16 Best Film Schools in London| Tuition and Programs

Without a doubt, London is a very vibrant city with history and modernity living side by side.

It is a bustling, electric city, where you can find the hottest cuisine as easily as the traditional fare at the local pub. London, therefore, is a place for people who are interested in becoming experts in film production, which is why you will find some of the best film schools in London.

The best Film schools in London are evolving every year and above all, producers think of London each time they want to shoot a film.

Also, aside from the fact that London is a popular location for film producers, the city has been proven to have a long cinematic history; it also inspires, produces, and stars in a remarkably diverse range of films.

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Reasons why you should study Film making in London

Below are some of the reasons to go for the best film schools in London:

  • London is full of Iconic Locations
  • British acting traditions make for excellent performers
  • There are endless opportunities to see great films
  • People in London are used to seeing film crews
  • London suits any genre
  • Work opportunities

London is full of Iconic Locations

London is so full of iconic, instantly recognizable locations that are bound to spark ideas in any creative mind in London. You do not need to struggle in locating a set for yourself.

Every oldest station in the underground, deserted and quiet Camden market, full of hippies and aging punks, high-rise blocks with kids bouncing a basketball off a metal sign that reads “no ball games” can serve as settings for you.

And that frees up your time as a filmmaker to do other things; if London does all the hard work of setting the scene for you, you can spend more time introducing your characters and developing your plot.

British acting traditions make for excellent performers

There is a big difference between actors trained in London and those trained elsewhere. It is usual for British actors to work across different mediums and due to the nature of their training, they are likely to be more comfortable with cinema, TV, radio, and stage performances.

Learning filmmaking in London makes for overlap for a versatile and skilled performance, especially in character roles.

It also means that most British actors are comfortable with the minimal sets and limited budgets of theatre, which is helpful if you’re producing a film on a shoestring, or if you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic.

There are endless opportunities to see great films

During your time in the best film schools in London, it is essential to watch lots of outstanding movies which might sound harder than it sounds.

As a prospective film student, you should be learning from every film that you see.

At the Southbank Centre, the BFI (the British Film Institute) provides constant opportunities to see cinema classics, independent films and foreign-language films on the big screen, which wouldn’t usually be shown in mainstream British cinemas. 

Also, there are multiple London-based short film festivals that can give you an idea of how to make the most of this distinctive means of telling a story.

People in London are used to seeing film crews

The city sees enough strange fancy dress parties, foxes sneaking onto the night tube, flash mobs to keep students amused, flash mobs to market newly released products, protests about very niche issues and colorful parades that whatever you’re filming is unlikely to stand out, no matter how strange it is.

What does this mean?

this means that you can film in the middle of nowhere or in a very large city and you won’t be surrounded by a group of people who will distract your camera or stare at you to see where they recognized you.

London suits any genre

London is a versatile city. Therefore if you are learning how to make films in London, then you will notice that the city lends itself naturally to creative expressions and experimentations.

You won’t struggle to find the right setting, approaches or techniques which is exactly what you want as someone who is still trying to find his feet in filmmaking.

What’s more, when you’re trying out something new, you won’t be fighting your surroundings in order to make it work; you’ll be able to find a setting that complements your ideas rather than clashing with them.

Work opportunities

For instance, If you have been accepted into one of the long courses at LFA, one of the filmmaking schools, you could earn up to £3,500 to help with your course fees as a Team Assistant at LFA.

Eligible students can invoice for £12.50 per hour for up to 280 hours over a 1 year period and will complete these hours around their study schedule. 

This option is open to students who have the right to work in the UK and who have been accepted onto a long course (BA, MA or Diploma).

List of the best film schools in London

The entertainment industry is always looking for the next pool of filmmakers and producers, who can see their stories come to fruition.

During your pursuit of a degree in London, you will develop a deep and critical understanding of the entire film production spectrum. With access to state-of-the-art film equipment for teaching and shooting film projects.

