10 Best Driving schools in Alberta & Their Cost

Getting a driver’s license is one of the important things that an adult needs to do. Every adult needs to learn driving skills and learn the rules and regulations on the road.

One of the reasons you need to go to a driving school is to avoid road accidents which can result in damage to a car, injury or even death.

From the World Health Organization records, nearly 1.3 million people die from road traffic crashes only.

Now, this is a huge figure when we have about 7.9 billion people worldwide. This means that nearly 1% of the world’s population dies each year from road traffic accidents.

To avoid and minimize road accidents on the road, every person needs to learn road traffic regulations and every driver needs to go to proper driving schools to get a driver’s education.

We have gone through the lists of Driving Schools in Alberta and sorted out the best driving schools that will teach you what you need to learn to be a road-worthy driver.

Licensed Driving Schools in Alberta

121 Driving School Calgary 

One2One Driving School Calgary is one of the best driving schools in Calgary.

They focus on training you to become responsible, safe and confident on the road. They have trained over 5000+ people in the past 20 years and still training.

Their instructors are professionals who have gained experience on the road and have been extensively trained on the importance of driving skills.

One2One offers driver licenses of all class 5 drivers.

Some Driving Skills to learn in One2One are:

  • Hazard Recognition
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Speed Management
  • Space Management
  • Distracted and Impaired Driving

Courses and Payments include:

  • Class 5 Basic Driving Course – costs from $577.50 – $682.50
  • Insurance Reduction Course – costs from $525 – $630
  • Brush up Course – costs $120 for 2 hours

121 Driving School Calgary is open from Monday to Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00pm. 

Safetrack Driving School LTD

 Safetrack Driving School is located in Edmonton. They train drivers to be aware of their surroundings and to gain confidence on the road. They have advanced courses tailored to give you the best skills you need in driving.

Safetrack Driving School has trained over 10,000 people in the past 15 years. They offer Class 5 GDL and Non-GDL & Class 4 driver’s license.

Some of their courses and prices

  • Class 5 GDL Insurance Reduction Program (Online Classroom) – $651.00
  • Class 5 GDL Insurance Reduction Program (Manual Transmission) – $808.50
  • Class 5 Non-GDL Insurance Reduction Program (Automatic Transmission) – $420.00
  • Class 5 Non-GDL Insurance Reduction Program (Manual Transmission) – $514.50
  • Online Defensive Driving Program (Get Rid of 3 Demerit Points) – $126.00
  • Online Novice Classroom-15 hours – $105.00
  • In-Car Lessons Only Program – $577.50 – $735.00
  • In-Car Training per Session – $63.00/hr. – $73.50/hr.
  • Car Availability for Road Test- $73.50 – $94.60

iDrive Alberta Driver Education Inc.

iDrive Alberta is located in Calgary. iDrive provides you with driving skills for life, they teach you how to drive in adverse weather conditions, and navigate through different surfaces and different roads.

They teach you Proactive driving skills that will equip you with the right knowledge on what to do when faced with hazardous situations on the road.

One beautiful thing about iDrive is that they provide you with Insurance Reduction Certificate.

An Insurance Reduction Certificate is the certificate you get upon completion of any course at iDrive that lets you get a good discount from Insurance companies.

This certificate proves to a great extent the excellent driver you are and that you can maintain a good driving record.

Some of their courses include:

  • Programs for Class 7 Learners or Class 5 GDL drivers – $595 – $1110

  • Full Class 5 Advance License Holders – $395

  • Brush up course – $130 – $540

  • Winter Driving – $130 – $330

Alberta Driving School

This driving school is located in Edmonton. Alberta driving school has branches in Sherwood Park, Nisku, Leduc, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan.

They have courses well curated to turn you into a confident driver.

Their tutors are professionals who understand the nervousness of first-time drivers and are patient in turning them confident on the wheel.

Alberta Driving School provides quality courses at affordable prices, you are assured more value for your money as you take their course.  They offer a Class 5 Driving License.

Some of their courses include:

  • Defensive driving (In group) – $149
  • Defensive Driving Course (on demand, individual) $200
  • Full course – $535
  • Online Course – $549
  • Extended Full Course – $699 – $1099

ONS Driving School

ONS driving school is located in Edmonton. ONS driving school was started by Mr. Pardeep Kumar in Edmonton and they have branches in Sherwood Park, Beaumont & Fort Saskatchewan. This is a driving school for everybody. 

They provide exclusive training that is intensive and friendly. 

Some of their courses include:

  • Car for basic road test – $65
  • Their other courses depend on hours and they range between $50 – $1070
  1. Direct Driving School

Direct Driving School is located in the heart of Rosedale. Their courses equip students with roadworthy skills that will help them maintain a good driving record. Students here are taught to take notice of little things on the road and to focus all attention on driving.

Their training starts from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 12:15 pm – Morning classes

6:00pm – 9:15pm – Evening classes

Some of the courses they offer include

  • Virtual Class and behind the wheel – $340
  • Virtual class only – $160
  • Driving lessons – $50 per hour
  • MVA Test (Essex) – $130
  • MVA Test (Belair) – $150
  • Driver Improvement – $70
  • Alcohol & Drug Edu – $70

Astro Driving School

Astro Driving School is located in Calgary. This is a driving school for all ages and where you can get various certifications.

They understand that a car can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of an untrained driver, and that is why they are interested in making sure all their students pass their driving test with good driver ethics and discipline.

They have courses that range from $75 – $1100 depending on the number of hours.

Westhills Driving schools

Westhills driving school is located in Calgary. It focuses on equipping its students with the skills necessary for a smooth ride.

They take you on in-class driver training on the busy city streets to get real-life experiences on how to drive.

Some of their courses include:

  • Non-GDL Class 5 DL Insurance Reduction certificate course – $440 – $1275
  • Safe driving/ Brush up lessons – $120 – $175
  • Winter courses – $120

Moxie Driving Academy

Moxie Driving Academy is located in Calgary. Gain the confidence you need in taking up the wheel and hitting the road.

Learn what to do when faced with life-threatening situations on the road. 

Moxie Driving Academy offers both Class 7 and Class 5 courses. 

Their courses range from $99 to $1498 depending on the type of course and hours.

Red Deer Driving School

Red Deer driving school is one of the affordable driving schools with professional training in the region.

The school offers class 5 training and fully licensed & provincially accredited driver education.

Their course costs a maximum of $695 for full programs and a minimum of $60 for hourly training.

Alberta has the best driving schools in the 13 states of Canada. The schools are fully accredited by the Canadian government and trains responsible drivers.

The driving schools listed above train students to note the rules on the road while driving, adhere to safety rules and regulations, and learn to drive responsibly.

They also learn skills needed to survive life-threatening situations on the road and what to do.

These driving disciplines help drivers gain confidence on the road and greatly reduce the number of accidents.

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