20 Best Flight Schools in Alberta-Cost & Requirements

To know the top and best flight schools in Alberta may require more than just how popular or often you hear the name. Hence this article is giving details and why the listed schools below are the top pilot schools in Alberta. 

So if you have the dream of flying around the world, going to exotic locations and more to be paid attractively for what you love to do. You should know the process involved to become a world-class pilot in Alberta. Check out the 10 top flight schools in Vancouver.

Are Pilots in demand in Canada?

Globally pilots are in demand. So if you are thinking of taking up pilot training, you are on the right track.  However, there is an increasing awareness campaign for people to join the Pilot in Canada. So this is the best time to get trained as a pilot.

The shortage of pilots in Canada is giving opportunities for international students to come and learn. Even though this may be an added cost, the pay for pilots will cover the tuition cost.

Hence everyone with a passion for flying should enroll. In addition, some schools, just like in the US, offer scholarship programs for those who pass the exams. Have you seen the 5 top flight schools In Edmonton?

What Are The Advantages of attending Aviation schools in Alberta?

One of the best provinces in Canada for education in Alberta. But enrolling in pilot training in Alberta has a lot of wonderful advantages.

The majority of Alberta’s pilot schools provide students with all the skills necessary to work as commercial pilots. Here are a few justifications for why you ought to think about enrolling in one of our institutions.

1. Majority of schools in Alberta offer top instructors with accreditation and most important decades of experience in flying aircraft. This provides students with high-quality training and instruction from industry experts.

2. These pilot schools in Alberta provide students with comfortable and state-of-the-art facilities including flight simulators and emulators.

With the help of these gadgets, students have a practicing ground to master what they have been taught without endangering actual aircraft.

The need for state-of-the-art facilities, technology and class activities cannot be argued.

Since students will meet them at the workplace. Luckily, most pilot schools in Alberta understand these needs.

3. The classroom activities are a replica of real-life experiences. Moreover, these pilot centers in Alberta are located close to airports.

This provides learners with a hands-on setting that is very beneficial for students.

This location provides students the opportunity to put their knowledge to use in real-life occasions.

What are the requirements for flying schools in Alberta?

The list of requirements for flying schools in the province of Alberta is long. They include having a valid certificate of approval from Transport Canada, being at least 16 years old, possessing a high school diploma, holding a category one aviation medical as issued by a Canadian civil aviation medical examiner (CAME), and being able to read, write and speak English.

The schools must have a valid certificate of approval and their instructors must be certified by the appropriate regulatory body.

This includes the College of Airline Pilots of Canada (CAPC), the Royal Aeronautical Society of Canada (RASC), the International Council of Commercial Aircraft Engineers (ICACE), the Association of Flight Instructors Inc., and the National Flying School Accreditation Board (NFSAB).

In the province of Alberta, there is a lengthy list of prerequisites for flying schools.

The regulations for flying schools in the province of Alberta are extensive.

The list of prerequisites for the flying school includes having a valid Transport Canada certificate of approval, with an age minimum of 16 years old, having a high school diploma, having a category one aviation medical as granted by a Canadian civil aviation medical examiner (CAME), and being able to read, write, and speak English.

The List of Top Schools In Alberta

We have put down the list of top schools in Alberta but in no particular order.

Solomon College

Solomon College is located in Edmonton, Alberta. Known as one of the most notable pilot schools in Alberta.

This institution provides pupils with a comprehensive education that will prepare them for a future in aviation.

Furthermore, they offer a firm basis for students to begin their journey into the realm of flying. Students learn how to fly airplanes safely and effectively while also navigating difficult airports.

The overall tuition cost of this school is $95,000 The philosophy of this institution stresses on the need of safety and professionalism.

Hence, Solomon College met up with the essentials in the aviation business and will prepare graduates for the employment market.

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Freedom Air Services & Training Ltd.

You don’t need to search farther for the best pilot school if you are staying here in Calgary, Alberta.

The school provides training for all levels of expertise, even though you are just getting started in flying. 

Furthermore, this is the only flight school that trains people with disabilities. So the school lives up to its philosophy of making training available for all.

The school provides training specifically for private pilot training and commercial pilot training.

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Excel Flight Training Inc.

This school ranks as one of the best schools in Alberta due to the numerous quality pilot training they have been offering over the years with huge success.

Fortunately, this school is kind to accept international students. In accordance with the Private Vocational Schools Act, the institution also has a license as a privately run, government-approved school that may instruct pupils up to grade 12.

So it is certain to gain mastery in the shortest possible time you spend in school.

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CFI Flight Academy

This school is one of the best schools in Alberta with over 20 years of experience in training students.

Their courses include Private Pilot Training, Commercial Pilot Training, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, Airline Transport Pilot Certification, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Aircraft Sales & Leasing, and many others. 

Fortunately, this academy offers offline training, and also has training for international students.

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Mountain View Helicopters

Students who want to learn how to fly helicopters should enroll at Calgary, Alberta’s Mountain View School of Flight Training.

