20 Best Apps that help you Study for Exams  

If you’re in college, studying is probably a big part of your life. Thankfully, there are some fantastic new apps out there that can make studying for classes more fun on your phone or computer.

Apps that help you study for exams might be a godsend if you’re a time-pressed college student.

You may use these study apps to keep up with your studies, whether you are enrolled at a regular university, earning your degree online, or just taking a course for professional development.

The vast majority of apps are either free or very cheap to purchase. Read on to learn about some of the top study apps available right now that can help you pass your exam swiftly.

Why Do We Need Study Apps?

Useful study applications can make a significant difference in how efficiently you spend your study time.

No matter the topic—how to better manage time, increase output, etc. In a nutshell, you can get through all of these obstacles with the help of study apps that help you pass your exams:

  • Making Progress

  • Methods for Managing Time

  • Documentation Upkeep and Maintenance

  • Difficulties with a few central ideas

You may increase your productivity with the help of these programs by setting realistic goals, sticking to them, and using a consistent approach.

Our study sessions often meander from topic to topic, with little focus on any one issue for very long. Over time, this causes inefficiency.

Another difficulty with using paper notebooks and notes is that you may not always have ready access to them. You might forget your notebook if you want to go to a friend’s house or the library to study in a group. If you have it as an app, you can use it whenever you want.

There are a number of apps designed to address these issues. Those problems can be addressed with the help of these programs.

Apps that help you Study for Exams

If you’re a college student, check out these 20 helpful study apps that help you to pass exams.

1. Quizlet

Quizlet eliminates the need for paper flash cards. Simply put, it’s a flashcard app that employs the learning strategy of spaced repetition.

Access millions of pre-made flashcard sets to study anything from Medieval history to advanced Italian, all for free.

What’s more, you may create your own sets of flashcards and utilize them on the go via your mobile device or computer!

2. Grammarly

Once you think you’ve written the perfect essay or research paper, your professor returns it to you full of typos, missing punctuation, and odd sentences.

To aid in this endeavor, try using Grammarly. This web-based proofreading service examines your work for errors and readability and offers suggestions for enhancement.

This learning tool may also be used to ensure that your blog posts, PowerPoint slides, and emails are free of typos.

3. Scribd

If you’re looking for a place to store your book collection, go no further than Scribd. It’s an online library where members can borrow and access digital media like books, magazines, and audiobooks.

There are millions of user-uploaded documents available for your use as well.

Seeking a costly textbook, huh? If you want to read it for free, you should see if some kind soul has already published it on Scribd.

4. Evernote

Have you been asked to take notes for a buddy who missed a class? They’re safe because of you. When it comes to keeping track of tasks and collecting notes, Evernote is unrivaled.

This software consolidates learning tools including checklists, audio recordings, and textual notes.

Whether it’s the recipe your mom gave you or the link to a blog you read last night, Evernote is a great place to keep all the things you may otherwise forget.

5. Duolingo

You just couldn’t get enough of French in school, right? After finishing Money Heist, did you feel like picking up Spanish lessons? Learning a second language is a great option for those who find the cultures of other countries fascinating.

Acquiring a second language is a terrific way to show off your intellectual prowess, increase your job possibilities, and impress your pals with your knowledge of Dante and Baudelaire.

Duolingo’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is both a useful and entertaining tool for learning a new language. Their mascot is an owl.

6. Forest

The Forest app is for you if you have a hard time putting down your phone, even though you have a mountain of homework to accomplish.

For those who have difficulty overcoming their procrastination, there is the Forest app.

Plant a ‘seed’ of concentration whenever you have an assignment, assignment due date, or lecture to attend. Working without interruption allows the seed to mature into a tree.

Meanwhile, the software prompts you to refocus whenever you pick up your phone.

7. Voice Notebook

Dozed off during that dry lecture? It’s okay, because Voice Notebook has your back.

The speech-to-text program allows you to record your lectures and put them in a tidy folder, so you can review them when it’s convenient and keep up with the rest of the class.

The dictation app Voice Notebook understands five languages and lets you make changes as you go without pausing the recording process.

8. MindMeister

The collaborative and visually appealing MindMeister mind mapping application facilitates the documentation and presentation of ideas from individuals and teams alike.

Use this software to collaborate on ideas, make notes, have video chats (via the built-in chat feature), and get things done online, whether you’re working on a group project or just organizing a trip with your pals.

