11 Top Film Schools in Manchester &What They Offer

If you’re considering attending a film school to further your career as a filmmaker, the list of top film schools in Manchester provided in this article will be helpful to you.

In Manchester, a range of educational institutions, from universities to specialized film schools, offer courses in film studies.

Furthermore, these Manchester film schools offer top-notch resources, qualified instructors who can help students gain in-depth knowledge and all the skills they need to become successful filmmakers, and high-quality facilities.

Additionally, you can develop your portfolio and obtain a degree in filmmaking by enrolling in one of these film schools. For those who want to work in the film industry, this is essential.

Ever wanted to go to film school but couldn’t decide between the many options in Manchester? We have taken it upon ourselves to assist you in narrowing down the best schools that can assist you while also meeting your needs. So keep reading!

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Is Attending a Film School In Manchester A Good Idea?

In terms of filming and broadcasting opportunities, Manchester is frequently cited as second only to London in the UK. Manchester is a rapidly expanding regional powerhouse for filmmakers, home to a wide variety of reputable film schools and programs.

Additionally, filmmakers benefit greatly from their time spent in school in Manchester.

Finally, you can establish connections with Manchester-area filmmakers who share your interests by using this career as a networking opportunity.

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Is a Film Degree Worth It?

Is earning a degree in film a wise decision? The most straightforward and intriguing response to that is YES! In the modern era, being a filmmaker or film director is a fantastic and fascinating career. Additionally, a variety of factors have helped create the current golden age for aspiring filmmakers.

Graduates can find opportunities across numerous industries because there are a variety of career options for film majors. In feature films, independent productions, television broadcasting, advertising, and public relations, directors, editors, camera operators, and actors can all find employment.

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How Much Do Filmmakers Make In Manchester?

In Manchester, a director makes an average yearly salary of £42,565

Based on the tasks assigned during the film’s production, directors receive a salary.

Nevertheless, the main director receives the highest pay, and directors in numbered positions occasionally work solely for the experience and an official title.

Does Manchester Have Good Film Schools?

One of the best things about living in Manchester is undoubtedly the city’s renowned music scene. This city continues to be among the best in the world for live music and is a popular stop for bands on tour.

Manchester is a historic, cultural, and artistically vibrant city.

As previously mentioned, this state is frequently cited as having the second-best opportunities for filming and broadcasting in the UK, behind only London.

Additionally, you can mold yourself and bring out your best self at one of Italy’s esteemed film schools.

Continue reading to learn about the top film schools in Manchester, which will help you narrow down your options and select the school that will be most beneficial to you.

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Best Film Schools in Manchester

Are you looking for the top film schools in Manchester? You should enroll in one of the outstanding and prestigious film schools that are listed below.

  • Screen and Film School Manchester
  • Manchester Film School
  • Manchester School of Theatre
  • University of Cumbria
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Falmouth University
  • Arden School of Theatre
  • The University of Manchester
  • Futureworks Manchester
  • University of Creative Arts
  • Raindance Film School

Screen and Film School Manchester

This is one of the top film schools in Manchester that we’ve found, and it’s committed to giving students the knowledge, contacts, and self-assurance they need to succeed in the film business.

Additionally, this film school has exclusive access to media and production companies in Manchester, and their objective is to find opportunities that will help students understand how the industry operates as well as to start work placements and internships.

Along with impressive client facing facilities for casting calls and bringing in talent for their productions, the students here are given access to professional-level workspaces for both work and study.

At Screen and Film School Manchester, this school offers programs to fulfill every dream, whether you want to work as a director, a business-savvy film executive, or a multi-talented filmmaker. They also offer various course types, including degrees, master’s degrees, diplomas, and short courses.


Manchester Film School

For those looking to work in the film and television industry, this school offers the BA (Hons) and FdA in Film & TV Production, which are practical and hands-on programs.

The single camera drama, advertisements, and music promos are given extra attention in this course, which covers all other aspects of production.

Students gain hands-on experience in all recognized departments and roles within the larger industry at this school, which uses the HD and 4K cameras that are standard in the film industry. These cameras also come with a wide range of prime lenses and specialized grip equipment.

In addition to working alongside practicing professionals on a variety of TV and feature film productions, students are encouraged to develop their own short film projects.

The Manchester Film Schools’ objective is to produce graduates who go on to work as professionals in the film and television industries.


Manchester School of Theatre

This institution trains actors, theater producers, performers, researchers, and imaginative thinkers.

The Manchester School of Theatre is surrounded by writers, directors, and other creatives. They also engage in a lot of performance, experimentation, and collaboration. However, students in these courses are urged to deepen their knowledge of drama and performance, improve their skills, and discover their unique talents as artists and performers.

This city not only serves as a source of inspiration, but it also offers us a vibrant network of collaborators with whom we collaborate to create courses that are informed by business.

The thriving media, theater, and performance scene in Manchester is also accessible to the students.


University Of Cumbria

This school can be useful if you want to break into the film and television industry. You will be immersed in a variety of projects as part of the dynamic, hands-on course at this institution, where you will gain high-level technical, creative, and industry skills as well as the confidence to enter the working world.

The practical nature of this degree ensures that you will acquire a broad range of production skills covering all facets of the film and television production process, from concept to finished product.

