20 Best Christian Schools In Alberta: Key Facts

For residents of Alberta who are looking for the best Christian schools in Alberta to enroll their ward(s) in, this article will prove to be very useful to you.

A comprehensive list of the top Christian schools in Alberta, their addresses and links to their websites are provided to you.

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Christian Schools in Alberta

Without wasting any more time, below is a list of Christian schools in Alberta, any one of which you can send your kid(s) to.

Airdrie Christian Academy

The ACA provides students with a Christ-centered discipleship program that makes an investment in their hearts, souls, and brains. Each student’s potential is being used to the fullest extent by their professors.

They offer a secure and nurturing setting that fosters a positive educational experience. In the family-centered environment of ACA, students respect their Christian community.

Each child is given individual attention as they develop strong literacy and numeracy skills and have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Address: Address: 77 Gateway Dr. NE, Airdrie, AB T4B 0J6, Canada

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Koinonia Christian School (Red Deer)

With a dedication to a Biblical standard of spiritual and intellectual excellence, this independent school authority runs four fully approved Christian school programs. They are fortunate to be able to assist families in Alberta who are homeschooling their children.

They hold that having parental responsibility for their children’s education is an unalienable privilege bestowed upon them by God. They also hold that every kid is created in the likeness of God and has special abilities and needs.

They have the privilege of offering parents who are looking for a Christian option with independent governance for their family’s educational needs.

Address: Address: 6014 57 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 4S9, Canada

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Prairie Christian Academy

For students in Preschool through Grade 12, Prairie Christian Academy (PCA) is a non-denominational Christian school. 

The school, which is situated in the picturesque town of Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, has an enrolment of about 350 students, a full-service dorm program, a thriving Fine Arts program, a competitive athletics program, and above all, a Christ-centered educational philosophy. 

You can learn more about the school’s activities, history, and ministries by visiting their website.

Address: Address: 411 11 Ave NE, Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0, Canada

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Lighthouse Christian Academy

When it comes to academics, character, ethics, values, and a knowledge of where students and parents belong in God’s Kingdom and His calling on their life, Lighthouse Christian Academy will continue to uphold a high standard of excellence.

In the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, students will be well-versed. They will be knowledgeable about art, music, literature, and history. By participating in community outreach, students will have the chance to put their God-given talents to use.

By preparing its students to serve as leaders in the community, Lighthouse Christian Academy will work to improve the area. Life lessons, wisdom, and practical knowledge will be acquired in a secure, non-threatening setting.

Address: Address: 4290 50 St, Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 0H3, Canada

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Living Waters Christian Academy

They promote active community involvement among its students. The school holds the view that God commands that we obey him, and that his spirit at work in our lives produces changed lives, starting with our own.

This belief can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, ranging from volunteering in the church nursery, building a school in Guatemala, and being kind and helpful at home.

Address: Address: 5 Grove Dr W, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3X8, Canada

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Hope Christian School

Grades one through twelve are taught at Hope Christian School (HCS), a Christian institution. The school is dedicated to addressing its students’ academic and spiritual requirements.

Their school office is in Champion, Alberta, and they provide a typical home education program through Hope at Home in addition to a full Christian education online through Hope Online.

Address: Address: 320 3 Ave N, Champion, AB T0L 0R0, Canada

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Other schools on this list can be found in the table below.

Bearspaw Christian School Address: 15001 69 St NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1C5, Canadawebsite  
Glenmore Christian Academy Address: 16520 24 St SW, Calgary, AB T2Y 4W2, CanadaWebsite  
Calgary Christian Schools Address: 2839 49 St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 3X9, CanadaWebsite  
Trinity Christian School Address: 295 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 2A8, CanadaWebsite  
Heritage Christian Academy Address: 2003 McKnight Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6L2, CanadaWebsite  
Olds Mountain View Christian School Address: Township 32360A, Range Rd 40, Olds, AB T4H 1P3, CanadaWebsite  
South Side Christian School Address: Alberta T4S 2B1, CanadaWebsite  
Grande Prairie Christian School Address: 8202 110 St, Grande Prairie, AB T8W 1M3, CanadaWebsite  
Meadowlark Christian School Address: 9825 158 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 2X4, CanadaWebsite  
Strathcona Christian Academy Secondary Address: 1011 Clover Bar Rd, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4V7, CanadaWebsite  
Yellowhead Koinonia Christian School Address: 430 72 St, Edson, AB T7E 1N3, CanadaWebsite  
Rocky Christian School Address: 5204 54 Ave, Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 1G9, CanadaWebsite  
Destiny Christian School Address: 37557 AB-2A, Red Deer, AB T4E 1S2, CanadaWebsite  
Parkland Immanuel Christian School Address: 5320 Edgemont Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6M 2P6, CanadaWebsite  

