20 Top Music Schools in Miami – Tuition & Programs

If you are looking to study music in Miami either in a degree program or in a music Academy, this article will give you insight on the music schools in Miami.

Already we have similar articles for those that desire to pursue a music career in BaltimoreChicago, or Toronto. These music schools in Miami on our list are not arranged in the order of the best. They are simply top schools you can consider.

Why Miami is a perfect study destination for Music.

The city of Miami is known for its great music. You need not wonder why there is a very strong scene going on there between the music schools, like the University of Miami, Florida International University, and Stetson University.

Miami is a city of and for artists. Art has been ever-present in this city. If you are fascinated by art, then you are probably very excited right now.

There is everything to fall in love with, from the music to the brightly colored, art-covered city down to walking on the shore.

The pastel art deco buildings surrounding South Beach are a must-see. While the USA has cities submerged in snow, Miami has tropical weather throughout the winters.

A temperature of 22°C on average. The blue skies give a fine finish to the serene weather and make the city a perfect place to live even during the cold winters.

As you know, it is an error to talk about Miami without mentioning its beautiful beaches.

They are not just beautiful, they are educational because of the flourishing eco-systems that are in place there.

The 16 beaches give you ample options to pick from every weekend to go unwind after the week’s tedious school work. Lucky for residents, the Florida Keys are within an hour’s drive of many parts of Miami.

List of Colleges With Music Programs in Miami

  • University of Miami – Frost School of Music
  • Florida International University
  • Barry University
  • Florida Memorial University
  • Broward College
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • University of North Florida
  • Stetson University
  • University of Florida
  • List of Music Academies in Miami
  • Let it beat Music Academy
  • School of Rock
  • Miami Fine Arts Academy
  • Kendall Conservatory of Music Inc.
  • Live! School of Music
  • Wynwood School of Music
  • New World Symphony
  • Miami Children’s Chorus
  • Kalos Music & Art School

University of Miami (Frost School of Music)

The innovative Frost School of Music houses stunning concert and recital halls, world-class recording studios and labs, a technology center, a premier music library, as well as an array of fully-equipped rehearsal spaces.

With the groundbreaking Frost Method curriculum, students build themselves into musicians with artistic, technological, and entrepreneurial skills to thrive in the 21st century.

91.3% of Frost graduates find a full-time job, or go to graduate school, within six months of graduation!

Programs offered:  university of Miami Frost School of Music offers undergraduate degree programs, graduate degree programs, minors, international programs, and community and summer programs in music.

They include but are not limited to the following: Bachelor of Music (B.M.)Modern Artist Development and Entrepreneurship (MADE), Music Education (MED), Music Therapy (MTY), Professional Studies (MPRO), Studio Jazz Instrumental (MSJI), Vocal Performance (MVP), Composition Minor, instrumental conducting and performance. See all programs here.

Tuition: The cost to attend the University of Miami for undergraduates is $47,040 per academic year.

The school estimates the cost of living on campus (including meals) at $13,666 and $16,926 for students that choose to live off campus.

Other costs include: school fees ($1,444), books ($1,000), and personal expenses ($2,100).

Florida International University

Herbert and Nicole Wertheim School of Music & Performing Arts is a  part of an interdisciplinary college and offers unique learning experiences within Miami’s only public research university.

Students learn from award-winning artist faculty in accredited programs in the heart of one of the country’s most vibrant, diverse, and creative cities.

Music students benefit from working in a conservatory-style atmosphere alongside internationally celebrated performers and composers, scholars, and teachers, who are dedicated to inspiring and mentoring the next generation of music leaders.

Programs offered: the breadth of performance opportunities offered at Florida International University include orchestral, band, choral, jazz, large and small chamber ensembles, fully-staged operas, and the latest in cutting-edge new music. Click here to see all programs.

Tuition: click here to see tuition for all Florida and non-Florida residents living on and off campus.

Florida Memorial University

Florida memorial university bachelor of Arts degree is a liberal arts degree with a major in music. Students are exposed to a broad program of general education and incorporate eighteen elective credits in an area of their choice.

This allows students to prepare for graduate studies in or entry into areas such as Music Therapy, Music Business, Technology, and Law. Emphasis is placed upon the development of musicianship, performing ability, and overall student growth.

Programs offered: Music Programs offered to assist students in the development of their full musical potential, active engagement in the community and the global music industry, and in other creative and intellectual endeavors. See a comprehensive list of all programs here.

Tuition: click here to see tuition and every other cost.

Barry University

The Music Program at Barry university is designed to help build musical skills and artistic performance while preparing students for a wide variety of careers in music.

