16 Top Film Schools in Scotland:FAQs &Key Facts

Best Film Schools In Scotland; What might interest you in these prestigious film schools is that most of these top schools are eager to help you build the talents you’ll need for a successful career in animation, film, or television.

The UK is renowned for having a top-notch educational system. There are four nations that makeup it: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Each nation has its own identity and history, and students who want to study film production will find that Scotland has a lot to offer.

Scotland is the ideal location to find galleries, festivals, and street art because of its prominence in the global art scene.

Scotland is an excellent place for an international student to learn because of its rich history, diverse culture, and an array of extracurricular activities.

The prestigious film schools that provide top-notch services and curricula in Scotland are therefore listed in this guide to help you advance in your film career.

Is Attending A Film School In Scotland A Good Idea?

Scotland has long drawn the attention of the film and television industries with its breathtaking scenery, magnificent historical structures, and thriving cities.

It’s not surprising that Scotland draws the top performers, directors, and television producers in the world.

Furthermore, Scotland has served as the backdrop for a diverse spectrum of productions, including heart-pounding comedy, boutique art-house flicks, and blockbuster action movies.

How Long Is A Film Degree?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking and the Bachelor of Science in Video Production are two undergraduate degrees in the fields of film and digital video production that are normally completed in four years.

Students studying film production also learn about the various steps and techniques involved in making movies, including directing, producing, writing the script, and operating the camera.

Along with teaching the fundamentals of film production, such as cinematography and lighting, associate degree programs also give students the chance to develop practical technical skills.

How Much Do Filmmakers Make In Scotland?

In Edinburgh, Scotland, a filmmaker can expect to make an annual income of £26,090.

However, as you advance and get more experience, your salary rises.

But it’s important to remember that the remuneration for filmmakers varies depending on the kind of film sector, the level of experience of the filmmakers, and other considerations.

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What Are The Career Options In Film Production?

Beginning a career in film production can be difficult due to the fierce rivalry for roles. Work experience is crucial for constructing your resume, portfolio, or showreel as well as expanding your network.

However, working as a runner on a movie set, assisting the production team, is a great opportunity to learn about the production process and make useful contacts in the business.

Finally, even though the film industry is extremely competitive, a degree in film production can help you develop the necessary abilities, as well as your ability and portfolio, to succeed. Several alternatives for careers in the film industry are;

  • Film director

  • Film/video editor

  • Lighting technician, broadcasting/film/video

  • Location manager

  • Media researcher

  • Music producer

  • Runner, broadcasting/film/video

  • Sound technician, broadcasting/film/video

  • Television/film/video producer

Top 15 Best Film Schools In Scotland

There are lots of film schools in Scotland. Also, some universities offer this program/course. So what are the top film schools in Scotland? They include the following;

  • Screen Academy Scotland

  • Screen Education Edinburgh

  • The Film Academy Edinburgh

  • NFTS Scotland

  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

  • UK Theatre School Performing Arts Academy

  • Acting Coach Scotland

  • University Of Glasgow

  • University of Dundee

  • University of Stirling

  • University Of Aberdeen

  • Edinburgh Napier University

  • University Of St. Andrews

  • The University Of Edinburgh

  • Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

1. Screen Academy Scotland

Edinburgh Napier University and Edinburgh College of Art have teamed up to create The Screen Academy Scotland (A Skillset Film Academy).

Additionally, this academy is one of three UK centers of excellence in film practice education that Creative Skillset (the Sector Skills Council for Creative Media) has designated as a Skillset Film Academy.

The Academy provides postgraduate courses that are project-based and practical.

The Academy frequently invites well-known professionals to provide guest lectures and seminars.


2. Screen Education Edinburgh

This is a prestigious film school in Scotland that is committed to filmmaking for everybody, offering top-notch educational, training, and production programs that expand opportunities for children, adults, schools, communities, and aspiring filmmakers.

Their programs help learners of all ages proceed toward further and higher education studies as well as entry into the film, television, and media business by fostering learners’ confidence, wellbeing, and academic achievement.

Despite being one of the oldest filmmaking organizations, they continue to work toward empowering those from underprivileged and low-income backgrounds, as well as those with disabilities and people from diverse backgrounds, by providing access to the art form and fostering the development of new and untapped talent.


3. The Film Academy Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Film Academy offers a thrilling journey into the world of filmmaking. Anyone who like acting, photography, and movies is welcome to attend, not only aspiring filmmakers. It is the ultimate team activity that fosters self-assurance and organizational abilities through workshops taught by professionals in the field.

The Film Academy Edinburgh, on the other hand, is a weekly after-school program that takes place every year from September to June. Our 2-hour hands-on filmmaking sessions, which are open to young people ages 9 to 18, empower students to develop their self-confidence and explore their creativity while learning the fundamentals of filmmaking and showcasing their work on a large screen.

Their objective is to foster the growth of young, imaginative individuals who are passionate about film and to provide them the freedom and assurance to produce their own work. Students at the Film Academy are encouraged by staff members to develop their creativity, increase their self-confidence, and collaborate.


4. NFTS Scotland

The National Film and Television School’s top-notch education and innovation have been provided to the Scottish film and television industry by NFTS Scotland. The NFTS Scotland Virtual Classroom currently hosts online courses and activities in addition to our initial delivery location at BBC Scotland in Glasgow’s Pacific Quay.

With an expanding portfolio of over 60 courses and online sessions covering creative, craft, and technical skill areas in development, production, and post-production, the hub is dedicated to assisting the growth of the local industry by providing a variety of specialized courses made to enhance the creative talent and expertise of graduates and people already employed in Scotland’s screen sector.


5. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Scotland’s Glasgow-based Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, originally known as the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, is a conservatory for dance, theater, music, production, and film. The Federation of Drama Schools is one of its members. fantastic facilities

Since its establishment in 2016, Quacquarelli Symonds (QSPerforming )’s Arts rating has consistently placed the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland among the top universities in the world. The Conservatoire has been in the top 10 five out of the last six years. The performing arts education program at RCS was ranked fifth in the world.


6. UK Theatre School Performing Arts Academy

Uk Theatre can be the perfect option for you if you have aspirations in the performing arts. They accomplish this, in addition to many other unique aspects, through their highly regarded autonomous performing arts academy, which provides great training for budding artists.

Children ages 3 to 21 can enroll in the award-winning, part-time UK Theatre School in Glasgow’s downtown. has certified programs in musical theater, acting, singing, dancing, and RAD ballet. The most prestigious part-time talent development program in Scotland has a successful talent agency, UKCasting Agency, which represents young British talent internationally.


7. Acting Coach Scotland

This prestigious film school provides full-time acting courses, including HND/HNC Acting, part-time acting classes, 121 private acting lessons, theater rental, rehearsal space rental, and more.

They coach individual actors and other professionals privately, they work with professional clients all over the world, they train actors full-time on their distinctive one-year acting course in stage and screen acting, and they help actors and performers, as well as those who want to be in small, friendly group acting classes in Glasgow.


8. University Of Glasgow

Glasgow is a city where individuals have been producing discoveries that have changed the world for more than 500 years and where students are developing into creative global pioneers.

Glasgow is internationally renowned as Scotland’s cultural center, making it the perfect place for international students.

It features a wide variety of lively galleries, theaters, museums, and architecturally spectacular buildings. About 25 cinema courses are available at this university. £20,400 is the cost of tuition.


9.University of Dundee

In addition to providing excellent instruction, this school offers an outstanding student environment. There are two film courses offered at this school, one each in English and film studies and philosophy.

It costs £19,000 to attend.

Before studying classic Hollywood movies, foreign cinemas, and Film Noir in the film modules, they first examine the history of film and its fundamental techniques and genres. The subsequent courses: Philosophy and film MA, English and Film studies, further build on this core knowledge.


10. University of Stirling

There are twelve film courses available at this university, which is in Scotland. They provide a thorough degree that gives students important theoretical and critical abilities, as well as the option to follow a path that is more production-focused.

The media and cinema courses Excellent working partnerships exist between Film and Media and the media companies and individuals who advise and support our degrees.

Students enrolled in our programs have full access to a state-of-the-art newsroom and a sophisticated set of media production facilities for radio and television.


11. University Of Aberdeen

This institution offers nine cinema studies courses. However, in Aberdeen, you can receive in-depth training in the history and theory of the moving image in the twenty-first century from a modern European perspective.

Additionally, you will study the French language and culture, which includes cinema, bringing up the possibility of a worldwide career in the media and creative industries as well as many other opportunities.


12. Edinburgh Napier University

In the dynamic Scottish capital city, Edinburgh Napier University is a diverse and forward-thinking institution of higher learning. The university offers three urban campuses with top-notch, cutting-edge infrastructure for both teaching and research.

The six specialist schools at Edinburgh Napier are each independent institutions with cutting-edge technology, top-notch research, and global collaborations.

To guarantee that students graduate from Edinburgh Napier with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to succeed in the workplace, all of the university’s programs are created in conjunction with business and industry.


13. University Of St. Andrews

Global cinema cultures are thoroughly studied in film studies. Therefore,  you will leave this course with an effective and current set of scholarly tools after engaging in the cultural, industrial, and institutional contexts of international cinema as well as analytical, media history, political, and phenomenological approaches to film scholarship.

Students conduct a critical analysis of the development of film and related media, including pre-cinematic, artistic, documentary, and non-theatrical forms. They also examine a wide range of topics, such as media activism, archives, and film festivals.


14. The University Of Edinburgh

They encourage people to adopt unique strategies by emphasizing: drama and documentary experimental film They also foster work that pushes conventions and limitations in cinematography and film through exercises and short films.

Your creative identities will become clearer as a result of these experiences, and you’ll also be able to develop the skills necessary to land a job in the field after graduation.

By the time you graduate, you will have worked on many films in a variety of roles, gaining expertise in directing, camerawork, sound, and editing, among other practical skills.

This aids in your investigation of the many creative expression opportunities that exist within the medium of film. Their tuition costs £32,200.


15. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

The film and media programs at this institution are designed to represent students’ unique identities, as well as the local, national, and international political actors.

This esteemed institution’s film and media degree program will assist you in exploring these subjects through a rigorous academic framework and real-world production methods.

Graduates are prepared for professions in the arts and other fields.

You will learn about film as a creative and business endeavor, as well as numerous media organizations and the discussions around them, in this course.

To critically analyze culture, the media, and society as a whole. Along with these practical abilities, you will learn how to work in a team, do scholarly research, manage projects, and communicate effectively in a number of ways.



How Long Does It Take To Complete Filmmaking In Scotland?

Depending on the university you choose to attend, the length of time it takes to complete a filmmaking degree. Undergraduate studies in film and digital video production typically last four years. The time it takes to get a diploma can vary depending on the institution.

Drawing, digital sketching, video editing, oil painting, music, and other career-related skills are all things that can be learned through diploma programs in filmmaking.

The typical period of a diploma course is two years, while a PG diploma degree typically lasts one year. About four to five years are needed to complete a bachelor’s degree. subject to the course.

Which Degree Is Best For Filmmaking?

A bachelor’s degree in cinema and television production is recommended even if there are no formal criteria for becoming a filmmaker because it will allow you to learn many of the skills necessary for the position, gain experience with projects, and network with people in the industry.


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