16 Top Dental Schools in Boston:Best Programs Offered

Oral well-being to a large extent is connected to general well-being. Dental cleanliness is very necessary to keep up with or increase the general wellbeing, prosperity, and active results for people encountering dental illness.

Dental professionals evaluate patients for indications of oral infections and blood-borne microbes, uncover dental radiographs, perform cleanings, and give other preventive dental considerations. They likewise instruct patients on ways of improving and keeping up with great oral well-being. 

Dental schools in Boston are known for offering professional courses, programs, and training to students to a very great extent. This article contains a list of some of the top reputable dental schools in Boston.

What Does A Dentist Do?

As a dentist, you are a significant piece of the health group. Dentists are authorized experts who give oral medical care administrations, for example, teeth cleaning, assessment of oral wellbeing, fluoride therapies, sealants, and x-beams.

Dental hygienists are probably the most popular medical care laborers in the United States.

The professional standpoint of American dental hygienists is great with an expected yearly development pace of 20% and a normal compensation of roughly $75,000 each year. 

Dental cleanliness is a remunerating vocation that permits you to communicate with a huge populace of patients and work on their oral wellbeing and general prosperity.

Where Can A Dentist /Dental Hygienist Work?

Upon successful completion of a dental program, Students can wind up working in different settings, including:

  • Private Dental Practices
  • Public Health Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Health Clinics
  • Government organizations like military establishments
  • Schools

The List of Some Top Dental Schools in Boston

As a dental hygienist, you can help put a confident smile on people. Dental practitioners are key members that have a constructive outcome in individual lives.

Tufts University – School Of Dental Medicine 

Tufts University – School of Dental Medicine (TUSDM) has been a paragon of academic and clinical excellence for over 150 years. They have earned a reputation as one of the elite dental schools in the world and the best dental clinics in New England. 

Tufts University’s School of Dental Medicine students, faculty, staff, researchers, and alumni have shaped the history of the school and the profession since 1868.

Students receive a comprehensive education that emphasizes the importance of didactic coursework, pre-clinical training, clinical experience, and practice management that prepares them to enter the workforce as confident, proficient clinicians.

Academic Departments

  • Department of Comprehensive Care

  • Department of Diagnostic Sciences

  • Department of Endodontics

  • Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Department of Orthodontics

  • Department of Pediatric Dentistry

  • Department of Periodontology

  • Department of Prosthodontics

  • Department of Public Health and Community Service

Boston University – Henry M Goldman School Of Dental Medicine 

Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine offers state-of-the-art dental care through teaching clinics and faculty practice. Emphasizing preventive and restorative dentistry, experienced dentists, hygienists, and students provide a range of patient services at the school’s Patient Treatment Centers.

Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (SDM) offers predoctoral and postdoctoral programs: the DMD and advanced certificates and degrees in numerous specialties.

Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine is dedicated to educating leaders in dentistry, and they offer rigorous programs that give a firm theoretical foundation and experience with current best practices.

Programs And Degrees

  • Dental medicine 

  • Dental Public Health

  • Digital Dentistry
  • Endodontics

  • Geriatric Dental Medicine 

  • Operative Dentistry

  • Oral Biology

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

  • Pediatric Dentistry

  • Periodontology

  • Combined CAGS Programs

  • Prosthodontics

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Harvard School Of Dental Medicine

Located in the heart of Boston’s Longwood Medical Area, Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) ranks as one of the preeminent schools of dental medicine in the country.

HSDM educates clinicians, educators, researchers, and leaders in the profession; boasts core strength in musculoskeletal-disease research; and, offers students public health opportunities in local communities and across the globe.

HSDM is the only school at Harvard that offers direct patient care, along with the Harvard Dental Center.  

In a unique educational model that believes that oral health and primary care are interchangeable, HSDM pre-doctoral students (DMD) study clinical medicine with Harvard medical students.

They also pursue additional years of intensive, interdisciplinary clinical science education at HSDM and affiliated sites.

HSDM graduates make their mark in prevention, discovery, and practice as they work to improve the health and well-being of local and global populations. 

Academic Departments

  • Developmental Biology

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology

  • Oral Medicine, Infection, and Immunity

  • Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences

  • DMD Program

  • Advanced Graduate Education Programs

  • Research Academy at HSDM and the Forsyth Institute

  • PhD in Biological Sciences in Dental Medicine

  • Continuing Professional Education

Massachusetts College Of Pharmacy And Health Sciences – Forsyth School Of Dental Hygiene

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) – Forsyth School Of Dental Hygiene, has been educating future healthcare leaders for nearly 200 years.

Working with the latest technology in a renowned clinic, students learn to use dental instruments and detailed knowledge to routinely assess patients for their risk of disease. 

Students graduate as health professionals dedicated to meeting the oral health needs of a diverse public, making ethical decisions, and providing high-quality patient-centered care.

All Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene — Accelerated

  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene 

  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene 

  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene 

  • Master of Science in Dental Hygiene

  • Graduate Certificate in Oral Health Professions Education

MCPHS has partnered with other leading institutions to support the Center for Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health (CIPCOH).

The Forsyth Dental Hygiene Program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, American Dental Association.

Boston Community College

The mission of The Bristol Dental Hygiene Program is to prepare students to begin professional dental hygiene practice upon graduation.

Students can develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and judgment through a variety of experiences in both the classroom and clinic.

The development of independent critical thinking is also stressed, creating a collaborative process in which faculty members, students, and patients participate.

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Cape Cod Community College 

The Dental Hygiene Program at Cape Cod Community College is a fully accredited program that prepares students for a career in dental hygiene. 