As a Barry student, you can look forward to plenty of performance opportunities, a rich collaborative atmosphere, job opportunities, and personal attention to help you use your talents to excel.

Programs: Barry University offers two-degree programs for music-bachelor of music and a bachelor of arts. To see full program details click here.

Tuition: see tuition and other expenses here.

Broward College

Broward College’s Music curriculum focuses on helping you develop a wide array of skills as a musician, and prepares you for entry into a four-year postsecondary institution if you wish to pursue your bachelor’s degree in Music.

Programs: Broward College offers the following music courses: jazz, ensemble, mixing mastering & delivery, ear training, guitar classes, piano classes, voice classes, vocal ensemble, and orchestra percussion .Click here to see all courses.

Tuition: see tuition and other fees for in-state and out-of-state students here

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University department of Music offers a comprehensive breadth of academic and performance training designed to prepare students for advanced study and successful careers in music, offering Bachelor of Music degrees with concentrations in Performance (Instrumental, Vocal, Piano, or Guitar) or Commercial Music (Commercial Music Composition, Music Technology or Music Business); Bachelor of Arts in Music; Bachelor of Music Education; an Honors program in music, and a minor in Commercial Music.

Programs offered: the following music degree programs are offered at Florida Atlantic University: Bachelor of Music with Major in Commercial Music – Commercial Music Composition Concentration, Music Technology Concentration, Music Business Concentration, Minor in Commercial Music, Master of Music – Commercial Music.

Tuition: see full tuition cost here.

Stetson University

The Stetson University School of Music is a vibrant community of just over 300 majors and minors and 52 artist-scholar faculty.

Stetson University is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). 

Established in 1936, the School of Music was Florida’s first collegiate music school.

Programs offered: Stetson University School of Music offers the following major and minor programs. Majors: Music(BM), Music – Bachelor of Arts(BA), Bachelor of Music Combined With Business(BMOB), Music Composition(BM), Music Education(BM), Music Performance – Guitar(BM), Music Performance – Orchestral Instrument(BM), Music Performance – Organ(BM), Music Performance – Piano(BM), Music Performance – Voice(BM), Music Theory(BM), Music with an Outside Field(BM). Minors Programs: music and music Technology.

Tuition: click here to see tuition and total cost for undergraduate and graduate programs for full-time and part-time students.

University of Florida

The Music, Bachelor of Arts curriculum at the University of Florida is for students who want a liberal arts education with an emphasis on music.

University of Florida School of Music believes that music is a fundamental aspect of being human that can enrich lives through creative, performance, and listening experiences.

Programs offered: university of Florida music school offers bachelor’s degrees in music, master’s degrees in music, and doctorate degree in music.

Here are some of the programs:  music education, musicology & ethnomusicology, jazz studies, percussion, brass, keyboard lessons, windwood, and vocals. Click here to see all.

Tuition: click here to see tuition and total cost of attendance per year.

Music Academies/Music Schools in Miami

  • Let it beat Music Academy
  • School of Rock
  • Wynwood School of music
  • Miami Fine Art Academy
  • Kendall Conservatory of Music Inc.
  • Live! School of Music
  • New World Symphony
  • Miami Children’s Chorus
  • Kalos Music and Arts School

Let it beat Music Academy

Let It Beat! Music Academy gives you the opportunity to receive the most complete music education in Miami from Experienced & Awarded Musicians.

Founded by 12 times Grammy Award-winning Guillermo Vadalá, Let it beat! is a music academy that provides the most complete learning experience.

Programs offered: Let it beat Music Academy offers the following programs: Private Lessons, On-Stage Program, College Auditions Prep, Songwriting & Music Production Classes, Intensive Programs, Kids band, Adults Ensemble, Musical Theater classes, Junior Beats, Baby Beats! (For kids 6 months – 2 years). Click here to learn more.

Tuition: click here to see tuition, intro offers, and pricing categories for all classes and programs.

School of Rock

At School of Rock, students achieve the next level of musical proficiency with ease due to the school’s patented performance-based education system, the School of Rock Method includes individual lessons, group rehearsals and live performances, all with the goal of getting students on stage performing at a real rock show at a real music venue.

Programs offered: School of Rock offers guitar lessons, drum lessons, singing/vocal, keyboard lessons, brass lessons, songwriting for adults, teens, and kids. See the full program outline here.

Tuition: School of Rock adult program tuition varies from $275 to $450 per month and a typical guitar lesson run between $150 to $350 per month.

Wynwood School of music

Wynwood School of Music offers students of all ages a fun and safe community to realize their full potential as musicians by providing high-quality private lessons, youth bands, and performing ensembles.

