20 Top Online Defensive Driving Courses in Texas

Are you looking for online defensive driving courses in Texas? If yes, then you should check out our list of top-rated schools offering these courses.

In order to get your driver’s license back, you’ll need to take a defensive driving course. These classes teach drivers the proper techniques to avoid accidents and reduce their risk of being involved in a car accident.

You can also take a defensive driving course online through our recommended schools. Online courses offer convenience and flexibility for busy students who don’t want to miss class time.

Driving is an essential aspect of life, and having access to dependable transportation to go to and from work, school, and other destinations is crucial.

Several people have witnessed everything from the unbridled joy of a 16-year-old getting their driver’s license to the anxiety and uncertainty experienced by those who had their license suspended or revoked. 

However, one doesn’t need a suspended or revoked license to experience the discomfort. Your insurance premiums can go up and your driving record can get damaged with just one traffic citation for a relatively minor moving violation.

Let’s face it: almost everyone receives a traffic ticket at some point. You can take a Texas defensive driving course online or in a classroom if that’s what you prefer. 

Thankfully, the state of Texas is fairly forgiving. Nowadays, the majority of people complete an online defensive driving course in Texas that has been approved by the state. 

This will lower your insurance rates, erase a minor moving violation from your record, and reduce the number of points on your record.

About Online Defensive Driving Courses in Texas

You may maintain a spotless driving record by taking an online defensive driving course. It was created for those of us who, while typically maintaining a clean driving record, might occasionally receive a ticket. 

A defensive driving school not only serves as a deterrence against future infractions, but it also serves as a refresher on traffic regulations, safety, and laws. For many drivers out there, these refreshers are regrettably essential. 

In Texas, you are permitted to take an online defensive driving course once a year, and it can totally erase the majority of minor traffic infractions.

If you have any of the following infractions, you cannot enroll in a defensive driving course in Texas: 

  • more than 25 mph over the posted limit. 

  • driving a car without a proper auto insurance policy. 

  • Hit and run 

  • When passing a school bus with its red flashers on, 

  • any infraction that took place in a work zone. 

Simply completing an online defensive driving course in Texas will clear up the great majority of other moving offences.

How to Identify a Good Defensive Driving School Online in Texas 

There are a number of important considerations to bear in mind as you begin your search for the top Texas defensive driving school online.

  • Availability on short notice 
  • Customer service hours for some online defensive driving courses have been condensed to 9 to 5 and are only available during the week. 

That doesn’t really help those of us who are now employed, does it? The ideal scenario is to never need customer support, but if you do, they should be accessible when you need them, which is often outside of regular business hours when you’re taking the course. 

It’s great to get a school with customer assistance available 24/7/365.

  • Phone Friendly

Even though it seems absurd, not all Texas online defensive driving courses will be mobile-friendly in 2022. 

On mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet, many courses won’t operate (or won’t work well). 

As absurd as it may sound, many Texas online defensive driving courses are indeed that old.

  • Completely online 

In this present time, the great majority of defensive driving courses offered online in Texas will be fully online. Find another course if the one you’ve found isn’t entirely online. Your online class should always be the only place you need to take tests, and you should automatically receive your certificate of completion in the mail.

  • Certification specifically from the state of Texas 

Although it might seem simple, you must make sure that any online defensive driving course is legitimately approved for the state of Texas in 2022 before enrolling. 

A course that received certification in 2017 might not do so this year. Every year, there is news from people who spent a lot of time doing a defensive driving course that wasn’t recognized in Texas. 

You should check with the Texas Department Of Licensing & Regulation to see if the course is approved before enrolling in ANY online defensive driving school in Texas.

  • US-Based Support Teams

American-based support staff In keeping with the aforementioned considerations, you want to make an effort to select an online defensive driving school that has an internal customer service team situated in the United States

Many online driving schools outsource their customer service to foreign companies that, when you call them, are essentially useless.

  • positive online testimonials from former students and from a variety of sources. 

Even though I’ll be sharing my personal ideas with you regarding the top Texas online defensive driving classes for 2022, you shouldn’t just trust me. 

To assist sort out the phony evaluations and get a solid picture of the advantages and disadvantages of a course, gather reviews from as many sources as you can and compare them all.

Note: Knowing exactly what you want and need from a program is also crucial. The program that best suits you and your needs can then be chosen. 

There are obviously many options available, so it’s crucial that you take your time to select wisely and take the appropriate programs into consideration.

How Does Online Defensive Driving Courses in Texas Work

One of the most significant changes to the way people obtain degrees has been the rise of online learning. 

People are frequently surprised to learn that driving lessons may be taken online because driving with an instructor is frequently a part of a driver’s education. 

But even for teen driving programs, there are several classroom-based programs available. 

You can fulfill your defensive driving requirements as fast and easily as possible by enrolling in the top Texas defensive driving course available online. 

Text-based classes, films, and even interactive lessons are all used to impart lessons. You can finish your classes whenever you have the opportunity to do so and whenever you have free time

You can learn at home using a computer, or even a smartphone or tablet, rather than continually attempting to arrive at a class in time for the scheduled start times. 

After completing the top Texas defensive driving course online, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can use to lower your insurance premium, have a ticket dismissed, or receive other benefits. You’ll also feel safer and more secure when driving on Texas’ congested roads.