Here are the best film schools in London :

  • London Film School

  • Met Film School

  • National Film and Television School

  • London Film Academy

  • City Academy Film School

  • Goldsmiths, The Screen School

  • Rain Dance

  • Central Film School

  • University of Westminster

  • The University of Warwick

  • Oxford Royale Summer Schools

  • Leeds Beckett University, Nothern Film School

  • Screen and Film School

  • University of West London

  • Ravensbourne University of London

London Film School

This is one of the accredited best film schools in London where you experiment, find your voice and connect with the industry.

For over 65 years, this is one of the best film schools in London that has been the home for emerging talents to hone their craft.

LFS has always been a cultural hub where fresh voices, experiences, and perspectives rub shoulders with tradition and history.

This is one of the best film schools in London that is built under a conservative model, that provides a hothouse environment for intense creative work.

In a fast-changing media landscape, the need to understand digital strategies and new funding models is addressed in their MA in International Film Business, a course run in conjunction with the University of Exeter.

With modules in international finance, world cinema, and a field trip to the Berlin Film Festival, the course prepares students for careers in programming, exhibition, and distribution.

Website: http://lfs.org.uk

Location: 24 Shelton St, London WC2H 9UB (Google Maps)

Fees: Quality is expensive: for example, the two-year film-making MA currently costs £9,047 ($13,5750) per term, or £54,282 ($82, 510) in all. There is a detailed breakdown of all fees on the website.

Fees and scholarships at London Film School

Though London film school is an independent institution, they offer a maximum amount of £7,200 per year, if you study on our 2-year BA Filmmaking course.

Please note therefore that this loan does not cover the full tuition fee. see the full details of the fees, scholarships, and other funding opportunities.

Met Film School

This is one of the best film schools in London that was founded in 2003 and are known to have one of the oldest facilities.

They have courses in the following areas:

  • Acting

  • Cinematography

  • Post-production

  • Screenwriting

  • Producing

  • Special effects

  • Editing

  • Documentary

You can study for a short period of time or even for a long period of time. There are three months courses and courses that can last up to three years.

This is one of the best schools in London that has access to the facilities and equipment of the Ealing studios, and has access to their sound stages.

This is also one of the best film schools in London that has a film production company where they make films for their theatrical release.

Website: http://www.metfilmschool.ac.uk

Location: Bldg E Ealing Studios, Ealing Green, London W5 5EP (Google Maps)

Fees: These start at £300 ($460) for two-day introductory courses, then £15,750 ($23,950) for a typical three-year BA, and £17,500 ($26,700) for one-year postgraduate degrees.

London Film Academy

This is one of the best film schools in London that concentrates on training behind-the-camera professionals. It was founded in the year 2001.

It is situated in Fulham London. They have a relatively narrow selection of courses but interestingly they offer a variety of formats.

They also offer one-day introductory sessions, workshops, certificates (4-6 weeks), diplomas (6-12 months), and a full slate of undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) options (two years, mostly). Documentary-making is taught at introductory, certificate, and diploma levels.

This is obviously one of the best film schools in London regarded in the film and TV industries.

Website: http://www.londonfilmacademy.com

Location: 52a Walham Grove, Fulham, London SW6 1QR (Google Maps)

Fees: Fairly reasonable, certainly by comparison with LFS. A two-day (full-time) introductory course, Casting for Screen, kicks off the table at just £250 ($380); a one-year diploma is usually £19,500 ($29,650); and a two-year MA in film-making costs the same amount for the first year and only £12,000 ($18,250) for the second year. There are full details on fees for each course on the website.

City Academy Film School

This is one of the Online best film schools in London, but that’s not all, they also have offline/studio classes.

they are one of London’s leading creative and performing arts academies.

They have an inclusive class that creates an instant community as you learn from the top industry professionals. They specialize in:

  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Musical Theater
  • Comedy
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Communication skills
  • Filmmaking
  • Photography classes for adults

Website: http://www.city-academy.com/film-school-london

Location: 38 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RN (Google Maps)

Fees: The foundation course is probably the most interesting. It involves weekly three-hour sessions for 10 weeks and costs £1,199 ($1,825), payable in full or in four installments of £312.50 ($475) each.

National Film and Television School

This is one of the best film schools in London that offer a wide range of courses in film production and students who are interested in creative careers make it their home.

Awarded 2018 BAFTA for Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema and the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, NFTS graduates are educationally prepared for careers in film, television, and game production.

