5 Best Film Schools in Barcelona: Key Facts

There are many ambitious filmmakers trying to get into the profession in Barcelona, Spain, which has a thriving film industry. We have therefore listed some of the best film schools in Barcelona.

This list offers possibilities that you can take into consideration whether you’re looking for modest or large Barcelona film schools.

These institutions provide Barcelona-based filmmakers with excellent training that will help them in their future careers in the city’s film industry.

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The List of Best Film Schools In Barcelona

These schools provide a variety of courses, from intensive, hands-on programs for kinesthetic learners who want to get their hands “dirty” to more conventional choices that are perfect film courses that will teach you all the fundamentals. Below is a list of top film schools in Barcelona for you to consider.

Universitat De Barcelona

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in cinematography are prepared to enter the general field of professional cinematography and audiovisual production. Graduates must be proficient in several skills in this industry, including direction, art direction, photography direction, screenwriting, film editing, production, digital production, and sound, as well as be able to express oneself creatively using audiovisual language.

Students need to be able to analyze and appreciate all types of film languages, as well as know and use the most recent technology in the field, in addition to learning the mechanics of audiovisual language and understanding how to use them to tell tales.

A degree in cinematography requires a lot of teamwork. Students need to be able to take the initiative on group tasks and work well with other team members.

The school seeks to achieve a convergence between educational techniques and the needs of the film industry and to foster direct contact between the classroom and the profession by including a notable number of professionals in the teaching team.

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Blanquerna – Universitat Ramon Llull

Blanquerna is the best choice for students seeking a Masters in Film and Television Fiction. Many Blanquerna graduates go on to flourish in the local film scene thanks to its immersive curriculum and top-tier instructors. Attending this Barcelona film school uniquely equips you with the knowledge you need to join the workforce well prepared, from story development through production.

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Barcelona Film School

Afilm Barcelona opened its doors in 2009 with the intention of operating differently from other traditional film schools in the US and Europe.

They could see a growing need to provide students with much more practical training so that they could adapt and integrate into the industry as quickly as possible and support themselves.

In their last years of study, most degree programs only permitted students to produce one or two short films. Their goal was to develop intense, high-impact courses that would propel professionals and students to better positions more quickly.

They are one of few institutions in Europe or the US to provide students the ability to start making shorts and create/crew on features from day one. They have co-written, co-directed, co-edited, and produced 10 full-length films with the students over the past ten years.

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FX Animation Barcelona 3D & Film School

Being a multidisciplinary institution, FX ANIMATION’s Master’s and Career training programs are exceptional and well regarded by businesses in the industry.

Due to the school’s provision of paid internships, training opportunities in organizations that are guaranteed and supervised by the school, and access to an international employment bank, graduate students enjoy a placement rate of 99%.

In order to train digital artists and audiovisual content producers for the present and the future of this thriving industry, which is entertainment in movies, television shows, video games, animation, and virtual reality among other things, FX ANIMATION combines audiovisual creativity, digital art, and new technologies.

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You will be in charge of planning and carrying out each frame of a piece while completing the Master in Audiovisual Creation and Direction.

You will learn to produce and direct audiovisual works in any format under the guidance of some of the most significant individuals in the present creative scene.

You will learn about the fresh possibilities provided by the audiovisual language in the fields of communication and culture in the Master in Audiovisual Creation and Direction program.

This master’s program in creativity is a professional one that aims to provide participants with the materials and capabilities they need to generate creative ideas for the audiovisual sector.

Students will examine the potential of the audiovisual language by approaching it from different points of view, such as: animation, video clips, spots, staging, or short films, starting with the design technique (analysis, conceptualization, and formalization).

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Should I go to School for Film?

No matter what kind of career you choose in the industry, a film school degree is valuable. In every industry, those with degrees make more money than people without them.

A degree also demonstrates your commitment, perseverance, and desire to develop your abilities and master your craft.

What Subjects Do I Need for Film School?

The fundamental elements of filmmaking are taught to students in film school. Producing, directing, art direction, cinematography, scripting, post-production work, and sound are all topics of study.

Students in film schools can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in film, media studies, cinema studies, or film production.

How long does it take to Study Film?

The typical length of study for a film studies degree is three years. However, some universities provide the choice of a placement year or a year spent abroad, extending the study to four years.

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