14 Top Business Schools in Alberta-Tuition & Requirements  

If you are someone who would love to do a course in business, Alberta, which is a province in Western Canada, is a very great place to do that. It boasts of many business schools. These business schools in Alberta are equipped to give students the best of training, and why not? Canada is one of the best countries to do a course in business. 

Apart from the US, Canada was the first country to offer an MBA degree and it remains one of the world’s most popular study locations among applicants from all over the world. 

Canada is also home to employers who consistently display a strong demand for graduates with MBA degrees.

Anyone looking to study in Canada to get employed there would be making the right choice.

In this article, we’ll be showing the need for business degrees, the top business schools in Alberta which offer these degrees, and all the requirements of these business schools in Alberta.  

Reasons Why You Should Pursue A Career in Business 

Before we look at the list of business schools in Alberta, let us look at these top reasons why you should pursue a business career.

High Opportunities for Specialisation 

Starting a career in business will afford you a lot of opportunities to specialize.

You can choose to specialize in management, human resources, business finance, marketing, or even accounting.

You also have the option of specializing in a particular industry like the nonprofit sector or the fashion industry. 

It’s a Very Practical Choice 

Business majors always have more job security than other majors and this is because they’re so essentially needed in all industries.

Whether it’s Microsoft or any other industry, there’ll always be a need for people with business acumen who can make that industry thrive. 

Business Careers Offer More Opportunities For Advancement 

Business careers generally offer more opportunities for career advancement than every other career.

This also leads to better salaries as you advance, more respect from others, opportunities to challenge yourself and get better, and many other numerous advantages. 

Switching To a Different Job Mid-Career is Relatively Easier 

It’s okay to want to try out something new; something different in your career.

It’s much easier to change if you have a business career than many other professional careers like radiology, medicine and surgery, nursing or engineering.

This is possible because business skills can be transferred more easily between industries than the professional skills which are acquired in other professions. 

It Affords You Some Flexibility To Work Wherever You Choose.

Unlike many careers, a business career will afford you more flexibility in any geographic location(s) of your choosing.

This way, you can have a job that’ll give you the time to spend with your family regardless of where your spouse may have found a job. 

A Career in Business Makes it Easier for You to Start Your Own Business 

A lot of people who start their businesses fail because they don’t have substantial knowledge about the business side of their companies.

They may know how to design, for example, but lack knowledge on how to get people to pay them for their beautiful designs.

Having a career in business would educate you on the principles of marketing, sales, accounting, employee management, and customer service which would help you thrive. 

A Business Career Will allow You to Retire Young. 

Businesspersons can easily retire at fifty or even in their late forties because they usually have bountiful salaries which enable them to quit early.

They also have excellent business perks that help them save more easily. Check out the top business schools in the UK.

Career Outlook For Business Degree Holders. 

There are different reasons why one might choose to pursue a career in business and different factors to weigh.

Some of those reasons are profitability in terms of jobs, employment rate and salaries. There are a few facts that you should know about that. 

Interestingly, business degree jobs are still on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an 8% increase in the growth of employment in business and financial occupations from 2020 through 2030. This means that there’ll be a creation of 750,800 new jobs! 

Business and financial occupations also offer a high earning potential—the BLS also reported that the 2021 median annual salary for these occupations was about $76,570 and this is even much higher than the 2021 national average for all other occupations—$45,760! 

Apart from these benefits above, ie, job and employment rate, another thing to consider here is the variety of jobs that could be pursued with the degree and how versatile these business degrees are. 

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What Can You Do With A Business Degree? 

With a business degree, you can practically work in different sectors. As long as there is a need to get in clients or customers, there’s a need for a businessperson. 

You can get a job in accounting, sales, banking sectors, and a whole lot of places too. You can also own your own company and make a huge fortune.