This school is not only the best pilot school but the best Helicopter school in Alberta.

Hence students interested in learning how to fly helicopters should enroll in training programs offered by this institution. 

The courses ranging from Basic Heli Pilot Course, Advanced Private Pilot Course, Commercial Certificate I & II, and Advanced Multi-Engine Instructor Course are among the four courses they provide.

All courses are designed to accommodate all learners who desire to get experience flying both fixed-wing and rotary-winged aircraft.

Truly, a variety of flying possibilities are available via the Mountain View School of Flight training, including teaching, charter flights, aerial photography, air ambulance missions, crop dusting, law enforcement, firefighting, and leisure usage.

Their instructors have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in teaching others how to fly helicopters safely.

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Edmonton Flying Club

Learning how to fly from a pilot club is adventurous, affordable, and provides adequate learning with unlimited access to renowned professionals.

Among the flying clubs in Alberta, the Edmonton Flying Club has recordings of huge success in passing the licensing exam. 

This aviation school is ranked as one of the best in Alberta for its community contribution in providing quality and fun pilot training in Canada.

In addition, students are offered membership in the club, which becomes useful in gaining opportunities and upskilling in the piloting career.

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Adventure Aviation Inc

Adventure Aviation school provides the ideal opportunity if you want to learn to fly for a living or are simply wanting to have some fun.

With over 20 years in teaching, the school has state of art facilities and provides hands-on training for all.

Moreover, the school understands that not everyone has prior knowledge of flying, hence their curriculum is structured to accept all levels.

 Amazingly, these flight schools provide a variety of programs, such as simulator training, instrument ratings, multi-engine ratings, and ground school.

So if you are in Grande Prairie, Alberta, locating this school won’t be a problem.

In this pilot school no student is left out, even international students once they have met the requirement.

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Centennial Flight Centre

The Centennial Flight Centre is one of the best schools in Alberta, offering top-notch instruction.

With over 35 years of expertise, the school takes pride in producing one of the best pilots in Canada and one of the highest graduating students. 

With the training obtained from this school, one can work as an air traffic controller, teacher, technician, and engineer.

They build on impacting their students with everything and all resources available. 

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Kanata Aviation Training

This is one of few affordable schools in Alberta. The school also offers a variety of pilot training in a conducive training environment.

The school builds on making the flying dreams come true for people aspiring to become professional aviators, 

The tuition fees are on average of $15,000. This varies with the choice, of course, you opt-in for.

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Edmonton Soaring Club

Consider joining the Edmonton Soaring Club if you’re seeking flying instruction in Alberta, Canada. The club provides both individual training and group sessions.

There is a provision of a variety of courses, including cross-country flights, night flying, advanced soaring, and basic flying. They also instruct pupils in glider operations.

There are two sections to the pilot courses: ground school and flying training. As a student, you will be taught well and not just to pass your exam, and importantly you will be a pilot with safety as your priority. 

To gain their certificate, candidates for ESC must succeed on a written exam, a physical exam, and a flying review. Luckily the price of tuition is $4,000 making it one of the most affordable flight school in Alberta.

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BDA Flight Training Ltd

BDA Flight Training caters to Private Aircraft Owners. Locate in Calgary, Alberta, they have extensive experience in operating at Calgary’s two major airports.

However, their staff have flown across British Columbia, The Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and the USA, accumulating untold flight hours of experience in various geographical areas.

BDA Flight Training specialised in ground school instruction and tutoring services. For specific subjects or examination prep, they can help. Online and study assignments provided.

Their instructors have years of experience in commercial aviation, charter pilots, airline industry, Flight dispatching, and military background.

They offer Fixed-wing & Helicopter Ground School as well as Flight Dispatcher ground school.

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Calgary Flight Training Centre

Calgary Flight Training Centre is an industry leader in training professional pilots and enthusiasts alike.

Whether you want to become a weekend warrior or a professional pilot, Calgary Flight Training Centre offers programs to suit your needs.

CFTC is the only school in southern Alberta with an airplane of this caliber available for rent or for training.

It will enable them to remain a leader in professional flight training, giving their customers valuable glass cockpit time that the airlines are looking for.

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Calgary Flying Club

  • Springbank Airport155A MacLaurin DriveCalgary T3Z 3S4Canada

Located along the spectacular foothills of the Canadian Rockies, the Calgary Flying Club has been a hub of aviation activity, friendship and learning since 1927.

Members come from all over the world for comradeship, training opportunities, and access to a diverse fleet of rental aircraft.

The Calgary Flying Club is located at the Springbank Airport which is a five-minute drive west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Club is nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and only a short drive from Banff National Park.

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Cooking Lake Aviation Academy

  • Cooking Lake Airport69, 51401 Range Road 221Sherwood Park T8E 1H1Canada

At Cooking Lake they offer Transport Canada licenses, permits and ratings to their candidates that will allow the candidate to fly and work in ICAO licensed states.

Training at Cooking Lake will be a very rewarding experience for persons wishing to make a career in aviation because of their local training facilities available to all of their students.

