26 Best Attendance App for Students & Their Features

The most recent global pandemic of COVID-1 has drastically impacted school administration. The traditional operational management processes cannot handle the current situation.

Numerous schools and universities are adopting distance learning technologies. They are implementing online instruction.

Keeping track of attendance is one of the most difficult aspects of online education. This article introduces a variety of methods for monitoring student attendance in online classes. Read on to know the best and most notable attendance app for students.

Attendance App for Students

Teachers don’t need a lot of time to manage a student attendance register or compile student attendance reports.

Teachers can quickly create a variety of customizable reports using any attendance app for students, which include:

#1. Google Forms

One of the best methods for monitoring student attendance in online classes is Google Forms. In the Google Form, you can make an attendance record that you can hand out to the class. The attendance sheet with the timestamp will be self-reported by the class.

  • Create distinct Google spreadsheets and forms for each class.
  • Students can fill out a survey on Google Forms and submit it.
  • Time and date information will be automatically captured by a Google form.
  • The form requires students to enter their names.
  • The Google form must be submitted using an email account.

#2. Manual Attendance

Additionally, manual attendance is an option. You can complete it using a regular pen and piece of paper, just like you would in a classroom. However, taking manual attendance will take some time. You can mark the roll numbers of absent students to expedite the process.

However, during this procedure, students have the option of leaving the lecture early. You won’t be able to detect the students’ escape right away. The student attendance management system is available for use. It accurately records attendance while saving you time and effort when managing attendance.

#3. Asking Questions at Random to Students. 

One of the best methods for ensuring that students are watching online lectures is by randomly asking questions to students. You can sporadically inquire about the pertinent subject. However, be careful not to ask them in that order. You must choose students at random. Students have the option of responding via audio recordings or the chatbox.

#4. Poll or Short Quiz After Class

It is one of the best app for monitoring student attendance during a distance learning course. It is doable and simple to put into practice.

As soon as class is over, you can send the test or poll. Additionally, make sure that every student participates and turns in the poll or quiz by the deadline. Every institute has access to a variety of tools for attendance tracking.

FThis kind of feature is available on many different e-learning platforms and student information systems. When a student submits their quiz answers, it will record their timestamp and email address. Before the start of class, you should prepare the quiz, and then distribute it to the students after the class is over.

#5. After the Class, Discuss

It is one of the best ways to increase student-teacher interaction. Instead of using one-way communication, involve the students in the teaching process.

Trying to apply it to every subject or topic might be difficult. Therefore, having discussions at the beginning or end of class is the best way to put this method into practice. Both strategies will guarantee that students participate in online course teaching and learning.

#6. Final Decision

To monitor student attendance during virtual classes, you can also use other tools and applications for attendance tracking. 

Some schools are introducing accountability based on the number of work students have completed and skipping marks based on attendance. It can also be used to monitor a student’s progress.

#7. Attendance

You can easily list out students’ courses and their corresponding attendance times. The missing attendance alert display allows you to keep track of which entries are missing and stay organized.

The app also includes a check to see if a specific student has missed attendance in the previous 10 days.

#8. MyClass Attendance

This is a simple, user-friendly app for tracking student attendance on your mobile device. This is a lightweight app that saves device memory and can be used without an internet connection. Attendance reports can be easily generated and transferred to any other device for convenience.

#9. Attendance Manager

This app is a great option for quickly and easily tracking a student’s attendance or participation in any given event, program, or class.

Busy teachers can use this app to get detailed attendance reports, and identification is simplified by including student names and photos.

#10. Attendance Taker

You can easily take attendance in your class using this professional attendance taker, and it also keeps a history of the reports that can be accessed at any time for reference.

You can keep tabs on the weekly or monthly attendance rate or other comparable statistics and get an excel report of any attendance list whenever you need one.

Additionally, it is much simpler to edit the previously entered data for the selected student or date.

#11. Teacher’s Notebook Lite

This is the main version of the app, which is available without charge.

You can create and track attendance for two groups of students, as well as generate reports for three different categories. If the basic version meets your needs, you can upgrade to a more professional version for many more options.

#12. TrackCC

Teachers can track students’ attendance in class and send a report to parents with the aid of this free and simple-to-use tool.

Additional options exist for adding specific notes or comments for particular students that can be used as future references.

You can easily view previous attendance by student or date, and you can even personalize it for ease of use.

#13. Attendance Master App

You can take student attendance in the most intelligent way possible thanks to this wonderful app. The information between servers is automatically synchronized by ROL Cloud Technology.

