20 Best Driving schools in Edmonton-Get Licensed Fast

There are plenty of options when choosing driving schools in Edmonton but choosing the best school can be tricky.

Edmonton has become a major destination for drivers from across Canada. If you want to get behind the wheel of a car, then you should consider taking some lessons in one of the best driving schools in Edmonton before you head off on your journey.

Furthermore, there are several reasons why you might want to take driving lessons. The main reason is safety. Learning to drive safely is essential for everyone who wants to travel independently. In addition, learning to drive allows you to explore new places and experience new things.

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The List of Best Driving Schools in Edmonton

If you are looking for the best driving schools in Edmonton for you or your ward, these schools below rank among the top 20 because of their ability to effectively teach beginners how to drive well and safely. Moreover, these schools are accredited. Hence, getting a certificate upon graduation is assured.

ONS Driving School

One of the major highlights of why this school ranks among the top 20 schools in Edmonton is because it provides driving lessons for all ages and experience levels. The school strives on making students become safe and confident drivers.

Nonetheless, the school still provides lesson packages at affordable prices. Again, the school has payment plans.

Their services are excellent because they offer quality training sessions in a limited class size.

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United Driving School Ltd

This driving school provides driving lessons for non-GDL and Class 5 GDL. Its training is specifically tailored for teen students.

They offer three different packages that suit your budget. They also provide free pick-up and drop-off services for the student.

Fortunately, the instructors are also multi-lingual professionals. The list goes on and on about why this driving school is one of the best in Edmonton.

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Glenn’s Driving School

The school has a conducive environment for learning, with a limited number of students in pair classes. Their curriculum includes a basic understanding of defensive techniques with time for students to interact and share their experiences when driving.

Fortunately, students who experience difficulties passing the classroom test will be able to take multiple free practice tests provided by the school.

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Naveen Driving School Ltd

Naveen Driving School offers a wide range of driving lessons that are tailored to suit everyone’s needs. From beginners to experienced drivers, they provide everything needed to make sure you pass your test and become a safe driver.

With its pick-up and drop-off free services, students who live far away can still get professional driving lessons from Naveen Driving School. 

In Naveen, students are taught important driving skills to help them become excellent drivers, and the school still provides one-on-one training for students.

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SafeTrack Driving School

This is one of those driving schools that care about their students’ ability to learn and become good drivers. They make training enjoyable for students and emphasize hands-on training. 

Aside from being among the best driving schools in Edmonton with many awards of excellence, they’re also accredited. Hence if you want to learn how to drive safely, you can give them a call.

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5-Star Driving School

Just like the name, this school is worth your time and money. They provide excellent training for beginners as well as all levels. 

Even if you see yourself as a bad driver, the curriculum of this school is devoted to bringing out the best driver in students.

Be rest assured that each course is tailored and customized to fit your current skill level, age, and experience. You can jump on a call with them to discover the type of class that will be best for you.

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Noble Driving School

Noble Driving School offers professional driving lessons in Edmonton. With over 10 years of experience, they offer classes for both adults and children. They use state-of-the-art equipment and provide excellent customer service. They also offer discounts for students who sign up for multiple months at once.

The school emphasizes making the road of Edmonton safe for all. This is why they provide accredited instructors to train students. After the training, you won’t only be a driver’s license card bearer, but you will also have all the capacity to confidently drive safely.

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PJ Driving School

Even when most people opt in for driving school late, PJ Driving school still gives adequate training no matter the age and experience level. Their focus is to produce drivers who are confident and can safely drive.

Fortunately, if you can immigrate and you speak any of these languages; English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Tagalog. Then you are in luck because the school has instructors who are fluent in those languages.

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Unique Driving Academy

Unique Driving Academy also offers quality lessons in different languages including English, Hindi, and Punjabi, for drivers of all experience levels. Their goal is to ensure that every student leaves their lesson feeling confident behind the wheel. This driving school teaches both full-day and half-day classes and even offers online lessons for those who prefer to learn at their own pace.

Students receive personal attention throughout their training and are given access to a live instructor via video chat during each class. No matter your schedule, the Unique Driving Academy can help you learn driving skills.

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Archer’s Blue Car Driving School

Archer’s Blue Car Driving School offers the best driving education at reasonable rates. They are located in North Edmonton and specialize in teaching young drivers how to become safe drivers. Their goal is to make sure that each student graduates, ready to take their test and pass it.

The school recently won a gold medal from the Edmonton Community Vote in the driving school category. This throws more spotlight and credibility that truly Archer’s Blue Car Driving School deserves to rank in our top 20 best driving schools in Edmonton.

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Central Driving School

This school has a lot of driving lessons to choose from. If you have a driver’s license before, you can apply for the brush-up training. Again if you are busy, the school has 2 online courses available.

