12 Best Art Schools in Italy-Tuition & Top Programs

Studying art in Italy will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. Italy is known as the art center of Europe, the country is full of historical beauty. 

There are so many Art schools in Italy and there are universities offering Art degrees in Italy also, but we have listed the Art schools in Italy that offer innovative programs organized to take full advantage of its amazing environment for an authentic cultural experience.

If you are an art lover and seek to explore the magnificent art world of Italy, then this article is just for you. This article provides a list of top art schools in Italy, with the list of courses they offer and tuition. Please note that we did not rank these art schools.

The List of Some of the Top Art Schools in Italy

  • The Florence school of arts
  • Santa RISA
  • Leonardo da Vinci Art School
  • Florence Academy of Arts
  • Angel Academy
  • Academia Riacia
  • Florence Classic Arts Academy
  • Accademia del Giglio
  • The school Mosaicists
  • Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA) 
  • Sacred Art School
  • Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli 

The Florence school of arts

The Florence School of Arts provides a high international standard of art and humanities education that reflects the US pedagogical paradigm.

They also offer great educational, cultural, and professional opportunities for students; training students to become more conscious of the cultural reality around them.

The Florence School of Fine Arts is a cultural reference point on an international level that bridges the historical with the present day.

They offer one of the most unique and recent programs in Florence, and often incorporate new approaches, to keep in touch with the external world of art and culture.


All classes are offered at the beginning to advanced level and taught in English.

Studio Arts:

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Print Media + Paper + Books

  • Etching • Lithography • Letterpress • Silkscreen •Book Arts • Graphic Novels • Self Publishing

  • Photo + Video + Digital +Photography • Video • Digital Media  

  • Installation & Performance

Graphic Design + Illustration

  • Graphic Design 

  • Typography 

  • Lettering 

  • Illustration

  • Digital Illustration and Publishing on the Risograph

  • Interaction Design with Augmented Reality

  • Web Design

Italian Language

  • Beginning-Intermediate – Advanced

  • Art History + Cinema Studies

  • Renaissance Art

  • Contemporary Art

  • Italian Cinema

  • World Cinema

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Santa RISA

Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) has become one of the top art and design schools in Italy over the past 50 years. They offer accredited programs of study based on the academic year, semester, and summer study; Post-Baccalaureate Certificates; and internships. 

SRISA hosts a multitude of Faculty-Led and Customized programs throughout the year and also provides some of the best art facilities available in the city.


SRISA offers virtual courses and internships and all Courses are taught in the English language.

FIne arts:

  • 3D And 4D
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Photography
  • Printmaking and Book Arts

Liberal Arts:

  • Art History
  • History, Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Italian Culture
  • Literature and much more

Design, Communications, and Gender Studies are other courses they offer.

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Leonardo da Vinci Art School

The Art Academy Leonardo da Vinci is an international school of art and Italian culture that has been established in Florence, Italy for many years. They offer both short and long art courses for students from all over the world. 

With a  highly professional and architecturally fascinating art studio that allows students in various subjects to relate and interact amongst themselves while creating a real and typical artistic community. 

Students come from every corner of the world to study and learn the various techniques to develop their artistic talents and aesthetic knowledge. 


The school offers courses throughout the year that are also open to beginners. All courses are taught in both English and Italian.

The courses are divided into:

  • Basic Courses 
  • Semi-intensive Courses 
  • Intensive Courses

Basic and Semi-intensive Courses cover mainly Italian Language and Italian Culture courses. 

Intensive Courses instead are for those mainly interested in artistic fields. 

A certificate of participation is given at the end of the course. 

Dates and Fees: https://www.arteleonardo.com/en/dates-and-fees

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Florence Academy of Arts

The Florence Academy of Art was founded in 1991 by Daniel Graves with a handful of students in a small studio in the gardens of a Florentine palace. 

This school is surrounded by the natural beauty that influences the students’ work, even as they look to examples from the past to learn the language of classical art.

