10 Best Business Schools in Belgium-Tuition & Key Info.

Find out the top 10 best business schools in Belgium; this state is a cheap place to study business law, MBA and other graduate programs.

Belgium is a country that enjoys a stellar reputation around the world for a variety of things, including its world-famous chocolates and international politics.

Belgium has undoubtedly made a name for itself as an important international hub thanks to its ideal location in the heart of Europe and its proximity to some of the most powerful nations on earth.

Furthermore, the political influence of journalists, embassies, and several foreign corporate organizations is particularly well-known in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Aside its standing as a hub of commerce and bureaucracy, Brussels also provides a top-notch educational experience rooted in a vibrant culture and history that has recently drawn hundreds of international students.

Additionally, students who have personally experienced city life and Belgian culture tend to have positive opinions about studying in Belgium. The three national languages; French, Dutch, and German, as well as English, contribute significantly to the vibrant social life and multicultural atmosphere that students enjoy.

We’ll examine Belgium’s top business schools in this article.

Because of its top-notch universities, Belgium is one of the best destinations to study. The economy of Belgium, one of the richest in the world, is also doing remarkably well. Large firms are still investing in the nation, and as a result, demand for qualified workers will only increase. Belgium is a great place to pursue a business or management degree as a result.

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Is Belgium A Good Place To Study Business?

Because Belgium excels in research, has a strong international flair, and is actively involved in the region, it offers a diverse multicultural atmosphere and excellent academic prospects.

Additionally, Brussels is where important political decisions and legislation are formed because it is home to numerous important international organizations, like the European Union, NATO, and the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Therefore, if you plan to study a subject like international business or finance and are interested in beginning a career here as well, the capital is an appealing option due to its prominence as an established centre for international commerce and politics.

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Does Belgium Have Good Universities?

Belgium has many universities, especially in Brussels. Additionally, these universities have a significant focus on international affairs and command high rankings worldwide. Therefore , if you’re seeking a place to study and achieve academic achievement, this nation is a perfect choice.

As you read further, you’d find out the best business schools for graduate programs such as MBA and PhD.

Is it easy to find a job there after studying?

In Belgium, especially in Brussels, foreign students frequently decide to stay. Or to put it another way, this is a very encouraging sign that there are openings on the job market for new graduates.

Cities in Belgium are developing, which promotes innovation, creativity, and corporate growth.

They are excellent places to work in consulting, marketing, journalism, sales, management, finance, and project development.

They are also great places to start a career with one of the major political institutions in Brussels that work with commercial enterprises.

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Top Business Schools In Belgium

#1. Université Catholique de Louvain—Louvain School of Management

The Université Catholique de Louvain’s Louvain School of Management (LSM) places a strong emphasis on ethics, accountability, and sustainability (UCL). Its objective is to create leaders who care about people and the environment and who put human values at the center of their organizations’ operations.

This business school in Belgium has many programs that require students to complete an internship, which is advantageous for both the firms and the students since it gives students the chance to obtain practical experience before they graduate.

Furthermore, students at this university have the chance to work on real problems in class and be the first to hear when large firms are hiring thanks to a number of corporate partners.

The Louvain School of Management is well-known as a premier business school, and it provides outstanding programs and an international setting for students who appreciate excellence and ethics.

The programs offered here are Bsc., Masters and PhD. The tuition fee for master’s is 4,175 EUR.


#2.KU Leuven—Faculty of Economics and Business

One of the top business schools in Belgium is the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at KU Leuven.

All of the university’s programs are taught by good lecturers. Thus, ensuring that students are learning from the best. Programs offered in business universities include; Bsc, master and doctoral degrees.

FEB collaborates with businesses to conduct more pertinent and helpful research, bridging the gap between academia and industry for the faculty.

The university has connections with foreign institutions that allow students to benefit from double-degree programs, exchange programs, and summer schools.

Therefore the Faculty of Economics and Business is a great option for students interested in business. This is because this business university offers a wide variety of degree programs taught by professors with various levels of competence.


#3. Antwerp Management School

Antwerp Management School is a prestigious business school that teaches economics, management, and administration. It is positioned at the forefront of business innovation and transformation. They aim to broaden students’ horizons in order to empower them to change the world.

Also, the programs they offer include; Bachelor’s degree, masters and PhD. The tuition fee for masters is €12,950.

The Antwerp School of Management has a long tradition of providing both experienced experts and budding young professionals with cutting-edge master’s degrees.

The school expands on this philosophy by sending students and staff members on a learning trip together since they feel that lifelong learning is no longer a choice in today’s quickly changing society.


#4.Ghent University—Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

This business school is one of the best universities in Belgium that has years of experience in preparing and instructing students to the highest standards.

According to EBA, soft skills are just as important in the workplace as hard abilities, so much so that students receive instruction in these areas in addition to academic subjects.

The faculty aims to deliver top-notch research and teaching while upholding worldwide standards, which is why all of their master’s programs are available in English. EBA is always getting better since it is continually assessing its programs.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is a business school with a strong history of providing value to businesses and society.

