10 Best Business Schools in Milan-Tuition & Key Facts

Are you in search of the best business schools in Milan? In this article we’ve compiled the top business schools that offer MBA, business law and other graduate programs in Milan.

Although Milan is known for being the world’s fashion capital, there are other attractions in the city. It is also one of the busiest business districts in all of Europe.

Milan offers plenty of chances for ambitious business graduates, whether they wish to work for a big company or stay local and contribute back to the community.

Milan, the principal financial and economic center of Italy, is a forward-looking, fast-paced metropolis. It is not surprising that the city is a particularly appealing destination for business-minded people and companies given its advantageous strategic location in the center of Europe.

In this guide, we’ve compiled the best business schools in Milan as well as the business schools that offer business law, MBA and other graduate programs.

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Is Milan A Good Place To Study Business?

One of the top nations in Europe for business studies is Milan. They accept international students and have qualified teachers and facilities. It seems to make sense that students from all over the world would want to study in Milan.

First off, despite recent setbacks, Italy has experienced strong economic growth. Its third-largest economy in the EU is made up of a variety of innovative industries, including aerospace and ICT, in addition to traditional ones like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and the life sciences.

Additionally, Italy is a thriving hub for startups. A study on some of the top startup ecosystems worldwide includes cities like Turin, Rome, and Milan. Milan is therefore regarded as one of the top 100 developing ecosystems.

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Does Milan Have Good Universities?

In Milan, there are many reputable universities. In addition to numerous institutions offering degrees in a variety of specializations and work-degree certifications, it is home to five highly regarded universities that offer English-taught courses to international students.

The capital of the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, Milan is the second-largest city in Italy by population.

With 3.3 million inhabitants from more than 150 nations, Milan is a significant hub for commerce, trade, and fashion in Europe.

In fact, it is referred to as the fashion capital of the world.

The top-ranked colleges, peaceful city life, and superior urban and educational infrastructure that international students can take advantage of while studying in Milan are Milan’s main draws.

Milan is the ideal city for you if you want to attend top-tier institutions while also pursuing top-tier career and employment opportunities and taking advantage of an unending array of cultural and historical attractions.

As you read further, you’d discover the best business schools in Milan to study business and other graduate programs.

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Milan?

Undergraduate programs at public universities in Italy can cost anything from €900 (US$1,000) to €4,000 (US$4,800) per year, with the typical cost being around €1,500 (US$1,800). Private institutions typically charge annual tuition between €6,000 and €20,000 (US$7,200 and US$24,100).

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The List of Best Business Schools In Milan

Milan is the ideal city for you if you want to attend top-tier institutions while also pursuing top-tier career and employment opportunities and taking advantage of an unending array of cultural and historical attractions.

Here are some of the best business schools in Milan to get you started.

1. SDA Bocconi School of Management

SDA Bocconi School of Management is ranked first among the best business schools in Milan. This institution has consistently been regarded as Europe’s third-best business school.

Milan, the core of a booming economy, is where SDA is situated, creating a distinctive and highly sought-after atmosphere for business learning. Since the Renaissance, Milan has been known for its success, and it has carried over into the present era. It is the richest city in Italy and a major hub for the manufacture of luxury goods.

This institution has a very competitive admissions process, making it difficult to get accepted. The superiority of Bocconi University’s wide range of academic programs and research serve as the foundation for SDA Bocconi’s entrepreneurial energy, intellectual excellence, and longstanding heritage.

SDA Bocconi is among the top 10 business schools in the world and is one of the few that holds the so-called “triple crown,” three of the most prestigious international accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. In addition, the School has demonstrated its ability to meet market needs through a distinctive mix of practice-oriented approach and scientific research.

Additionally, it is the sole Italian business school to be listed in the Financial Times, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Economist’s main international rankings.


2. MIP Milan Polytechnic University

Another business school in Italy, Politecnico di Milano Business School (MIP), was established with the guiding principles of sustainability, global studies research and development, and business innovation.

Students can take advantage of a vibrant and varied lifestyle in the throbbing metropolis of Milan. This college supports campus diversity and welcomes international students due to the fact that the majority of courses are offered in English. Students from over 100 different nations attend this Milan Polytechnic University, furthering the institution’s commitment to diversity.

A business school would thrive in Milan because of its history of industry and success. A major selling feature is that students can actually experience doing business internationally.

The cost of tuition for students is approximately 39,000 Euros per year, which is rather reasonable given the location.


3. ALTIS, Graduate School Business and Society,Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

This business school seeks to advance a culture of responsible management and the balancing of competitiveness and corporate social responsibility through research, training, and strategic guidance to firms, both public and private.

Italy, an international research and teaching center for the study and promotion of a responsible and competitive business culture, offers MBA programs, specialized master’s degrees, and several executive education programs.

It serves as an international hub for impact entrepreneurship, an Italian laboratory for the creation of win-win business solutions, and a link between developed economies and those that are developing quickly.

There is a group of researchers in the Graduate School who are qualified to handle large-scale research projects.

The research team is strongly focused on the application of their findings in real-world settings, which fuels field initiatives and chances for action research that may be presented to businesses or the educational sector.

