14 Best Art Schools in Los Angeles-Tuition & Programs

In this enunciated article, we’ll be talking about the top art schools in Los Angeles, California.

Art schools are institutes designed for the thorough teaching and implementation of art and its practice. These schools are artistically structured to train and breed young talents into professionals. 

However, before we go into listing the top art schools in Los Angeles, it is essential to run through a brief survey on art, its study, and forms. 

What is Art?

Art has been in existed for so many years, longer than humans can imagine. It is said to have been practiced generations before ours in numerous ways, which include: stone craft, cave drawings, moldings, etc.

Due to the practice and foundation of art, it has grown to have several forms, definitions, and uses. The dictionary defines art as the expression and application of human creative skills or imagination. 

Art is mostly associated with skills, creativity, expression, and even beauty. These words have, for the longest time described art and influenced people’s response to art. 

However, art is known as the expression of beauty, life, imagination, and more using skills. 

Forms of Art

Several forms of art encompass different types of art and practice. Meanwhile, below is a list of a few rampant art forms, known to incorporate most art types and skills. 

• Visual Arts.

• Literary Arts.

• Performing Arts.

• Multidisciplinary Artistic Works.

• Media.

• Creative Arts.

Why Study Art?

Although a surface theoretical knowledge of art is important, studying art is much more essential. 

The Study of art is required only for those interested in an art profession or an artistic lifestyle. 

For those art enthusiasts whose passion can’t be untamed or quenched, studying art and driving it straight to a professional level is the best way to go. 

Studying art gives you the right to express art anywhere and anyhow. It further gives you room to earn and make a living from your passion and skill. 

Besides the need to study art, enrolling in top art schools known worldwide is another way to ensure you get full artistic exposure and experience. 

Listed here are the top art schools in Los Angeles, which will not only give you art exposure but will also grant you a world-recognized certification. 

Why Los Angeles?

Asides USA being one of the best places to study, Los Angeles which is a county/city in California is one beautiful place for art exuberance and study. 

California is a state in the USA, which houses two of the top ten most populous cities in the world, namely; Los Angeles and San Diego.

This state is one place in the USA with lots of opportunities, a strong economy, a large population, and prestigious schools.

Los Angeles is a hub for art, particularly in Hollywood. Several film industries, art galleries, and workshops are located in Los Angeles. Making the perfect place for every artist to explore and learn. 

Top Art Schools in Los Angeles 

There’s no doubt that Los Angeles isn’t just any normal, regular city, but the very place for artistic creations. 

With that established, compiled below is a list of the top art schools in Los Angeles and a few benefits you can get from attending any.

Art Centre College of Design

Art Centre College of Design is a private school of art located in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California. This Institute was established in the year 1930 with over 2,133 students in various fields of art. 

It is known to offer the top art programs in the world and has provided exquisite facilities which enable the essential study of that art.  

Programs: Creative Direction, Entertainment Design, Film, Fine Art, First Year Immersion, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interaction Design, Product Design, Transport Design, Photography & Imaging, Etc.

Benefits: Financial aid available. Recognized certification. Quality education. Maximum facilities. 

Duration: 1-3 years. 

Application: There is no particular deadline for application, however, when applying to this school, each student is required to view how to apply and then proceed to view the direct application link. Interested applicants are requested to pay a non-refundable application fee of $50. 

Requirements: There is a mandated detailed list of requirements, to view and follow this list visit here

Tuition: Undergraduate fee is $22,136. The graduate fee is $23,394. The access fee is $500. This universal access fee allows full access to all campus shops and computer facilities and will be added to the tuition amount. 

School Website

California State University-Long Beach

This University is a public university located in Long Beach, California. This LA college isn’t just one of the top art schools in Los Angeles, but also one of the best in California. It is an art school where arts and design degrees are obtained. Besides, it has a student number of 37,446. 

Programs: Art, Dance, Design, Film & Electronic Arts, Music, Theatre Arts, Liberal Arts, Etc.