Furthermore, this is a top film school in Manchester that emphasizes finding your unique creative voice. Weekly practical tasks that create a cohesive set of production skills are used to accomplish this.

Together, these will give you everything you need to produce excellent content and improve your employability. You’ll be able to find your voice through experimental/musical videos, short films, multi-camera TV productions, documentaries, scriptwriting, and short films.

You will find all the resources and assistance you need to realize your creative vision in this university’s production facilities and among its knowledgeable staff.


Anglia Ruskin University

Join the prestigious BA (Hons) Film Production degree program at ARU to turn your love of movies into a career.

One of the top universities in Manchester for honing your directing, producing, and editing skills both in the studio and on the set.

You’ll also gain important skills, from concept development and pre-production planning to post-production abilities in sound design and color grading. You’ll shoot on film, digital, and analog, as well.

Along with working closely with other students on your course and your lecturers, you’ll also learn from highly skilled filmmakers, television producers, and technical officers while making friends and developing skills like teamwork and collaboration.

The skills you learn in this course will prepare you to embark on your career path, regardless of whether your goals are to crew on high-end TV drama or film, launch your own business as a videographer, produce ground-breaking online content, redefine what television is, or use film to change the world.


Falmouth University

Get hands-on experience working with industry experts and become familiar with this university’s top-notch technical resources.

Falmouth University has been teaching filmmaking for more than 50 years, fusing the artistic process of making movies with the unbridled energy of critical thinking. The students at this institution cast and finance professional feature films.

You can experiment with different specialties like directing, producing, documentary filmmaking, editing, sound design, post-production, and publicity while studying film, television, or animation in Falmouth.


Arden School of Theatre

Future actors and actresses are being trained at this drama school in Manchester. which is a network of artists who are all starting their individual professional journeys.

Furthermore, you will feel at home here if you have aspirations of pursuing a career in the arts and are prepared to dedicate yourself to making those aspirations come true. We are committed to helping you develop your potential so you can pursue a career in acting, creating theater, composing, or working behind the scenes.

Additionally, you’ll collaborate with instructors who are all well-known within the field and, more importantly, are still working today. actors, playwrights, musical directors, composers, choreographers, and others involved in the theater. Arden School Of Theatre is skilled at bringing out the best in you.


The University Of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers courses in applied practice, history, and theory related to film.

This is one of the best film programs in Manchester for building a strong theoretical and critical film studies foundation.

Additionally, you would gain knowledge from staff members who are engaged in teaching and research and who closely collaborate with other cultures.

However, to apply to this school, you must have a TOEFL score of 100 or higher and a minimum writing score of 25, or an overall IELTS score of 7.0 with a writing score of 7.0 and no other skill below 6.5.


Futureworks Manchester

The School of Film, Television & Media exists to produce the newest generation of technically proficient and conceptually inventive filmmakers for the UK’s leading media industries.

The school provides a wide range of programs aimed at developing a community of filmmakers made up of writers, producers, directors, camera operators, editors, visual effects and 3D artists, among many others. In order to improve your work and develop into a fully-fledged professional, Futureworks students have the opportunity to collaborate with other schools like the School of Sound and Music.


University Of Creative Arts

This university offers degree programs in filmmaking that will fully equip you for the field by providing you with the means to improve both your creative and technical abilities as an independent filmmaker.

Additionally, you’ll work with your classmates on a number of short films while being taught within the encouraging framework of this Film School, and you’ll also take part in specialized activities as a Head of Department in film production as you bring exciting cinematic visions to life.

Furthermore, the university’s courses will give you a better understanding of the professional demands of the film industry, as well as the rigors of filmmaking by reflecting the realities of contemporary film practice, and will prepare you for a freelance career, if that is the path you want to take.

Finally, you can take advantage of a wide range of cutting-edge resources at UCA, such as digital and 16mm cameras, cutting-edge sound recording technology, a purpose-built film studio, and first-rate post-production suites.


Raindance Film School

For those looking to advance their careers or make the transition into the film and digital media industries, this school offers degrees for entrepreneurs, creatives, future academics, and filmmakers.

With this program, you have a one-of-a-kind chance to learn from the expertise of industry experts around the globe while also advancing your own professional practice and developing your research and independent study skills.

The offered courses are not theoretical; rather, they emphasize application and place the development of creative knowledge and skills at their core, with four modules being evaluated through independently created film projects (scripts, short films, pitch packages etc.).



What Is The Duration of Study At The Film Schools in Manchester?

Depending on the university you choose to attend, the length of time it takes to complete a filmmaking degree. Undergraduate programs in film and digital video production typically last four years. The time it takes to get a diploma can vary depending on the institution.

What Are The Film Careers For a Film Graduate?

There are lots of interesting careers for film graduates that can help grow into becoming a professional. However, it all depends on your interest in the film industry.

Some of these careers include; film editor, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor/actress, director.


Now that you are aware of Manchester’s top film schools, you can begin pursuing your career.

Additionally, because the schools provide hands-on training to prepare you for the industry, these top film schools in Manchester are the best option to turn that passion for filmmaking into a reality.

We sincerely hope you can fit into one of them and wish you luck as you pursue your career.



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