The job titles that a business degree holder can pursue include: 

  • Sales representative 
  • Sales manager 
  • Financial analyst 
  • Project manager 
  • Business Consultant 
  • Management analyst 
  • Budget analyst 
  • Auditor 
  • Tax examiner 
  • Human resources manager 
  • Human resources analyst 
  • Sales representative 
  • Operations Manager 
  • Bookkeeping, accounting, auditing clerk 
  • Human resources specialist 

The List of Business Schools in Alberta 

  • Bow Valley College 
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) 
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 
  • NorQuest College 
  • Mount Royal University 
  • University of Alberta 
  • University of Lethbridge 
  • Red Deer Polytechnic 
  • Concordia University of Edmonton 
  • Lakeland College 
  • Sterling College 
  • MacEwan University 
  • University of Calgary 
  • Sterling College 

Top Business Schools In Alberta 

  • University of Alberta
  • MacEwan University 

University of Alberta 

The University of Alberta (U of A) is one of Canada’s top research and teaching universities and it has an excellent international reputation across several disciplines.

These disciplines include sciences, business, humanities, creative arts, health sciences and engineering.

The school is set across five campuses in Edmonton city and it offers over 200 undergraduate programs and about 500 graduate programs across 18 faculties.

Its international community is about 9,000 students as it hosts more than 38,000 students from across 156 countries, 

The U of A is ranked 4th in Canada and also 81st in the world for its research impact (NTU Ranking 2019), with many of its subjects impressively ranking highly.

The University of Alberta is also ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world (Centre for World University Rankings, 2021). 

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Language requirements:

Min. IELTS score:

  • Undergraduate: 6.5 
  • Postgraduate: 6.5 

Min. TOEFL score:

  • Undergraduate: 90 
  • Postgraduate: 90 

List of Business Courses Offered: Click here.


Average tuition fees per year 

  • Undergraduate: CAD$28,590 
  • Postgraduate: CAD$10,820 

Living costs: CAD$12,562 

To live on campus: CAD$7,503 

International Student Scholarship 

Students that showcase excellence in their academics in high school can receive a scholarship of up to CAD 9,000, which is payable over four years. 

Entry requirements:

Visit here for full details.

MacEwan University 

MacEwan University offers a very transformative education in Canada. Here, international students can earn a degree, diploma or even a certificate. 

The university makes a supportive education available, where learners have several growth opportunities. They combine personalized training experiences with excellent teaching. Its very friendly student services ensure that everyone easily adjusts to life in Canada and also enjoys their time there. MacEwan University has: 

  • More than 1,000 international students 

  • About 42 students in the average first-year class 

  • Over 60 countries are represented in the student community 

  • More than 150 opportunities for work experiences and research.

  • Available scholarships for international students. 

The university was founded in the year 1971 and always puts the students at the heart of all it does. Students have consistently affirmed that the university thrives in the teacher-to-student ratio and teaching style. 

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

Language requirements 

Min. IELTS score 

Undergraduate: 6.5 

Min. TOEFL score 

Undergraduate: 86 

List of Business Courses Offered: Click here


Average tuition fees per year:

Undergraduate: CAD$21,980 

Living costs: CAD$11,556 

To live on campus: CAD$10,740

International degree scholarships 

With an admission average score of 80 percent (based on the Alberta High School equivalent) and above, students may receive a scholarship of CAD 6,000 to CAD 14,000. 

Entry Requirements 

For the full details, click here.  

Bow Valley College 

About this university 

Bow Valley College has functioned as a student-centered community college and has helped students achieve their career goals since 1965.

It prides itself on its provision of affordable education with a graduate employment rate of 88%. 

Calgary, Canada, where Bow Valley College is located, is an ethnically diverse urban city close to the country’s famous Rocky Mountains.

It has frequently been ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world (Economist Intelligence Unit). 

The cost of living in Calgary is also quite low. It boasts of vibrant campus life and is full of useful facilities and services. Its high-tech academic equipment supports learning.

The college also organizes events to help international students settle into student life very easily. 

Every year, more than 2,350 international students learn at Bow Valley College and are strongly supported by dedicated international support services.