Benefits: Financial aid available. Recognized certification. Exposure. Personal workshops. 

Duration: 1-4 years.

Application: Opens on the 1st October – 30th November. To apply click here

Requirements: When applying to study here, there are various requirements and specifications needed. To view these requirements, visit here

Tuition: Undergraduate students pay $2,871.00 while graduate students pay $3,588.00 yearly. 

School Website

Chapman University

Chapman University is a private university and one of the top art schools located in Orange, Los Angeles, California. Due to its affiliation with the Disciples of Christ Christian denomination, it was established in the year 1861. 

However, this is a small university with an estimated student number of 8,305. It’s been known to be one of the best universities to study art and literature. 

Programs: Writing, Visual & Studio Arts, Performing Art, Liberal Art, Mind & Body, Movies & Television, Art & Culture. 

Benefits: Scholarship & Financial Aid available. Personal workshop. Recognized certification. Exposure. 

Duration:1-4 years. 

Application: Applications are open in fall and spring. In fall it’s open from January -15th February. While in spring it’s open from 1st September – the 15th of October.

Details on the application process for undergraduate programs and how to apply are available here. While for graduates’ detailed information on how to apply, visit here. Meanwhile, application deadlines vary depending on the degree of study. 

Requirements: Specifically, for the admission requirements for an international undergraduate first-time applicant, click here. For international graduate students, click here

Tuition: An estimated fee of $84,516 is required for international undergraduate students. While a fee of $81,554 is required for graduate International students. This is aside from additional student-required payments. Besides, the cost of study increases every year. 

School Website

Otis College of Art and Design

This is a highly recommended top art school in Los Angeles. The Otis College of Art and Design was established as a private university in the year 1918. It offers quality education and the best art programs in Los Angeles, California.

Programs: Creative Action, Liberal Art & Sciences, Communication Arts, Digital Media, Environmental Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Book Arts, Etc. 

Benefits: Scholarship & Financial Aid available. Recognized certification. In-depth experience and workshops. Accurate Exposure and Connections. 

Duration: 1- 4 years. 

Application: Otis College accepts undergraduate applications for the fall and spring semesters. Fall application opens 1st August – 1st  December. While spring applications open 1st August – 1st  November. For the Graduate program, fall semester entry opens 1st August – 15th  January. While spring semester entry opens 1st  August – 1st November. An application fee of $50 is required for all applications. 

Requirements: Interested applicants are required to submit a portfolio. Here is the list of requirements for first-time applicants. Meanwhile, each program has different application requirements, here is a detailed self-explanatory list of each degree’s requirements. 

Tuition: A tuition fee of $24,550 is required. However, this fee is aside from other students’ required fees and accommodation expenses. 

School Website

The University of California-Irvine

The University of California, Irvine is also known as the UCI is one of the top art schools in Los Angeles and a top-ranked art institute which gives valued education and good experience. 

It was established in the year 1965 as a public research university in Irvine, California. Besides, it has accumulated a student number of 30,836 and lots of staff. 

Programs: Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Literature, Media, Etc. 

Benefits: Financial aid available. Quality education. Recognized certification. Personal workshops. The good learning environment and art facilities. 

Duration: 1-4 years. 

Application: Open in fall only from the 1st of November – the 30th of November of the next year. Currently, the application opens on 1st  August to run through November. An application fee of $70 is required for national students and $80 for international students. 

Requirements: Auditions are required for music and drama applicants. An outlined requirement for application and where to apply is listed here

Tuition: California undergraduate resident tuition is $38,504 – $35,604. While non-resident is $69,530 – $66,630

School Website

University of California-Los Angeles

This University also known as UCLA is located in Westwood, Los Angeles. It is a public research university, which was established in the year 1919. 

UCLA has attained a high educational level and it’s been known for quality education and great art practice. It has a large student number of 41,908 and several experienced professors and staff. 

Programs: Art, Art & History, Dance, Design Media Arts, Culture & Performance, Film & Television, Music, Theatre, Visual & Performing Arts. 

