12 Best Dance Schools in Toronto:Classes & Prices

If you live in Toronto and you are thinking of attending any of the dance schools in Toronto, you are in luck as this list of dance schools in Toronto will provide you with the options you need to make your choice.  Official links to the school’s website are made available as well as their tuition.

The List of Dance Schools in Toronto

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The School of Toronto Dance Theatre

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, which was founded in 1968, is a pioneer in the field of training performers nationwide.

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre educates artistic individuals who will transform contemporary dance in Canada and around the world through performance, choreography, teaching, and leadership positions.

The School Is a priceless foundation on which graduates of the primary Professional Training Program can construct, thrive, and forge a new vision for the art form while allowing all students to share in the joy and advantages of movement.

In order for students to become the innovators of the future, they encourage innovation in them. Having a solid dance foundation opens up countless opportunities. 

Tuition: $6,990 (Domestic) – $8,390 (International) 

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City Dance Corps

Toronto’s premier dance and artistic movement institution, City Dance Corps, provides dance instruction for both adults and children. City Dance Corps, which has just moved to Dovercourt village, has been a pioneer in the Canadian dance scene ever since it first opened its doors in 2002.

Their goals are to promote dance and offer a welcoming, expert, and inclusive environment for everyone.

Many of Toronto’s aspiring professional dancers and choreographers have received support from City Dance Corps.

Additionally, they have collaborated with top-tier brands and artists, helped choreograph hundreds of first wedding dances, and trained novice dancers to become professional dancers. 

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The Joy of Dance Centre

The Joy of Dance Centre is dedicated to providing the best dance class instruction for adults, children, and teenagers in a friendly environment.

They give students a setting and room to develop in their own special ways—individually, creatively, technically, passionately, and with excellence.

They provide instruction in a wide range of dance styles, including Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Ballroom.

They have received accreditation from the ISTD, CDF, and DVIDA as a Ballroom Dance Academy. 

Tuition: N/A

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PSB & Interplay Dance Academy: Interplay Davisville

Karen Davies Thomas established PSB Dance Academy in 1989. In its early years, PSB welcomed 12 aspiring dancers, and today there are more than 400 students enrolled there.

Anna McCowan Johnson founded Interplay in 1983, and after she retired, Karen was given ownership of the institution. In order for the schools to become PSB & INTERPLAY Dance Academy, Karen joined them.

With classes for students aged 3 to adult, PSB & INTERPLAY is still devoted to teaching classical ballet in both the Cecchetti and Royal Academy of Dance styles.

Depending on age, ability, and desire, programs are offered in recreational, pre-professional, and competitive dance styles such as Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Acro, Tap, Musical Theatre, and more.

For gifted students who want to pursue a professional dance career, both schools provide intensive and enhanced dance training in addition to the chance to perform with the Profile Dance Company and Competitive Division. Additionally, private coaching is offered. 

Tuition: When you register online, you can view the full program details and class costs.

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Martha Hicks School Of Ballet

In September 1992, the Martha Hicks School of Ballet (MHSB) first opened its doors. When the school first opened, there were 60 students enrolled.

The school’s founder and director, Martha Hicks, has built one of Toronto’s biggest and most well-known schools through commitment and diligence.

Professional studio space with barres, mirrors and cutting-edge sprung floors is available at MHSB’s main location.

Over a thousand aspiring young dancers receive excellent training at MHSB in a vibrant, nurturing setting.

The school’s artistic faculty has grown steadily over the years. The teachers have a wonderful variety of skills and talents and come from many different professional backgrounds. A trained assistant is often present with the instructor in many of the classes.

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The table below shows the remaining schools on this list: 

SchoolsLink & Tuition
The Underground Dance CentreWebsite
Tuition: click here to see prices 
Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Toronto – Yorkville Website
Tuition: click here 
Annex Dance Academy Website
Tuition: click here
Canada’s National Ballet SchoolWebsite 
Tuition: click here
The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance TheatreWebsite
Tuition: click here
Metro Movement Dance Studio and Health ClinicWebsite 
Tuition: click here
Leaside Dance School Website
Tuition: click here

Why Attend A Dance School 

There are numerous benefits to going to dance school. It is enjoyable, beneficial, and a great way to make new friends. There are local and professional dance programs to match your interest level, whether you are a beginner who only dances as a hobby or a professional dancer whose passion is to pursue dance as a career.

A fantastic form of exercise is dancing. It can be done in groups, making it a fun way to lose weight and keep your body in shape. It improves blood circulation. It improves lung and bone health and muscle tone. It supports students in maintaining a healthy weight or, if necessary, losing weight.

There are numerous social benefits to taking a dance class with others. It facilitates the introduction of dance enthusiasts to one another. Additionally, it gives kids and teenagers something to do after school, lowering their risk of getting pregnant or developing a drug or alcohol addiction. The focus of many summer camps is dance. They typically last for a few weeks and focus on keeping kids amused, active, and healthy. 

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How Much Dancers Earn In Toronto

In Toronto, Ontario, the average gross pay for professional dancers is $55,192, or $27 per hour. This is 7% more than the typical professional dancer’s salary in Canada (+$3,514). Additionally, they receive a $1,783 bonus on average.

Salary projections are based on data from anonymous employee surveys and employer surveys completed in Toronto, Ontario.

The typical salary for a professional dancer at the entry-level (with 1-3 years of experience) is $39,528.

A senior-level professional dancer (8+ years of experience) makes an average salary of $68,108, on the other hand. 

Does the University of Toronto Have a Dance Program? 

The University of Toronto Dance Team is a competitive organization that offers students the chance to keep dancing competitively while pursuing post-secondary education.

They are a multifaceted group with training and experience in jazz, contemporary, tap, hip-hop, and lyrical dance. 

What is The Most Famous Dance School? 

Another well-known educational institution, the Juilliard School of Dance, debuted in 1905 and quickly raised the bar for artistic instruction. 

What Can You Do With a BFA in Dance? 

You can work as a commercial actor, perform on Broadway, or in a dance company. You can work in dance therapy, arts administration, and dance education in public or private schools, or private studios. Alternately, you can choreograph dances for stages and public settings. 

What is a Dance College? 

A dance major is a concentrated area of study in dance at the college level where you take technique classes in ballet, modern, jazz, or tap dance as well as academic lessons in dance history and kinesiology as well as hands-on classes in stagecraft, production, or choreography. 

What University Has the Best Dance Programs in Canada? 

These are the best Canadian universities for Dance : 

  • York University

  • Ryerson University

  • Concordia University

  • Simon Fraser University

  • University of Western Ontario

  • Centennial College Montreal

  • The University of Calgary

  • The University of Winnipeg

What Are 5 Careers in Dance? 

  • Councils for the performing arts.
  • Theaters and television.
  • Broader entertainment sectors.
  • In dance studios as a tutor.
  • Work on a freelance basis.
  • Owning a dance studio and working for oneself.

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