16 Top Beauty Schools in San Diego:The Benefits

San Diego has some of the top beauty schools in the country, and they’re located all over town. Which school would you choose if you wanted to become a professional makeup artist or cosmetologist?

San Diego is home to several top-notch beauty schools offering a wide range of programs, from certificate programs to undergraduate degrees. 

Choosing a good college can be overwhelming, but don’t sweat it. We’ve put together our list of the Top Beauty Schools in San Diego. 

This guide explains what each program offers, lists the requirements, and gives insight into the career opportunities available after graduation.

About Beauty schools

You are thinking about becoming a cosmetologist, but you are unsure of how to go about it. 

Although you have heard about cosmetology school, you are unaware of it. What is the time frame? Having fun? Exist several types of cosmetology schools?

How can you tell if a school is a good fit for you? You’ve come to the correct spot if you’ve been thinking about any of these issues.

Here, we’ll explain what cosmetology school is, how it operates, and what you can expect of yourself as a student there.

Cosmetology students learn how to provide cosmetology services to guests at cosmetology school, sometimes referred to as “Beauty school.” There are other topics in cosmetology than hair. 

The study of and implementation of cosmetic procedures for hair, skin, and nails is known as cosmetology. A cosmetologist with a license may also take care of your skin and nails.

Depending on your preferences, cosmetology provides a wide range of options and limitless prospects. You might pursue any of the following careers as a cosmetologist with a license: 

  • Beauty Care Public Relations 

  • Specialist Research Chemist 

  • Show Director Beauty School Owner

  • Photo and Movie Stylist Manufacturer 

  • Sales Representative 

  • Makeup Artist 

  • Beauty Magazine Writer 

  • Beauty Magazine Editor 

  • Beauty Product Designer

  • Cosmetologist Barber Hairstylist 

  • Hair Color Specialist Perm

  • Specialist Nail Care Artists

  • Manicurist

  • Esthetician Salon Owner Salon

  • Coordinator Salon 

  • Manager Salon Sales Consultant 

  • Cosmetology Instructor

  • Cosmetology School Owner Salon

  • Computer Expert Salon 

  • Franchisee Salon Chain 

  • Management Beauty Care 

  • Distributor Beauty Care Marketing

Why Study In San Diego

Hollywood Street in Los Angeles may garner all the attention, but in reality, San Diego is home to the real Hollywood.

San Diego is the perfect destination to study if a relaxed Californian culture, mild climate, surfing communities, and Mexican cuisine interest you. 

San Diego is one of the safest cities in America, making it an excellent place to study. San Diego’s population is made up of around 70,000 students. 

You’ll undoubtedly discover that this city has a youthful feel and that its residents are very kind. 

The Benefits:

Amazing Beaches

San Diego enjoys wonderful weather. It rarely rains and is nearly always warm. This means that while you’re not studying, you’ll have plenty of time to explore San Diego’s beautiful beaches. It may be a fantastic opportunity to learn to surf since it is popular here as well.

Top Universities

The University of San Diego, San Diego State University, Ashford University, and many more top universities are located in San Diego. It makes sense given that San Diego has a sizable and growing student population. For college students, this city is their Californian dream!

There are many free activities

One never has enough money while they are a student. However, this Californian city is endowed with a wealth of free activities. 

At La Jolla Cove, you may see sea lions lazing on the rocks and soaking up the sun. Campfires are a great way to enjoy sunsets at Oceanside Pier. 

Additionally, you are welcome to explore Balboa Park, a cost-free 1,200-acre urban cultural park. Live music is occasionally performed there as well. And of course, beaches, as we’ve already indicated.

Outstanding Off-Campus Housing

Living as a student in San Diego is unlike living as a student in any other city. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to find off-campus students living close to the beach or in upscale districts if you have some money from a great part-time job or from your father. 

You will not only be in a wonderful setting, but you will also get the chance to network with other motivated students.

Learning from nature

If you grow sick of doing your homework in your dorm rooms, you may take your quest for knowledge to one of San Diego’s breathtaking locales. 

San Diego is a city with numerous beautiful hiking routes and outdoor living opportunities, despite the majority of the media attention going to its cosmopolitan side. For a fresh perspective, study away from power wires and ongoing technology.

