30 Best Must-Have Apps for Medical Students

The medical profession is an interesting field of study and comes with a lot of responsibilities. The profession deals with human lives which is very valuable and priceless.

That’s why medical students are expected to be intelligent, smart, hardworking and disciplined, because the process involved in becoming a doctor, nurse, gynecologists, radiologists, and other health practitioners is not an easy tasks.

This is a fact that every medical student should know, so they don’t joke with their studies. One unqualified health practitioner can lead to the death of thousands of people.

For you to stand out and become a good health worker, you must have acquired the right knowledge, undergone a series of training, sat for professional exams, and many more criteria. 

If you are planning on taking a course in any medical field or you are already a medical student, then this article is for you.

The List of Apps for Medical Students

We have compiled a list of 30 apps for medical students that can help increase your productivity, improve your learning abilities, pass your exams effortlessly, graduate without stress and become a highly sort after medical professional.

These apps for medical students are a must-have for every medical student. 


As a medical student, you have to avoid every form of distraction including your phone which is one of the greatest causes of distraction in our present age.

Forest helps you fight the many things that are calling for your attention, prioritize your studies, keeps you focus and manage your time properly. How does it work?

After downloading this app from play store, you are made to plant a tree which grows when you stay off your phone for long and whither whenever you violate the rules.

The tree represents your academic life. If you are able to stay off your phone for 5 hours and devote it to learning, your tree will grow meaning you are acquiring more knowledge but if you don’t, it will tell on your grades.

In Forest app, failure is equivalent to a withered tree. So, I urge you to plant a healthy tree today and see how much impact it will have on your studies.

MBBS Study:

This app gives you a clue on what to expect in the next academic session by giving you access to the courses and syllabuses.

It’s a flashcard that contains first to third year’s courses and topics that are taught in medical school, so it helps you study ahead of classes and collegues. MBBS study covers the following areas:

  • Genetics
  • Zoology
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal medicine
  • Surgery
  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry, etc.


UpToDate is a medical application that helps medical students take the right clinical decisions at the point of care. It gives experts contributions on a particular health care cases with evidence.

To become a user of UpToDate app, all you have to do is, download the app from playstore, create a user account and explore the following features;

  • Drugs Information
  • Practice guidelines
  • Patient education
  • Summaries on clinical topics
  • Clinical answers
  • Recommendations

App is available for iPhone, iPod and other modern gadgets.


Is a flashcard that enables medical students to acquire knowledge and learn easily through certain repetition techniques and helps them assimilate more within a short period of time. The topics available on this app are:

  • Radiology
  • Nursing
  • Veterinary
  • Dictionary
  • Pharmacology and many more.

Medical Dictionary:

A medical dictionary is a must-have for every medical student. It contains medical words, meanings, pronunciation, terminology, and how it’s being used. Available in different versions, examples are;

  • Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Dictionary.
  • Bailliere’s Dictionary for Nurses and Health Workers. Edited by Jayne Taylor.
  • Illustrated Medical Dictionary (The British Medical Association)
  • Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary.

Sleep Cycle: 

This is also one of the apps for medical students that serves as an alarm that regulates and tracks your sleeping pattern.

The sleep cycle helps you manage your time properly, go to bed when necessary, and wake up refreshed. It wakes you up during your light sleep, a type of sleep that’s good for your brain without having an effect on your health.

This app can be downloaded on Playstore and is available on Android and iOS. 

All you have to do is to place your phone on a table or shelf close to your bed and allow the app to do the job of detecting and waking you up at the right time.

This will also boost your productivity as sleep makes the brain relax and function at its best.


Epocrates provides safety information, drug prescriptions, dosages and references, notifications on recent developments in the medical field, calculators, and teaches on top medical topics and equations.

It helps medical students access a wide range of knowledge from different specialties.

Epocrates Free:

Is an advanced Epocrates app that gives medical students access to drug references, accepted prescriptions, trade names, usage, formulations, and dosage.

Epcrates Essentials:

This app was designed specifically for U.S medical students. It helps them interact with medical experts and health practitioners from the U.S but it will interest you to know that the app is currently open to all medical students around the globe and a great opportunity for you to learn.

You can access the app throughout August. So it’s time for you to gather knowledge from U.S experts by paying a subscription of about $169.

The app is an improved version of Eprocrates free with additional features of serving as tools for diagnosing during health care, giving information on the disease, and an avenue for you to interact with other health practitioners in the U.S and the world at large.


This is one of the best apps for medical students that can help you improve your diagnosis skills by giving you access to real clinical cases and the right decisions.

One exciting feature of this app is, that it gives self-explanatory answers about a diagnosed disease or sickness, how it can be managed, and its drug prescription. It can be downloaded on Playstore.


This Is one of the best flashcards that medical students use to learn easily. As a medical student, you can use Quizlet to learn new terminologies, courses, and health care cases.

It helps you remember what you’ve learned as it can serve as a revision tools to track your learning abilities.


Todoist is one of the apps for medical students that is similar to other To-Do list apps but is specially designed for medical students to help them plan their day and stick to it by using the reminder features on the app.

With Todoist, you are sure of crushing your academic goals and graduating with flying colors.