The school has an antique structure, with  30 north-lit classrooms, a gallery, library, cafe, private studios for faculty, and apartments for visiting artists. 

They strive to provide the highest level of instruction in classical methods of drawing, painting, and sculpture for students wishing to pursue careers as professional artists in the Realist tradition.

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Angel Academy 

The Angel Academy of Art offers students the opportunity to learn drawing and painting. They offer unique courses for all skill sets and goals and even for beginners looking to explore Realism in Florence.

At the Angel Academy of Arts, they offer a full range of programs to accommodate students with any amount of experience.

The programs teach by using the methods that began in the early 1400s and developed over the ensuing 600 years.

Students can enroll in the Angel Academy of Art for a summer workshop, intensive course, or full-diploma program, and each of these offers strategies instrumental to mastering Realism in drawing and painting. 

Tuition and Fees: https://angelacademyofart.com/tuition-and-fees/

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Academia Riacia

Accademia Riaci was established in 1973 and is dedicated to providing international students with a unique cultural and educational experience abroad. The school is located in the historic city center of Florence, Italy.

Starting as a small art studio, today the same passionate mission has created a spectacular team of teachers representing the best Italian artists in Florence.


The “Accademia Riaci School Group” consists of three schools, each of which offers courses in different disciplines:

  • Accademia Riaci: Arts, Crafts & Design Classes
  • Florence Culinary Arts School (FCAS): Italian Culinary Arts Classes
  • ABC de’ Conti: Italian Language Classes

They have long-term courses and short-term courses.

One Year Courses 

One-year courses are designed for international students and are suitable for beginners or those who have basic training in a selected subject.

The One-Year Course provides students with the opportunity to acquire a solid and professional foundation in any of the offered majors related to arts, crafts, and design.

The program also includes:

  • Italian Arts & Culture lessons, 
  • Weekly Art Visits, and
  • Monthly Cultural Activities.

A Diploma will be awarded to students who have completed the course.

Semester Courses:

The Semester Course is suitable for beginners and covers the first half of the One-Year Course. It gives students a theoretical and practical introduction to the chosen major.

The program also includes basic lessons in:  

  • Italian Arts, 
  • Weekly guided art visits, and 
  • Monthly activities. 

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to students who have completed the course.

Master Courses:

The Master’s Course is addressed to students who have already acquired a basic and professional foundation. The course is also open to professionals with experience in a field who wish to further their expertise.

Tuition Rates: https://www.accademiariaci.info/admissions/?tab=4

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Florence Classic Arts Academy

Florence Classical Arts Academy is an accredited, private, and international Visual Arts Academy located in the heart of Italy. It was founded in 2009 and they strive to preserve an artistic tradition passed down from the Renaissance Masters. 

They train artists from all over the world through a unique method of applied knowledge. After completion of the curriculum, students are equipped with new techniques and a portfolio that is ready for presentation to potential patrons and employers.

Key Sectors:

  • Painting 
  • Drawing 
  • Composition 
  • Artistic anatomy

Tuition fees: https://www.artac.org/tuition-fees-deadlines

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Accademia del Giglio

Since 1995 Accademia del Giglio is a private art school in Italy. They are aimed at helping students to gain proficiency in the Italian language, understand the aspects of Italian culture, and also learn several drawing and painting techniques.


Art courses:

  • Art classes in Florence

  • Drawing and Painting techniques

  • Advanced Drawing and Painting techniques

  • Long Term academic course of Visual Arts

  • Life Drawing and Life Painting course

  • Sculpture course with clay

  • Fresco course

  • One day of Art

  • Week-end Drawing and Painting courses

  • Art Workshops

  • Online Art classes

  • Preparatory course for applicants to the Italian Fine Arts Academies

Art History courses:

  • Art History Courses

  • The Renaissance in Florence

  • The Italian garden and the Tuscan villas

  • History of Italian Fashion

  • One-day Art History in Florence

  • One-day Art History in Tuscany

  • Online Art History classes

More courses:

  • Art classes in Florence

  • Italian language courses

  • Art History Courses

  • Cooking classes

  • Courses for school groups

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The school Mosaicists

Founded in 1922, the school of Mosaicists aims at commitment and association between tradition and renewal, between productive reality and cultural reality.  