Benefits: Quality education. Workshops. Recognized certification. Exposure and experience. Financial aid and scholarship are available. 

Duration: 1-4 years. 

Application: Interested applicants are required to apply from 1st  August – 1st  June. Here are the details for applications, aids, and others, for undergraduate students. Meanwhile, you can view graduate students’ admission details and applications here

Requirements: Freshmen admission requirements and details are available here

Tuition: California undergraduate residents pay $37,448 – $37,129. While undergraduate non-residents pay $68,474 – $68,155. 

School Website

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art

This Academy is the perfect institute for art enthusiasts who are not interested in a full-time course.

It provides students with three years of intensive art classes geared toward producing art professionals and recreational artists. 

It has highly skilled faculties with classes offered on weekdays, weekends, and evenings to fit all students’ busy schedules. 

Programs: Fine Art, Painting, Entertainment Art, Intensive Training Tracks, Etc. 

Benefits: Variety of art workshops and art events. Recognized certification, financial aid, scholarship, exposure, and a free showcase of art is available. 

Duration: 1-3 years

Application: A compulsory application fee of $100. Application deadlines vary every year, but mostly a priority date is fixed. The priority date for application in 2022 is 30th April. 

Requirements: The various requirements needed to apply to this school including documents, portfolio, etc. Are listed here

Tuition: Details on tuition fee and why it varies every year can be found here

School Website

Loyola Marymount University

The Loyola Marymount University was founded in the year 1911. It is one of the top art schools in Los Angeles and is abbreviated as LMU. 

This is a private art institution with an undergraduate number of 6,600 students. 

Programs: Art History, Dance, Film & Television Production, Film, Television & Media Studies, Art Therapy, Music, Recording Arts, Screenwriting, Studio Arts, Theatre Arts, Etc. 

Benefits: Quality education, recognized certification, financial aid & scholarship. 

Duration: 1-4 years. 

Application: This institute accepts applications in fall and spring; fall admission opens from 1st  November – 15th  January. While spring opens on the 15th of October. An application fee of $60 is required. Click here to apply. 

Requirements: Programs here have several application requirements, here is a list of the requirements needed for LMU application, alongside frequently asked questions. 

Tuition: An estimate of $53,051 yearly. 

School Website

The Art Institute of California

The Art Institute of California is a prestigious school located in Los Angeles, at the center of the North Hollywood Arts District. 

It is surrounded by dance studios, theatre houses, music, and film studios. Which makes art practice easier and more applicable. 

Programs: Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Film & Video, Music, Theatre Art, Creative Writing, Applied Arts, Digital Arts, Costume Design, Etc. 

Benefits: Recognized certification. Proper workshop and tools. Quality education. Scholarship and financial aid. 

Duration: 2-4 years. 

Application: This institute is different and so is its application process. The application fee is $70 for local students and $85 for international students. Besides, application deadlines vary based on its distinct programs, you can check here. To apply visit here. 

Requirements: The requirements for applicants can be found here

Tuition: An estimate of 10,000 – $54,000 is required for all students. There are additional payments listed here

School Website

Santa Monica College

The Santa Monica College (SMC) is a large community university located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. 

It is one of the top art schools in Los Angeles with a student number of 30,615 and several professional staff. 

This school of arts offers the best art programs in California. 

Programs: Music, Choreography, Dance, Art History, Studio Art, Music Theory, Etc. 

Benefits: Art studio available, scholarship and financial aid available. Recognized certification, practice teaching and quality education. 

Duration: 2-4 years.

Application: The application opens in Fall and Spring. Here is a breakdown of the application details and deadline. 

Requirements: Find this school’s requirements here

Tuition: Estimate of $1,104 for residents and non-residents. For more information on how to pay per unit, visit here.

School Website

Pomona College

Pomona College is an art school that provides its students with proper access to numerous art facilities and galleries. It is also one of the well-known, top art schools in Los Angeles. 

