21 Best Belly Dance Classes in London-A Complete Guide

Belly dance classes are the perfect way to learn the seductive art of belly dancing. Whether you want to practice it as a hobby, or whether you want to become a professional belly dancer, then belly dance classes are the best option for you.

And if you live in London, then this article will show you the best places to find belly dance classes in London.

The 21 Best Belly Dance Classes in London

1. Melissa Belly Dance School

Melissa is a dancer, choreographer, and director of Melissa Belly Dance School. She has over three decades of experience teaching dance to children and adults, with the majority of her experience being focused on belly dance.

In addition to being a teacher, she also performs with her troupe. She has performed at festivals all over the United States and Canada as well as international festivals in Brazil and Scotland.

2. Tokie Belly Dance

Tokie Belly Dance is an established belly dance school and dance company located in the heart of west London. Tokie is home to a family of dancers and teachers who are dedicated to sharing their love of this ancient art form with others.

They offer beginner, improver, and intermediate classes for adults and children, as well as workshops and masterclasses from time to time.

Their courses cater to all levels of ability, whether you are a complete novice or already have some experience.

Tokie provides a warm welcome to everyone whether they’re old friends or new faces, first-time dancers, or seasoned performers. For those that want more than just the occasional class, they offer discounts on regular memberships.

3. Arabian Rose Belly Dance

Arabian Rose’s belly dance classes are a great way to get fit and have fun at the same time. They offer classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced dancers.

Their talented instructors will make sure you have a wonderful experience and leave class feeling accomplished.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, have fun, or just want to try something new, come join them!

They offer Saturday evening beginner classes as well as afternoon intermediate and advanced courses. Click here for their schedule of upcoming events.

4. Hasina Belly DanceDance

Hasina’s Belly Dance Studio has been teaching students the art of belly dance for over a decade. They are passionate about the dance and want to share this with everyone.

Their classes teach beginners as well as advanced dancers how to use their whole body, not just their hips, which is what sets their classes apart from others.

All styles of music are welcome and they offer private lessons on request too you’ll be shaking your tail feathers like never before in no time!

5. London Belly Dancing Classes

London Belly Dancing Classes strives to provide a friendly and supportive environment for people of all shapes, sizes, and levels of experience. They teach a wide variety of styles from traditional Egyptian to West Coast swing.

All classes are taught by qualified instructors with years of experience. Their classes are suitable for everyone from the absolute beginner to the seasoned performer.

6. Fleur Estelle Belly Dance

Fleur Estelle offers the best belly dance classes in London. Their instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, their venue is spacious and beautiful, and they offer classes for all levels of dancers.

Plus, when you sign up for a class you’ll receive discounts on classes with Fleur Estelle’s other partners. When it comes to finding the best dance studio in town, don’t look any further than Fleur Estelle.

They provide high-quality instruction at affordable rates. There’s no shortage of studios claiming to be the best in town but Fleur Estelle has an impeccable track record that proves them to be true professionals. Give them a call or visit their website today.

7. Cairo Rose Belly Dance Studio

Cairo Rose Belly Dance Studio is one of the most popular belly dance studios in London. They offer a variety of classes, workshops, and events to suit your needs.

Their instructors are qualified and experienced, with years of teaching experience.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been dancing for many years, they have a class for you! For more information please visit their website or get in touch.

They also teach yoga and pilates as well as belly dance fitness classes which can be adapted for all levels from beginners through advanced dancers.

8. Agni Belly Dance

Agni Belly Dance is a very traditional and authentic Egyptian-style belly dance school in London, which teaches the ‘classic’ Egyptian style of dance.

Agni’s teachers are professional dancers with years of experience and they offer a variety of courses to suit all levels, from beginners to advanced.

The classes are suitable for children, teens, and adults. Agni also offers private lessons for individuals or couples looking to learn this beautiful art form.

They are available during evenings and weekends, so it doesn’t interfere with work or family commitments. Contact Agni today if you want to take up belly dancing in London.

9. Dancebuzz Dance Classes

Dancebuzz Dance Class is one of the best belly dance schools in London. They offer a range of classes from beginner to advanced.

Each class is customized for each student and taught by professional instructors who have been teaching for many years.

The staff at Dancebuzz are passionate about their job and want to share their love with others.

They pride themselves on being an all-inclusive community, welcoming anyone who wants to come and learn more about belly dance and get some exercise in the process.

10. Small World Centre Bellydance

Small World Centre Bellydance offers a variety of belly dance classes from beginner to advanced. The classes are all taught by different teachers, so you can try out a few before finding your favorite class.

There is also an open practice session on Wednesday night, so you can come and dance for fun or practice some moves.

The cost of the drop-in sessions varies between £5-10 depending on what time of day it is and how many hours they will last.

For beginners, there are two levels: level one and level two. Level one consists of four 45-minute lessons (1 hour total) with a 15-minute break between each lesson.

Level two is designed for people who have already completed level one; it has six 45-minute lessons (1 1/2 hours total).

11. Spice Belly Dancer

Spice Belly dancer classes are a fantastic way to get fit and have fun while learning an art form that has been around for thousands of years. In recent years belly dancing has become increasingly popular all over the world.

The most popular styles of belly dancing are Egyptian and American Tribal Styles.

They offer all levels of classes so no matter what your current level of skill is you will be able to find a class that is perfect for you.

12. Red Glass Sky Belly Dancers Samba Dancers Caribbean Dancers

Red Glass Sky is a company with experience of over 15 years of teaching all types of dance.

They offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. With their diverse range of classes, you will be able to find your perfect match.

They have many different classes on offer, including belly dance, Samba, Caribbean, and more.

Whether you are looking to get fit or just want to learn something new, Red Glass Sky is the place for you. No matter your age or level, they have a class for you.

