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Driving is one of the most important life skills. You get around by driving. So, there are driving schools in California where you can learn to drive.

While you can hitchhike, at some point most of us need to drive a vehicle: whether it be a car or motorcycle.

With this comes the responsibility to ourselves and everyone else involved.

To be able to handle these responsibilities and drive safely, you first have to get your license.

In this article, we will be looking at the driving schools in California and other important details.

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What is a Driving School?

Like most cities, the Californian DMV policies require that you take a written or performance-based driving test to be eligible for license certification.

And to be equipped with the right knowledge to ace this test requires you to go through a driving school, importantly.

The driving schools in California (whether private-owned or incorporated) is equipped with the facilities to train you on how to drive safely and understand traffic and road rules.

For this list, we are going to observe keenly, only driving schools that are:

  • Highly-rated in California, 
  • accredited by the California DMV,
  • produce the top student performances in the license tests.

Why Do You Need a Driving School?

There is no need to understate why you need to enroll in a driving school.

A lot of people do not fare well learning to drive on their own, and this is why driving schools exist.

Just as many of us need to go to an actual school to get a formal education, rather than self-teaching ourselves, driving schools are there to show you the ropes on how to become a competent driver.

And if you live in a state as big as California, your options are plenty. 

Many of these schools we are studying incorporate both in-class lessons and online lessons, so you don’t even have to worry about going out or not.

The fun about driving in 2022 is that it is not limited to just “adults.”

As a teen, you can now easily learn how to drive under the supervision of a parent/guardian or a driving tutor.

In California, teenagers who are up to 15½ – 17½ can get started on their driving lessons too.

Driving for Teenagers

According to DriversEd dot.com, teenagers and adults looking to build their driving competency can take the premier Driver’s Education Course

These are lessons taken for a specified number of hours, that may vary depending on the state’s requirement.

Driver’s Ed” students receive course materials through a web program; they read their lessons and complete activities on their own time, at their own pace.

Often, these activities include games, quizzes, videos, animations, and other flashy, fun items to keep teenagers engaged.

The roadmap to becoming a skilled driver is not a very difficult one. To begin with, you should:

  • Take the driver’s education course.
  • Then, pass your learners’ permit exam.
  • Begin your behind-the-wheel training (either with an instructor or your parent/guardian).
  • And finally, apply for your driver’s license.

Furthermore, this list has been curated based on top-tier schools that offer online Driver’s Education courses, Behind-The-Wheel training, lessons for C-level drivers, stunt driving, and commercial truck driving.

Additionally, every school mentioned in this article is fully accredited by the California DMV, so you don’t have to worry.

So, if you find yourself in California, USA, and you are keeping an eye out for the best driving schools in your city, then this list has been compiled just for you.

Best Online Driving Schools in California (With Their Cities)

Below are some of the driving schools in California with their cities.

  • Cantor’s Driving School, Irvine
  • Kanor Driving School, Cypress
  • Drive America, Fresno
  • DriversEd.com, San Jose
  • Mas Driving School, Rialto
  • AAF Driving School, Fontana
  • NorCal Driving School, Sacramento
  • Westwood Driving School (Primo Driving School), Los Angeles
  • Bill’s Defensive Driving School, Pinole
  • California Driver Academy, Menlo Park
  • High Desert Driving School, Lancaster
  • Top Notch Driving School, Fillmore
  • Safety 1st Driving School, Irvine
  • Cupertino Driving School, San Jose
  • Bolsa Driving School, Westminster

Cantor’s Driving School, Irvine

To begin this list, we are starting with one of the best driving schools in California – Cantor’s Driving School.

Cantor’s Driving school is one of the best driving schools in California. Additionally, it is one of the oldest in the state. They are approved by the California DMV.

They’re a family-owned driving school that partners with Safe2Drive to offer an online 30-hour California Driver’s Education course, traffic courses, as well as mature driver improvements.

Also, you will find that this school is one of the least expensive in the state, as their most basic driving lesson starts at $150 for a lesson.

Kanor Driving School, Cypress

Kanor Driving School has been in business since the 90s. And after 25+ years, they are still in top shape.

In addition to the world-class facilities they possess, they offer online Driver’s Education courses at a whopping $29.75.

With Kanor, you can learn how to go from an inexperienced driver to a professional in 10 hours – or less. 

Visit their website here.

Drive America, Fresno

Having Drive America on this list comes as no surprise to anyone. This popular driving school has made a name for itself as one of the best driving schools in America.

It is located at Blackstone Avenue in the city of Fresno.

So, if you are looking for one of the best driving schools in California, this is a good option.

DriversEd.com, San Jose

Without a doubt, DriversEd.com may just be the most popular online driving school on this list.

They are known as one of the pioneers of online Driver’s Education courses.

