6 Culinary Schools in Israel & their details

We all have certain attributes, interests, talents, and skills that provide us with an opportunity to pursue different things. it is these qualities that put us on the road to a career where we can not only leverage these abilities but also find success and happiness.

Attending culinary schools in Israel require some qualities and this of course can be found in every great chef and hospitality manager. If you are considering attending the culinary schools in Israel, it is important to note that the following attributes that are about to be listed will bring your success. Read on to see the culinary schools in Israel and some essential qualities that a culinary student should have.

Qualities of a Culinary Student

  • Creativity
  • Commitment and Patience
  • A Passion for Your Craft
  • Ability to Accept Constructive Criticism
  • Possess a Team Mentality


As a chef, you must have the ability to think outside the box and let your creative side show and grow. Being open to new ideas and trends will help you expand on the things you learn while bringing new ideas and dishes to life.

Commitment and Patience

This is one of the most common qualities you must have as a Chef as long as the culinary industry is concerned. There are multiple repetitive actions and skills that must be mastered as a chef and those little actions are what define your commitment.

Everything from knife skills to flavour profiles, to kitchen techniques that will be used daily are some of these actions that define creativity.

In the culinary schools in Israel, you are allowed to learn and make little mistakes all in the bid of helping you understand the fundamental difference between where you are now and where you will be professional.

A Passion for Your Craft

To cope in the culinary schools in Israel, you must have that passion to create and share your ideas and dishes with the world.

It is your passion that will drive you and propel you to do bigger and better things. With a passion for your craft, no setback is big enough to stop you and no goal is out of your reach.

Ability to Accept Constructive Criticism

The best chefs in the world are constantly learning. Receiving criticism and feedback comes with the territory. Your ability to accept criticism constructively will only create new opportunities for you to learn and improve.

Possess a Team Mentality

The ability to think, lead and communicate effectively are very vital in preparing and serving the best dishes. in culinary schools in Israel, students must develop tough skin while being trained as world-class chefs.

The List of Culinary Schools in Israel

  • The Jerusalem School of Kosher Culinary Arts 
  • Tadmor culinary school Israel
  • Asif culinary institute of Israel
  • galilee culinary institute

The Jerusalem School of Kosher Culinary Arts 

The Jerusalem school of kosher culinary arts has courses that prepare students for a career as kosher chefs in world-class hotels and catering establishments.

There are courses offered during summer, and those courses are taught by professional school staff with the aim of helping students improve their cooking skills.

This culinary school offers courses that handle the following topics:

  • How to use knives properly
  • The Art of Modern French Cuisine
  • Cuisine of the Italian Riviera
  • Wonders of the Wok
  • Time for Something Healthy

Their courses are usually for both women and men, food and utensils are included in the prices of their courses. An apron and comfortable shoes are required too.

Tadmor culinary school Israel

Tadmor culinary school is located in Herzliya, close to the beach in the centre of Israel and close to tel Aviv.

They have vocational educational training schools for culinary, tourism professions for high school graduates and hoteliers.

An estimate of over 50,000 graduates from Tadmor has found positions in bakeries, hospitals, hotels and restaurants throughout the country.

Graduates from Tadmor includes world-class culinary stars who are top chefs in restaurants in Israel and on culinary shows on TV.

professional training programs in Tadmor offers curricula covering various fields in the hospitality, hotel and culinary industry.

Courses offered includes:

  • A La Carte Professional
  • Grande Patisserie
  • Butchers and culinary counselors
  • Culinary Business Management
  • Restaurant Design

Asif culinary institute of Israel

Asif culinary institute is a non-profit organization and culinary centre located in Tel Aviv and is dedicated to nurturing and cultivating Israel’s diverse and creative food culture. It is a joint venture of New York City-based Jewish food society.

The aim of this institute is to explore the local food culture, provide a home for research and dialogue and also a wide range of culinary experiences.

The centre is usually open six days a week. At Asif, it is believed that food s the central ingredient for culture and identity as individuals and communities.

Galilee culinary institute

Galilee culinary institute is one of a kind culinary institution based in the heart of Israel’s galilee, they combine culinary and restaurant expertise, tourism and entrepreneurship.

At Galilee culinary institute the Rosenfield school of the culinary program allow students to acquire a rich language of culinary arts, this is achieved through hands-on experiences and connections with world-class food professionals across Israel and the globe.

This culinary institute has a state-of-the-art campus sprawling 25,000 square feet, with an immersive global environment and a wide array of culinary experiences which includes winemaking, participatory restaurant experiences and interacting with the fertile agriculture of the land.

culinary school jerusalem

  • The Chef College
  • Eat & Meet

The Chef College

This school offers cookery and confectionary studies being one of the leading culinary schools in Israel, they have innovative and diverse curricula that provide students with the tools and skills while they gain practical experience in advanced techniques and technologies in the field of cooking and confectionary in professional kitchens of the college.

At the end of the course at the cooking school, students are entitled to an international professional certification that allows them to develop.

Eat & Meet

Eat & Meet was born during a long trip across Asia. At Eat & Meet, they have cooking classes that give students the inspiration for an original venture in Israel.

Their goal is to reveal, in a couple of hours of hands-on tour and workshop, the Israeli culture and the local flavours. Visit their Website.

Culinary Schools in Israel


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