The school seeks to enhance the mosaic as a cultural reality, through the study, research, and use of the most innovative technologies. The goal is to combine the preservation of tradition with innovation.

Today the school of mosaicists is a reference point in the world for the training of professionals in the art of Mosaic. They accept students from all over the world.


They offer programs in Master mosaicist and Short Courses

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Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti (NABA) 

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti was founded in 1980. It is the largest private art academy in Italy. Since 1981 NABA has been legally recognized by the Higher Education in Art and Music system (AFAM, Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale), regulated by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR).

They guide students to create their professional identity and personal expression. It is also a place of production, enabling students to experiment with a plurality of experiences. 


  • Fashion Design 
  • Set Design 
  • communication and Graphic Design 
  • Visual Arts 
  • Design 
  • Media Design and 
  • New Technologies 


Undergraduate: https://www.naba.it/en/undergraduate-counseling/tuition-fee-scholarships-financial-aid

Postgraduate: https://www.naba.it/en/postgraduate-application/tuition-fee-scholarships-financial-aid

Contact Details:

  • Phone: +39 02 973721
  • +39 02 97372106
  • Website: www.naba.it

Sacred Arts School

The Sacred Art School is an international school founded to promote creativity in art and artistic craftsmanship.

The School offers a workshop where students and teachers, artists and artisans meet and relate with each other. They offer techniques that help students grow in their design and creation skills, through tools such as:

  • -A rigorous artistic and technical training 
  • -An in-depth analysis of contemporary thought


Quarterly Courses:




Special Courses:


Summer School:


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Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli 

Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli has been part of the IED network since 2010 and it is an institution noted for excellence in the field of Higher Education. They Are recognized by the Ministry for Education, University and Research. 

Their main objective is to promote the culture of Italy with a particular focus on innovation in fashion, visual arts, and the preservation of cultural heritage. 

They offer:

  • Undergraduate courses
  • Master courses
  • Continuing study programs
  • Summer courses
  • Foundation
  • Semester & Academic Year
  • Master of Arts
  • Design Fashion
  • Visual Arts Communication, Art and Restoration

Contact Details:

Website: www.ied.edu

Is Italy a Good Place to Study art?

Italy offers one of the top destinations for Art Studies and Art Vacations. The country has:

  • The most Cultural World Heritage Sites.

  • The birthplace of countless artists and art movements.

  • And art behind every corner, in the streets, ancient sites, museums, theaters, and even more. 

Which Country is Best for Art and Craft?

Italy. The country strikes a perfect balance between the old and new, classic and modern.

Is Arts a Good Career?

An artistic career is a great choice for those who have a good passion and love for the arts. An artist should enjoy working with people of like minds and share their ideas or thoughts with others.

Is Italy Famous for Art?

Italy is famous for its art. Ancient Italian painters and sculptors had an extraordinary significance on European art and architecture and were major contributors to its rich cultural history.

What is Italy Recognized and Known for?

Italy is known for its extraordinary artists, its tourism, its art cities, and amazing scenery.

Italy is also known for its language, its fashion, and its luxury brands.

Why Florence?

Florence is an incredibly beautiful city, often called “the birthplace of the modern world”. It offers an amazing sensation of “seeing” and feeling” and great architecture which encompass several centuries of exciting history and culture.


Italy offers the most when it comes to art. In the past, the craftsmen’s workshops and studios were the city’s major driving power of the city and production activities helped Italy flourish as an artistic place.

Art schools in Italy are known to train students efficiently, while also finding new ways in the vast and fascinating world of visual arts and more.

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