12 Best Art Schools In Denver-Tuition & Details

Learning through and about the arts enhances the academic experience and helps students get ready for life after school.

Arts education fosters creativity and self-expression, and it can increase self-assurance and personal identity.

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The List of Art Schools In Denver

In this section, we take a look at the top art schools in Denver, Colorado. Although the 2 last schools on this list are not exactly in Denver, we feel they are great additions to this list as they are located in cities just a few hours’ drive from Denver.

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

You can count on them to inform, direct, and support you on your artistic journey as a student at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.

This is one of the art schools in Denver that have been preparing students for thrilling careers in a variety of fields since 1963, and they have no plans to stop.

They always will be dedicated to you and your future. You may anticipate a high-quality, all-around education in a cutting-edge environment, regardless of whether you choose to study fashion design, animation, game art, graphic design, or any other of their recognized programs.

Whether you choose to pursue your study in art and design on campus or online, you will enroll in accredited program courses taught by passionate and knowledgeable faculty who are committed to assisting you in developing your skill.

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University of Denver

This school creates a community of learners who are passionate about the arts and they are fortunate to welcome the creations of many gifted artists.

You will have the chance to appreciate the work of legends from the neighborhood and beyond, whether you are interested in stagecraft, the visual arts, music, or the performing arts.

They host hundreds of performances, exhibitions, and thousands of tourists each year, serving as the city’s cultural center.

The Newman Center for the Performing Arts offers students and visitors the chance to explore stunning exhibition spaces and experience the thrill of world-famous musicians, dance companies, and performing artists as they share their skills with students and the general public.

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MSU Denver

For students interested in pursuing a degree in a creative discipline, the Department of Art at the Metropolitan State University of Denver is a vibrant, diversified environment full of opportunities.

You will study both conventional techniques for producing art and doing research, as well as cutting-edge approaches to art and design, whether you want to be a professional artist, designer, educator, or researcher.

Whatever your long-term professional objectives may be, the MSU Denver Department of Art degrees give you the flexibility of a wide range of alternatives so you can prepare to become a creative professional with a unique perspective. Additionally, MSU Denver is the least expensive four-year university in Colorado, so you won’t have to worry about piling up debt.

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Community College Of Denver

You can embrace your creativity and direct it toward a career in the arts with the support of the studio arts, art appreciation, and art history classes at CCD. Many gifted artists have continued their studies and started lucrative professions at famous four-year colleges.

CCD’s visual arts courses are the ideal approach to developing your creative potential while pursuing a degree. You’ll find yourself constructing your future career in the arts by sketching, painting, carving, designing, and taking photos.

To accommodate your hectic schedule, CCD Online provides totally online certificates, degrees, and individual online courses. In this program, between 75 and 80 percent of the degree options are online or hybrid.

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University of Colorado Denver

Students can develop their skills in the performing and visual arts, music, video production, and television at the CU Denver College of Arts & Media (CAM).

Leading companies including Apple, Pixar, AEG Live, Google, Comcast, Rolling Stone, HBO, ILM, and Disney personally select CAM grads for their teams.

Their former members, who are now performing with groups like Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, The Fray, and Air Dubai, are breaking out onto the world scene.

They are given opportunities by Denver, and in turn, they are enhancing the global arts and culture landscape.

Their staff includes accomplished experts in their creative fields who instruct students using the same state-of-the-art tools and methods utilized by professionals.

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Regis University

Courses in visual arts, art history, music, music history, music theory, applied music, and music ensembles are all offered by the department of fine and performing arts.

A major goal of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts is to provide a vibrant cultural experience at Regis University. To that end, a wide range of performances, exhibits, lectures, and concerts are made available to the public.

Students have the chance to acquire knowledge and awareness of visual culture throughout history through the art history program.

The fine arts department at Regis College offers a setting where students can investigate the place of the fine arts within the liberal arts.

The Regis University Music Program offers a wide range of musical courses and activities to its students, teachers, staff, and the Denver community.

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Real Academy of Art

The REAL Academy of Art Colorado instructs students in the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and sculpture using time-tested techniques. As a reference to the Renaissance realist masters, REAL’s moniker is derived from Renaissance Alive.

Based in Denver, REAL is the first and only art school in Colorado to receive certification from the Art Renewal Center (ARC), one of the most prestigious institutions for fine art.

The leading authority and assessor of representational art schools is ARC. Schools that receive this highly sought-after stamp of recognition offer not only great art teachers and instructional curriculum, but also develop students whose artwork exhibits mastery of fundamental abilities.

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Art Students League of Denver

The Art Students League of Denver offers a welcoming artistic environment where skilled artists mentor people of all abilities to realize their full potential.

The Art Students League of Denver has programs for everyone, whether you want to be more creative in your daily life or want to become a professional artist.

When the Art Students League of Denver initially opened its doors in 1987, a small group of well-known artists taught more than 100 students in just one academic year.

Today, ASLD connects over 900 students each month with over 200 renowned artists who teach a variety of fine arts workshops throughout the year at its location at 200 Grant Street in the historic Sherman School in the West Washington Park neighborhood.