9. Mathway

If you can do the same thing on your phone, there’s no need to shell out cash for an expensive scientific calculator. When you need help with a tough math problem, turn to Mathway, a fully-featured calculator.

Algebra, trigonometry, and statistics are just a few of the topics that are covered in this study app, something that your regular phone calculator can’t handle.

10. Todoist

Even if having a plan makes life easier, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes it might be helpful to have someone else keep track of your deadlines and appointments because you have so much on your plate.

As a bonus, Todoist does all of this for no cost at all. Managing your projects, tags, and to-dos have never been simpler than with this application.

Better yet, the app will remind you of your obligations and help you stay productive.

11. Exam Countdown Lite

Worrying about an upcoming exam is a common problem. Use this app to keep track of your upcoming exams and due dates so that you won’t have to cram the night before.

If you use Exam Countdown Lite, you can keep track of all of your upcoming deadlines in one convenient location. The study app also provides reminders to help you keep your eye on the prize.

12. Notion

Look no further: here’s the software you need to keep track of every detail of your academic existence. Notion functions as a one-stop workplace.

Each aspect of the system, including the creation and modification of weekly agendas, projects, and class schedules, is organized into blocks.

Not interested in constructing your own? Make use of one of the many available web templates.

13. ScannerPro

With ScannerPro, your phone can replace your bulky scanner in an instant.

When you don’t feel like lugging your books everywhere, this comes in quite handy. Even in the library, you can scan books and articles for information without having to take them home.

You may easily become paperless by scanning your texts and storing them in the cloud.

14. WiFi Finder

Tired of sitting in your dorm room and writing papers? Having trouble connecting to free campus WiFi is a major hindrance, and we understand that.

Don’t waste time and energy looking for a mailbox or other submission location for your trigonometry homework anymore.

WiFi Finder makes it easy to locate local hotspots, both free and paid, so you may do your homework at a park or a coffee shop.

15. RealCal Scientific Calculator

Put away your deep pockets, there’s no need for a scientific calculator. You don’t need to go out and buy a separate scientific calculator thanks to this helpful app.

RealCalc supports standard algebraic operations, conversions, percentages, and a variety of display formats.

Would you like to review a previous challenge in calculus? The outcomes you’ve achieved are also saved in the app’s memory.

16. DropBox

Possessing the ability to keep things in order is a superpower (one that most students lack). One day you’re using your phone to download PDFs, and the next you’re using your cousin’s PC to complete your C++ assignment.

DropBox is the perfect app if you want to organize all of your files into a single repository.

The DropBox app has many useful features, including file storage and sharing, document scanning using a smartphone’s camera, and even offline job completion.

17. Vocabulary.com

The average American twenty-year-old has a vocabulary of 42,000. That’s a lot to take in, but once you start writing your Macbeth essay, you’ll find yourself struggling to find the right words to explain the three witches.

Here’s where Vocabulary.com comes in; it’s an award-winning tool that can double your vocabulary in no time flat and get you writing your essay on time.

The software serves as both a learning resource and a fun game, allowing users to make their own word lists, test their knowledge with multiple-choice quizzes, and compete with their Facebook friends for virtual rewards.

18. Professional Pocket Prep

More than 100 standardized tests can be prepared for with the help of Pocket Prep, a mobile app that offers efficient, flexible, and interesting study materials. The goal of Pocket Prep is to equip its users with the self-assurance and knowledge to ace high-stakes, career-defining exams on the first try.

In addition to keeping up with the most recent updates to exam standards and content, Pocket Prep applications also include in-depth, topic-specific quizzes that help users zero in on exactly where they stand in terms of preparedness.

19. My Study Life 

In order to study more efficiently for your upcoming exams, one of the best apps you may use is My Study Life. The software keeps track of your daily study schedule, examinations, homework, and grades, and it’s compatible with most mobile devices, as well as Mac and Windows desktops.

There will be reminders for things like assignments due, tests scheduled, and class times. If you lose your Wi-Fi connection, don’t worry; you can still access your information offline.

20.  Forest

The Forest app helps you concentrate on your studies. It’s a straightforward mechanism.

Once the program is launched, a user can select a tree layout and time limit (say two hours during which you will be revising for a paper).

If you want to keep your tree forest alive, you can’t use your phone for things like checking Facebook.

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