15 Top Dance Classes in Houston & What They Offer

More than only body movements are taught to us through dance. While learning something new and slightly unpleasant, trains one to be more aware of the environment, how to interact with others, and how to be in a room with conviction. Even better, it can teach humans how to fly. These are life skills, and sure, they also help us become better dancers.

One is said to receive a comprehensive education in excellence through dancing. It inspires commitment, enthusiasm, perseverance, and respect for oneself, other dancers, and dance teachers.

Additionally, it encourages you to be excited, develop your creative abilities, and practice safety.

The List of Dance Classes in Houston

Here’s a list of dance classes in Houston: 

1. Inner Me Studios

Inner Me Studios, one of the dance classes in Houston, has served as a substitute for big-box gyms since 2009. They provide a range of fitness classes, including pole dancing, Zumba, kickboxing, and belly dancing.

There are classes centered on boot camp and dance, so there is plenty to go around. The lessons are intimate and will give you the impression that you are receiving personal training, yet they are inexpensive enough to suit even the tightest budget.

At the studio, they approach each customer as an individual with unique needs. Since the sessions are small enough to give you the impression that you are receiving a private lesson from their trainers, they work hard to help you achieve your goals. As you get to meet some other clients, trainers, and staff, you’ll quickly build friendships.

They are as adjustable as your life because they don’t ask you to sign agreements. Drop-in lessons are available for all skill levels, and you can arrange and attend them whenever it’s most convenient for you. With their rewards program and substantial referral program, they also reward customer loyalty.

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2. Hunter Dance

In the stunning 9000 square foot home at 747 N. Shepherd in the Heights, Hunter Dance Center, one of the many dance classes in Houston, offers world-class dance instruction from the ground up for complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

This outstanding faculty of dance artists, who are actively engaged in the creative industry,  a pa has ian on for dancing and movement in all of its manifestations. Inside the four cutting-edge studios, you’ll find imaginative preschool classes, a vibrant student program for up-and-coming dancers, a demanding pre-professional program for dancers headed to college, open classes for teens and adults, and an actively funded aerial dance program for children and adults.

The professional dance theatre company Open Dance Project (opendanceproject.org), which develops and practices its season of top-notch dance theatre performances at Hunter Dance Center, is based there.

Members of the Open Dance Project company teach at all of their levels and programs, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with the public and preparing Houston’s up-and-coming dance artists for the future.

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3. River Oaks Dance

A first-rate dancing education opportunity for kids ages 2–12 in a happy, upbeat environment. They’ll help you discover the ideal class, which is conveniently held at both Houston Country Club and their brand-new classroom in River Oaks, one of the dance classes in Houston.

There is no lifetime commitment and a chance to showcase at the end of the semester because they provide a fall and spring session. Space is minimal and classes are small.

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4. Premier Dance

To be the “Top One” provider of greatness in social and competitive ballroom dance training in the USA, and to have every one of their students feel that they have surpassed their expectations!

Making learning worthwhile and fun for every pupil, and treating every one of their clients with the highest respect and integrity is there. 

Regardless of whether the students are beginners or advanced dancers, they provide top-notch professional dance instruction with 100% dedication to each one of them and introduce the children to the advantages and joys of social interaction and provide them with a memorable, challenging, and fulfilling experience.

Each student is special, and each student has particular needs. To effectively meet each student’s goals and requirements, they strive to carefully evaluate each student’s preferences, past knowledge, and life aspirations and encourage them to choose to have a lifestyle that includes ballroom dancing!

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5. Houston Ballroom Dance 

Houston Ballroom Dance is one of the top ballroom dance classes in Houston, offering classes for people of all ages and skill levels in wedding dance, ballroom dance, country 2-step, salsa, swing, and west coast swing.

No Partner Is Required! At the Houston Texas Ballroom Dance Studio, you can dance in Houston, Texas. Houston Texas offers dance classes for party and social dancing as well as wedding dances, father-daughter dances, mother-son dances, country dance lessons, Latin and Salsa dance courses, and wedding first dances.

The Houston dance instructors are skilled at teaching total beginners and are patient with them. At their dance studio in Houston, Texas, they will make the learning process to dance simple and enjoyable. Simply show up in your natural state, a partner or not.

Come and have fun with no obligations or pressure! For the greatest ballroom dance instruction in Houston, Texas, visit Houston Ballroom Dance and take a lesson for yourself.

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6. Uptown Dance Centre

Their objective is to train dancers of all ages and skill levels to excel as dancers, nurture a life-long love and admiration of dance, as well as provide a quality performance experience that will boost confidence as well as finesse. Uptown Dance Centre is one of the top dance classes in Houston.

They provide a wide variety of classes for all ages as a ballet training center.

With the most recent and cutting-edge styles of ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, pas de deux, ballet variations, Pilates, and yoga, they fuse the traditions and legacy of dance.

Ballet students of all abilities and walk-ins are always welcome in the open classes offered by Houston’s Uptown Dance Center for adults and teenagers.

