31 Best Dance Schools in Singapore:Studios and Programs

There are dance schools in Singapore and while some people might choose to call dance studios, we have decided to call them dance schools since they offer dance classes.

The importance of dance can not be overemphasized. Through dancing, you are aiming for two targets with one bullet; the benefit of being happy and staying healthy.

When you dance, your brain works, by connecting one movement with another. It also helps you develop memory, as may know, remembering choreography is a whole art.

Before we look at the dance schools in Singapore, let us consider the benefits of dancing and why anyone will decide to specialize in dancing.

Why should you go to a dancing class?

In general, dancing gives better coordination, better body control, developed proprioception, a healthier body, and probably a happier life as you learn to teach or how to express yourself through dance while developing your strength. Here are some of the importance of dance:

Dancing is a form of aerobic exercise. As you might have known, aerobic exercises are good for overall fitness, especially for the heart and lungs.

Dancing helps us work our muscles, especially lower extremities and core muscles, which simply means dancing can tone your body and improve your posture.

Dancing may prevent or improve dementia in individuals, it also helps improve Alzheimer’s. Through dancing, your memory will be trained and small muscles group, which is responsible for fine movements.

The List of Dance Studios & Best Dance Schools in Singapore

  1. The Ballet Academy
  2. EN Motion Dance School
  3. Dance At The Difference
  4. Kavanagh Dance
  5. BarreWorks Dance Studio
  6. Shall We Dance
  7. CHOWK
  8. Caliente Dance Studio
  9. SLAP Dance Studio
  10. STEP Studio
  11. Bellydance Extraordinaire
  12. EV Dance
  13. Bolly Dancing Studio
  14. Cindini Dance International
  15. ZiggyFeet
  16. Breathe Dance Company
  17. Angelina Tay School of Bellydance
  18. Urban Steps Academy
  19. PXD Pole Studio
  20. Dancexpression
  21. Dance Embassy
  22. Dance Bollywood International
  23. DF Academy
  24. UDR
  26. Ritz Dance Studios
  27. 5th Avenue
  28. Dance Pointe Academy
  29. Young Dancers Academy
  30. The DanceSport Academy
  31. MADDSpace

The Ballet Academy

The Ballet Academy was established in 2015 and became the number one ballet academy in Singapore.

They are accredited by the Royal Academy of Dance(RAD).

The Ballet Academy is one of the dance schools in Singapore that offers a wide range of ballet classes such as Ballet for Kids & Teens, Adult Ballet Class & Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), and RAD Graded Ballet.

They offer external programs to schools and clients such as Mulberry, Club Coco Nut, SCGS etc.

They are located at 8 Sin Ming Road #01-04, Singapore 575628. Contact: +65 9785 5989 

Slap Dance Studio

The Slap Dance Studio delivers an all-around cardiovascular workout while building strength, flexibility and dance/acro-movement skills in a fun and safe environment.

This is one of the dance schools in Singapore with professionally trained instructors who have unique teaching methods for absolute beginners and for those at the advanced/competitor levels.

They have some of the best dance classes in Singapore that span around 8 weeks where students are progressively introduced to pole, aerial and chair dance moves and techniques. Explore their classes.

EN Motion Dance School

EN Motion was formed in the year 2004 and has grown to become Singapore’s largest and most award-winning street Latin dance school.

This is one of the dance schools in Singapore that believes in teaching and dancing for the passion of dance.

They are one of the schools with the finest dance classes in Singapore such as LA Salsa, Bachata, New York Style Mambo, Reggaeton, Street Cha Cha,  Merengue, and Afro Cuban movement.

They are well known for their focus on teaching the fundamentals of body movement, with all their classes taught in professional dance studios by their experienced and award-winning instructors.

If you are looking for the first step to kick start your dancing life, En Motion is the place for you to experience fun and excitement through our Dance classes.

DF Academy

DF Academy is one of the prestigious dance schools in Singapore that has close to 100 students with ages ranging from 5 years to 50 years old.

About 100 classes are conducted weekly in their well-equipped studios.

They conduct periodic classes as well as dance workshops.

