15 Top Driving Schools in New York-Get Licensed Fast

Driving in New York can be nerve-wracking. As one of the biggest cities on the planet, it likewise has the biggest assortment of driving styles.

Driving Schools in Newyork prepare individuals for the New York City driving experience. Students are offered the best tools and directions to become protected and decent drivers.

This article contains a list of some of the top reputable driving schools in New York. Go through and explore these many options provided here for you.

The Top Driving schools In New York

New York is one of the states that require teens under the age of 18 to complete a driver’s ed course. There are many benefits attached to attending any of the driving schools in New York. Below are some driving schools in New York you should consider.

Drivetrain Driving School

Drivetrain Driving School in Newyork provides all of the services needed in a one-stop driving school shop.

They offer services in: 

Amethyst Driving School

Amethyst Driving School is a driving school in Brooklyn, New York made up of a  group of certified driving instructors, who serve the most comprehensive program. Driving lessons are developed to provide important information relating to the needs of new and experienced motorists. 

They conduct road tests in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, NY, Long Island, Upstate and beyond. 

Amethyst Driving School offers the following driving courses: 

  • Driving lessons for beginners, licensed, young, middle-aged and seniors
  • Highway driving lessons
  • Refresher driving course
  • Rush/fast road test appointment
  • Pre-licensing 5-hour class
  • Defensive driving course online, and defensive driving class. 

Curriculums are designed to meet the developmental needs that incorporate learning with highly qualified instructors. They train all ages.

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11229

Phone: (718) 758-4740

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Blue Steel Auto School

Blue Steel Auto School is a driving school in Brooklyn, New York. They are dedicated to transforming the community and the world through driving training. Their services include DMV road test steen drivers training, driving lessons, 5-hour class, insurance/point reduction, and Motorcycle training.

Blue Steel Driving School is a licensed NYSDM school that has New York State Department Of Motor Vehicle licensed training instructors on site. They are dedicated to addressing the current demands for licensed drivers by providing superior instruction to students.

Check out their prices here.

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11213

Phone: (929) 460-8010

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Brooklyn Driving School Inc.

Brooklyn Driving School is a family-owned and operated business that has been producing safe drivers since 1981. They specialize in a 5-hour class- pre-licensing course and defensive driving. 

The lessons they offer include:

  • Automatic lessons
  • Stick shift lessons
  • CDL B- P.S- school bus lessons
  • Motorcycle and scooter lessons
  • Defensive driving class
  • 5-hour classes and more. 

Brooklyn Driving School Inc. Are the first to utilize electric cars. Classes are designed to teach new drivers about the Highway Transportation System, and rules of the road, and provide information about the importance of using seat belts and the negative effects of drugs and alcohol use while driving.

View Prices and Packages.

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11218

Phone: (718) 633-6000

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Confident Driver Driving School Inc.

Confident Driver Driving School Inc. is a young dynamic, experienced, reliable, friendly and trustworthy driving school based in Midtown, NY.

They teach beginning drivers in the metro New York City area all the necessary skills to pass their road test.

They also offer refresher courses, lessons for nervous drivers and international drivers, and night-driving lessons.

Also, they provide Road  Test Booking Services, Rush hour Road Test appointments, and a car for the test.

Students can schedule mock road tests to prepare them for the real thing, and the company provides car rentals for students taking the road test.

Confident Driver Driving School Inc. offers trial lessons and various lesson/road test packages. Driving instructors are highly qualified and instructors customize each lesson to fit each student’s personality. 

Address: 38 W 32nd St Ste 1508, New York, NY 10001

Phone: (917) 265-8311

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US One Driving School

US One Driving School is a driving school in New York City, New York. Student drivers will obtain easy-to-follow guidance from private driving instructors and can apply them with ease and confidence.

Their services include 

  • Learner’s permit service
  • Automatic transmission driving lesson
  • Required 5 hours pre-licensing class
  • Point and insurance reduction course, and 
  • 4-point reduction program. 

Alongside driving lessons which include automatic transmission, regular car lesson packages, car lesson packages, pre-licensing classes, and road test appointments. US One Driving School offers a 10% off insurance premium special.

 They have been approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Check out their Price Listings here.

Address: New York City, NY 10010

Phone: 212) 213-1453

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Cool Driving School

Cool Driving School is a driving school in Jamaica, New York, servicing its clients since 1996. Their services include individual car lesson/highway car driving lesson, 5-hour class pre-licensing course,  car road test appointment, car for the road test, DMV skill test/bus for road test, CDL individual lesson/CDL road test appointment, and Ab Insurance Brokerage, Inc. Cool Driving School offers discounts for their clients


  • Individual Car Lesson / Highway Car Driving Lesson
  • 5-Hour Class Pre-Licensing Course MV-278
  • Car Road Test Appointment / Car For The Road Test
  • DMV Skill Test / Bus For Road Test
  • CDL Individual Lesson / CDL Road Test Appointment
  • Ab Insurance Brokerage, Inc

Address: Jamaica, NY 11435

Phone: 718) 206-2900

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Superior Driving School

Superior Driving School is a driving school in Woodside, New York. They have been teaching their neighbors in Queens, New York how to drive safely and comfortably for more than 20 years. 

Their driving lessons include beginner driving courses, intermediate driving courses, and brush-up/refresher driving courses.

Superior Driving School has built its reputation on customer satisfaction.

Superior Driving School offers

Address: Woodside, NY 11377

Phone (718) 478-0225

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Super Starz Auto Driving School

Super Starz Auto Driving School 2015 has been teaching new drivers throughout New York since 2015. The school provides reliable and trustworthy driving courses and lessons for ages 16 and above.

