10 Top Flight Schools in Vancouver-Tuition & Requirements

Vancouver is one of Canada’s largest cities and is home to several flight training schools. These flight schools in Vancouver offers students an opportunity to learn how to fly airplanes while earning their pilot licenses.

There are several reasons why will want to pursue a career in aviation. Below are some of the benefits of being a pilot in Canada.

The Benefit of Being A Pilot In Canada

  1. High Pay

Pilot salaries vary depending on the type of aircraft you fly and the company you work for. However, the median salary for pilots is $100,000 per year.

  1. Flexible Hours

You can choose when to work and when to rest. Many airlines allow pilots to work flexible hours so they can spend time with their families.

  1. Career Growth

Aviation careers typically grow over time. As technology advances, newer planes are introduced and pilots must learn how to operate these new models.

  1. Job Security

Many airlines are struggling financially right now. Pilots are among the safest jobs in the industry.

Other Benefits

Most airlines provide excellent medical coverage, retirement plans, and tuition assistance. They also offer generous vacation days and sick leave.

Requirements To Study Aviation In Vancouver Canada

Canada is home to some of the finest training schools and facilities in the world. Its educational system is valued and it offers competitive tuition fees. In addition, the country has a strong reputation for providing high-quality training.

Competitive tuition fees: the Canadian dollar is lower, making Canada cheaper by about 30% compared to other European countries.

Flight schools in Canada are different from those in the US. They require different documents, look for certain skills and experience levels, and want you to speak English. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Canadian Aviation Program offers three main types of student pilot licenses; private pilot license (PPL), commercial pilot license (CPL), and airline transport pilot license (ATPL). To obtain a PPL you must hold a valid Canadian medical certificate and meet the age requirement of 18 years old. In addition, you must complete 12 months of flight training under supervision and pass a written knowledge test.

However, this requirement varies on the kind of pilot license you are aiming for.

Best Flight Schools In Vancouver, Canada

There are several flight schools in Vancouver, Canada. These schools offer the best pilot training in Vancouver. These schools offer students an opportunity to learn about aviation and gain experience flying different types of aircraft. 

Some schools require students to pass a test before receiving pilot training certification, while others allow students to enroll immediately.

Here are the best flight schools in Vancouver, Canada:

Professional Flight Center

Tuition Cost: $20,700

School website

The school has an international reputation, has drawn students from across the globe, and makes the training program one of the most diverse in the country.

Moreover, the instructors in the school are among the best in Canada, offering customized training tailored to your individual needs. The school also boosts a comprehensive and engaging daily ground school which provides the foundation for the training program.

Fort Langley Air

Tuition Cost: $20,930

School website

At Fort Langley Air Flight Schools, students learn how to fly planes through classroom instruction and practical training.

This includes ground school lessons, simulator training, and actual flights in real planes. Students who complete the program receive a certificate of completion and a pilot license.

The school offers private pilot training, instrument rating courses, commercial pilot training, and flight instructor certification. So if you have not decided, going to this school will give you options to choose from.

They also offer scholarships and financial aid packages. So if you’ve got the skills, they’ve got the program for you!

Canada Aviation Academy

Tuition Cost: $7,045

School website

If you’re looking to learn to fly, consider enrolling at Canada Aviation Academy. This school has hands-on training programs in fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and gliders.

They offer courses ranging from private pilot licenses to commercial pilot certificates.

Students who complete the program receive a certificate of completion. Students may also be eligible for scholarships based on financial need.

Canadian Flight Centre

Tuition Cost: $4,500

School website

Canada is a great place to learn to fly. There are many flight schools in Vancouver, BC, including the Canadian Flight Centre School.

There are two types of flight training programs available at the Canadian Flight Centre School. The first type is called Part 141 (Pilot License) and requires approximately 1,500 hours of flying experience. This program is designed for those who already hold a pilot license.

The second type is called Private Pilot Certificate and requires approximately 2,000 hours of flying experience. The goal of this program is to teach students how to become private pilots.

Both programs include classroom instruction, ground school, and flight training. Students must pass written exams and practical tests to receive their certificates.

Students may enroll in either program during any month of the year. However, there is a minimum enrollment period of six months before graduation.

Flight training includes lessons in aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, instrumentation, and aircraft operation. Students learn how to land safely, navigate through clouds, and perform emergency procedures. They also study weather patterns, air traffic control regulations, and airport operations.

After completing the coursework, students take a series of written and practical examinations. These tests cover topics such as aeronautical knowledge, aircraft systems, and aviation law.

Upon successful completion of these courses, students receive a certificate of proficiency.

International Flight Centre

Tuition Cost: $18,700

School website

If you’re looking for international flight training, International Flight Centre (IFC) is the place to go. They offer private pilot lessons, commercial pilot training, instrument rating courses, and flight instructor training.