One thing that sets us apart from other dance schools is that they offer courses for children as well as adults.

Kids will love learning fun dances like Brazilian samba, salsa, and even English country dancing; while adults can enjoy traditional Egyptian-style belly-dancing lessons.

With their easy booking process, it’s never been easier to sign up. Give them a call today if you’re interested in joining any of these fantastic classes!

13. Tevec Turkish Belly Dancer London

Tevec Turkish Belly Dancer is a female belly dance instructor who has been teaching for 10 years. She teaches beginner and intermediate-level classes to women of all shapes and sizes.

From beginners who want to learn the basics, to more advanced dancers who want to take their skills to the next level, Tevec can help you reach your goals.

One-on-one lessons are also available, giving students the opportunity to ask questions or tackle any specific challenges they might be having.

Tevec’s passion lies in empowering her students by giving them a fun outlet to express themselves through movement while making it possible for them to grow as individuals and break out of their comfort zone.

14. Yazmin Bellydance

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Yazmin Bellydance. Yazmin offers private belly dance classes, workshops, and performances.

Her online shop offers a range of high-quality, beautifully crafted belly dance costumes for both beginners and professionals alike.

From shimmy skirts to classic bra-style harem pants, Yazmin has what you’re looking for. You can also find jewelry, headdresses, and veils. Join them for one of their upcoming workshops or classes today.

15  Krystina’s home studio

At Krystina’s Home Studio, they help you find what makes you feel beautiful.

Whether it be your mind, body, or soul, their classes provide a space for you to get creative and see yourself from a new perspective.

They offer belly dance classes for all levels of experience and different styles of belly dancing.

Their instructors are professional dancers who will help you develop your skills through individualized attention and instruction tailored to your needs.

16. Green-Art of Bellydance Academy and Agency

Green-Art of Bellydance Academy and Agency is the largest belly dance school in Europe.

They offer weekly classes, workshops, and intensives to help you develop your skills and discover your artistic voice. Their studio is located near Kings Cross station.

The best way to get there is by taking bus number 381 or night bus N381 which will stop on Haverstock Hill close to the academy. Their experienced teachers are waiting for you.

17. Pineapple Dance Studios

Pineapple Dance Studios has been teaching belly dance classes for over 20 years.

They offer a variety of classes to suit all levels of dancers, with an emphasis on building community through music and dance.

Their studio is located near King’s Cross St. Pancras tube station and we welcome people from all over the world!

18. Expression Dance Productions

Expression Dance Productions is a dance school offering the best belly dance classes in London, with a range of courses to suit beginners and more advanced dancers.

They have been teaching at their studio for over 20 years and are dedicated to making sure their students not only learn new skills but also develop a love of dancing.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce stress, or just want to try something new, they offer both group and one-to-one lessons.

19. Mampara Dance Classes & Company

Mampara Dance Classes & Company is a belly dance company based in London. They have classes for adults, children, and babies. Their classes are for everyone, from beginners to advanced dancers.

All of their instructors are experienced and qualified. You can go with your friends, or bring the kids on their own to enjoy the unique experience!

20. La Sylvaine & Wendy Bell School of Dance

La Sylvaine & Wendy Bell School of Dance is the number one belly dance school for all ages and abilities.

They have classes for adults, kids, and babies. With a wide range of styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a class that suits your needs.

Beginner classes are on offer every week, with levels going up until advanced level 6.

For those just starting out, we recommend beginners 1-2 so you can get an idea of what this art form is about before committing to something more intensive.

21. Stamatia-Ann Katriou

Belly dance is an art form that has a long and rich history. It originated in the Middle East and was originally used by men to entertain other men.

However, belly dance became popular for everyone when it was introduced to the West as a form of exotic entertainment during the Victorian era. Go here Stamatia-Ann Katriou to find out more

In recent years, belly dance has been re-introduced to Western culture as a fun and empowering form of exercise for women.

Is belly dancing a good way to get abs?

Belly dancing is a great way to get abs! Not only will you be burning calories and toning your muscles, but you’ll also be improving your posture, balance, and flexibility.

Plus, the long-term benefits are great: the posture that you develop through belly dance makes it easier to stand up straight and avoid back pain.

You’ll also experience fewer issues with headaches and indigestion as well as become more creative and able to tackle difficult problems because of improved cognitive function.

Is belly dancing good for weight loss?

Belly dance is a great workout for your core. It helps tone your stomach, waist, and hips.

It also provides a full-body workout that has a low impact on joints, so it’s a good option for those with arthritis or recovering from injuries.

Belly dance classes can be found all over the world, but there are some great choices right here in London too!

Here are some top picks of belly dance classes to try out this week:

Tantra Yoga Studios – Tantra Yoga Studios offers a fun and refreshing blend of Eastern practices to help you reconnect with your inner self, find greater balance, and have more clarity. Belly dancing is one of the practices they offer during their workshops.

Billetto Studio – With an emphasis on technique, precision, and performance, Billetto Studio offers beginner to advanced levels of training in belly dance instruction.

Do belly dancers wear shoes?

Belly dancers wear a wide variety of shoes, from dance flats to heels. Some belly dancers choose to go barefoot for a more authentic feel. But there are many reasons why you might want to choose another type of shoe.

For example, if you plan on dancing for an extended period of time, it’s good to make sure your feet are well-supported and comfortable. If you have bunions or other foot problems, it’s wise to wear shoes that accommodate these issues.


If you’re looking for belly dance classes in London, look no further than this rundown of the best classes around town.

They’ve got a list of everything from beginner to advanced courses, so there’s a class for everyone and every skill level.

Whether you’re looking to learn some new moves or just want to get your workout on while having fun, we’ve got you covered.

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