With the advent of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, people were finding it relatively difficult to go out to learn how to drive.

However, DriversEd had a massive response to that concern.

They created courses to aid teens and adults to get their hands-on training on learning how to drive from their couches.

And today, it is their flagship course.

If you are wondering, DriversEd also provide Behind-the-Wheel training to their students, as well as preparation for licensing.

So, if you find yourself in San Jose, this is your best option.

Mas Driving School, Rialto

Continuing the list of the quality driving schools in California is Mas Driving School. Mas Driving School is licensed by California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as one of the reputable schools to learn how to drive.

They also boast some of the best tutors on this list, and we are sure you will find this true.

They have over 15 years of expertise in Driver Education and depending on what you are looking for, the cost of their training starts at $380.

AAF Driving School, Fontana

AAF Driving School is both an online (Driver’s Education) and on-site (Behind-the-wheel) training school.

They are located in the city of Fontana. If you find yourself around here, you can check out this brilliant school.

NorCal Driving School, Sacramento

NorCal Driving school is located in the capital city of Sacramento, California. And it is one of the best driving schools in the city.

What makes this school stand out is not just its low cost, but it’s the quality of instructors it boasts. Students who have learned in this school left mostly favorable reviews.

Visit their website to find out more.

Westwood Driving School (Primo Driving School), Los Angeles

Westwood Driving School is located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. It is one of the schools on this list known for the upside in its pricing.

Registering for Westwood’s training courses can cost as much as $1,750. But they have the evidence of their quality to back their price.

Bill’s Defensive Driving School, Pinole

Bill’s Defensive Driving School is located in Pinole, California in the United States.

They also offer online Driver’s Education courses for as low as $50, as well as hands-on Behind-the-Wheel training.

California Driver Academy, Menlo Park

A 4-star Yelp review based on 49 responses cannot be wrong. If you find yourself in Menlo Park, you should check out this school and Jonathan.

High Desert Driving School, Lancaster

High Desert Driving School has been teaching driver’s education and Behind-The-Wheel driver training for over 25 years. They are sure to know their onion to still be in business.

You can see if they are a good fit here.

Top Notch Driving School, Fillmore

Like many other schools on this list, we maintain that Top Notch is the best driving school in the city of Fillmore, without a doubt. Prices for training in this academy begin at $380 for teens’ Drivers’ Education course plus BTW training, and $180 for adults that are 18-year-old and older. They have been in the business for seven years.

Safety 1st Driving School, Irvine

Safety 1st Driving School is a safety-priority driving school located in Irvine.

They are DMV certified, fully bonded, insured, and licensed to provide the maximum amount of security and safety to every student under their tutelage.

They offer an online Drivers’ Education course for $29 and a BTW training that consists of 6 hours, 10 hours, or 50 hours – depending on your flexibility, you can select what suits you.

You can get more information here.

Cupertino Driving School, San Jose

Cupertino Driving School is located in San Jose, California. They have an online Education course at $30. 

In addition to that, they offer:

  • Adult Behind-The-Wheel training.
  • Teenage 6 hours BTW program.
  • Services related to Special Permit, and
  • Driving Instructor Training Program.

If you find yourself in San Jose, you should definitely check out this school.

Bolsa Driving School, Westminster

Bolsa is located in Westminster and they have their online Education course up for $30 at the time of this writing. If you find yourself around this region, you might want to see this one for yourself.

Top Stunt Driving Schools in California

While many people prefer the simple life of driving to and from work or the supermarket to pick up groceries, some people live for the thrill. These fun-loving guys are not left out on this list. 

If you are a big fan of stunts and high-performance and look forward to learning how to perform a few stunts of your own, these are the best driving schools in California to get you started:

Scottys Stunt and Tactical Driving Course LLC, Los Angeles

5.0 Google Rating based on 31 reviews.

Of course, you should know that stunt driving schools are very expensive when compared to normal driving schools. It is so expensive that it is nearly three times more.

Scottys is exactly this case. Registration to learn from this brilliant school will cost you $2,995, at the time of this writing.

However, this price is justified by its knack for achieving customer satisfaction every time.

Scottys is arguably one of the familiar car stunt schools in Los Angeles, with movie production studios being some of their biggest admirers.

If you ever wondered why those car chases in Hollywood action movies were so good, it was probably Scottys’ doing.

We cannot recommend this course enough.

BMW Performance Center West (Thermal, Riverside County)

4.9 Google Rating based on 77 reviews.

You cannot get enough of this stunt driving school.

Compared to other stunt driving schools on this list, BPCW has been in this stunt training business for a far less short time.

But that doesn’t stop them from being so dangerously good if you catch our drift.

So, if you have got a wicked thrill for stunts, these guys maybe your best option for leaving your dream race life.