It helps you track your productivity, set your priorities, keep your focused, and organized and help you spend your time wisely. Available on Playstore and Applestore.


This app is highly recommended as it has the highest number of users all over the world. It gives medical news, experts’ prescriptions on drug dosage, and disease information and is helpful during consultations as you get to learn from the personal experiences of experts and other health practitioners.

The app has the following features;

  • Videos that give answers to health cases.
  • Thousands of drug information and prescriptions.
  • Clinical and medical news.

Medical Flashnotes:

As a medical student, you are expected to know at least 70% of medical concepts and this is made possible with this app. The app gives summaries on top medical topics such as;

  • Gynecology
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Anatomy, etc.

You can use this app to prepare for exams as it helps you read continuously.


This is an interactive app with the largest network of experts, medical students, and physicians who share health care tips, medical news, clinical cases, drug prescriptions, and major clinical topics.


This app uses images to help medical students learn and assimilate easily. It’s a combination of diagrams and their correct labeling. The topics available on the app are:

  • Radiology
  • Pulmonology 
  • Cardiology 

And other relevant topics in different specialties. Available for download on Playstore.


This app provides an easy way of preparing for an upcoming exam or presentation as it enables you to take records of key medical concepts, and get familiar with them, and also serves as a revision app that helps you track your learning speed and ability.

It can be used to create a revision timetable to enhance growth.


As the name implies helps you live a balanced life because medical school is a different world on its own, where you have to study, take care of yourself and still hang out with friends.

Considering the workload as a medical student can result in poor socialization and mental health but with this app, you can plan your day-to-day activities ranging from classes, assignments, programs, quizzes, examinations, and extra curriculum activities so you can have fun while studying without it affecting your grades.


This flashcard helps you study through spaced repetition by getting access to other people’s flashcards or you creating yours.

You can use it to track what you’ve learned, increase your learning speed, and test your knowledge. It’s one of the popular learning tools for medical students with the following features;

Audio, videos, images, and summaries on advanced medical topics.

Remember the Milk:

The tendency for you to forget or skip an assignment is high in medical school as a result of the workload but with this app, you can schedule your daily activities such as classes, assignments, deadlines, and examinations. 


PEPID means Portable Emergency and Primary-care Information Database. It helps you access drug references, videos, drug diagnoses, patient databases, and clinical information, learn and earn CME, get current medical news and take the right clinical decisions. PEPID also provides dosing calculators, disease profile, symptoms check, etc.

MDCALC Medical Calculator:

This app has over 1 million users who depend on it to make certain clinical decisions in the following specialties:

  • Primary Care
  • Hematology
  • Orthopedics
  • Internal medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Surgery and many more.

It offers medical students clinical calculators that are supported by evidence-based medicines and clinical tools like dosing calculators, formulas, classification, and equations.


This is mostly used by first-year and second-year medical students. It contains over 1000 medical notes on Physiology, Anatomy, Pharmacology, Pathology, etc.  It’s available on Amazon and available for Android.

Human Anatomy Atlas:

This medical app uses 3D models to teach human anatomy in the simplest form. It shows related pictures, gives accurate labeling, muscle description, and is available in over 10 languages.

It helps you understand how the human body operates and you can view the images properly with the zooming features, view the image from both gross anatomy and histology perspectives, and listen to the audio for each topic with their correct pronunciations. It’s a  perfect tool for learning real human anatomy.


Is used for relaxation, sleeping, mediation, and refreshes your mind so you won’t find it hard to learn.

This app contains sleeping schedules, stretching exercises, sleep stories, and meditations that can make you have good times while you fall asleep. It can be downloaded on Playstore.

Radiology APP: The radiology app uses images to explain each part of the human body and is mostly used by radiologists.

VISUAL DX:  This is a medical tool that helps you take accurate clinical support decisions, track patient safety, and diagnosed correctly with medical images. It covers the following areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Metabolism
  • Genetics
  • Infections and many more 

Physiology Guru:

This helps you know physiology like the back of your palm. It teaches it in the simplest and most concise form ever and is available in the Apple store.

Physiology guru offers you lecture videos, reminders, clinical cases, and notes on related topics and permits you to interact with the author by asking questions when necessary.

It’s one of the medical apps for medical students that allows you to take quizzes on the completion of each topic.


This is basically designed to enable medical students to learn while taking quizzes.

It contains more quizzes on physiology and is available on the Google Play store, this app requires subscriptions before you can use certain features.

Headspace App:

The Headspace app contains features that help you sleep, relax, meditate and manage stress.

Medical students used this app to improve their self-esteem, reduced fear, anxiety, and doubts, build confidence and prepare for examinations or presentations. You can only use this app online after subscribing.

Disease Dictionary App:

This is a medical dictionary containing a list of medical diseases and disorders, symptoms, causes, preventions, diagnoses, and history.

It can serve as emergency guidelines for medical students and physicians, can be used offline, has close to 5000 medical cases, and can be used for research.

It’s a must-have for every medical student, you can check out the drug-disease dictionary app.

The above medical apps can be used by other health practitioners but are basically for medical students and if you are one, I’m sure you have a lot to learn from this article, so feel free to explore this app.

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