Programs offered: Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Drums, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Music Production, Music Theory, Musical Theater (Voice),  Saxophone, Songwriting,  Spoken Word / Poetry,  Trumpet, Ukulele,  Viola, Violin, and voice lessons.

Tuition: see full tuition for different classes here.

Miami Fine Art Academy

Since 2009 Miami Fine Art Academy has helped thousands of students begin and continue on their artistic journey. 

The school is one of the largest performing arts schools in Miami, and the only one offering a variety of classes under one roof.

Programs offered: Miami Fine Arts Academy offers piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, drums lessons and voice lessons, mixed media classes, drawing classes, ballet classes, mommy & me ballet classes, jazz classes, and hip-hop classes.

Tuition: see tuition and pricing for private and group music lessons as well as arts and dance classes here.

Kendall Conservatory of Music Inc.

The Kendall Conservatory of Music is a full complement music store focused on educating clients and fostering a growing community of musicians who will go on to create innovates in the music industry.

The school has teachers who share their passion for music and have a direct hand in developing their students from individual musicians to performing ensemble musicians.

Programs offered: Kendall conservatory offers adult lessons, advanced classes, beginner’s classes, intermediate classes, private lessons, youth classes in brass, drums & percussion, ensembles, guitar & bass, piano, rock Band, strings, studio, vocal, and woodwind.

Tuition: registration: $30.00 – (per family ), price per 1/2 hour: $28.00, price per hour: $48.00 ensemble: $100.00

Live! School of Music

Live! School of music is an immersive musical experience that combines private lessons with jam sessions and songwriting labs.

This is the next step for the contemporary musician. With an internationally accredited curriculum in the Creative Music Industry with private lessons, performance, production, & composite, Live! School of music is the best place to start your music career.

Programs offered: Live! School of Music offers adult lessons, advanced classes, beginner’s classes, intermediate classes, private lessons, youth classes in guitar, piano, drums, voice, and bass.

Tuition: 30-minute private lessons private one-on-one lessons on the instrument of your choice: $150.00, 45-minute private lesson: $220.00, 1-Hour Rehearsal room: $20.00, summer camp session weekly hand-one experience ages 9 to 18: $400.00.

New World Symphony

The New World Symphony is a post-graduate orchestral academy located in Miami, Florida.

The mission of the New World Symphony is to prepare highly-gifted graduates of distinguished music programs for leadership roles in orchestras and ensembles around the world.

The New World Symphony consists of young musicians who are granted fellowships lasting up to three years.

The fellowship program offers in-depth exposure to the traditional and modern repertoire, professional development training, and personalized experiences working with leading guest conductors, soloists, and visiting faculty.

Programs offered:  New world Symphony divides its curriculum into three areas of concentration: Performance and Musicianship, Community and Audience Engagement, and Leadership and Professional Development.

Tuition: non-refundable application fee of $65.00 is paid on submission of the application. This fee varies from $65.00 to $120.00 depending on the time the complete application is submitted following the deadline policy.

Miami Children’s Chorus

The Miami Children’s Chorus envisions a community where all children can experience the joy of singing.

The mission of the Miami Children’s Chorus is to provide experiences that empower young artists to foster a more socially conscious community.

The Miami Children’s Chorus has provided high-quality singing instruction in Miami-Dade County since 1965 and offers children the opportunity to study and perform traditional and experimental forms of choral music.

Programs offered: Miami Children’s Chorus programs are divided into music education, performance program, and singing Workshop.

Tuition: all choristers must pay a $100 registration fee to secure their spot in the program. The registration fee is separate from tuition and is non-refundable. See tuition and all fees here.

Kalos Music and Arts School

Kalos Music & Art School is Miami’s newest destination for outstanding music and art education.

The school is an extension of Kalos Music Inc, a company founded by professional musicians who have extensive experience in composition, direction, performance, event creation, management, education, and production in several musical styles, including Jazz, Pop, and several regional Latin American expressions.

Programs offered: Kalos Music & Art School offers lessons in guitar, piano, cuatro, bandola, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, violin, percussion and ensembles for pop, jazz, and rock.


Does Miami have a good music program?

Yes! The Music major is one of the visual & performing arts programs at the University of Miami.

What is the name of the #1 music school in the world?

The Juilliard School

The Juilliard School, or simply Juilliard as most people call it, is known as the most prestigious performing arts educational institution in the world, according to a number of rankings doled out every year.

Is Frost School of Music Good?

Frost is a top choice for the highest level of education in classical, jazz and pop, as well as music engineering, music education, music therapy, and music business.

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