Working with skilled professionals in our state-of-the-art clinical environment, students graduate with an Associate in Science Degree and join the ranks of health care professionals who are in high demand.

They offer a Dental Hygiene Program degree program that prepares students to become dental hygienists who are preventive oral health professionals prepared to provide services to the public.

This degree also prepares the student for more advanced educational opportunities in the healthcare field.

Click here for More Program Information: Dental Hygiene Program Overview

Middlesex Community College

The Middlesex Community college offers associate degrees in 

  • Dental Assisting
  • Dental Hygiene and
  • Dental Laboratory Technology 

As well as a certificate program in Dental Assisting.

The Dental Degree program provides the skills and knowledge necessary and prepares students to perform some clinical procedures on patients. Students also gain knowledge of the legal provisions and regulations pertinent to the Massachusetts Dental Practice Act and dental auxiliary utilization. 

Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the Dental Assisting National Board exam (DANB), which awards the credential of Certified Dental Assistant. 

Accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association.

Quinsigamond Community College

At Quinsigamond, Community College students receive a thorough background in the sciences and dental hygiene subjects. They learn and practice their clinical skills in a modern, on-campus dental hygiene clinic.


  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Assisting

The Dental Assisting Certificate program prepares graduates to perform a wide range of patient care duties in the dental office. 

The Dental Hygiene Program prepares students to enter the profession of dental hygiene providing dental health care services for preventive oral health services.

As licensed health care professionals, dental hygienists promote total health through the maintenance of optimum oral health.

Regis College

Regis College is a Catholic university in Weston, Massachusetts. Regis provides an academically rigorous education with offerings in the schools of nursing, arts and sciences, business and communication, and health sciences.


  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Hygiene Degree (AS and BS)

Regis College’s dental hygiene program (formerly the Mount Ida dental hygiene program) offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees for students who are passionate about helping patients improve and maintain good oral health. 

As one of the preeminent dental hygiene programs, students receive a foundation in biomedical sciences and gain practical training experience in Regis College Dental Center.

Furthermore, the program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

Springfield Technical Community College 

Springfield Technical Community College is devoted to helping students achieve their academic goals. As the only technical community college, they have a remarkably extensive selection of degree and certificate programs (Over 75).

They offer options in business, engineering, health, liberal arts, science and technology. 

They also offer a list of online classes that are designed to meet the needs of recent high school graduates as well as returning adult students. 

Dental Degrees And Programs

  • Dental Assistant Certificate
  • Dental Hygiene Degree

These programs are accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association.

Northern Essex Community College 

At NECC, their mission is to educate and inspire students to succeed, by providing a welcoming environment focused on teaching and learning.

They are strongly committed to unlocking the potential within each student and empowering a diverse community of learners to meet their individual goals. 

Certificate Programs

Mount Wachusett Community College 

Mount Wachusett is a public college located in Gardner, Massachusetts. Popular majors include Nursing, Business, Liberal Arts and Humanities. 


  • Dental Education
  • Dental Hygiene Degree 
  • Dental Assisting Certificate 

The Dental Education Programs at Mount Wachusett Community College provides students with the opportunity to earn a Dental Assisting Certificate or an Associate of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.

Upon completion of either program, students are prepared for positions in various dental healthcare settings. 

During the study, students will develop skills and competencies to prepare for state and national licensure exams.

Cape Cod Community College 

Cape Cod Community College is a public college located in Barnstable Town, Massachusetts. Popular majors include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Nursing, and Business. 


  • Dental Hygiene

The Dental Hygiene Program at Cape Cod Community College is a fully accredited program that prepares students for a career in dental hygiene. 

Working with skilled professionals in a state-of-the-art clinical environment, students graduate with an Associate in Science Degree and join the ranks of health care professionals who are in high demand.

Lincoln Technical Institute 

Lincoln Tech – Somerville is a for-profit college located in Somerville, Massachusetts in the Boston Area.  Popular majors include Medical Assistant, Dental Assisting, Massage Therapy and Bodywork. 

Lincoln Tech’s institute provides students with hands-on technical skills for support roles as Dental Assistants, Medical Assistants, and Medical Secretaries. 

As part of the Lincoln Group of Schools, they offer over 70 years of experience supporting students in the pursuit of rewarding, patient-focused careers. 


  • Dental Assistant 

Southeastern Technical Institute 

Southeastern Tech Inst. is a public college located in Easton, Massachusetts in the Boston Area. Popular majors include Licensed Practical Nurse Training (LPN), Medical Assistant, and HVAC and Refrigeration Engineering Technician. 

They aim at providing a high-quality and educationally sound environment that includes the essential components of industry, state and national approval and accreditation standards.


  • Dental Assisting

The Dental Assisting Program is an intense nine-month experience that exposes the student to all areas of the Dental Assisting profession. 

Charles H Mccann Technical School

McCann Tech is a public college located in North Adams, Massachusetts. Popular majors include Licensed Practical Nurse Training (LPN), Surgical Technologist, and Cosmetology.

McCann Technical School opened in October 1962 and has a mission to graduate technically skilled, academically prepared, and socially responsible individuals ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

McCann Technical School is committed to being the leader in quality technical education and academic achievement in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


  • Dental Assisting

This program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. Commission on Dental Accreditation.


Dentists are in great demand. It is a profession with security, assortment, prestige and regard – factors esteemed in the work environment. 

The need for maintaining natural teeth for the aged and preventive dental care for the younger generation has increased the demand for dental services.

Job opportunities can be found in private and gathering firms, facilities inside nearby medical clinics, in the armed services, as an educator in a dental program, or even more. What are your thoughts on these dental schools in Boston? Please let us know in the comment section if any school is missing.

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