Do we hear those BMW engines revving?

Wheelie University, Lakeside

4.9 Google Rating based on 36 reviews.

Who did you think we’d put up next?

Wheelie’s Stunt University has both the adrenaline-pumping skills you’ve always wanted to cop and the name to go with it.

You can check out this driving school for yourself. We must warn you, however, that the cost is freakishly high.

Academy of Motorcycle Operation, Pasadena

4.9 Google Rating based on 78 reviews.

Now it wouldn’t be fair if we just went on about cars if we didn’t mention the cycles! If you are a fan of motorcycle stunts, you can try this driving school instead.

It is equipped with gears, motorcycles, and the controlled tracks you will love.

Roland’s Driving School, Burbank

4.8 Google Rating based on 77 reviews.

Located in the beautiful city of Burbank, we think you will find yourself enchanted with Roland’s Stunt Driving School.

This school is pretty decent for people who love fast cars, stunt racing, and getting their adrenaline high.

Additionally, they are also fully accredited, like every other school on this list.

Fast Lane Racing School, Rosamond

4.7 Google Rating based on 39 reviews.

Fast Lane Racing School has over 10 years of experience teaching and training drivers how to perform stunts.

They are no newcomers in the business, and we are sure you too, will find them charming.

Beverly Driving School, Los Angeles

4.7 Google Rating based on 66 reviews.

Beverly Driving School is located in Los Angeles. It is one of the top-rated stunt driving schools in California.

Their longevity and expertise easily help them rank above their competitors on this list.

This driving school is one of the best you will find in Beverly Hills.

Royal’s Driving School, Los Angeles

4.6 Google Rating based on 154 reviews.

Don’t let a 4.6 Google Rating fool you. Royal’s Driving School is probably one of the best stunt driving schools in California.

And those 154 reviewers know it. So, if you are looking for some adventure, these guys might as well keep you company.

SOC Driving School, Laguna Beach

4.6 Google Rating based on 24 reviews.

We are now down to the least popular driving schools in California. But that doesn’t make them any less good.

SOC Driving School is one of the oldest and safest stunt driving schools in California. So, with them, you have nothing to worry about. 

In addition, they are one of the cheapest too.

They offer a free online Driver’s Ed course with an additional cost of $389 for Behind-The-Wheel training.

Although it is not clearly stated on their website, it is assumed that their price for stunt training is on the high side like many on this list.

Bay Area Driving Academy Inc., Hayward

4.5 Google Rating based on 42 reviews.

Bay Area Academy wraps up our list of the best stunt driving schools in California. And they are no short of quality.

They offer both online and on-site courses for driving, leaving you to choose whatever option you are comfortable with.

CDL Truck Driving Schools in California

Now, we have entered the driving list that requires a lot of skill than regular driving or even stunts.

Handling a truck on the highway requires immense care, patience and skill if you must prevent hazards and protect human life.

As such, this niche of driving is not particularly for everyone. But if this is what you are looking for, then let us proceed.

Requirements for Trucking School Enrollment

According to Trucking School, when you are opting to enrol in a trucking school in California and obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), there are a few things you must know to ensure that you are paying for the right place. Here’s what you must know.

  • You must be at least 21 years at the time of enrollment.
  • You must be a US citizen or have a passport in the United States.
  • You must pass the drug test.
  • Carry a clean record of driving. This proves your safe driving.
  • If you have a criminal history, it will be considered a certain offence or felony.

So, with that knowledge, here are the top truck driving schools in California.

A-1 Truck Driving School

  • Address: 27910 Industrial Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94545.
  • Phone: 510-783-6030

AB Truck & Bus Driving School

  • Address: 1346 E Taylor St, San Jose, CA.
  • Phone: 408-298-1072

Academy of Truck Driving

  • Address: 27910 Industrial Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94545.
  • Phone: 510-783-6030

Action Driving School

  • Address: 3033 South Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007.
  • Phone: 213-747-3781

Advance School of Driving

  • Address: 13946 Jurupa Avenue, Fontana CA, 92337.
  • Phone: 800-635-0147

If you are still looking for more information, you can check this statistic of the best CDL truck driving schools in California.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, there are a variety of driving schools in California that are aimed to cater to different drivers’ needs.

Drivers need to decide what they want from a driving school, whether it be practical lessons or preparation for the written exam (knowledge test). 

Drivers will also need to check what their budget is to see which driving school can provide them with the best deal.

Many local driving schools in California have a small fee and flexible terms for offering lessons.

This means that if you cannot commit to registering at a driving school at every opportunity you have because of work, studying, or family commitments, there will be no issue.

With our feedback and suggestions above, we hope that this article has been helpful when deciding which driving school in California is right for you.

What are your thoughts about these driving schools in California? Please share your thoughts below.

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