Benefits of Christian Education

There are many advantages associated with sending your kid to a Christian school and in this section of this article, we take a look at some of the benefits.

The Behavioral Advantages Were Investigated

According to the Council for American Private Education (CAPE), “Even though the academic performance was a key focus in the report, the study also looked into students ’ behavior and found an even greater benefit, or effect size, for religious schools.”

“Students who attend religious schools have less behavioral difficulties than their contemporaries, even after controlling for socioeconomic status, color, and gender,” Jeynes told CAPE. In religious schools, there are fewer gangs, fewer drugs, and more racial harmony than in public schools.

This results in safer schools, healthier students, and overall better outcomes for their future success.

Individualized Attention

Small class sizes combined with excellent educators allow your child to receive individualized attention that a public school simply cannot provide.

Your kid is more than a number. Each child is a valued human being with distinct gifts and talents that will be carefully nurtured in the classroom setting.

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They Put Character Development First

A Christian school can aid in the development of a child’s character at a stage when they are discovering who they are by integrating wisdom and knowledge into the curriculum.

A Christian school’s core principles include teaching morality, ethics, and character development in the context of the gospel. Christian schools incorporate volunteer opportunities into their curricula and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Your Child Is Taught the Bible

Your child will discover the truth about God’s Word in a Christian school, and they will use this foundation to begin all topics, including math, science, and history.

Even though it dates back thousands of years, the Bible is replete with timeless principles that can guide kids through the difficulties they face today.

Children who attend Christian schools are frequently exposed to Bible stories as early childhood, and as they learn and develop in school, Christian ideals become a part of their worldview.

With this knowledge, individuals can leave that institution with a deeper comprehension of their surroundings and an ability to connect it to the Bible.

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They Incorporate Prayer Into The Academic Day

Christian schools encourage group prayer as a daily practice, which is one of its advantages. While prayer helps us develop a close relationship with God, it also makes us feel closer to one another.

To create a supportive, welcoming learning atmosphere, teachers and students pray for one another in both happy and difficult moments. In all classrooms, dining spaces, weekly chapel sessions, and extracurricular activities, they practice prayer.

They Offer a Secure Spiritual and Emotional Environment

They work to promote a safe spiritual and emotional environment for your child in addition to their physical and mental growth. They will raise your child in a loving, secure environment with responsible, enthusiastic teachers and staff serving as role models because they do not accept bullying.

A Christian school offers a place where students can express their thoughts, embark on new adventures, and simply be themselves without fear of criticism.

How Many Christian Schools Are In Canada?

In Canada, there are over 40 Christian post-secondary institutions that grant degrees, diplomas, and certifications. Schools range in size from a few dozen to a few thousand pupils, but they collectively house more than 17,000 students.

What Are The 5 Types Of Schools In Alberta?

In Alberta, there are many different sorts of schools and programs. Publicly supported and tuition-free in Alberta are public schools, separate schools, schools for Francophone students, charter schools, and homeschooling.

How Many Schools Are In Alberta In Total?

379 school authorities

How Many Private Schools Are There In Alberta?

In Alberta, parents are free to let their children attend a private school of their choice. More than 180 schools are run by more than 150 private school authorities, which enroll more than 38,000 pupils.

Is Catholic School Free In Alberta?

The fact that Catholic education is publically sponsored in Alberta is a blessing. This implies that attending a Catholic school is free of charge.

Why Does Alberta Have A Catholic School System?

The community’s Catholic residents found a Catholic school because they wanted to instill Catholic Christian principles in their children’s education. The regulations of Alberta’s Province govern how Catholic schools are run.

Do You Need To Be A Catholic To Go To Catholic School?

It depends on the institution and its rules. Some Catholic schools favor students who are already members.

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