They also offer flexible lesson options, allowing students to schedule lessons, as well as choose their instructor and the vehicle they wish to learn on. 

They teach both  first-time drivers and experienced drivers, and Driving classes are specifically designed for new drivers to acquire the necessary skill and knowledge to obtain a New

At the end of the training, students get their New York State driver’s license and navigate the roads safely.


Check the Schedule of Price rates And Packages they offer.

Address: 7920 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209.

Phone:718) 921-2666

Email: Info@superstarzauto.com

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Sky Driving School 

Sky Auto Driving School is a driving school in the Bronx, New York. Since their incorporation in 1998, they have taught over 5,000 satisfied New York driving students. Sky Auto Driving School provides the latest model cars.

They have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable Driving School in the Bronx, ensuring that all lessons are done with utmost professionalism offering students and accessibility.

Training personnel are meticulously screened and intensively trained to be able to provide excellent and informative instructions with pleasant attitudes.


They also offer other Packages  which include

Address: Bronx, NY 10460

Phone: 718) 716-2178

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Professional Driving School of the Americas, Inc.

Professional Driving School of the Americas, Inc. is a driving school in New York City, New York, teaching New York how to drive since 1990.

Their services include learner’s permit service, driving lessons- automatic transmission, stick shift, motorcycle, the required pre-licensing course, Vespa program, road test appointments, and driving improvement courses. 

The school is committed to molding better, safer, and law-abiding drivers, emphasizing driver safety to make our roads and highways safer for all road users.


  • Learner’s Permit Service
  • Driving Lessons
  • Vespa Program
  • Road Test Appointments
  • Driving Improvement Courses

Address: New York City, NY 10010

Phone: (212) 375-1111

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Formula One Driving School

Formula One Driving School is a driving school in Mamaroneck, New York, established in 1988. The classes they offer include a 5-hour pre-licensing class, defensive driving class, and online defensive driving class.

They provide all-inclusive packages, door-to-door service, adult refresher lessons, adult senior citizen’s evaluation and lessons, au pair evaluations and lessons, including travel routes, teenage programs, and more. Plus, lessons are available in English and Spanish.

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles certifies all of their instructors. Instructors possess a variety of skills, experience, and backgrounds to ensure a good match for each student. 


Address Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Phone: (914) 381-4500

Email: info@formuladrivingschool.com

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Gotham Driving School

Gotham Driving School is a driving school in Riverdale, New York. They have been in the business for more than 30 years, serving drivers in the Bronx since 1976. Their driving instructions include complete beginning courses with a learner’s permit.

Each package includes a pre-licensing course, the road test appointment, and the rental of the car for the day of the road test. Gotham Driving School offers home and auto insurance as well.

They teach beginning, advanced, and defensive driving courses to new drivers and people that want auto insurance reductions. 


Address: Bronx, NY 10471

Phone: (718) 548-2300

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Image Driving School

Image Driving School is a driving school in Brooklyn, New York, serving driver students since 1979. Image Driving School and their affiliate company, Select Services Agency, is the “one-stop shop” for NY metro area residents when they need to learn how to drive, get insurance, and other related services.

Check out Packages and Prices

Classes And Schedules

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11236

Phone: (718) 922-2600

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Lama Driving School

Lama Driving School is a driving school in Brooklyn, New York opened in 2010. Their packages include titanium-seven lessons of 45 minutes, road test appointment, and car road test, platinum-5 lessons of 45 minutes, road test appointment, and car road test, and gold -one lesson of 45 minutes, road test appointment, and car road test. Lama Driving School provides affordable driving lessons for its customers.


Check Out The Packages And Prices.

Address: Brooklyn, NY 11209

Phone Number:(718) 238-3232

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How Do I Get A Driver’s License In New York?

New York State residents aged 16 and above can apply for a New York driver’s license. Before application you should note these :

  • Determine what license class and type you need 
  • Get a learner permit
  • Practice driving and take a pre-licensing course
  • Pass a road test

After your road test, the examiner will give you instructions on how to receive your test results. If you pass your test, an interim license that allows you to drive will be available online. Keep the interim license with your photo learner permit until your new license arrives in the mail (in about 2 weeks).

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What’s The 5-Hour Driving Course In NY?

The Pre-Licensing Course, also known as “the 5-hour class,” is specially designed by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to teach future drivers how to safely drive on the road.

It is a mandatory course for New York State Permit Holders from ages 16 and above.

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How Long Is Driving School In NYC?

DMV-approved driving schools offer a 48-hour driver’s ed course. This covers 24 hours of classroom instruction, 24 hours of in-car training, with six hours of driving practice. 

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Is The 5-Hour Course Mandatory In NY?

According to the New York Safety Council If you’re seeking a New York driver’s license, you are required to complete the 5-hour course online or in person before scheduling an appointment for a behind-the-wheel road test.

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How much does a driving school cost in New York?

Prices differ based on program type and school. Driving school in NYC is typical $50 for the pre-licensing course and around $60 to $100 for driving lessons.

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Can you learn to drive in 7 days?

There is no definite answer to this. This differs between individuals and depends from one person to another.

While some take just a day or two to get comfortable behind the steering wheel, others might take weeks or, in some cases, even months before they get confident enough to drive around.

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Driving in busy New York City isn’t easy. For new drivers, navigating congested roads and forceful drivers can nerve-wrack

Taking a New York driver’s lessons course will teach you about the state’s transit regulations and show you how to drive securely in New York. On the off chance that you’re under 18, you should finish a driver’s ed course to meet all requirements to step through the driver’s examination.

In New York, teenagers have the choice of taking a short pre-permitting course or a more top to bottom 48-hour driver’s ed course.

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