12 Best Film Schools In Netherlands: Key Details

Anyone who has a passion for movies and film would do well to pursue a film degree in any of the film schools in Netherlands. You will be exposed to every aspect of the field, from the very beginning of an idea to the creation and distribution of a film project.

You’ll learn how the history of film and cinema has influenced the creation and consumption of film and video today, as well as how new technology has transformed the sector and provided opportunities for independent filmmakers.

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In the film schools in Netherlands, you’ll have a solid foundation of understanding in the field with a degree in film.

You’ll take courses on creative screenwriting, scriptwriting, filmmaking processes, production, distribution, and promotion of motion pictures.

You can increase your understanding of both classic and modern movies through these modules.

The List of Film Schools in Netherlands

A variety of modes will be used to deliver your degree. Along with practical lessons and film practice, these will include lectures and seminars.

A placement module or year may be offered to you, giving you the chance to get experience in the creative sector. Below are the best film schools in Netherlands.

Vrije universiteit Amsterdam

Two researchers from the Vrije Universiteit, Johan Roeland and Eva van Roekel, have been experimenting with film in educational settings recently.

Eva has taught students how to utilize the camera as a research instrument and to employ visual tools to explore culture in the course Multimedia Ethnography.

As a critical contrast to the frequently spectacular and stereotypical depictions of religion in current visual media, Johan encourages students to create a little documentary in the course Reframing Religion: The Practice of Media in Times of Polarization.

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Leiden University

The history and theory of cinema and photography within the broad context of visual and other media are covered in the master’s program in film and photographic studies at Leiden University.

The study of “lens-based” media, such as photography, film, and video, is approached from a variety of academic perspectives in this one-year master’s program.

This program provides great training for a career in film, photography, or media art and is designed for students having an undergraduate degree in a related field or relevant professional experience.

At Leiden University’s Faculty of Humanities, esteemed academics as well as artists, critics, and curators teach the course.

Additionally, you will have access to one of the oldest photo collections in the Netherlands at the Leiden University Library.

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Rotterdam University

This curriculum invites students to critically bridge the historical divides between photography, cinema, animation, mobile media, information systems, and technology networks in order to investigate the novel possibilities made possible by the conflict between media forms.

They believe in the cross-fertilization of a thriving media ecology rather than the division between old and new media or the pattern of media extinctions that characterize traditional media histories.

Staff members who have achieved international recognition in their specialties are teaching the course.

They engage a wide range of foreign practitioners and theorists to serve as guest lecturers and tutors in addition to the staff instructors.

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Erasmus University Rotterdam

Numerous (Research) Master degrees in Media Studies are available from this institution.

Numerous areas of our everyday life are impacted by the media, telecommunications, computer networks, and creative industries, which are present everywhere in the world.

They have a growing influence on political, cultural, and entire economies around the world.

The transition to improved mediation in our daily lives has changed not just corporate prospects and international relations, but also citizenship and democracy, cognition and culture, as well as people’s personal and professional life.

As a result, studying media and communications has become an important and rewarding subject that will aid you in understanding modern society and navigating it successfully.

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Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie

The Netherlands Film Academy is the country’s first specialized higher education program that gives total attention to the entire film industry.

You will receive training at the Film Academy to become a dynamic and entrepreneurial professional in the film industry.

Together with other professionals, you will learn how to tell compelling tales in picture and sound for branded content, feature films, documentaries, television drama, commercials, web series, and interactive media.

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The remaining schools on this list are in the table below.

Radboud Universitywebsite
Gerrit Rietveld AcademieWebsite
University of AmsterdamWebsite
University of GroningenWebsite
Amsterdam University of the ArtsWebsite
ArtEZ Institute of the ArtsWebsite
SAE institute AmsterdamWesbsite

Where Can I Study Film in Netherlands?

  • Radboud University

  • Gerrit Rietveld Academie

  • University of Amsterdam

  • University of Groningen

  • Amsterdam University of the Arts

  • ArtEZ Institute of the Arts

  • SAE institute Amsterdam

  • Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • Rotterdam University

  • Leiden University

  • Vrije universiteit Amsterdam

Is There a Film Industry in the Netherlands?

An average of 20 movies are made in the Dutch film industry each year, which is regarded as a modest industry. De Aanslag (1986), Antonia (1995), and Karakter (1999) are three Dutch films that received an Oscar for the best foreign film (1997).

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