They have core teaching areas in :

  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Script supervision
  • Production accounting

Phone: +44-(0)494-671234


Beaconsfield Studios

Station Road

Beaconsfield Bucks HP9 1LG

Goldsmiths, The Screen School

This is one of the best film schools in London that aims at giving critical context and empowers students to be at the cutting edge of new work as well as a new development in the film industry.

They have an exciting option module during which students can explore:

  • script and project development

  • Visual storytelling

  • Writing for TV drama

  • Understanding the UK media industries

  • Practical law for film and television

  • Social activist filmmaking

Students and graduates from these programs go on to work in every area of the film and television industry and are respected around the world.

Studying MA in Filmmaking at Goldsmiths will teach you to collaborate, push boundaries, and think critically and creatively about filmmaking.

Website: http://www.gold.ac.uk/media-communications/programmes/screen-school

Location: 8 Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14 6NW (Google Maps)

Fees: For an MA-only school, especially one with such fine provenance, fees are reasonable but hardly cheap. The ticket for the generalist Film & Screen Studies course is £13,340 ($20,280), and £20,000 ($30,400) for an MA.

Rain Dance

This is one of the accredited best film making schools in London that has an independent spirit.

They have been in the act of teaching both novice and experienced filmmakers since 1992.

Their courses are designed for you to develop your skills in your own style.

Even if you aren’t looking for a career in the industry, filmmaking skills are transferrable to other areas, including budgeting, project management, artistic development and much more.

They offer the following courses:

  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Documentary
  • Producing
  • Sceenwriting
  • Technical crafts
  • Virtual reality

Website: http://www.raindance.org

Location: 10 Craven St, London WC2N 5HE (Google Maps)

Fees and Bursaries:

Higher National Diploma (HND): 7,200 (UK citizen) | 9,950 (International students)

BA Hon’s Degree: 9,250 (UK citizen) | 14,250(International students)

MA in Filmmaking: 11,950(UK citizen) | 11,950(International students)

MA in Screenwriting:11,000(UK citizen) | 14,600(International students)

Monthly cost of living (estimate): 1,200

Central Film school

This is equally one of the best film schools in London that are made up of industry professionals who have had a good number of experience in filmmaking, screenwriting and production.

Together, the Tutors and the Curriculum and Production Team provide practical, hands-on training, current methodology and insight into today’s film industry.

They are focused on practicalities with an exemplified tagline: “Practical Training in Filmmaking”.

This is one of the best film schools in London that have 5 partial scholarships which are up to 50% of tuition fees for higher achieving students who are entering their undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Bertha Foundation Award, which is one of the 5 partial Merit Scholarships, is reserved for those applying to the MA Filmmaking with a specialism in Factual.

There are short courses as well as online courses which places the as one of the online best film schools in London.

They have:

Six Month Independent Filmmaking

Tuition: £8,000
Duration: 24 weeks

Certificate in Practical Filmmaking

Duration: 3 weeks
£1,695 (funding available)

Visit the website to check other programs and their fees.

University of Westminster

This is one of the best film schools in London that offers an in-depth three-years degree course.

This university is the real deal for future filmmakers.

They have about four campuses with about 22,000 students.

A school that provides top academic quality courses. Graduates from this school often go on to work in some highly notable films and television shows, with many recent alumni having won awards like Oscars and BAFTAs for their work.

If you want to have a chance at making it big in the London filmmaking industry and beyond, the University of Westminster may be the ideal option for you.

They have very excellent facilities with about two sound stages, TV studio, a mastering suite, and a complete set of construction workshops.


UK tuition fee: £9,250 (Price per academic year)
International tuition fee: £14,400 (Price per academic year)

There are scholarships for eligible students which cover part of their tuition.

Phone: +44 (0)20 7911 5000

The University of Warwick

This is one of the best film schools in London that offers film and television studies.

They are ranked No 1 in the UK by The TimesThe Guardian and the 2021 National Student Survey.

Whether it’s the passion for the moving image, its stars, genres or history that excite your academic curiosity, Their small, close-knit community will do the job for you.

Visit the website to read more about the University of Warwick which is one of the best film schools in London for international students and domestic students.

