10 Top Art Schools in Germany-Tuition & Programs

In the pursuit of a career in arts, one of the best places to gain experience and develop your skill is Germany.

Germany is a country full of life and artistic beauty. It is known as the place to attain valued qualifications and recognition.

Most German universities have been ranked among the top universities worldwide, this is due to their quality education and peculiar teaching method. 

In this article, we will be talking about the top art schools in Germany.

What is Art?

Art is said to be one’s way of expressing oneself. The great artist, Leo Tolstoy, described art as the activity by which a person, having experienced an emotion, intentionally transmits it to others. 

Why Study Art?

Besides having skill and passion for art, it is important to gain a vast knowledge of art if one wants to be a professional in such a career path.

Learning about art exposes one to various sides of art and boosts creativity.

The List of Top Art Schools in Germany

  • Berlin University of the Arts

  • Bauhaus University, Weimar

  • University of the Arts, Bremen

  • The Braunschweig University of Art

  • The Alanus University of Arts & Social Sciences

  • University of Fine Arts, Münster

  • State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart

  • The Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig

  • State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe.

Berlin University of the Arts

This is not just one of the top art schools in Germany, but the very best. It is a public institution located in Berlin, Germany. This university, abbreviated as the UdK was established in 1696.

Programs: Acting, Architecture, Arts & Media, Artistic Training/Instrument, Costume Design, Creative Writing, Fine Arts, Music, Design, Jazz, Journalism.

Rank: 98 in Germany. 

Benefits: it’s a non-profit university that provides accurate exposure and high practice rate for its students. Also, it provides financial aid. 

Duration: 1-4years.

Application: An application fee of €30 is required. Visit here for a step-to-step guide for each program. This institute admits each semester and the application closes yearly on January 15 in summer and July 15 in winter. Although its dates vary at times. Meanwhile, the application deadline for 2022 is 10th January. 

Requirement: Check the full list of this school’s requirements here. 

Tuition: Tuition is free for both undergraduate and master’s programs except for special master’s programs. However, a contribution fee of €320 is required from every student per semester. Approximately, $1000 yearly. 

School Website

Bauhaus University, Weimar

This University was established in the year 1860. It was founded as the Great Ducal Saxon Art School in Weimar, Germany. However, it became a non-profit, public institution in 1902 and was renamed Bauhaus by Walter Gropius. 

Programs: Fine Art, Media Art & Design, Product Design, Visual Communication, Media Art & Design, Etc.

Rank: 65 in Germany.

Benefits: Offers professional studies. Scholarships. Available part-time jobs in school. Gives student loans and grants. School certification is recognized worldwide. Affordable accommodation. Free education.

Duration: 2-4 years.

Application: Follow this link for in-depth knowledge and details on the application requirements. Application opens on 1st December each year and closes on 31st March the next year. 

Requirements: This institute has distinct application requirements depending on the degree of study. However, here is a link to the full requirements needed to study. 

Tuition: This university does not require a tuition fee but a student contribution fee of €196,00. Meanwhile, if a student’s study is overdue, that is more than four semesters, such student will be required to pay an extra €500. 

School Website

University of the Arts, Bremen

This is a leading art academy in Bremen, Northwest Germany. It has more than 1,000 students and over 100 staff.

The University of the Arts Bremen is one of the top art schools in Germany and a great environment for creative young people to develop their talents and equip themselves for a career in the arts. 

Programs: Fine Arts, Integrated Design, Digital Media, Performance, Music, Etc.

Rank: 199 in Germany. 

Benefits: High-quality education with essential types of equipment. Close study with staff and free consultations. Well-recognized certification. Affordable living cost. Scholarships and financial aids.

Duration: 2-3 years.

Application: The application here is free. An entrance exam is required and applications are open in winter, till the 31st of May. The exact application deadlines for each program can be found here.

Requirements: The requirements needed to study in this institute vary, depending on the student. National and international students have different requirements. Detailed here are the various requirements for both student-types.

Tuition: Tuition here is free, however, a student contribution fee of €196.92 is required per semester. 

School Website

Braunschweig University of Art

The Braunschweig University of Art also known as the HBK is an internationally orientated art institute. 

It was founded in the year 1963 in the small urban city of Braunschweig, Germany. This university is a non-profit public higher education institution and one of the top art schools in Germany. 

Programs: Fine Art, Art Pedagogy, Performing Art, Visual Communication, Art History & Aesthetics, Media Studies, Design & Digital Culture, Etc. 

Rank: 198 in Germany. 

Benefits: Possibility of gaining a scholarship. Numerous practice workshops. Recognized certification. Explorable art environment. 

Duration: 4-5 years.

Application: This university begins all degree courses in winter and their application method for some courses differ. However, applications begin on the 1st of February and end on the 15th of March yearly. 

Requirements: The pre-application requirement differs for students of German and non-German qualifications. For national students, click here for the full listed application requirements and details.

Meanwhile, for international students, here is a full detailed list of requirements needed and exams to undergo. Exchange students and students from partnering universities have their application details here.

Lastly, students on the DAAD scholarship can see their requirements here

Tuition: Just like most German colleges, tuition is free. However, student contributions are required per semester. Therefore, an estimate of €982.42 will be spent yearly. 

School Website

Alanus University of Arts & Social Sciences

This is a private non-profit institute in Germany. The Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences was established in the year 1973.

