15 Best Dance studios in Australia: Top Facts

Although dance is a great method to stay in shape, it can also be a wonderful means of expression. This article detailed information on dance studios in Australia.

Australia is a land with a diverse population, stunning scenery, and amazing food.

As you read this guide, you will learn in-depth details about the dance studios in Australia and what to watch out for while choosing a dance studio in this country.

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What Is A Dance Studio?

A dance studio is a place where dancers practice or learn new moves. The phrase is often used to describe a room that has been constructed or furnished with the necessary equipment. 

Typically, a dance studio has a smooth floor covering or, if tap dancing is being practiced, a wooden floor. 

The floor is typically sprung, which means that it has a certain degree of flexibility to absorb the pressure of vigorous dancing exercises like jumping.

This is thought to be essential for promoting health and security. A barre, which is mounted to the wall at roughly waist height and utilized as a means of support, is another typical component of a dance studio. 

Almost all dance studios feature a sound system for playing CDs or cassette tapes because music is an essential component of dance, and a piano is still frequently used to support ballet and tap dance, specifically in expert studios.

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What Are The Qualities Of A Good Dance Studio?

1. Professional Environment 

Your child’s continuing development as a dancer is the only thing a professional dance studio will pay attention to. Many dance studios are commercial in character and place a greater emphasis on entertainment and fun. 

You should pick a reputable studio with qualified instructors if you want your child to master good techniques and receive quality teaching.

2. Competent Teachers 

Dance instructors differ from one another, much as dance studios do. Dance instructors must be certified and have a college education. 

The minimum requirement for instructors is a bachelor’s degree in dance. 

In addition to ensuring that the students are learning the proper movements and forming the necessary habits to lower the chance of injury, this enables the studio to offer a wide selection of dance styles for students of different ages and levels.

Therefore, be sure to verify your instructor’s credentials and that they are easily accessible.

3. Comfortable Dance Floor

Ballet in particular, with its numerous leaps and hops, can strain developing bones and joints. Look for a reliable surface that can withstand the jolt of jumping. 

Since most dance shoes offer little padding or support, the shock of dancing can put a lot of strain on a dancer’s knees and back. 

Selecting a studio with an expert floating floor is the greatest method to avoid any injuries. A dancing floor that is supported by a system of high-density foam to cushion the impact of leaping is known as a floating floor. 

A sprung floor, which typically comprises a wood framework erected on the standard floor, is inferior to a high-density foam basis.

4. Low-Class Size 

Make sure there is a limit on the number of dancers in each session so you can receive quality training time and individualized attention. 

Each student will receive more individualized attention, learn more, and enjoy themselves more in a dancing class with fewer participants. 

Fewer pupils make it simpler for a teacher to retain control of the classroom and ensure that every student comprehends the concepts and directives

5. An enjoyable environment 

Your child’s success in a dance studio depends on its general atmosphere. 

Both the dance studio and the employees should have a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The studio needs to be kept tidy and in good condition. 

The dance studio should be large with a wall entirely covered in mirrors. The use of the facilities and a water fountain should be free.

6. Modest fees and tuition 

You should have access to information about the payment schedule, costume prices, and recital fees. Find out how much the yearly dance recital costs, including the price of tickets.

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The List of Dance Studios In Australia 

1. Dynamite Studios

A performing arts center called Dynamite Studios is committed to providing top-notch dance instruction and performing arts training. 

Students feel motivated, engaged, and encouraged in this studio, which is a center of creative energy. Their mission is to enable students to imagine, believe, and accomplish. 

Furthermore, their instructors and tutors are professionals in the field dedicated to developing the skills required for a long and successful career. 

Dynamite Studios, which is located on the gorgeous Gold Coast’s northern end, has developed into one of Australia’s top centers for the education and training of performers.


2. Studio Dance Australia 

Studio Dance Australia should be the appropriate location for you if you want to share your love of dance in a secure and accepting atmosphere for all children and young people. 

SDA has received several honors, including the Blacktown Local Business Awards for Outstanding Performing Arts, the Blacktown Community and Other Education Award, and the Western Sydney Award for Business Excellence in Education. 

SDA professors are an important aspect of their success since they are competent and/or highly trained in their field of specialty, guaranteeing that students receive quality instruction. 

All sessions are designed to teach a specific style while also encouraging each student to be the best they can be.


3. Pivot Studio

Regardless of your age or degree of dance experience, the team at Pivot Studio has the knowledge, experience, compassion, openness, enthusiasm, and desire to make sure you have a great time there. 

All ages, musical styles, and skill levels can use pivots. 

Furthermore, for events and enjoyable nights out including Hens and Christmas Parties, New Year’s Eve events, birthday parties, Team building, and Corporate events, Pivot Studio provides dancers or dance lessons.


4. Flava Dance Studios

The goal of this dancing studio is to create a high-quality, kid-safe atmosphere where having fun and learning come first. 

For individuals who love street dancing, Flava serves as a second home. 

Flava is a place where dance, fun, and healthy life come together as one. It is a place where anyone who wants to express themselves through dancing can do so. 

Furthermore, classes from basic to intermediate level are offered for students 4 years and older, including performance opportunities. Within both locations, Flava provides classes in Commercial Jazz, Heels and Vocal, Hip Hop and Choreography, and more.