With its top-notch programs and distinguished faculty, the university continues to live up to its standing as one of Belgium’s top institutions of higher learning.


#5.Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

This leading business school in Belgium is a part of Université Libre de Bruxelles,which has a prestigious Economics and Management Department as one of its faculties.

This business school in Belgium continues to develop aspirational leaders by emphasizing the value of many points of view, utilizing quantitative and scientific methods throughout all of its programs, and upholding its fundamental beliefs.

Furthermore, the university’s rigorous and demanding educational program, which promotes excellence at all levels, enables its students to develop into future leaders.

The institution offers instruction in sophisticated analytical and perceptive skills, and its top graduates have a great placement track record.

The Solvay Brussels School is highly regarded for providing top-notch instruction throughout the world.

Students will therefore graduate with a degree of the highest caliber that is recognized worldwide.


#6. Vlerick Business School

It is something you encounter in our learning settings. Vlerick serves as a center for transformation and a driver of progress.

You discover more about who you are and the influence you want to have there.

It’s where you learn the skills and frame of mind you require to confidently step out into the world and make a difference.

In Vlerick business school, you can be an entrepreneur in life and a student at heart.  Additionally, they are accredited business schools that have amazing learning settings.

It’s a business school that offers both real and online classes. 

You’ll discover that their settings liberate your mind and energize you to be open to a world of knowledge, relationships, and opportunities. They provide master’s, MBA, and PhD programs.


#7. United Business Institute

The UBI is one of the best business schools in Belgium that offers the best British-style business education and training, with a focus on international business and management that is interculturally aware, and career-oriented.

The teachers are well-known businesspeople and academics from all over the world, including Belgium, China, Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, the US, and Uzbekistan.

They can give you first-hand knowledge of the sector and relationships because many of them have held senior executive roles.

They also offer numerous graduate internships and/or employment opportunities.

Also, this school creates a one-on-one coaching setting to promote personal development in their students.


#8. Flanders Business School

With KU Leuven, Flanders Business School established a tight collaboration. Through this tight partnership with the university, their students have the chance to benefit from the close vicinity of a top knowledge institution with a global network and deep subject matter experience.

Additionally,  they can make use of the campus library, research databases, computer classes, and other cutting-edge university IT tools.

FBS is also very focused on global issues, therefore they collaborate with institutions like the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta and the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago (IIMC).

In the University of Flanders, they intend to create a forum for open conversation regarding management, strategy, and innovation as essential to social advancement, drawing on their focus on entrepreneurship.

As a business school, they give their students training that is based on scientific research and well-established best practices, encouraging critical thinking and self-initiative in a setting of open communication, collaboration, and independence. FBS is therefore quite interdisciplinary and they are actively collaborating with partners both domestically and internationally.


#9.ICHEC Brussels Management School

This business school teaches management responsibility and global awareness to our pupils.

Their training program prioritizes the connection to the field in a strict methodology supported by research to fulfill this aim.

Graduates can enroll in a lifetime learning process thanks to their acquired knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The values that create the ICHEC spirit are respect, unity, and honesty.

Three years are required for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s, and one year for PhD.


#10. Alfred Ford School Of Management

Are you contemplating furthering your education? For moral people who want to learn practical business and leadership skills while pursuing their own personal growth, the Alfred Ford School of Management offers formal and informal value-based business, management, and leadership education, primarily an MBA degree.

By successfully fusing business education with the chance to develop personally, they are able to increase high student satisfaction.

The tuition fee for this business school is €7,900. This fee includes online library access, online campus access, graduation fee, the online syllabus.

Online MBA programs are available from Alfred Ford School of Management, with a focus on conscious management and leadership.

By fusing the most recent management research with age-old wisdom, the Alfred Ford School of Management cultivates ethical leaders with a global perspective.



Are There Cheap Business Schools In Belgium?

Belgium is a bilingual nation that provides affordable, high-quality education.

It is actually one of the few countries that provide free education, with only extremely low registration costs along the way.

Nevertheless, the annual cost of tuition at Belgian institutions ranges from EUR 800 to EUR 9000, while the cost of living varies by region and the circumstances of the student.

A student’s monthly budget can range from 700 to 900 euros on average. International students may potentially be eligible for scholarships.

Some of the cheapest business schools in Belgium include;

  • Flanders Business School

  • Antwerp Management School

  • Ghent University

  • Hasselt University

Are There Business Law Schools In Belgium?

Yes, there are business law schools in Belgium. Are you in search of business law schools in Belgium?

Here’s a list of schools in Belgium that offer programs in business law.

  • Ghent University

  • College of Europe

  • University of Liège

  • The Brussels Schools of Governance

  • KU Leuven

  • Université libre de Bruxelles(ULB)

Top Graduate business Schools In Belgium

Do You wish to study a master’s or PhD program in Belgium? Here’s a list of the top graduate business schools in Belgium.

  • Alfred Ford School Of Management

  • HEC Management School

  • Louvain School of Management

  • United Business Institute

  • Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

  • Ghent University

  • KU Leuven—Faculty of Economics and Business

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