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7. Memorial Dance

Memorial Dance Center, one of the numerous dance classes in Houston has offered a welcoming environment for dancers of all ages and skill levels to cultivate a love for dance for the past 14 years.

They take great pride in providing a top-notch, comprehensive dancing program. Many of their alumni may be seen performing on some of the best college dance teams and programs in the country.

Although their main focus is dance, they are equally appreciative of the lasting friendships that are established within their studio walls.

The school is dedicated to offering a happy, supportive, secure, and family-friendly setting where dance is taught to the highest standards and with the utmost honesty.

Through group lessons, they try to create self-worth while also teaching mind-body coordination, interpersonal cooperation, and self-assurance.

One of the very few dance studios of its sort in the region, MDC provides a well-rounded approach to the primary dance disciplines. They provide high-quality ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, and hip-hop dance instruction for students of all ages.

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8. Kennedy Dance Theatre

At Kennedy Dance Theatre, one of the many dance classes in Houston, they consider it essential to introduce kids and adults to the arts and foster this as a lifetime passion.

They are committed to providing classes with the highest caliber of performance, flair, and technique. They foster a passion for dance in their pupils and push them to achieve their full potential.

The main objective of Kennedy Dance Theatre is to teach excellence in dance and value in life. They provide professional dance lessons with a Christian emphasis based on Psalm 149:3.

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9. Houston Academy of Dance 

For students of all ages and levels, HAD, which opened in 1971, and WUDC, which opened in 1996, both provide comprehensive dance programs.

The distinguishing features of both cutting-edge studios, staffed by skilled teachers who keep up with current dance trends, are inspirational instructors and cutting-edge training.

Both HAD and WUDC is respected organizations that are owned and run by Evelyn Ireton. The schools, as recommended by Houston Ballet, are dedicated to excellent classical training as the basis for all dance forms.

You can benefit from their qualified personnel at their well-furnished studios at Houston Academy of Dance | West University Dance Centre. Whether you’re a new dancer just getting started or an advanced dancer wishing to brush up on your technique, you’ll behold it here.

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10. Dance from the Heart

A nonprofit corporation called Dance from the Heart in Houston, Texas employs multicultural dance instruction and performances to highlight the shared experiences in the communities.

Through Artist In Residence Programs, ongoing classes, and workshops created to impart focused, intense teaching over a short period, they give contributing dancers the chance to pursue continued education.

By lending their time and expertise to regional activities whose overarching objective aligns with their own, they promote community partnerships, public outreach, and knowledge.

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11. Claire School of Dance

Small class size at the Claire School of Dance, one of the dance classes in Houston provides individualized training and attention while still providing professional dance education.

They strengthen the students’ technical skills, widen their artistic education and personal growth, and foster their creativity through a variety of programs, including weekly courses, performance opportunities, and summer camps.

Their programs provide an opportunity for learners to express the excitement of movement while carefully developing placement and technique. They also help students develop the self-discipline and commitment that are the cornerstones of success.

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12. Amaya Dance

Salomon Amaya, one of Houston’s most seasoned dance teachers, founded Amaya Dance, which is one of the many dance classes in Houston, that not only takes pleasure in providing the greatest learning environment for its students but also aspires to establish a long-lasting dance community.

In addition to offering enjoyable group lessons, Amaya Dance also offers top-notch dance training, a fantastic social network, and a welcoming environment to aid in the development of your dancing abilities.

Because every student learns differently, they provide a range of learning opportunities, including group classes, private lessons, salsa socials and parties, and dance teams.

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13. Dance EZ

At Dancing EZ, they take great pleasure in the quality of the dance lessons they provide to their students in Houston’s Bellaire/Galleria area.

Their instructors are patient, encouraging, and supportive as they walk each student through their dance journey at their own pace.

Your life will change if you learn to dance. Dancing is a great way to meet new people, get in fitness, and gain lifelong skills that will boost your social confidence.

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14. Frame Dance

They respect you as the artist here at their studio. They motivate and prepare you to reach your greatest potential while appreciating your distinctive dance expression and journey.

When you sign up for Frame Dance, one of the dance classes in Houston, you become a part of a group of individuals—from beginners to professionals—who are creating culture through dance.

Lydia Hance decided to create Frame Dance and develop a fresh approach to dance instruction that is inclusive, wholesome, adoring, and thrilling.

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15. Salrica Dance Company

Houston, Texas-based Salrica Dance Company was founded in 2006. Since then, many dancers in the Latin dance world have received training from Oscar Martinez and his colleagues.

Salriica Dance Company has courses available Monday through Thursday, holds a monthly Latin Dance Social, and has many Salsa & Bachata, dance teams!

Salriica Dance Company specializes in educating expert dancers to be the best they can be while also teaching Salsa and Bachata to complete beginners.

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Human cultures have danced for ages. There is awe in the art of movement, whether for aesthetic or purely recreational purposes. Just ask the committed dancers who train daily.

Dance has the power to transform lives, spur personal development, and make people happier.

The dance classes in Houston listed above can provide you with these benefits. Check the various dance workouts for beginners here.

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