15 Free Online Business Management Courses With Certificate of Completion

In this article, we will be looking at the 15 free online business management courses with certificate of completion. Business management is the overall handling of a business entity through managerial and administrative structures. Management includes resource management, planning, staff coordination, and strategy implementation.

Business management teaches prospective managers, directors, and business persons basic business operations like marketing, accounts, business law, human resource management, organizational management, and organizational behavior. They’re also taught basic business management concepts like decision-making, managerial skills, and creative business visibility. 

The global trend has shown that people tend to make judgments of a company’s Worth by the capability of its manager or managers that handles all, natural, financial, technical, and human resources and build teams of employees with the oneness of mind to achieve the same goals and objectives by being efficient in their use of company or business resources. 

There are many online courses offered by universities and Learning organizations to bridge the Gap in education and create free online courses to make Learners more excited and willing to grab the opportunities at their disposal. 

The List of Free Online Business Management Courses With Certificate of Completion

Free online business management courses with certificate of completion foster distanced learning and offer the participants the opportunity to learn and master specific in-depth topics in business management. 

Also, free online business management courses with certificate of completion offer limitless access to learning tools and the study duration makes your commitment to work very realistically.

Wanting to learn the art of organizing, directing, planning, staffing, and deployment of business resources? then enrolling in one of the free online business management courses with certificate of completion would be a sure bet for you and help foster your career placement and capacity.

Online courses are offered globally and have institutions and platforms that offer these programs and they are Coursera, Allison, Masterclass Management, LinkedIn Learning, Hubspot Academy, SkillShare, and Massachusetts Institute Of Technology and we’ve gone through some of them to get you 15 free online business management courses with certificate of completion.

1. Principles Of Management

The Principles of Management online course is a Coursera-enabled course offered by John Hopkins University and teaches students how to Effectively manage teams, facilitate constructive conflict & coach employees for success, and focus team’s work on meeting strategic & project objectives.

This course not only helps but also teaches team Leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and directors the art of handling team membership, ethics, leadership, projects, and strategy initiation and implementation in their industry specialty.

With this course, you’ll be taught teamwork concerning active participation and project success, work alignment with company strategy and goals, Interpersonal trust management, funds allocation, disbursement, and deployment of company resources.

This course is taught in English, is 100% online, takes approximately 16 hours to complete, and offers a shareable certificate.



2. Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization

Strategic leadership and management specialization is a business management course that teaches Strategic Management, Negotiation, Leadership, and Business Strategy on a Coursera-enabled learning platform.

This is a 6- course offered by the University of Illinois which covers the topic fundamentals of effective leadership and business analysis Development.  You’ll also be taught the strategies for leadership growth and implementation impactation.

The specialization oversees topics on human resources, organizational foundations, and strategy for initiating value for sustainable competitive advantage in single and multiple businesses. The specialization also culminates in a capstone project.

The course is 100 % online, offers a shareable certificate and flexible schedule, does not require any prior experience, runs for approximately 8 months, and is run in English with subtitles in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Spanish, Russian, and Javanese.



3. Fundamentals Of Project Planning And Management

The fundamentals of project planning and management is a Coursera-enabled course offered by the University of Virginia and teaches project initiation, definition, and organization, Project plan development, project risk assessment, prioritization and management, and tactical approach to project progress monitoring and execution.

Business projects are integral parts of business management and are expected formally or informally as the case might be. Planning principles and execution methods offer ways for more effective and efficient project outcomes and this course is what will guide you on how to get it done in any business setting. 

This course provides individuals the knowledge of the language and framework of project management for scoping, sequencing, utilization, and Risk minimization.

This course offers flexible deadlines, a shareable certificate, a 100 % percent online program, takes approximately 8 hours to complete, and is offered in English with subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Hungarian.



4. Leading The Modern Day Business

Leading the modern-day business specialization is Coursera enabled and is being offered by the University of Virginia and developed at the Darren school of business at the University.