The List of Beauty schools In San Diego

Avo Brows And Beauty

AVO Brows and Beauty is a permanent cosmetics studio and training facility situated in San Diego. Our areas of expertise include lip blush, ombre powder brows, combination brows, and microblading.

We help you save time in your daily routine so you may look and feel confident every day, whether you want a dramatic cosmetics powder brow or a natural and contoured appearance with microblading.

Visit here for more information

Evolv Salon

In addition to many other services, we are experts in color, color correction, balayage, highlights, blondes, cuts, lash extensions, and hair extensions. For those of you with curly hair, we also have an in-house curl specialist.

Your go-to salon is what Evolv Salon aspires to be. We have a wide range of specialties, including balayage, highlights, hair extensions, lash extensions, and haircuts. Here is open to everyone!

Visit  here for more information

Raven and Sage collective

In Golden Hill, Raven and Sage was established in 2015. We are a place that works hard to give some of the greatest stylists in San Diego the best working environment. 

Our aim is to establish a comfortable environment where clients may receive their hair care needs. We are excited for you to visit us.

We have a trained stylist for everyone’s requirements here at Raven & Sage. We have your back whether you want a vibrant color, a fashionable cut, or a brilliant blonde balayage. If you have any queries, do not be afraid to ask.

Visit here for more information

Diesel Salon

Since 2000, Candice(owner) has worked as a stylist. We’ve been eager to launch a company where we can develop the skills of our staff via committed education (I’m her spouse). 

Advanced education wasn’t given much attention in the early 2000s, and social media wasn’t as popular as it is now. 

Diesel Salon was first established in 2003, but Candice and I purchased it in 2006 with the intention of building a staff that is enthusiastic about your hair, your appearance, and your general well-being.

Although we think hair styling is an art, we also think not every customer wants their hair transformed into their own “art work.”

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Hair Drezzers On Fire

Hair Drezzers On Fire has been the go-to spot for high-quality hair services in a fun and welcoming environment for the past 12 years. 

Whether you want a drastic makeover or just want to keep your present appearance, our mission is to assist you to have amazing hair. 

The friendly and skilled stylists at Hair Drezzers on Fire will go above and beyond to make you appear even better than you had hoped.

Free haircut when you have a color service—new client promotion! Only Participating Stylists.

Visit here for more information

Elle Beauty Salon

High-profile clients are served using elaborate coloring and highlighting procedures. Customers’ demands are evaluated and advice on hairstyle and color alternatives is provided.

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Style lounge Salon

Our major priority is remaining current with the newest trends, and we are always learning and developing. 

For both our clients and our stylists, education is essential to our success. We encourage our clients to visit us for a consultation and bring any inspiration they may have from Instagram, famous people, or publications. 

Together, we’ll create a personalized strategy to make your hair feel and look beautiful.

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Omnia Salon

Do you have what it takes to feel your best? At Omnia Salon, our elite staff gives every service we provide with passion, knowledge, and dedication to make you feel and look like a brand-new you. 

Our beauty salon in San Diego, California, is pleased to serve as your one-stop shop for all things glam, whether you’re coming in for a haircut, makeup application, or waxing treatment. 

Located in the center of Hillcrest, our elegant and contemporary salon provides exceptional customer care to make you feel at home. 

Additionally, we work hard to stay current with fashion in order to provide you with cutting-edge beauty procedures that amaze you. 

Kerastase, Bumble & Bumble, and Kevin Murphy’s comprehensive product lines are proudly available at Omnia Salon. Contact Omnia Salon now to book your appointment.

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Bellus Academy

Located in El Cajon, California, at 1073 E. Main St. Courses in advanced cosmetology, makeup artistry, aesthetics, and cosmetology are available. 

 Our clinic is styled like the posh salons and spas that welcome our visitors and serve as an inspiration to our pupils. 

Our highly qualified students provide a range of treatments, from precise haircuts to luxurious facials, all while working under the direct supervision of their professors. 

We are always adding new trends and treatments at lower pricing to our service offering.