It is a state-recognized university of the arts and one of the top art universities in Germany with two locations in Alfter and Mannheim. 

Alanus University has over 1,900 students and is managed financially by the non-profit Alanus Foundation.

Programs: Architecture, Art Education & Therapy, Art Therapy, Social Art, Drama, Eurhythmy, Fine Arts, Art Entrepreneurship, Etc.

Rank: 191 in Germany.

Benefits: Personal workstation. Free support and consultation from staff. State-recognized degree/certification. Part-time study is available.

Financial support is available through student loans and scholarships. Career opportunities. 

Duration: 2-4 years.

Application: Open throughout the year with deadlines depending on the course of study. Most degree programs begin in the autumn semester(September) and a few in the spring semester(March). 

Requirements: An audition is required for the faculty of Drama and Eurhythmy. Admission into arts is accepted based on portfolio review and personal interviews. To know the required documents for applications, click here

Tuition: This institute’s tuition is determined solely by the program of study and duration. However, as a private institution, its tuition is a bit on the high side. Meanwhile, its price varies from €2,000-€3,697 per semester.

School Website

University of Fine Arts, Münster

This University is another on our list of the top art schools in Germany. It was established in the year 1972.

This Institute is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the city of Münster, Germany.

Programs: Fine Art. Liberal Arts. Teacher training. 

Rank: 295 in Germany. 

Benefits: Personal workshops. Excursions. Personal professional coaching and training. 

Duration: 5 years

Application: Their application begins in winter, exactly the 2nd–10th of April. However, the assessment test of artistic aptitude takes place only once a year in the spring

Requirements: When applying to this institute, proper requirements are needed, including documental proof.

Check their website to view the list of documents and several requirements needed for an application. Do well to also check the FAQs section provided for similar questions to yours. 

Tuition: Estimate of €982.42 yearly. 

School Website

State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart

This Academy also known as the ABK Stuttgart, Germany public institution founded in 1761.

It offers over 900 students a wide range of outstanding teaching and learning spaces to help develop their practice. 

It is one of the top art schools in Germany which promotes the unity of teaching and research. 

Programs: Architecture, Fine Art, Art Education, Stage & Costume Design, Textile Design, Art History, Etc.

Rank: 245 in Germany. 

Benefits: Recognized certification. Health insurance while schooling. Accurate facilities and workshops. Free consultation. 

Duration: 4-5 years. Although it varies depending on the program. 

Application: Applications are open in winter, mostly from May-October yearly. However, it varies sometimes due to the program of study or university’s changes. 

Requirements: Application requirements differ based on the program of study. Click here to view the application requirement for each program. 

Tuition: Tuition is required for international, guest, and second-degree students. €1,500.00 per semester for International students. €650.00 per semester for second-degree students. €150.00 per semester for guest students. 

School Website

The Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig

This is a public institution in the city of Leipzig, Germany. This Academy, also known as HGB was founded in the year 1764. 

It is one of the oldest and most renowned art academies in Europe. For more than 250 years, the Leipzig Academy has stood for artistic and creative training at the highest level. 

Programs: Book Art/Graphic Design, Photography, Painting/Graphics, Media Art. 

Rank: 164 in Germany. 

Benefits: Access to equipped workshops. Exhibition and publishing opportunities. Professional independence. Access to specialist library. Recognized certification. Scholarships and grants are available. 

Duration: 5 years. 

Application: Open application from 15th December-1st February yearly. However, an aptitude test will be carried out in March. 

Requirements: Fortunately, Similar requirements and general documentation is required for an application to any of the programs. Listed here are detailed requirements and the process for applying. 

Tuition: An estimate of €982.92 yearly. This is aside from several required fees paid per semester for student services. 

School Website

State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe

This Academy was established in the year 1854. It is located in Karlsruhe, Germany. This Art school is one of the best art schools in Germany with a community of 300 students, and a large number of spacious studios and workshops that guarantees ideal study conditions. 

Programs: Visual Arts, Art & Theory, Art History, Artistic Research, Painting, Photography, Digital Media & Prints, Video & Audio Editing, Etc. 

Rank: 262 in Germany. 

Benefits: Workshops. Free consultation. Provision of accurate facilities. Ability to attain full knowledge of course due to the small size of students. Recognized certification. Through learning opportunities. 

Duration: 2-3 years.

Application: The application is open from 11th-27th April, this application is should be done manually. 

Requirements: For the full list of requirements and documents, click here

Tuition: Outside EU first degree students are required to pay a contribution fee of €1,500.00 per semester and €650.00 for Master’s students per semester. 

School Website

Is Germany a Good Environment to Study Art?

Germany is the perfect location for aspiring artists. It has an intentional specification on art and its galleries. Especially in cities like Berlin, Leipzig, or Cologne. It is a good place for exposure. 

Is Germany an Affordable Place to Live?

Germany is indeed inexpensive compared to other European countries. The cost of living; tuition and living expenses are very affordable. 

Does Germany Offer Free Education?

Most German universities offer free education. Public universities do not accept tuition fees, but a student contribution fee. This fee is for the safe running of the student’s affairs. 


In conclusion, it is obvious that pursuing an art career in Germany starting with any of the above schools, is certain to flourish. Such students will gain theoretical and practical knowledge.

Meanwhile, we are glad to have been of help to you. Please feel free to engage us in the comment section below, and send in your comments and questions. 

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