15 Top Film Schools in Italy-Tutition & Programs

In search of the best film schools in Italy? This guide provides you with detailed information about top film universities located in Italy.

Italy is renowned for its fashion, luxury goods, opera, and language. Italy is a country you “must visit” because of its wealth, spectacular cities, historic sites, amazing museums, soaring mountains, wonderful beaches, and stunning natural scenery, to name a few.

According to global statistics, Italy is ranked third and fifth in the world, respectively, and third in Europe. Due to its fascinating culture, beautiful natural surroundings, artistic sites, and world-famous cuisine, this historic city draws millions of tourists each year.

This article lists the top 15 film schools in Italy along with some other important background information. So, be sure to read carefully so you can find the solutions you need.

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Is Attending a Film School in Italy a Good Idea?

Rome, Italy has a thriving film community. It’s a fantastic location for aspiring filmmakers who are eager to get their start in the business. Continue reading to find out more about Roman film schools and see if you can find the best fit for you.

For Roman filmmakers seeking to be trained in the field so they can begin their careers in the Rome industry, many of these schools provide an excellent starting point.

These institutions give students a wide range of choices so they can select the film program that best suits them.

Everyone can find something to suit their needs, whether they prefer traditional courses or immersive programs at large or small colleges and universities.

Is a Film Degree Worth It?

Going to film school is a fantastic way to develop your storytelling skills and your capacity for critical thought. You can develop your portfolio and acquire experience as well.

Although earning a film degree isn’t exactly a bed of roses, there will undoubtedly be obstacles to overcome. Nevertheless, the journey will

be enjoyable, so it will be worthwhile. With a film degree, you can accomplish a lot.

Additionally, the majority of well-known filmmakers earned college degrees in this area. So earning a film degree is like moving one step closer to realizing your dreams of working in the film industry.

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How Much Do Filmmakers Make in Italy?

In Italy, a film director makes an average of €128,794 a year and €62 per hour. A film director can expect to make between €88,353 and €157,257 per year on average.

The highest level of education typically required for a position as a film director is a bachelor’s degree.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the pay for filmmakers varies depending on the type of film industry, the filmmakers’ level of experience, and other factors.

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Does Italy Have Good Film Schools?

The Renaissance and the outstanding artists it produced made Italy famous. Italy is renowned for its tourism, art cities, and distinctive landscapes.

Additionally, there are prestigious film schools in Italy that can mold you and bring out the best in you.

The best film schools in Italy will be revealed as you read on, helping you to focus your search and choose the institution that will work best for you.

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Top 15 Best Film Schools in Italy

Here’s a selection of the best film schools in Italy in no particular order.

  • Rome International Film School
  • Accademia MediaFilm ArtiVisive
  • Rome University of Fine Arts
  • The American University of Rome
  • University of Bologna
  • International Filmmaking Academy
  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • Tuscan Cinema Academy
  • Fondazione Milano
  • Roma Film Academy
  • School of Cinema and Videomaking
  • ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media
  • Experimental Cinematography Center
  • New York Film Academy
  • Shot Academy

1. Rome International Film School

 If you’re in search of a film school in Italy that offers different film courses with experienced teachers, then Rome International Film School is best for you.

The degrees offered in RIFS include; 1 Year Conservatory, Summer Programs, short-term courses, and graduate certificates.

The Rome International Film School (RIFS), which is based in Rome, Italy, provides students from all over the world with the opportunity to learn the art, craft, and business of film, television, and new media through a carefully balanced mixture of courses that teach both traditional professional standards and the constantly evolving innovations.

A major emphasis is placed on project creation and completion, giving students a three-dimensional, comprehensive, and practical education in the field.

Rome is renowned for its beauty, culture, and charms and has a long, illustrious history in the world of cinema.

For many people looking for a top-notch, contemporary, and useful film education in one of the best global contexts, RIFS is the solution.

Additionally, the annual tuition for the Program is €16,500.

This includes all instruction and access to RIFS resources but excludes living costs.