Many times, public, commercial, and non-profit organizations will commission research initiatives, or research projects will be conducted in close cooperation with these organizations.

Additionally, ALTIS has a consulting branch that aims to provide services to increase businesses’ competitiveness, income, and profitability via the application of social and environmental sustainability methods.

ALTIS Consulting provides services in the areas of planning, measurement, sustainability reporting, training and education, applied research, and communication to businesses, non-profit organizations, and the public sector.


4. United International Business School

This business school is an autonomous private university having campuses in Asia and Europe. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, UIBS provides flexible business and management programs.

Additionally, through real-world cases, consulting projects, and internships, our School of Business exposes students to business firsthand. In a setting that is both global and multidisciplinary, each of these students receives a special and fulfilling educational opportunity.


5. POLIMI Graduate School of Management.

The Bovisa Campus, a center for academic and cultural life as well as the center of scientific research, is where the School of Management is situated.

It brings many esteemed academics, important institutions, and well-known cultural events in Milan’s international scene under one roof in the areas of technology and innovation.

All of the teaching, training, and research activities are now housed under the umbrella of the School of Management, allowing for greater integration and interaction between the work of scholars, students, and the campus community.

As such the students are imbibed with foundational knowledge in the business sector. Thus, making them successful in this field.


6. European School of Economics

The European School of Economics is one of Milan’s top business schools. It is an international, private institution of higher education that is fully accredited in the UK and in accordance with the list of listed bodies.

At its centers in London, Madrid, Rome, Milan, and Florence, ESE provides Bachelor’s Degree, Masters MSc or MBA, and Short Programmes.

With their preparation for leadership positions in worldwide marketing, finance, communication, and management, ESE alumni are among the most sought-after business professionals on the market.

Additionally, ESE students can specialize in business fields including fashion, events, music, sport, art, media, and human resources thanks to the flexibility to uniquely construct their course of study.


7. IULM University

The IULM campus is located in Milan, one of the global centers for the fashion, design, and creative industries. IULM bachelor graduates are well-positioned in the business world one year after graduating.

In Europe, Milan is one of the safest and friendliest cities for students. It is a buzzing city where young people can build their future in an inspiring setting.

It is also a hub for culture and the arts, the birthplace of global realities that enable the highest levels of professional and academic growth. Because IULM maintains strong connections with the industry, it can offer genuine job placement opportunities.

IULM University’s goal is to equip the upcoming generation of professionals with the skills they will need to succeed. IULM offers a cutting-edge teaching approach that combines theory and practice in a way that is only loosely tied to the actual world and is especially targeted at new job profiles.

All programs enable students to acquire the soft skills that employers value most (teamwork, decision-making, self-empowerment, interpersonal communication).


8. Vita-Salute San Raffaele University

This university provides its students with an unmatched educational opportunity. Everything happens in a setting intended to foster students’ holistic development.

 Also, with individualized curricula, close student-teacher communication, and the development of the capacity to critically evaluate one’s own work and show concern for others, the students would be able to put this in practice in the business world.

Furthermore, the practice of staying current and reflecting on touchy contemporary issues like environmental ethics, economics, and politics, and a curriculum able to balance academic requirements with consideration of individual interests and vocabularies would be learned too.


9. University of Milano-Bicocca

The University of Milano-Bicocca constantly ranks highly, attesting to its top-tier quality and state-of-the-art research facilities for prospective overseas students.

The University of Milano-Bicocca, a top-ranked institution, offers a desirable combination of an urban location within Milan, as well as a full university campus with academic and residential facilities. With over 1,200 international students, the university has a thriving international community.


10. The University Of Milan

The University of Milan is a large public research university that has nearly 45,000 students enrolled. It was established in 1924. The University of Milan is a highly regarded urban university with academic institutions and faculty buildings dispersed throughout the city.

Due to the University of Milan’s long-standing connections with the major employers in the area, you’ll be able to launch your career as well as your academic studies.

This university is one of the top business schools in Milan, appropriately preparing its students to compete in the business world.



Are There Cheap Universities In Milan?

The following are the list of cheap universities in Milan attached with their tuition fee.

University of Milan – Bicocca

  • Tuition fee (Italian students): $1,000
  • Tuition fee (International students): $1,000

Polytechnic University of Milan

  • Tuition fee (Italian students): $1,600
  • Tuition fee (International students): $1,846

University of Milan

  • Tuition fee (Italian students): $2,400
  • Tuition fee (International students): $2,768

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

  • Tuition fee (Italian students): $7,500
  • Tuition fee (International students): $7,000

Top Graduate Business Schools

Do you want to study for a master’s or MBA program in Milan? Here’s a list of the top graduate business schools in Milan.

  • SDA Bocconi School of Management, Bocconi University

  • Politecnico di Milano.

  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

  • European School Of Economics


Milan is a thriving place where you can find a lot of opportunities in the business sector. In addition to this, it’s also very affordable. Therefore it’s a perfect city if you want to attend a business school.

In this article, we’ve outlined the best 10 business schools in Milan which can help you narrow your options and select the best that’s suitable for you.

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