They’ve been providing quality aviation services since 1989 and have trained thousands of pilots worldwide. Their instructors are highly qualified and experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching others to fly.

Their goal is to help students achieve their dream of becoming professional pilots. To accomplish this, they strive to create a safe environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and learning at their own pace.

Students learn through hands-on experience flying real aircraft, not just simulators. This allows them to develop the skills needed to safely operate different types of planes.

One Sky Aviation

Tuition Cost: not specified

School website

One Sky Aviation School offers training programs for pilots who wish to become drone pilots.

Students learn to fly at One Sky Aviation since the school pride is one of the best places where learning to fly is enjoyable and safe. They also offer a relaxed atmosphere where students feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes.

They teach practical skills that translate directly to real-life situations. Furthermore, their curriculum includes preflight briefings, weather briefings, preflight inspections, cross-country flights, night landings, emergency procedures, and many others.

Their goal is to help each student develop his/her style of flying. We strive to create a positive environment where students can grow as individuals and as pilots.

Langley Flying School

Tuition Cost: $7,000

School website

Vancouver is home to Langley Flying School, where students learn to fly in small aircraft. The school offers lessons for beginners through advanced training. Students can take flying lessons at any age, including children and seniors.

Students who complete the course receive a pilot’s license and certificate. They may also be eligible for a commercial pilot’s license after completing additional training.

At Langley Flying School, students learn to fly in Cessna 172 airplanes. The school provides instruction in basic aerobatics, instrument flying, formation flying, and night flying.

Students must pass a written test and a practical exam before receiving their pilot’s license.

To become a student pilot, applicants need to be 16 years old and have completed 12th grade. To apply for a private pilot’s license, applicants must be 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license.

Montair Aviation

Tuition Cost: $17,600

School website

Montair Aviation School offers flight training programs for pilots who wish to become commercial airline pilots.

The program consists of two phases; Phase 1 includes ground school instruction and phase 2 involves flying lessons at Montair Aviation.

Students must be 18 years of age or older and hold a valid medical certificate. Students receive instruction through classroom lectures, hands-on practice sessions, and practical application exercises. Classes are held Monday through Friday during the day and evening hours.

Bellingham Aviation Services

Tuition Cost: 6,650

School website

Bellingham Aviation Services (BAS) offers flight training programs at its Bellingham Airport location. BAS provides students with the opportunity to learn to fly through private instruction, flight lessons, and flight training.

Students may enroll in the Basic Pilot Program, Private Pilot Program, Instrument Rating Program, Multi-Engine Rating Program, Commercial Pilot License Program, Airline Transport Pilot License Program, or Aircraft Maintenance Technician Certificate Program. The BAS program is designed to meet the needs of individuals interested in learning to fly.

The BAS program consists of ground school classes, flight training, and testing. Ground school classes include classroom lectures and practical exercises.

Flight training includes solo flights, dual instruction, instrument flying, cross-country flights, and night flying. Testing includes written exams, oral interviews, and flight tests.

All BAS courses are taught by experienced instructors who hold current pilot certificates. Instructors teach students to use aircraft instruments, navigate, land safely, and perform emergency procedures.

They also instruct students on aeronautical knowledge, including weather conditions, air laws, airport operations, and radio communications.

Vancouver Aviation College

Tuition Cost: $5,780

School website

The academy is located at the beautiful Port McNeill Airport in British Columbia, Canada. VAC offers flight training courses ranging from private pilot lessons to commercial pilot licenses.

VAC is a great place to learn to fly because there are no prerequisites to take flying lessons. There are no age requirements either. Students who are interested in learning to fly can enroll in any of our classes.

VAC provides students with the opportunity to obtain their Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Multi-Engine Landplane Rating (MELR), Helicopter Rating (HELR), Glider Rating (GLSR), and Ultralight Rating (ULTR).

VAC is committed to providing quality flight training services to its students. To ensure this commitment, we maintain strict standards of safety and professionalism. We strive to create a safe environment where students feel comfortable and confident during their flight training experience.


Before choosing a Flight school in Vancouver, you should choose the right career path. This means if you fancy being a commercial pilot, then finding the right school won’t be a problem. Because most pilot schools are specialists in one to three filed.

Becoming a pilot in Canada isn’t easy. There are many requirements you must meet before becoming one. You must pass a test, complete training, earn credits, and pay fees. But it doesn’t end there. 

Once you become a licensed pilot, you still have to maintain your license. This includes renewing your medical certificate every three years, keeping up with flight hours, and maintaining your currency rating. To fly internationally, you’ll have to take another exam and obtain special certification.


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