This is led by top-ranked Darden faculty and Boston Consulting Group global management experts and covers essential skills and concepts and the idea for companies and businesses.

You’ll be taught how to utilize BCG’s digital transformation, the concept and use of design thinking, an analytical approach to product programs, and creative idea selection. And later on, you’ll be introduced to tools for advanced innovative thinking.

The Modern day Business enterprise is dynamic and would naturally require essential skills for effective leadership like digital transformation product management and information Technology.

Skills to learn from this are marketing, business strategy, storytelling, Innovation, digital trends, digital strategy, strategic design, competitive life cycle, and Technology disruption. 

This course offers a shareable certificate, 100 percent online courses, requires no prior experience, lasts for approximately 4 months, and is offered in English with subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and Hungarian.



5. Introduction To Marketing

This course covers customer centricity, Branding, and practical strategies which are the three core topics in customer loyalty taught by all three of Wharton’s top faculties in the department of marketing.

You’ll be built on skills like Positioning (Marketing), Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Customer Satisfaction. And also have the opportunity to take the capstone project, prepare a strategic analysis, and propose solutions to a real business challenge from Wharton-governed companies or your own company.

This course, which is one out of the six courses in business foundations specialization, is offered by the University of Pennsylvania and is enabled by Coursera. 

The course offers shareable certificates, flexible deadlines, a 100 percent online study, a study duration of approximately 10 hours, and English-taught classes with subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, and Spanish.



6. Decision-Making In a Complex And Uncertain World 

This is a 7 weeks course that covers syllabus topics like complexity and uncertainty, emergence and networks, agent-based modeling, evolutionary Dynamics, self-organization & history, individual decision-making and entrepreneurship, and a final week case study on financial crisis and city development.

This bachelor’s degree course is a free online business management course with certificates of completion that will help meet Learners from different locations, network with great minds, and analyze the same situations with people.

By the end of the course, each participant should be able to explain the differences between risk and uncertainty, complex and complicated, and explain and understand concepts like path dependence. you’ll also be able to argue how complexity and uncertainty influence human decision-making, and apply course concepts and tools to the social sciences of history.



7. Managing The Company Of The Future

Managing the company of the future course is a Coursera-enabled course that’s being offered by the University of London and aims at providing its participants with a comprehensive framework for understanding both alternative and traditional principles of management in companies.

It also provides both practical and theoretical views on the nature of present-day business industries and organizations. 

You’ll be taught how to develop Management Theory, Strategic Management, and Leadership.

This course offers flexible deadlines, a shareable certificate, 100 percent online courses, 12 hours of course study duration that can be done at your preference, and English taught classes with subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Russian, English, Spanish.



8. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

This is a business and management course that takes an interdisciplinary approach to understand, analyzing, and solving complex social issues.

You’ll learn about past attempts to solve these problems, identification of opportunity points, and Development of creative solutions across emerging markets.

This is one of the free business management courses with a certificate of completion that focus on individual agencies and cuts across business issues like financing, management of property rights, Branding, and creative structuring of social value assessment.

The course focuses on diverse sectoral and geographical settings like online commerce, healthcare, fintech, and infrastructure in places like India, Africa, China, South Asia, and Latin America.



9. Global Business In Practice

This course teaches participants the foundational knowledge of readiness as a global-ready leader, the course will also make you understand how complex globalization can be practical, and how it affects our business environment.

This course is structured to make you versed in the ability to conceptualize the differences in businesses globally and their Orientation and how to practically apply them in specific situations.

This course is one of the free online business management courses with a certificate of completion, is self-paced, and lasts for 30 weeks with a weekly hourly commitment of at least 3 hours.



10. Structuring Business Agreement For Success

This course is structured to make each participant understand how critical and effective agreement construction is and how it affects the rate of success of a deal. 

This course has inbuilt situational examples for references for deal-making and provides resourceful information to aid in successful agreement construction.