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Prestige Beauty Studio

Our goal at Prestige Beauty Studio is to provide committed students with the tools they need to succeed in the fields of makeup artistry and eyelash extension services by giving them access to outstanding instructors, materials, and training in a fun and stimulating learning environment. 

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Palomar Institute of Cosmetology

In the San Marcos area of California, Palomar Institute of Cosmetology is a for-profit university. 

There are just 99 undergraduate students enrolled at this little school. 100% of applicants are accepted into the Palomar Institute of Cosmetology. 

Nail technician, cosmetology, and esthetician are common majors. The starting pay for graduates of the Palomar Institute of Cosmetology is $22,800.

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California Hair Design Academy

In the San Diego area of California, in the city of La Mesa, lies the for-profit California Hair Design Academy. With 77 undergraduate students, it is a modest institution. 

The admission rate for the California Hair Design Academy is 100 percent. Cosmetology, barbering, and esthetician and skin care are popular majors. Alumni of the California Hair Design Academy typically get a starting salary of $18,200.

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San Diego City College (SDCC)

San Diego City College (SDCC), which is a part of the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD), has a number of programs that can lead to jobs in cosmetology and beauty. 

The cosmetology certificate program helps you build business and customer service skills while preparing you to work as a cosmetologist. 

The program includes sequential cosmetology courses that must be finished before you can proceed, and it consists of lab lessons and lectures.

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Marinello Schools Of Beauty

The Marinello Schools of Beauty is in San Diego, California. Esthetician License, Cosmetology License, and Cosmetology/Babering are the most well-reviewed of the three certifications this institution provides. 

Depending on the certification, the length of time needed to finish this education course ranges from 8 hours to 12 months, with a typical completion time of 10 months. 

Depending on eligibility, Marinello Schools of Beauty tuition costs $5,000 to $22,000, with a $11,000 median fee.

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Paul Mitchell School

Each student at Paul Mitchell the School, San Diego, receives a complete cosmetology kit that includes an iPad so they can access anything they need while on the move.

Throughout the early stages of their academic careers, students collaborate closely with learning leaders and have the chance to join student teams. 

Each of these teams has a unique set of interests, from social media to sustainability, and they may assist students to improve the abilities they are trying to develop.

Additionally, there is a strong focus on practicing and learning in the school’s salon, which provides a wealth of practical experience.

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American Beauty Institute

The American Beauty Institute is the only college in San Diego that provides both programs if you’re interested in studying massage therapy in the city’s center.

The cosmetology degree offers training in both business and retail, so it’s a fantastic option if starting and running a salon is the student’s main objective.

However, because the American Beauty Institute is not a federally recognized institution, financial aid cannot be used to pay for it.

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How can I begin a career in the beauty sector?

You can enroll in a cosmetology training program at a community college or a cosmetology or beauty school. These programs can last anywhere from six months to two years. 

Whatever course you pick, be sure it has state approval for licensure requirements.

What distinguishes a cosmetologist from an esthetician?

An esthetician is a professional who does facials, suggests skin care products, and assesses their customers’ skin care requirements in order to analyze and beautify the skin. 

A cosmetologist deals with a broader spectrum of beauty than only the skin, including the hair, nails, and skin.

How long does it take to obtain a cosmetology license?

4- to 5-year period

Despite regional differences, it might take four to five years, excluding high school, to finish cosmetology instruction and obtain a license. It can take more time if you just study part-time.

Why do you want to become a cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist has a wide range of job options available to them. There are many various sectors you may learn about, including film, makeup artist, freelancing, hair removal, editorial, TV, beauty blogger/vlogger, and MORE! You can also train to work behind the chair, operate your own salon, teach, or work in these fields.

Is beauty treatment difficult?

Although working as a beauty therapist may seem beautiful, the job is quite demanding, and you will frequently have a very hectic schedule. However, it may be enjoyable and really fulfilling to spend your day making others feel wonderfully pampered or making sure you look beautiful.


If you’re looking for a new beauty school to pursue, San Diego has a lot to offer. Our city has been ranked as one of the best places in the world to study beauty thanks to its abundance of talent and resources. 

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose where your future will take you. 

We hope this article has helped narrow down your options and given you some insight into what makes San Diego such a great place for beauty education. 

Are there beauty schools in San Diego we missed that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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