Dance At The Difference

Dance At The Difference is a boutique dance school in Singapore. Our beautiful Novena studio offers the teaching of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Music and Movement to both parents and little ones.

There are children’s classes, as well as private classes. Their private classes include:

  • Encouragement to boost your little ones’ confidence
  • Technique Training
  • Recital Practice
  • Competition Practice
  • Choreography for Competition

They have two dance studios that are available for rent and that includes Pear Studio (which costs around $65/hr.) and Sapphire Studio (which costs around $35/hr.)

There are trial classes which you can easily get by filling out online forms through their official website.

There are special offers for new adult classes available i.e Trial class ($15/class) and Regular Class ($30/class).

Address: 203A Thomson Rd, Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307638.

Visit Dance At The Difference.

Kavanagh Dance

This is one of the dance schools in Singapore where you’re not only educated, but have access to encouragement, enjoyment, and expression.

In addition, they provide their students with exposure to performances and competitions whenever possible.

They believe this enriches their perception of dance, as well as their enjoyment and sense of achievement.

Kavanagh offers CSTD ballet exams to children of age above 6, and at Kavanagh, people not only learn to dance with their feet but with the heart also.

Kavanagh Dance was started in 1972 and has been growing and nurturing very young children in the field of dance.

Their 49 years of experience in the dance industry have empowered them with the art of teaching children how to dream with their feet!

Address: 1999 Lor 8 Toa Payoh Singapore, 319258 Singapore.

Visit Kavanagh Dance.

BarreWorks Dance Studio

BarreWorks Dance Studio offers a wide range of dance classes for all ages! Specialising mainly in Classical Ballet, BarreWorks is a registered school with the Royal Academy of Dance.

They offer the following:

  • Baby Ballet
  • Classical Ballet & Royal Academy of Dance
  • Contemporary, Jazz & Hip Hop
  • Masterclass & Workshops
  • Elite Programme
  • Competitions & Achievements

This is one of the dance schools in Singapore that offers one of the finest dance classes.

They not only offer the best ballet classes but are also well-furnished with professional dance equipment such as Harlequin floors, input music systems & a dance mat.

They have been featured in the top online magazines such as MediaOne & TallyPress. Their teachers & Instructors are registered under the Royal Dance of Academy.

Address: 897b Old Holland Road, S278690

Visit BarreWorks Dance Studio.

Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance was founded as a haven for individuals to share their joy and discovery of the language of dance.

They were established under the core purpose of dancing as a form of self-expression through art. Also, as a sport for health and as a connection between people.

This is one of the dance schools in Singapore where you can discover the language of dance with their dedicated instructors!

Whether you’re starting from scratch, rediscovering dance or translating between different genres, they strive to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

Singapore Polytechnic, Pan Pacific IHG are some of their famous partners & clients of Shall We Dance.

You can get the dance consultation for wedding dance at only $110 for 75 minutes.

Address: 23 Kampong Bahru Road #04-04 Blairhouse, Singapore 169349.

Visit Shall We Dance.


Founded in 2014 by Raka Maitra, Chowk Productions is a home for Singapore-made dance theatre that delves deep into the heart of Asian movement and theatre traditions to develop a contemporary performance vocabulary for actors and dancers.

Through training rooted in classical Odissi and artistic productions with a process-oriented, research-based approach, Chowk’s mission is to develop an Asian contemporary movement expression that dissolves the dichotomy between tradition and modernity.

The dance classes include regular lessons in Odissi dance for a range of ages, from children to adults, as well as periodic workshops in other traditional Asian somatic practices.

Furthermore, this institution has performed nationally and internationally on different stages such as Les Hivernale (Winter Festival) in AvignonMelkweg in Amsterdam, and Kennedy Centre in Washington DC.

Address: 28 Aliwal St, #03-08, Singapore 199918

Visit CHOWK.

Caliente Dance Studio

Caliente Dance Studio provides tailored Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba classes that will improve your fitness level, and mind-body connection, as well as express your creativity, improve your self-confidence, and most importantly, a friendly place for you to meet new friends and have fun while picking up a new hobby!

They offer dance classes for individuals who want to learn how to dance with someone.