The priority of the school is to train you to be confident and skillful in driving even in hazardous situations or accidents. They train students on traffic rules and regulations, and knowledge of pedestrian safety.

The school is also affordable to all and has a fun training experience.

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LeaP Driving School Edmonton

There are so many benefits and offers to sign up for this driving school. One of the remarkable features is the provision of an exceptional customer service guide. 

However, they offer quality driving lessons to help you become a confident driver behind the wheel. You will be provided with a fun and comfortable learning environment.

Best of all the school charges an affordable rate for driving classes which can be paid for.

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Tesla Driving School Ltd

Yes, this is Tesla Driving School. The school also ranks as the best driving school in Edmonton, even though they are just 2 years old in Edmonton.

Their instructors are fully licensed and insured professionals dedicated to teaching students how to safely operate a Tesla Model S.

They also have free pick-up and drop-off services for their students.

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Alberta Truck Training

Alberta Truck Training offers truck training courses across Canada, they offer both classroom and online truck driver education programs, as well as specialized truck driving skills. 

Since not everyone is fascinated with just driving cars, some are interested in taking the course to earn money. If you chose to learn truck driving, this school is your best option.

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Aftab Driving School

Aftab Driving School knows that the best way to learn how to drive safely is to practice it. Hence they provide trained professionals that will enable you to know how to drive in weeks to come. 

Moreover, Aftab Driving school also offers affordable driving lessons to teach you the basics of safe driving. They offer different packages according to your needs and budget. Along with the insurance savings plans for students.

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CANDRIVE Driving School

So, if you are skeptical about which driving school to attend in Edmonton, you may want to check Candrive. The school boasts of its 10 years of giving outstanding quality training while prioritizing your comfort and safety. 

They are known to provide informative and fun driving lessons. Their goal is to make sure that each student gets what is needed to become a good and confident driver.

You will also get free pickup and drop-off services, and they have online classes if your schedule seems tight.

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Arrow Driving School

The Arrow Driving School is one of the most popular schools for children and teens. This is because they are good at training all to safely drive by themselves in the shortest time. 

The school ranks on our list because it has one of the highest road test pass rates in Edmonton. They also offer online classes and provide free pickup and drop-off services if you live around Edmonton, Beaumont, Riverbend, Sherwood Park, and the Terwillegar area.

However, they don’t offer a competitive rate for lessons. But you will get a standard value for your money. The starting price is $456.

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All Season’s Driving School

The school focuses on providing students with relevant information, techniques, and drilling to enable students to feel safe and confident, and apply courteousness while driving. They offer services to all age brackets.

The school ensures that you not only pass the road test but be able to apply simple driving tactics and etiquette to contribute to the safety of others.

Again the school has flexible timing and you are free to choose your preferred time to take the road test. Due to its limited intake of 15 students per class, you should give them a call right away!

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NorthGate Driving School

With over 26 years in Edmonton, they can teach following the Alberta Government Approved Courses. In addition, they offer insurance reduction courses and a high success rate in exams.

Their great professionalism has truly paved the way for them since 1996. They continue to offer one-on-one In-Car training alongside their online classes.

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Continental Driving School

The fact that this school is ranked least on our list does not mean the school is not worth a call or visit.

This school has been training drivers for 12 years now. With their different packages, you will be able to learn adequately. However, their program is only for non-GDL. The school also offers a competitive rate, the starting price is $59/per hour.

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How Much Does Driving Lesson Cost in Edmonton?

Depending on where you live and the type of driving lesson you choose to take, driving lessons cost anywhere between $30 and $100 an hour.

You need to practice for at least two hours per week if you want to learn how to drive properly. It includes practicing during class, doing homework assignments, and taking exams.

What Age Can I Get Driving Lessons In Edmonton, Alberta?

The starting age for taking up a driving class in Edmonton is 14 years.

However, read up on the best 20 driving schools in Edmonton to know the one best for teens

Is Driving School Mandatory In Edmonton Alberta?

Yes, driving school is mandatory in Edmonton, Alberta. However, if you’re planning on learning to drive, be aware that there are different types of driving schools available. Some offer only classroom instruction, while others offer online courses.

Driving schools offer many benefits for all. 

First, it allows you to learn to drive at your own pace under the guidance of a professional. 

Second, it allows you to practice in a safe environment, which most schools provide. 

Third, it helps you know and apply the rules of the road. 

Fourth, it teaches you important driving techniques and skills, including parallel parking, backing out of tight spaces, and turning. 

Finally, it provides you with a certificate of completion.

To find the driving school best for you, read our article.


Finding a driving school in Edmonton can be overwhelming because there is a wide variety of schools to choose from. However, you can use this article as a guide to determine which school is best for you.

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