Oxford Royale Summer Schools

For the first time this year, Oxford Royale Summer Schools’s Film Academy course for students aged 16 to 18 will be available to study in the heart of London. This school is one of the best film schools in London.

It’s a course that teaches the specific skills needed to be a director, producer, director of photography or editor-all you need to be perfect in filmmaking.

If you want, you’ll also get the chance to act in other students’ films, letting you find out what it’s like to take direction as well as give it. This in turn exposes you to the art and ensure you come out experienced.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work with professional actors, who can give feedback on your direction as well as make sure that your ideas are brought fully to life. Opportunities for auditions can arise and students are always ready to grab.

The course prioritises two things, which are:

  • Collaboration
  • Gaining practical skills.

Collaboration is all-important to them because hardly anyone makes films on their own.

As a professional filmmaker, in whatever capacity you choose, you’ll be working with a wide variety of other professionals whose perspectives you’ll have to take into account.

Therefore it doesn’t matter your level of professionalism as there will always be something new to learn.

Those are skills that aren’t easy to come by; starting off by making films collaboratively means that you’ll learn how to work well in a team right from the start.

The reasons for prioritising practical skills are obvious, but the course isn’t without opportunities to learn about the theoretical side of filmmaking.

It includes talks with industry professional guest speakers, who will give you an insider’s perspective on working in film.

And you get to do all of this in one of the best cities for filmmaking in the world.

Ravensbourne University of London


Duration: 3 Years

  • UK: £9,250
  • INT: £16,500

Their reputable digital film production course in London combines the main elements of film production, screenwriting and film theory. You will learn how to augment stories through digital film productions, utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Below are the reasons you should study here:

  • Work on professional shoots from the first term

  • Tap into exceptional industry connections and collaborations

  • Led by lecturers with extensive industry experience

  • Excellent work experience opportunities will make you industry ready

  • British Film Institute (BFI) supplied masterclasses, curated screenings, and films are integrated into the program

  • Industry networking opportunities to help boost employability

  • Excellent film production facilities, technologies and resources 

  • Find your niche and produce shorts, features, commercials and documentaries

  • Choose from two distinct pathways to suit your creative passions

University of West London

Their range of film degrees and related courses at the University of West London enables you to combine your love of film with a choice of complementary subjects, or to specialize in a particular area of film such as visual effects or music composition.

They are based a stone’s throw from Ealing Studios in one of the world’s great cities when it comes to filmmaking.

Their BA (Hons) English and Film and BA (Hons) Visual Effects courses give you access to professional-grade equipment and facilities.

Their highly practical BA (Hons) in Content, Media and Film Production is offered in conjunction with ScreenSpace, a specialist training provider for creatives.

On this course, your studies will be split between UWL and Ealing Studios – home of MetFilm School – as well as other local production spaces.

If your passion is for composing music for film and television, your studies will be based at the London College of Music, the largest specialist music and performing arts institution in the UK, which has a proud 130-year history and a worldwide reputation for quality education. Visit their website.

Screen and Film School

In this school, Screen and Film School courses equip you with the best tools and expertise required to develop a fulfilling and sustainable career in the film, television and screen industry.

Their brand-new BA (Hons) Hair and Make-Up for Screen and Film degree has been created to provide you with the strongest possible technical and creative skills to work in this growing industry. See other courses.

Leeds Beckett University, Nothern Film School

Here, you’ll gain a solid foundation in filmmaking from experienced creatives and technicians.

You’ll find out how cinema’s most innovative filmmakers pushed the boundaries of the art form.

You’ll meet collaborators and bring your ideas to the screen in professional facilities. And you’ll emerge with the connections and experience you need to compete for jobs in the Screen Industries.

The Northern Film School is one of the leading film schools in the UK, and was named one of the top 5 film schools in the world to watch by the Hollywood Reporter.

Both colleagues and graduates are recognized for creative excellence in the industry, working on Oscar and BAFTA award-winning productions.

Hone your skills with their range of undergraduate and postgraduate filmmaking degrees. Courses offered include:

  • Filmmaking
  • Film Curation and Exhibition
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Screenwriting: Feature Film and Continuing Series

Visit their website.

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