There are also different dance packages such as Trial, Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate, Lady Styling, Performance, Lady Styling & Private Class. You can start with the beginner’s class which comes at $41.9 for 5 weeks.

Address: #08-02 Realty Centre, 15 Enggor St, Singapore 079716

Visit Caliente Dance Studio.

SLAP Dance Studio

SLAP dance studio is one of the dance studios in Singapore that has an array of workouts that are creatively designed to blend the athletic of aerial arts with the grace and flow of different genres of dance-based movements.

Their classes deliver an all-around cardiovascular workout while building strength, flexibility and dance/acro-movement skills in a fun and safe environment.

Their instructors are professionally trained and have classes both for the absolute beginners and those in the advanced/competitor levels.

Classes that last 8 weeks cost around $267.50 for Pole, $235.40 for Floorwork & $192.60 for Conditioning.

You can also get a 1-hr trial class at $12.84.

Address: 144 Robinson Rd, #17-02, Singapore 068908| Contact: +65 6636 4622

Visit SLAP Dance Studio.

STEP Studio

STEP Studio has seen over 2,500 dancers come and go over the years.

This studio was founded in the year 2014 and since then has continued to inspire dancers with the top experienced dance teachers & instructors.

Their dance courses are available in three courses; Street Jazz, Hip Hop & Contemporary at the beginner, intermediate & advanced levels.

Almost all their course have a span of 8 weeks with their beginner courses at the cost of $136.

Their intermediate courses cost $148, while the advanced courses cost $160.

Address: Peace Centre #04-13, 1 Sophia Road, Singapore 228149.

Contact: +65 6397 4989.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday: 6:30 PM to 10 PM
  • Tuesday – Friday: 5:30 PM to 10 PM
  • Saturday: 1:30 PM to 4 PM

Visit STEP Studio.

Bellydance Extraordinaire

Bellydance Extraordinaire is one of the oriental dance schools in Singapore that was established in the year 2009.

Their classes are taught by world-championship instructors in English and Mandarin. They are located in Bugis.

Their genre includes:

  • Authentic Bellydancing
  • Burlesque
  • Heels Dance
  • Kpop/Hip-Hop
  • K-Kardio Dance Fitness
  • Yoga

Bellydance Extraordinaire is also one of the dance schools in Singapore with flexible training times and package rates at $250 per 10 hours.

Their classes can be assessed in their studio or online.

Bellydance Extraordinaire has over the years nurtured countless young talents and potential dancers.

They were the first to feature belly dancing classes on MediaCorp Channel 8, and to introduce a musical Bellydance theatre show in Singapore. 

Bellydance Extraordinaire is one of the dance schools in Singapore that is much sought after for its dances and shows.

Address: 390 Victoria Street 03-35 Golden Landmark, Singapur 188061.

Visit Bellydance Extraordinaire.

EV Dance

EV Dance is one the dance schools that was established in the year 2009. They focus on delivering bespoke dance solutions for commercial projects and providing a holistic dance learning journey.

This dance school has catered for a few dance courses in order to help break down the complex techniques and genre-specific knowledge that students need to dive into dance.

Through weeks of consistent training, students learn what they need to be confident.

Their Absolute Beginner Courses (ABCs) are the ideal choice for you if you are looking to start your dancing with the basics of a certain dance style.

Their Instructors and teachers are fully trained and certified by the Ministry Of Education ERIS.

Address: 73a Jln Besar, Singapore 208817.

Visit EV Dance.

Bolly Dancing Studio

International Dance & Fitness Studio, Bolly Dancing is Singapore’s Specialist in Beginners’ Bollywood dance & Fitness classes.

Their high-intensity interval training class fuses boot camp choreography with blood-pumping music to give you a full-body workout.

There are classes for kids as well. Bolly Dancing Studio prides itself on not just offering dance fitness classes but a real dance experience as they love to inspire beginners.

They offer different genres such as Bbarreless, First Timers, Bolly Dancing Choreo, Bolly Dazz Fitness, Pound Fit, Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning, Piloxing, Kpopx Fitness & many more. 

Address: 261 Waterloo St, #01-12 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

Visit Bolly Dancing Studio.