There are available scholarships designed to specifically help eligible international students. 

Location: Calgary, Alberta (AB), Canada 

Language requirements: 

IELTS Academic – 6 with no band lower than 6 

TOEFL – 83 

List of Business Courses Offered; Click here.


Average tuition fees per year:

Undergraduate: CAD$28,890 

Postgraduate: CAD$19,260

Vocational: CAD$23,343 

Living costs: CAD$20,028 

To live on campus: CAD$13,200 


For information on this, click here.


For complete details about this, click here.  

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) 

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is one of the top polytechnic institutions in Canada.

It is also the third largest provider of post-secondary education in the state of Alberta. SAIT is renowned for its provision of an outstanding hands-on, industry-facing education and applied learning which gives its students the required skills to excel in a transforming employment market. 

SAIT is a global institution, as it hosts students from over 97 countries annually. SAIT’s focus is on the provision of the highest quality of education, from a stunning campus in Calgary, Canada, equipped with world-class facilities, amenities, and also supportive faculty. 

Being one of the cheapest cities in Canada, students should expect to pay an average of only CAD 400 for groceries, lower than CAD 1,200 for a one-bedroom city center apartment, and about CAD 106 per month for transport on average. 

Location: Calgary, Alberta (AB), Canada. 

Language requirements 

Min. IELTS score 

Undergraduate: 6.0 

List of Business Courses Offered: Do click here.  


Average tuition fees per year:

Undergraduate; CAD$19,730 

Postgraduate: CAD$23,420 

Living costs: CAD$11,000 

To live on campus: CAD$10,280 


Get full details by clicking the link.


For full information about eligibility, click this link 

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is one of Canada’s largest polytechnic institutions.

Unlike in many countries, there are no entrance exams to study in higher education in Canada (at the post-secondary level), and students can afford to choose which type of environment they’ll want to learn in. 

NAIT provides both an engaging online experience and a vibrant campus with a collaborative culture for both students and staff.

NAIT believe in an inclusive view of potential and talent, and they recognize and value all learners and staff. 

Being a polytechnic means: 

● It delivers a technology-based education across all programs 

● NAIT education is hands-on and experiential. 

● It works in partnership with the industry.

● NAIT applied research solves real-life problems.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta (AB), Canada 

Language Requirements: 

  • Min. IELTS score 
  • Undergraduate: 6.5 
  • Min. TOEFL score 
  • Undergraduate: 80

List of Business Courses Offered:


  • Average tuition fees per year 
  • Undergraduate: CAD$22,500 
  • Postgraduate: CAD$39,750 
  • Vocational: CAD$15,460 
  • Living costs: CAD$11,040 


For full details, click here.  


For full details about eligibility, click here.  

NorQuest College 

NorQuest College is a post-secondary institution located in Alberta, Canada. It has over 17,500 students, and over 60 percent were born outside Canada. 

NorQuest students hail from 131 countries with over 78 languages spoken at the college’s two campuses (Edmonton and Wetaskiwin). 

NorQuest is an inclusive school and a dynamic hub of learning. Students are offered opportunities to develop their skills and are built up in confidence to take their studies further, hence, advancing their careers. 

Students can choose diploma or certificate programs that would cover areas like technology, business, health, and community studies.

They can also seek high school academic upgrading courses and English language training. 

Location: Edmonton, Alberta (AB), Canada 

Language requirements 

Min. IELTS score

Undergraduate: 6.5 

Postgraduate: 6.5 

Min. TOEFL score 

Undergraduate: 84 

Postgraduate: 84 

List of Business Courses Offered: Click here.


Average tuition fees per year:

  • Undergraduate: CAD$7,280 
  • Postgraduate: CAD$17,930 CAD$5,250 
  • Vocational: CAD$19,140 
  • Living costs: CAD$13,200 
  • To live on campus: CAD$5,250 


Get full information on scholarships.