The Cooking Lake area is located in Class G Airspace (Un-Controlled Airspace) allowing for their students to start their training immediately after takeoff.

Their practice area is a mere 10 minutes away where we can climb up to as high as 9500 feet in uncontrolled airspace and conduct our upper-level practice maneuvers as required.

Once the candidate has progressed passed the upper-level air work requirements (stalls, spins, spiral dives, etc.) and is ready to start practicing in controlled airspace the Edmonton (Class C) Airspace is a mere one-minute flight time from Cooking Lake.

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Mount Royal University (Aviation)

  • 4825 Mount Royal Gate SWCalgary T3E 6K6Canada

Mount Royal University is a two-year Aviation Diploma course. The hangar is located at the Springbank Airport and classes are held on campus at Mount Royal.

After graduating from the two-year program — which is certified by Transport Canada — students will hold a Canadian Commercial Pilot License, supplemented by both night and multi-engine instrument ratings.

Some courses in the Aviation Diploma are transferable to the prestigious degree program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the United States, the only aviation-oriented university in the world.

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Prairie School of Mission Aviation

  • 330 5th Ave NEThree Hills T0M 2N0Canada

Prairie School of Mission Aviation is to learn to use one of the most effective missionary tools of the last century to transport the love of Christ into the remote corners of the world.

Extraordinary conditions require pilots with extraordinary levels of skill, dedication, and discipline.

True to Prairie’s missions-focused training, their team of staff includes missionaries with invaluable field experience–something not emphasized in other flight programs.

Prairie’s program exceeds Transport Canada’s requirements by continuing to develop new skills throughout the entire program.

Faculty Instructing staff includes people who have experience both in North American Commercial Aviation and in overseas Mission Aviation. They are easily accessible at no extra cost to you.

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Springbank Air Training College

  • Springbank Airport132 MacLaurin DriveCalgary T3Z 3S4Canada

Regardless of the type of training and overall goal you have, Springbank Air Training College Ltd. can help you attain it!

They have trained pilots in various skills, from Recreational to advanced Commercial and Multi-Engine I.F.R. If your career goal is to fly for a charter company or major airline, allow them to provide you with top-quality training from professional instructors at unbeatable prices.

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Wetaskwin Air Services

  • Wetaskiwin Regional AirportWetaskiwin T9A 2G2Canada

Wetaskiwin Air Services is a respected flight training and aircraft maintenance facility located in Wetaskiwin, Alberta with over thirty years in operation.

Their location allows them to serve customers from Edmonton and the rest of Central Alberta effectively.

Flight Training Services are offered by a passionate and qualified team of instructors who ensure student safety remains the top priority.

Flexible schedules accommodate all types of student lifestyles as ground school can be taken in regular weekly scheduled classes, at an accelerated pace on weekends, and even online!

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  • Red Deer Regional AirportRed Deer T4S 2E8Canada

BearAir offers pilot training on our Piper Supercub or you can train on your own aircraft! Obtain your Recreational Pilot Permit, Private and Commercial Pilot Licenses, Night and Instrument Ratings, Tail-wheel Endorsements, Ski Training, and Mountain Flying Courses.

They are a very small school and only offer part-time training. 

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How long does it take to become a pilot in Alberta?

The curriculum to become a pilot in Alberta requires the completion of 80 hours of ground school and 65 hours of flight training.

However, the school curriculum may affect this. Which is usually in favor of the trainee.

Since the aviation industry is a delicate one, most schools are devoted to producing the best pilot for takeoff planes.

What Is The Maximum Age To Apply For Pilot Schools In Alberta?

Being 18 years old is the initial prerequisite for obtaining a pilot’s license. However, in Alberta, you can begin training from 16.

On the other hand, the maximum age for obtaining a pilot’s license is 65. Hence, it is advisable one start on time before the age of retardation.

How Much Is Pilot School In Canada?

The average cost for pilot training in Canada is on average $40,000. However, the cost of becoming a pilot in Canada varies with location, choice of training and school.

The cost above covers the whole amount you will spend while getting the training and certificate. If your center is using 6-10months for the training, then the amount will be reduced. It will also be important to know that taking up aviation is not cheap.

However, the rewards are exceptional. Like having tax breaks, and getting the median salary of $43,780.

Which Province In Canada is Best For Flight Training?

Canada has 10 provinces. Due to the population and a good number of Alberta. Moreover, you will get an affordable rate in Alberta. 

Edmonton and Calgary are the powerhouses of pilot schools in Alberta. These 2 states are located in Alberta. Hence, if you stay or have the opportunity to go to school in Alberta you should make do with it. 

Does one Need A Degree To Become A Pilot in Alberta?

What is required from you is a pilot’s license. Hence you need to pass the certification exam. However, there are some prerequisites before you are admitted to flight school. These include being 17 years, having a high school certificate, etc. 

You must have completed the designated flight and ground hours for your course. This would permit you to take the pilot exam.

So you don’t necessarily need a degree to become a pilot in Alberta. Do you have questions regarding the flight schools in Alberta? Please comment below.

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