2. Accademia MediaFilm ArtiVisive

This school is one of the best top film universities located in Rome, Italy.

The three-year Media Design and Multimedia Arts program at Academia MediaFilm ArtiVisive leads to a BA.

The courses offered by AMFAV can equip you with the technical skills and knowledge you need to succeed if you plan to pursue a career in film or television.

The 3D/2D design and animation, film design, and media arts specializations are the three options from which students at this excellent Rome film school can select.


3. Rome University of Fine Arts

Are you in search of the best film schools in Rome to help kick start your career in the movie industry? Rome University of Fine Arts got you covered.

The Rome University of Fine Arts is a charming place to study and offers a wide range of programs, from undergraduate studies to numerous master’s programs in subjects like set design and film arts, among others.

Furthermore, students not only have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of film and art, but they also get practical training in an interdisciplinary program that aims to help them graduate well-prepared for their future careers.

These students also have the opportunity to network and secure internships at some of the most esteemed businesses and institutions in the city thanks to the school.


4. The American University of Rome

The Bachelor of Arts in Film at AUR is a comprehensive program that gives students hands-on experience in everything from screenwriting to cinematography.

Furthermore, students at one of the best film schools in Rome receive instruction from some of the best in the business. Because AUR is a smaller school, students seeking a more individualized approach will value what is provided there.

The Tuition fee for undergraduate students is EUR 20,000. However, both euros and dollars are accepted as payment methods at the American University of Rome.

You must submit your payment in U.S. dollars if you are a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident of the U.S., or a citizen of Canada. Payments should be made in euros for all other nationalities.


5. University of Bologna

Students in art history, communication, Italian, global studies, film studies, history, literature, philosophy, and political science have excellent opportunities at the University of Bologna, which offers courses in most UC academic majors.

To enroll in classes at the Academy, you must have a solid foundation in the arts.

The annual tuition at Bologna costs between 500 and 3,000 euros.

Low annual tuition costs are a well-known feature of Italian universities. Italian universities base their annual tuition fees on the family income because of the country’s deeply ingrained understanding of the social order.


6. International Filmmaking Academy

The International Filmmaking Academy, which is based in Bologna, Italy, hosts a master class taught by some of the most accomplished filmmakers in the world for a select group of gifted filmmakers and filmmaking students from the best film schools around the globe.

To support each filmmaker’s individual talent in an atmosphere of freedom and tolerance for one another’s cultures in order to foster the emergence of the next generation of film auteurs and to facilitate lifelong connections with other international students.

The participants will be taken on a journey through the experience of a filmmaking and virtual reality workshop by renowned film directors.


7. Sapienza University of Rome

Do you wish to enhance your filmmaking creativity? You could work with other students on various projects at this school, like short films.

Additionally, you would learn about current filmmaking techniques and industry demands.

This school’s goal is to provide students with the technical and practical skills they need to write for, produce, and distribute audiovisual works, such as movies, TV shows, television formats, web series, documentaries, animated movies, and commercial films, etc.

These courses cover the legal (copyright, contracts, labor law), economic (management, finance, marketing), and creative aspects of producing and disseminating audiovisual works in great detail.

Rome is undoubtedly a beautiful city, rich in history and culture. And in this city you can find film schools that can suit your needs.

Amongst these numerous schools is Sapienza University of Rome.  This prestigious film school offers Undergraduate Degrees and majors in Directing (Fiction), Editing, Make-up design, Producing (film), Producing (television), and screenwriting.


8. Tuscan Cinema Academy

This is one of the top Italian film schools located in Luca, Tuscany.  The teachers in this school are enthusiastic about what they do and are always willing to assist students. And as such, they make the courses fun and interesting for their students. They also accept foreign students.

They offer short professional courses, short beginner courses, and other courses.

Their majors include; Screenwriting, Script Development, Cinematography, Editing, Producing (Film), Production Management, Sound Design, Sound Recording, and Visual Effects.


9. Fondazione Milano

This film school offers Short Professional Courses, and majors in Cinematography.

