hybrid film, visual music, analog stop-motion animation, CGI, and 3D modeling.

You will learn the many time-based media strategies and techniques in this course only from famous instructors in the creative sector.

You can utilize the university’s professional tools, audio and video hardware, post-production, and animation software to bring your project ideas to life. Additionally, their expert greenscreen and animation studio are available to you.

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Other schools can be found in the table below

Film School BerlinWebsite
Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts And TechnologyWebsite
Film Schools In Berlin

Does Germany have good Film Schools?

Art, art movements, and artistic expression have a long history in Germany. The fact that some of the top universities for photography and film are located in Germany should come as no surprise.

The education and training that are provided at the top film & photography schools in Germany vary.

Is Film School Free in Germany?

The majority of public universities in Germany don’t charge undergraduates any fees! Only the state of Baden-Württemberg currently charges tuition for non-EU students’ education.

Is Berlin Good for Filmmakers?

In the last ten years or so, Berlin became known as a mecca for all kinds of filmmaking. everything from virtual reality to documentaries, literature, and video art.

They all flock to this oasis of diversity. Berlin is charming because of the high caliber and the large number of filmmakers who call it home. Do you have suggestions about film schools in Berlin? Please leave a comment below.

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