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Denver Entertainment Art & Design Academy

The DEAD Academy is the only design school in the Denver area that provides students with the advantages of a portfolio-centered education based upon a practical, industry-informed curriculum taught in an academy setting for creative artists who wish to acquire professional knowledge in the disciplines of the film, video game, and comic book fields.

In order to provide a clear path to a career in the entertainment arts sector, instruction is specially customized to each student’s talents and incorporates real-world teaching.

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Denver School of the Arts

A comprehensive secondary arts magnet middle and high school, The Denver School of the Arts is part of Denver Public Schools.

Students take intensive courses in creative writing, dance, band, orchestra, vocal music, stagecraft & design, theatre, video cinema arts, and visual arts in addition to their demanding academic program.

DSA is dedicated to creating a culturally diverse, intellectually demanding atmosphere that fosters a lifetime love of the arts.

Tuition: DSA is tuition-free

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Naropa University

Obtain your bachelor’s degree from a school of visual arts that honors the unique link between your inner landscape and your output.

For aspiring artists, Naropa’s dedication to contemplative instruction and long tradition in the fine arts make a remarkable undergraduate experience.

Naropa is very proud of its history in the arts. Naropa is dedicated to providing student artists with a supportive environment in which to explore their artistic vision.

This is done by providing four galleries for visual art, a studio for 2D art, a recording studio, an art library, and studios for pottery, sculpture, and media arts.

As you participate in and gain knowledge from a vibrant community of other artists, performers, researchers, authors, and healers, you’ll develop as an artist here.

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University of Colorado Boulder

Students can explore their interests and hone their abilities in Art History, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Post-Studio Practice, Printmaking, IMAP (photography, digital media, video, integrated arts), Painting & Drawing, and Printmaking through the Department of Art and Art History’s majors and minors.

A small group of very talented and driven students has the opportunity to participate in advanced studio study through the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

For artists who have completed their undergraduate degree and would prefer more time and space to create their work while being engaged in a vibrant artistic environment, there is the Post-Baccalaureate option.

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Benefits of Studying Art

Our civilization is fundamentally influenced by the arts, but many individuals now believe that the arts have little educational value.

They think that studying art is useless and that young people should concentrate more on more useful endeavors like (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) (STEM).

What are the advantages of learning art, then? We give some strong arguments for why you ought to.

  • Art enhances critical thought

The ability to utilize your judgment to assess and evaluate a situation is known as critical thinking. It’s an essential talent for the contemporary job.

  • Relevant Skills

A more comprehensive approach to art education gives you soft skills. These abilities are transferrable, so you might use them in a variety of professions like UX design, communications, or entrepreneurship.

  • Positive effects on the mind

Adults frequently employ artistic expression as a type of therapy to relieve stress, develop emotional awareness, and simply unwind.

According to research from the University of Western Australia, two hours a week of exposure to the arts can significantly enhance one’s mental well-being.

Is Denver Good for Artists?

Denver is renowned as the world’s center for street art. There is no shortage of fantastic street art in this city, from the striking murals in RiNo to the striking pieces in Dairy Block.

How Hard is it to Get Into the Denver School of Arts?

189 students were accepted into DSA last year out of the 672 who auditioned. That indicates that DSA’s rejection rate is roughly six times greater than that of the University of Colorado at Boulder and nearly eighty percent higher than that of the prestigious International Baccalaureate program at DPS’s George Washington High School.

What is the Hardest Art School to Get Into?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has the lowest acceptance rate of any art and design institution in the world.

What is the #1 Art School in the World?

The Royal College of Art, which was established in 1837, is ranked first globally for art and design by the QS World University Rankings.

Do All Artists Go to Art School?

Yes, it is possible to self-teach art. In actuality, 78% of the top 50 living artists according to Artfacts.net do not hold an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree.

Self-taught artists don’t depend on art schools to give them the knowledge and experience they need to develop as artists.

Should I Attend Art school or University?

The primary distinction between an art school and a typical four-year college is that an art school will prioritize education in the arts whereas a traditional college will provide a much broader education, with mandatory courses that span many other areas.


Who Can Attend Denver School of the Arts?

More than 1000 students in grades 6 through 12 attend DSA, which is now regarded as one of the best 21st-century schools in the country.

These students major in eleven different arts disciplines, including band, creative writing, dance and movement, guitar, orchestra, piano, stagecraft & design, theatre, video cinema arts, visual arts, and vocal music.

How Do Denver Public Schools Rank Nationally?

According to the national rankings, Denver School of the Arts is rated 161.

Schools are rated based on graduation rates, how effectively they educate kids for college, and how well they perform on state-mandated tests.

How Do I Choose an Art School?

Here are the top five things to think about while selecting an art school:

  • class sizes. When selecting an art school, the student-to-teacher ratio is crucial.
  • teacher credentials.
  • The school’s culture and outlook
  • The art course
  • The location and the amenities.

Do you have questions or suggestions about these art schools in Denver? Please leave a comment below.

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