This is a private college in Claremont, Los Angeles which has a student number of 1,663 and numerous art professionals and staff. However, it was established in the year1887 and offers only undergraduate programs.

Programs: Art, Art History, Dance, Music, Theatre, Media Studies, Liberal Arts, Etc. 

Benefits: Scholarship and aid, recognized certification, work studios and workshops. 

Duration: 1-4 years. 

Application: An application fee of $70 is required. The deadline for application varies, view details here

Requirements: Listed here are the application requirements for admission into this school. 

Tuition: Resident fee is $80,592 while non-resident fee is $77,746. Here is a breakdown of this institution’s tuition fee. 

School Website

Kline Academy of Fine Art

Kline Academy of Fine Art is a private art academy, one of the top art schools in Los Angeles, and where artists come to pursue their dreams. 

In this school, art enthusiast develop their skills, and gain exposure and experience to achieve professional standards. 

Programs: Painting, Fine Art, Drawing, Visual Art, Etc. 

Benefits: Zoom classes, pre-taped and private sessions available. Faculty gallery and free display of artworks available. Recognized certification. Scholarship and financial aid are available. 

Duration: The program duration varies, but it is mostly weekly. Here is a breakdown. 

Application: Application details and requirements vary depending on the program and study type. More information can be found here

Tuition: Varies by class. However an estimate of $280 – $1,500 is required per semester. 

School Website

AMDA College of the Performing Arts

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy is also known as the AMDA is a private institute known for several art studies including performing arts. 

It is located in New York City and Los Angeles, California. As one of the top art schools in Los Angeles, it offers both bachelor of fine arts degrees and professional performance degrees. 

Meanwhile, it was established in 1964 and has over 1,600 students. 

Programs: Theatre, Writing, Arts, Fine Art, Music, Performing Art & Acting, Dance, Etc. 

Benefits: Scholarship and financial aid available. Quality education, art studio, and workshops available. Certified staff and lots more. 

Duration: 1-4 years. 

Application: For the application date and deadlines, tuition, and admission requirements visit here. To apply click here

School Website

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is a Christian university that is dedicated to providing the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values. 

Besides being amongst the top art schools in Los Angeles, it is where students are strengthened for lives purpose, service, and leadership.

This college offers several art courses and provides a suitable practical environment and workshops. 

Programs: Creative Writing, Film Study, Media & Entertainment, Liberal Arts, Arts, Fine Arts, Etc. 

Benefits: Financial aid and scholarship available. Recognized certification, quality education, workshop, and galleries available. 

Duration: 2-4 years. 

Application: The application deadline and opening vary. Visit here to view. To apply click here. Meanwhile, a non-refundable application fee of $65 is required. 

Requirements: To view the admission requirements and its FAQs visit here

Tuition: Tuition differs per year. Here is a breakdown of this institution’s tuition fee. 

School Website

Is it a must to study art to be a professional artist? 

This is a regular question most art enthusiasts and start-up artists ask. Yes, it is necessary to attend a school of art to attain a professional level, not just in skills but also in certification. 

Can International students also apply for financial aid?

Certainly! Financial aids aren’t just for national students but also for international students. Although the paper works and requirements to apply for aid differs. Besides, most students are offered scholarships if merited. 

Is Los Angeles an affordable place to school?

Los Angeles isn’t just a multicultural-friendly environment to study, but also a suitable place to live and get connected. Schooling in Los Angeles is a bit expensive, due to its standards, rank, and exposure. However, some areas are quite affordable for students, places as Santa Clarita. 

How do I obtain a student Visa to study in Los Angeles, California?

Indeed to study in Los Angeles, a Visa is required. There are different types of visas, however, as a student, a Student Visa is required to study abroad. 

For international students, the F-1 visa is the common student visa issued to full-time students in California. 

However, the student must have applied and gotten admitted for this visa to be issued. This is why most universities, which include top art schools recommend and advise early application processes at least six months before the start of the semester. 

For a thoroughly guided application process to California, visit here

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