To ensure that you comprehend the basics of hip-hop dance, you would also be taught Old, Middle, and New school foundations (mixed with choreography). Additionally, many street dancing foundations and styles are introduced.


5. Dance World Studio

Dance World Studios, a renowned vocational performing arts school in Australia with its headquarters in Melbourne, offers musical theater and dance training programs. 

They provide children’s and teen classes as part of their education program, integrating a variety of classes and performing arts disciplines like dance, singing, and theatre for learners of all levels, ranging in age from 3 years old to adults. 

As a key provider of artistic talent for a range of ballet and dance groups, theatrical shows, and commercial events in Australia, Dance World Studio has made a name for itself. 

Their graduate students serve as their representatives abroad.


6. Promenade Dance Studio

Promenade Dance Studio is dedicated to offering the best dance instruction in a supportive and encouraging learning environment. They hope to encourage each student to realize his or her own possibilities. 

They are situated in their very own custom-built studios in Kedron on Brisbane’s northside. 

They continually encourage students to work hard and emphasize cultivating each student’s creativity and uniqueness while also preserving and improving the more difficult technical and artistic components of dance.

As a result, they foster a welcoming and supportive environment where students feel free to push the envelope and try out various dance and performance styles. 

Additionally, they promote variety and originality while creating a passion for dancing in each of our students.

They offer services such as;

  • Ballet Development Program

  • Elite Ballet Transitional Programs

  • Dance Excellence Program

  • Pre-Professional Program

  • Adult Dance Classes


7. Dance Classes Australia

They offer a wide range of dance lessons for all types of people and ages in any style they want to learn. 

They create entertaining, stress-free sessions that show that dancing can be a ton of fun and a meaningful experience, making their pupils feel at home. 

The top dancing instructors are available there, and they can teach you how to dance professionally.

The services they offer include;

  • Afrojam
  • Dance Essentials
  • Twerk Class
  • Dancehall
  • Heels On
  • Hip Hop
  • Toddler Hip Hop
  • Kids Hip Hop
  • Teen Hip Hop


8. Dance Central

The best dancing facility in Canberra, Dance Central, engages thousands of people in parent-toddler programs, fitness classes, and the excitement of performing arts. 

The Sydney location of Dance Central provides both adults and kids with a huge array of dance classes and events. They hold all of their classes in a relaxed, ongoing casual atmosphere. 

They offer a wide range of dancing approaches for dancers of any ability. 

They collaborate with a group of motivated and enthusiastic pupils. They can work together to achieve your objectives, whether it’s to get in shape and have fun, build a solid professional foundation for the performing arts, or both. They offer their best.

Over 200 programs in Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz Funk, Lyrical, Funk Tap, Acrobatics, Adult Fitness, and the exclusive Blueberries toddler development program are offered at Dance Central.


9. RSD Studio Australia 

They are a cutting-edge, vibrant dance studio that works hard to bring out the best in every dancer. 

Additionally, they offer every form of contemporary dance, acrobatics, and singing. They offer classes for both boys and girls of all ages and skill levels, staying current with the dance industry of today. 

For individuals who wish to explore dancing and have fun, they also offer a variety of leisure classes. They also give each student a place that is a secure, well-run, lively, and encouraging environment.

​At RSD Studios, they give their students access to qualified and motivating instructors that are committed to offering the greatest caliber of instruction in all genres of dance, acrobatics, and singing. 

They encourage and inspire students to accomplish their objectives and realize their full potential with a new perspective on dance instruction for all dancers of all standards. 

Thus, offering the best resources to help every dancer who enters RSD’s studio reach their full potential.


10. Australian Dance and Drama

The Liverpool area is home to the award-winning Australian Dance and Drama Studio, which covers every part of the performing arts industry. 

They provide chances to act in clubs, retail establishments, on international tours, as cheerleaders, and in talent agencies. 

They provide a huge selection of lessons for students of all ages. 

Additionally, they provide options for everyone:

  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Lyrical
  • Cheerleading
  • Aerial Gymnastics
  •  Piano
  • Singing
  • Music Theatre
  • and Drama 


Other Dance Studios In Australia include;

  • Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance


  • Radiance Dance Academy Australia


  • Mad Dance House


  • 100 Percent Dance


  • EPIC Studios Australia


Frequently Asked Questions On Dance Studios In Australia 

What kind of flooring is ideal for a dance studio?

Hardwood floors are best for highly professional dance studio flooring. It’s high-performance, versatile, and ideal for all dancing styles in addition to being stunning to look at.

 In order to prevent injuries to dancers when using hardwood, you must make sure the bottom is sprung.

What should the size of a dance studio be?

Studios range in size from 20 x 20 small to 20 x 30 medium to 30 x 40 large, and anything larger is considered extra-large. 

As a fairly general guideline, allot 25 square feet for each student. A small studio should hold no more than 16 pupils, a medium studio no more than 24, and a big studio no more than 48.


A great method to exercise and express oneself creatively is via dance. 

There are several dance schools offering programs for all levels available, whether you are seeking dancing lessons for your children or are eager to learn some new dance techniques. 

Utilize this list to identify nearby dance studios in Australia that are the best! There’s absolutely no moment like the present to begin dancing like never before.


  • Dance World Studios in South Melbourne, VIC, Dance Schools

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