11 Best Film Schools In Atlanta: Key Facts

The prospects for education, training, and collaboration in Atlanta have improved significantly as a result of the city’s professional network of filmmakers, which is more passionate and smart than ever.

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First and foremost is the amazing community of artists and technologists that has developed as a result of Atlanta’s expanding entertainment sector.

There are several local groups that can support independent filmmakers, and there is also a growing talent pool from which to find collaborators.

In this article, you will find out more about film schools in Atlanta and all you need to get started.

The List of Film Schools in Atlanta

Thanks to a strong tax incentive with no sunset, state-of-the-art facilities, and an elite crew base, Atlanta’s film industry is ideally situated to expand for years to come.

New post-production and animation studios are opening their doors and expanding their clientele as the local film industry develops; enrolment in film degree programs like SCAD and GSU is also fast rising year over year, and thousands more professionals are moving to Atlanta as a result.

Below are the best film schools in Atlanta, where you can study to become a part of this expanding industry.

Emory University

Emory Film & Media, located in the center of Atlanta, the “Hollywood of the South,” offers a customized undergraduate curriculum that is oriented on the needs of the student.

They present students with a variety of study options that provide them a strong foundation in film and media history, theory, and production in order to prepare them to be observant, analytical, and outspoken citizens of the globalized 21st century.

Emory students are exposed to a wide range of perspectives by their internationally renowned faculty of scholars and artists.

They are also encouraged to take creative risks and receive close mentoring so they can articulate and envision their own position and perspective within the modern media landscape.

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Georgia State University

The School of Film, Media & Theatre is committed to training the next generation of media creators, academics, theater professionals, and citizens who are also critical thinkers.

The institution offers the most extensive film and media curriculum in Atlanta, the third-largest media hub in the country.

Additionally, it is located right in the center of the thriving film and television industry, providing students with access and practical knowledge needed to meet the demands of the industry’s rapid change and fierce competition.

The curriculum for Film and Media is created to give students opportunities for hands-on media-making instruction while also giving them a firm foundation in media history, industry, technology, culture, theory, and criticism.

Since many Film and Media, students want to work in the rapidly expanding film, television, and new media industries in Georgia and around the world, their curriculum is designed to prepare them for this.

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Morehouse College

The focus of the curriculum in cinema, television, and emerging media studies is on screenwriting, cinematic theory, analysis, and criticism.

The history of domestic and foreign cinema, moviemaking, African American cinema, and Hollywood politics are among the topics covered by CTEMS.

Screenwriting is heavily emphasized in the curriculum, and students also study film and television history and culture, scriptwriting for film and television, film production, film theory, and film criticism, as well as African American film, classic Hollywood film, international film, and producing.

The use of mise en scène, articulation of the cinematic space, sound, characters, technology, and other elements of engaging storytelling in moving media platforms is therefore studied by students.

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Spelman College

The documentary filmmaking major at Spelman College was specifically created to meet the demands of students in the twenty-first century who were raised in a digital age where storytelling, filming, and moving images have great value.

Although the discipline of documentary filmmaking has flourished internationally over the past twenty years, it is uncommon to see women of African origin in leadership positions in this industry.

A new and desperately needed generation of Black women documentary filmmakers who view the world through their histories and interests will be developed by Spelman’s documentary film department.

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American InterContinental University – Atlanta

You may study filmmaking from the screenplay to the screening when you pursue a Film Production degree at AIU in Atlanta.

Develop your abilities in the screenplay, directing, editing, lighting, photography, and other fields by using technologies appropriate to the profession and by researching best practices.

With a concentration on digital film and video production, AIU’s professional BFA in Film Production degree program can provide students with the chance to gain knowledge and skills that are now in demand in the film, video, and audio industries.

Digital filmmaking is a skill that may be learned through the BFA in Film Production degree program. By producing your own film and video project, you may fully engross yourself in each stage of the procedure.

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The remaining schools on this list can be found in the table below

Atlanta Technical Collegewebsite
The Art Institute of AtlantaWebsite
The Creative CircusWebsite
Miami Ad School – Portfolio Centerwebsite
SCAD Atlantawebsite
Film Connection Film Institutewebsite
Film Schools In Atlanta

Is Atlanta Good for Film Industry?

According to the number of films produced, Georgia’s film industry is the greatest among the US states for the production of feature films as of 2016.

With studios from Turner, Tyler Perry, and EUE/Screen Gems all based in Atlanta, the city serves as the state’s epicenter of the film industry.

How Much is Georgia Film Academy?

Depending on qualifications, Georgia Film Academy tuition can cost as little as $125 to as much as $2,500, with $2,500 being the average cost.

Does Georgia Have a Good Film School?

One of the top film schools in Georgia is Georgia State University, which provides a range of graduate and undergraduate filmmaking programs.

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