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Filmmaking is a creative process as well as an art. Accredited online film schools are there to give you the best professional training. A painter needs no certificate or training to create, just a brush, paint and canvas.

A filmmaker only ever really needs a camera, film, and editing suite to make films; and because of the development of modern technology almost anyone can afford some rudimentary equipment and learn how to use it fairly quickly.

Plus, with the advent of YouTube, you can distribute your film to the world in a day.

There are accredited online film schools that will help you become an expert in case you do not plan to waste so much time attending a traditional college. Read on as we explore these accredited online film schools.

What is an online film degree?

An online film degree teaches you how media functions as an industry and how to approach its development, production and distribution processes. This prepares you to become a critical consumer and rigorous scholar of media, both past and present.

From lectures and screenings to critical readings and online discussions, you’ll delve into the world of film, digital media, television studies, computer games and screenwriting. 

Career opportunities

The film and television industry supports upwards of 1.9 million jobs in the United States and generates more than $120 billion in wages.

This includes more than 300,000 people directly employed in the core business of producing, marketing, manufacturing and distributing motion pictures and television shows.

In a heavily unionized industry, these are high-quality jobs with average salaries reaching upwards of $100,000, approximately 80 per cent higher than the average wage nationwide.

List of top accredited online film schools

  • Academy of Art University
  • Arizona State University Online
  • Full Sail University
  • The Los Angeles Film School
  • National University
  • New York Film Academy
  • UCLA Online Extension
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Montana

Academy of Art University

This online film school was established in the year 1929. It is the largest private accredited art and design school in the United States. It is located in San Francisco and has over 16,000 students from different countries of the world attending.

They have a no-barrier admissions policy, thereby attracting so many students.

This 91-year-old US higher-education institution has a selective admission policy and equally has an open admission policy.

International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment both online and offline.

ARTU also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, housing, sports facilities, financial aids and/or scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses and distance learning opportunities, as well as administrative services.

Their revolutionary online courses provide the same rigorous education that they offer on campus with greater flexibility.

Their online programs are purpose-built to deliver art and design courses. Study on your own time, at your own pace. Combine online and on-site classes.

They teach the following:

  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Production Design
  • Screenwriting

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Arizona State University Online

Arizona State University’s Bachelor of Arts in film and media studies focuses on the critical analysis of film, television, gaming and new media.

It is one of the accredited online film schools with an online film degree that helps you explore the cultural, social and economic factors influencing the complex film and media landscape.

The beautiful thing about Arizona State University is that it doesn’t specify whether you earned your degree online or in person.

All diplomas and transcripts simply say “Arizona State University.”

That’s because ASU Online students learn from the same faculty and receive the same course content as in-person students receive.

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Full Sail University

Whether you’re learning online or on set, Full Sail’s film school will help you build skills in an environment that takes its cue from a professional studio.

You’ll learn to effectively balance the creative aspects of world-building and storytelling with the practical aspects of running a production – all while sharing your work with faculty and peers for constructive evaluation. Some of their online courses include:

  • Creative writing BFA
  • Creative writing MFA
  • Computer Animation
  • Digital Cinematography

It is one of the Top 50 Film Schools according to The Wrap Magazine – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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The Los Angeles Film School

The L.A. Film School Recognized for 4 Top Programs in the U.S. They offer the following online degrees:

  • Animation – Character Animation
  • Animation – Environment & Character Design
  • Animation – Visual Effects
  • Audio Production
  • Digital Filmmaking
  • Entertainment Business
  • Music Business
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Communications
  • Music Production
  • Writing for Film & TV

Whether online or on campus, as a student, you’ll be immersed in a curriculum that integrates technical knowledge with artistic exploration and creativity, taught by industry-experienced professionals.

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National University

An online film degree from National University can open the door to many opportunities within the film, television, and broader creative industries.

For anyone considering a future career as a broadcast presenter, film director, location manager, program researcher, camera operator, producer, or runner, a master’s degree in the film could be the first step on the ladder of what can be a rewarding career.

An online film degree should also be considered a valuable asset to anyone currently working in the movie industry and seeking to advance further in their career and this can be gotten from the National University.

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New York Film Academy

Beyond the theory and history of cinema, the New York Film Academy is one of the accredited online film schools that places an emphasis on hands-on experience.

Students gain invaluable experience directing and shooting their own films and serving as integral crewmembers on other students’ films.

In their numerous projects, students take on roles such as director, cinematographer, writer and editor and experience first-hand what it’s like to be a part of film production.

This hands-on experience in writing, directing, shooting, and editing is a large part of what makes the New York Film Academy the best film school for so many students.

Based in the major U.S. film hubs of New York City, Los Angeles, and South Beach (Miami), the Academy’s film school offers innumerable opportunities for students to take full advantage of the many unique and singular locations offered by the city.

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UCLA Online Extension

This is one of the accredited online film schools that creates an extraordinary learning experience for adults of all ages.

UCLA Extension gives you a wide range of options to advance in your career, switch careers, or achieve personal growth. They offer the following courses:

Business and Management of Entertainment
Entertainment Studies
Film and TV Development
Independent Producing

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University of Arizona

This is one of the accredited online film schools with a top-ranked degree you can complete at your own pace.

Their online programs are designed with your needs in mind.

You have the freedom to complete classes on your schedule and create a learning experience that fits your lifestyle, with access to faculty and advisors who will support you throughout your academic journey.

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University of Montana

University of Montana students may now earn a B.A. in English with an option in Film Studies.

This is one of the accredited online film schools with this exciting new interdisciplinary program designed for those who wish to obtain a rich liberal arts education while pursuing an interest in film.

Students taking this option benefit in a variety of ways:

Their curriculum gives students a solid understanding of the medium of film itself.

Their requirements include film history and film theory courses, and students graduate from the program with a good grasp of film conventions, genres, and the theoretical commitments underlying various approaches to filmmaking.

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