Cindini Dance International

Cindini Dance International is one of the dance schools in Singapore that offers dance classes for all levels and age groups.

There are also classes for leisure or examination purposes. Website: www.cindini.com.sg


ZiggyFeet offers partner dance classes. They are located at 6 Raffles Boulevard #B1-01/02/03 Marina Square Singapore 039594.

Operating hours: Mondays to Fridays: 6PM – 10PM
Saturdays and Sundays: 2PM – 6PM

Website: www.ziggyfeet.com | Phone: +6581819785

Breathe Dance Company

Breathe Dance Company offers multi-pole dance classes with techniques in choreography classes in various genres such as contemporary, lyrical, rock, pop, and K-Pop.

Address: 15 Phillip Street
09-00 and #10-00 Tan Ean Kiam Building
Singapore 048694

Website: www.breathedance.co

Angelina Tay School of Bellydance

Angelina Tay School of Bellydance offers Bellydance classes and performances.

Website: www.schoolofbellydance.com

Urban Steps Academy

Urban Steps Academy is one of the dance schools in Singapore that offers dance classes and workshops.

Address: Admin Office @ Woodlands 11
11 Woodlands Close, #08-48 Singapore 737853

Website: www.urbanstepsacademy.com

PXD Pole Studio

PXD Pole Studio is a dance studio in Singapore that offers Pole Dancing Classes, Exotic/Heels Choreography, Flexibility & Conditioning Classes.


  • Robinson Studio
    140 Robinson Road #08-03, Crown at Robinson, Singapore 068907
  • Kreta Ayer Studio
    31A Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 088998
  • Website: www.pxdpolestudio.com.sg


Dancexpression offers dance classes such as wedding dance classes, ballroom dancing classes, and social dance classes.

Address: 158 Kallang Way, Performance Building #05-10, Singapore 349245.

Website: www.dancexpn.com

Dance Embassy

Dance Bollywood International

Dance Bollywood International is one of the dance schools in Singapore that offers dance classes including personal training classes / Professional choreography / Performances / Workshops.


  • Bugis Studio
    390 Victoria Street, #03-29, Golden Landmark, Singapore 188061
  • Parkway Studio
    1 Marine Parade Central, #07-07, Parkway Center
  • Website: www.dancebollywoodintl.com


UDR has classes in K-pop, Urban Burlesque, and High On Heels dance.


  • 850 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467352
  • 10 Tampines East Street 23, Singapore 829341
  • 10 Serangoon North Avenue 2, Singapore 555877
  • My Buona Vista, 36 Holland Drive, Singapore 270036
  • 8 Pending Road, Singapore 678295

Website: www.uzladanceroom.com


This is one of the dance schools in Singapore that offers Flash mob dance Activation, Corporate dance classes, Corporate dance training for performance, Dance performances and shows, Private dance classes, Special needs dance classes, and Performance consultancy.

Website: www.dancesingapore.net

Phone: +65 9642 8707

Other dance schools in Singapore:

Ritz Dance StudiosWebsite: www.ritzdance.com.sg

Address: 1 Marine Parade Central, #06-01 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408

They offer Group & Private Dance Classes for ages 2 and up, as well as other classes.
5th AvenueWebsite: www.5thavenue.com.sg

They offer Jazz and Street Dance classes.

Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21,
IMM Building, (Lobby B)
Singapore 609601
Dance Pointe AcademyWebsite: www.dancepointe.com.sg
Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, IMM Building,
#04-28C (Lobby B)
Singapore 609601
Young Dancers AcademyWebsite: https://youngdancersacademy.com.sg/

Address: 170 Ghim Moh Road #06-07/08/09 Singapore 279621
The DanceSport AcademyWebsite: https://www.thedancesportacademy.com/

Address: 34 Amber Road, Singapore 439870 (3rd Floor)

Phone: +65 6440 3303
MADDSpaceWebsite: https://www.maddspace.com.sg/


Taking dancing classes in the dance schools in Singapore will help you reduce stress, tone your muscles and improve your health.

The list above is some of the best dance schools in Singapore and studios to consider.

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