The app is free to use, doesn’t require an internet connection, and has an auto SMS feature that lets you send attendance reports to parents.

For added convenience, this app can be integrated with school management software.

#14. Edevo Teacher

This guidebook and organizer will help you keep track of time-consuming classroom duties like attendance.

This serves as a classroom manager, an attendance record, and a quick way to get in touch with the parents of students. It has a handy home screen, export options for CSV files, and a quick register feature that makes taking a roll incredibly simple.

#15. RollCall

This is a free app for managing attendance that has a number of useful features built in to streamline a teacher’s workflow. It is simple to group students by subjects and tracks each student’s attendance for individual classes. You can easily backup and restore data at any time and have the option to export attendance of desired subjects to an a.CSV file.

#16. Teacher’s Aide

Your job of classroom management will become more organized and simple with the help of this comprehensive package of attendance and grade books.

User-defined attendance statuses are available for your convenience. Moreover, the app features allow you to track student behavior using attendance. It is also advantageous to have the option of automatically calculating grades based on attendance.

#17. Attendance Register

As the name suggests, the app definitely fulfills the function of an attendance register and makes it much simpler for you to manage attendance.

It is a very straightforward and user-friendly app that takes the place of the time-consuming manual attendance task, helping you to stay more organized, be more productive, and be more focused on your other daily tasks.

#18. Attendance Manager & Tracker

This app makes it easy to track student attendance more methodically and is quick to set up. You can manage teams of any size and keep track of their progress. dates using the app.

You can use the option to define groups to mark attendance for many students at once for added convenience.

#19. iRegister

You can complete the task using this extremely user- and environmentally friendly attendance register while also saving paper and valuable time.

This app is available without charge, and you can use it to manage up to 20 classes.

With just a few clicks, you can connect the app to another online server and access new features like a robust notepad and a simple calculator.

#20. AccuClass

One of the simplest ways to monitor student attendance on an iOS device is through this. You can add personalized entries for each student in the list, such as the present, absent, tardy, and more, which can be used for future quick reference.

You can even sync with the cloud-based AccuClass portal for better memory management. The presence of such fantastic attendance management apps on your device really enhances your efforts to keep up a quality teaching schedule.

These apps can significantly improve your overall teaching experience and help you finish your lessons on time. Additionally, by improving the system due to its effectiveness in reporting and tracking attendance, students will be encouraged to attend as few classes as possible.

#21. Jibble

Monitoring attendance is insufficient when working for a company. Additionally, you must monitor how much time they spend at their desk or on the job.

Jibble enters the scene at this point. You can use Jibble to track time and attendance using biometric identification.

How? To punch in or punch out, take a selfie. By doing this, the possibility of buddy punching—in which an employee uses his smart card to punch a friend—is decreased.

#22. TeacherKit

When you incorporate this app into your routine, classroom management can become very simple and enjoyable. The app not only assists you with attendance management but also with a variety of other daily classroom needs, and tasks This app requires no special skills or training to use and is suitable for all grades, from K12 to higher education.

 #23. Attendink

With this user-friendly app, managing reports and taking attendance is much easier than ever before.

All you have to do is begin a new session, make a list of the attendees, and start the registration process. The app is free to use and operates flawlessly in offline mode.

#24. Easy Attendance 

Easy Attendance is a strong and portable tool for gathering and tracking student attendance. It provides teachers and instructors with an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple to record and archive attendance-based records.

#25. School Attendance(SIMS-AP)

Teacher attendance, leave administration, and student attendance is all included in school attendance. By taking pictures on the school’s grounds, the headmaster will enroll teachers. Once registered, teachers are able to record students’ attendance on the school grounds.

For each type of leave, a teacher may apply for leave, leave on duty, deputation, and approval flow. The instructor will record each student’s attendance. If necessary, the headmaster of each school will modify or approve changes to students’ attendance.

#26.  K12 Attendance

You can quickly list the courses that each student is taking and the corresponding attendance period. The missing attendance alert display aids in keeping track of absent entries and maintaining organization.

The app also includes an additional feature that allows you to see if a specific student has missed any attendance during the previous 10 days.


Recording and documenting student attendance can be incredibly time-consuming and tedious. While the benefits of doing so are well documented in research, app-based solutions for attendance still rely heavily on manual input.

On the other hand, some ‘automatic’ attendance apps use deeply flawed methods to record attendance, such as password-based or GPS-based attendance. Do you know any other attendance app for students? Please leave a comment below.

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