The school’s best programs are, however, in the areas of photography, editing, and audio/video technician, not production, direction, or scriptwriting.

Due to the excellent equipment that the school provides, students can learn how to work as a crew over the course of the two-year program and produce a lot of short and documentary films.


10. Roma Film Academy

The teachers at this school are what really define its culture; they are experts who are sensitive to every student’s needs as they pursue artistic excellence.

In order to better prepare the students for future opportunities, challenging education that is also full of opportunities is also becoming more globally relevant.

This is amongst the top film schools in Italy where you can find teachers who are truly knowledgeable, a sizable practice studio, useful tools, and curricula that adhere to international standards.

This school offers various courses such as;

Diploma (2 Years), Diploma (3 Years+), Graduate Degree (Masters), Post-Graduate (PhD etc), Short Beginner Courses, Short Professional Courses, Short Professional Courses.

The majors in this school include;

Directing (Fiction), Directing (Fiction), Directing (Documentary), Directing (Documentary), Cinematography, Cinematography, Costume Design, Editing, Editing, Producing (Film), Producing (Film), Producing (Television), Producing (Television), Production Management, Screenwriting, Screenwriting, Script Development, Sound Design, Sound Design, Sound Recording, and  Sound Recording.


11. School of Cinema and Videomaking

 Are you looking for a school with a good team spirit together with an authoritative and inclusive team of teachers?

This school has a beautiful, nutritious and equipped environment that can help develop you for the future in filmmaking. They however offer short professional courses and major in sound recording.

They also accept foreign students. Their academic courses are for two years, plus one of specialization, frequently from Monday to Friday to work in the world of Cinema, Television, and Entertainment.

There are lots of Career Opportunities in this school such as; Director, Editor, Filmmaker, Production, Editor, and Operator.


12.  ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media

This school is designed for young people who are interested in working with audio-visual media, especially all forms of documentary cinema, which encompasses the full range of the creative experience in both the visual and aural realms.

ZeLIG is looking for individuals who are highly motivated to use their talent and passion to build successful careers.

Zelig is the only film school in Europe that offers the chance to study documentary filmmaking at the highest levels, which is an intriguing fact about this institution.

This university is first-rate in every way. They additionally provide a three-year diploma.


13. Experimental Cinematography Center

Located in Rome, Italy, they strive to promote the art and techniques of cinematography. Thus, they ensure that these students are grounded properly in this field.

All the professional workers interact in the cinematography field: producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers, set designers, editors, musicians and sound technicians, as well as experts on digital cinematography.


14. New York Film Academy

This is a drama school located in Florence, Italy. The New York Film Academy is regarded as the top practical college for the visual and performing arts in the world.

It offers a variety of programs, including Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Screenwriting, Producing, Documentary Filmmaking, Game Design, Animation, Photography, Musical Theatre, Broadcast Journalism, Cinematography, Virtual Reality, and Digital Editing.

The New York Film Academy has locations in New York, Los Angeles, South Beach in Miami, Gold Coast in Australia, Florence in Italy, and satellite locations in Harvard and Paris, among many other cities.


15. Shot Academy

The mission of SHOT ACADEMY is to train people in the center of production. The most experienced experts in the field are the trainers.

students who want to gain proficiency in a variety of media, such as fine arts, film, photography, and video. Professionals need to be proficient in a variety of media due to the current digital media environment.

Short Professional Courses and Diploma (1 Year) are among the Courses Offered. There are two majors: digital cinematography and cinematography (Film).


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How Long Does It Take To Get a Degree in Filmmaking?

The time it takes to finish a filmmaking degree depends on the school you choose to attend.

The average length of undergraduate film and digital video production programs is four years.

Depending on the institution, receiving a diploma could take two to three years.

Which Degree Is Best for Filmmaking?

Although there are no formal requirements for becoming a filmmaker, a bachelor’s degree in film and television production is advised because it will give you the chance to learn many of the skills required for the job, as well as gain experience with projects and make contacts in the industry.


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