 This course is one of the free online business management courses with a certificate of completion and is edx enabled. 

The topics are finely picked to help participants and enable them to get familiar with legal terms and basic concepts involved in deals.



11. Machine Learning For Data Science and Analytics 

This course helps you understand the growing field of machine learning and how it affects business and management. You’ll learn how to utilize some tools when searching the web, credit score, stock trading, placing ads, etc. 

This is one of the free online business management courses with a certificate of completion that introduces one to machine learning and algorithms, principles of machine learning, and practical solutions using predictive analytics.



12. Supply Chain Dynamics

This is an edx-enabled course offered by MIT and is one of the free online business management courses with a certificate of completion. This course lasts for a duration of 13 weeks with an hourly commitment of 8-12 hours weekly.

This course teaches Supply chain risk management, Supply Chain Dynamics, End to End Supply Chain Management and involves the study of complex systems involving a range of different organizations with diverse goals. This course also involves the understanding of supply chain influence, effectiveness, and efficiency.



13. Improving Your Business Through The Culture Of Health

This is one of the free online business management courses with a certificate of completion enabled by edx and focuses mainly on the well-being of employees and how health maintenance can foster the growth of a thriving business enterprise.

In this course, you’ll learn how to implement this culture of health in your business to gain more competitive advantage, cost reduction, real-world depiction of health cultures, revenue increment, and implementation of general health understanding in business reputation and growth.



14. Business And Administration

This course is one of the free online business management courses with a certificate of completion. This course helps participants gain better business and administration Practices and examines the techniques employed in the day-to-day working activities of companies that enable them to succeed.

In this course, you’ll learn about the  latest working Practices in working and administrative roles, improve your practical skills and performance, develop knowledge in a wide range of business and administration Practices and develop communication skills for effective interaction between colleagues, customers, etc

This is a fully online course that is funded by the government and is accredited. Upon graduation, each participant is to be awarded a level 2 certificate in principles of business and administration.



15. Google Project Management

This course comprises six sub-courses in foundations of project management, project initiation, project planning, project execution, agile project management, and lastly, a capstone project in applying project management in the real world. 

In this course, you’ll learn how to gain an understanding of the Practices and skills needed to succeed in project management roles, learn how to create the best project documentation, the foundations of agile project management and strategic communication, stakeholder management, and problem-solving.



What are the best educational apps and websites for online learning?

The idea of traditional classrooms is fastly fading as the idea of online and distance learning seems to take over every space of both teaching and learning. 

Educational websites and apps are widely accepted and visibly taking the lead as some schools and academic institutions are recently offering their courses online which is a smart move.

These apps offer lots and lots of courses that might be free or fee-based and they are Khan Academy, Future Learn, Open Learn, Code Academy, Open Learn, Udemy, and edx.

Do universities offer free online business management courses? 

Yes, of course, many Universities offer free courses which can help you in job seeking while putting an extra glow to your resume. Not only that, it helps you experience the educational structure of ivy league schools for free. 

Many educational establishments like Harvard University, University of California, Georgia institute of technology, École polytechnic, California Institute of art, etc have joined the league of Universities that have made their courses available for free online access.

Can I Get A Free Course On Coursera?

Yes, you can! You can access over 60 free online courses on the Coursera platform which are led by top companies. These courses however require a fee just for your certificate of completion and are placed at a very affordable range. 

These courses cover the widest range of topics you can ever imagine and the lessons are usually Incorporated with videos.


Businesses, enterprises, and every money-making organization require good management as it is the pillar of the sustained company and industry relevance. Bad management will eventually crumble an organization and invite the worst financial scenarios and defeat the goal of business.

Online Courses have tamed the issue of distance and free Courses have also tamed the issue of educational funding thus reducing a lot of disadvantages that face effective teaching and learning in our educational sectors.

In our world that has moved far in Technological advancements, we ought to take every opportunity and leverage every learning tool at our disposal so as not to be left behind or in the dark by the rest of the World.

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