List Of Top Best Online Defensive Driving Courses In Texas

As we mentioned earlier, there are significant changes to the way people obtain degrees and it has been the rise of online learning. Let’s look at some of these online defensive driving courses in Texas.

1. Approved Course

One of the simplest courses you can take now has a completely revamped user platform is the Approved Course. All of their videos have also recently received an update. 

Before this year, you had to have your completion certificate shipped to you; now, electronic delivery is accessible and is included in the cost. Even certain extras, like getting your Texas driving history, are reasonably priced. 

2. Improv Traffic School

They approach defensive driving in a very distinctive way. Improv Traffic School is well aware that the majority of people do not voluntarily enroll in defensive driving classes. 

Most people only engage in it because they essentially must. That’s why Hollywood comedians established a comedy-based program for Improv Traffic School.

3. Aceable

The top online defensive driving course in Texas for 2022 is without a doubt Aceable. Aceable is a relatively recent player in the online defensive driving arena and is based in Austin, Texas. But that’s actually a positive thing.

Since Aceable was only recently founded, they are Texas’ most cutting-edge and current defensive driving program. Texas has a lot of terribly antiquated online defensive driving classes, but Aceable is the complete opposite.

4. iDriveSafely

Since it first launched, iDriveSafely has continuously gotten great feedback from its users. As it has been for a long time, this is still a top option in 2022.

It provides a variety of services, such as defensive driving training, and distributes them via any device you choose.

Additionally, it provides some of the top student support services in the nation, enabling you to swiftly acquire the assistance you require so you may resume your studies.

5. Get Defensive 

Another online defensive driving course in Texas that has been recognized for more than 20 years is Get Defensive. This course promises to be the least expensive, and after taking it myself, I can say with assurance that it is really simple. 

The tests in this course appear, for some reason—and this is saying a lot—even easier than the others. This defensive driving school is just concerned with the state of Texas, in contrast to some of the other programs on this list.

6. A Sense Of Humor Defensive Driving Course

The fact that A Sense Of Humor Defensive Driving Course is family-run is one of my favorite things about it. A father and son constructed this defensive driving school from the bottom up.

After obtaining a traffic ticket and learning how unpleasant it is to go to defensive driving classes in Texas, they made the decision to design their own course that would be entertaining rather than incredibly dull like the majority of them are.

7. Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School is a defensive driving program that has been offered in Texas since the early 1990s.

At first, they offered defensive driving courses that could be completed at home and were delivered through mail utilizing VHS cassettes and manuals.

They started to alter their business strategy as time went on, and in Texas, the early 2000s saw the launch of their online version of their home-based defensive driving school.

8. Texas Defensive Driving School

After all, we have the knowledge and skills you need after 35 years of educating and training students in Texas to drive more safely.

Texas Defensive Driving School doesn’t have to be a hassle; rather, it is just what you need to swiftly and inexpensively get your Texas Traffic Ticket dismissed.

9. DriversEd.com 

DriversEd.com has a very reliable program that is less eye-catching than others in the field, yet it offers adequate content.

The website is straightforward and simple to use. The application keeps track of your progress and guides you by asking you questions periodically.

Other Online Defensive Driving Courses in Texas

  1. Gently’s Driving School

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  1. Comedy Safe Driver

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  1. Defense Drivers

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  1. Ticket Stop

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  1. Safety USA

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  1. Safe Driver Centre

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 7. Ticket school

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 8. 24/7 Texas Driver Safety

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 9. Pro Defensive Driving

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 10.1 Safe Driver

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11. Safe Motorist

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Below are some of the frequently asked questions about online defensive driving courses in Texas.

In Texas, is it Possible to Take a Defensive Driving Course Online? 

All court prerequisites for ticket dismissal are satisfied by our Texas online defensive driving course, which is TDLR certified. 

If your insurance carrier offers a defensive driving discount, you could possibly save up to 10% on your auto insurance. The defensive driving course can be finished in as little as six hours, and many students do it in a single day.

How Much Does Texas Defensive Driving Online Cost? 


How Much Time is the Online Texas Defensive Driving Course? 

6 hours 

The State of Texas mandates that online defensive driving courses be completed in a minimum of 6 hours. Our Texas Defensive Driving course is 5 hours long with a total of 1 hour of break time, and it can be finished at your own pace in accordance with state regulations.

Does Defensive Driving in Texas Lower Fines? 

It is also important to note that choosing defensive driving to handle your ticket is typically less expensive than paying for the ticket, even if you will still have to pay a court charge. Many people find that time is more important than money.

What Number of Modules are There in The Texas Defensive Driving Course? 

Modules six 

This course is composed of 6 modules: Your License to Drive, Module 1. Section 2: Right of Way. Traffic Control Devices, Module 3.

When I’m Done Practicing Defensive Driving, What Do I Do? 

Follow up to ensure that your small traffic citation is dismissed after your defensive driving certificate has been processed, then relax and take pleasure in your spotless driving record.


If you are in the market for an Online Defensive Driving Course, look no further than the experts at Defensive Driving School of Texas. 

This program is designed specifically for Interested persons who want to improve their driving skills and knowledge in order to stay safe on the road. 

This article is dedicated to helping you learn how to drive defensively so that no matter what situation arises, you will be able to handle it with confidence.

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