For full information on eligibility.

Mount Royal University 

Students at Mount Royal University (MRU) develop new skills, build networks and also discover the world through sciences, business, arts, health, and communication studies.

The university, which is based in Calgary, Alberta, offers a lot of opportunities for students to help them develop into work-ready graduates. 

For over a hundred years, the university has consistently provided a top post-secondary education. Small class sizes mean that the students receive the type of individual attention from the faculty that enhances their personalized learning process.

Students have the option of choosing from a wide range of diverse and exciting programs. Many include computer and science labs, hands-on learning in simulation, and/or practical experiences in placements and industry. 

Location: Calgary, Alberta (AB), Canada 

Language requirements 

Min. IELTS score 

Undergraduate: 6.5 

Min. TOEFL score 

Undergraduate: 86 

List of Business Courses Offered:


Average tuition fees per year:

  • Undergraduate: CAD$24,005 
  • Vocational: CAD$23,100 
  • Living costs: CAD$13,356 
  • To live on campus: CAD$8,656 


Eligible international students can apply for the President’s Scholarship, where they are awarded CAD 7,500. This scholarship is awarded based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities and leadership experience. 


For information on this, check here.  

University of Lethbridge 

The University of Lethbridge is a public Research and comprehensive University which is based in Alberta, Canada.

It offers over 150 undergraduate programs and 50 programs at the graduate level. The school was ranked second amongst all Canadian UG universities in 2021, making it an influential force in Canadian higher education, as it leads the way in

delivering an amazing learning environment, research innovation, and courses and opportunities which are internationally accessible. 

It has a campus in the ever-vibrant city of Calgary, located in the heart of the downtown area for students who would love to immerse themselves in Canadian life or study around their work areas.

The university is known for creating an excellent academic environment that exceeds the personal and educational needs of its learners through the delivery of outstanding teaching, close collaboration with professors and instructors, real-world research, and also a wealth of recreational and extracurricular activities. 

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta (AB), Canada 

Language requirements 

Min. IELTS score:  

  • Undergraduate: 6.0 
  • Postgraduate: 6.5 

Min. TOEFL score:

  • Undergraduate: 80 
  • Postgraduate: 86 

List of Business Courses Offered


Average tuition fees per year:  

  • Undergraduate: CAD$19,323 
  • Postgraduate: CAD$13,310 
  • Living costs: CAD$10,000 
  • To live on campus: CAD$5,250 

Scholarship: Click the link to get full details. 


For detailed information on this, click the link

Athabasca University

In 1970, Athabasca University was established as a traditional campus-based institution. In 1972, this first distance learning course was offered to become an open university. 

Today, Athabasca is Canada’s leading ‘Open University’ and welcomes students from all provinces in Canada as well as 87 countries from around the world. 

With more than 50 undergraduate and graduate diploma, degree and certificate programs to choose from, there are a vast variety of learning options.

AU is the home to the Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research and affords several research options. 

Check out the list of Business Courses Offered


  • Undergraduate: CAD$9,940 
  • Postgraduate: CAD$12,820 
  • Living Costs: CAD$11,000 
  • Average Private Rent: CAD$5,250 

Scholarship: Click the link to get full details. 


For detailed information on this, click the link

University of Calgary 

Located in Calgary, the University of Calgary brings teaching, learning and research to life with its 14 faculties.

With over 250 programs in diverse fields of study, the university provides opportunities to more than 30,000 students taught by over 1,800 academic staff. 

The University of Calgary is ranked 178th globally, and 7th place in Canada by U.S. News and World Report for 2019.

The institution has also been ranked 6th place in Canada by Research Infosource in 2018, due to its research capabilities.

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Check out the list of Business Courses Offered.


  • Undergraduate: CAD$18,340 
  • Postgraduate: CAD$16,540 
  • Living Costs: CAD$11,000 
  • Average Private Rent: CAD$5,250 

Scholarship: Click here.


For detailed information on this, check here.


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