10 Best Business Schools in Austria-Costs & Programs

Selecting the business schools in Austria might be difficult as there are lots of business universities; our ranking of the best business schools in Vienna can help you decide on the school to go for MBA programs.

Austria, a lovely nation in Central Europe, places a strong emphasis on providing top-notch higher education. Austrian universities are well-established and give you a wonderful education. Additionally, Austria is a stunning, developed, and cultured nation that makes it the ideal destination for international students who want to go traveling during their free time.

Some of the greatest universities in the world, many of which are ranked highly, are found in Austria.

It is regarded as the ideal location for studying abroad as a result. The rich and diverse national customs are quickly introduced to students in almost every field.

So in this article, we’d be discussing the best business schools in Vienna for MBA programs in Austria.

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Why study Business Administration in Austria?

This is a nation in Central Europe that is well-known for its beautiful landscapes and its significance in modern history.

Some of the best universities are located in Vienna, which is also the most popular place for international students to study. They are drawn to the nation’s 34 schools and institutions, 11 of which are private.

Furthermore, each university degree has a rich historical background and courses ranging from simple to sophisticated. Therefore, it makes sense that the increase in international students has increased by 40% during the last five years.

Additionally, It’s a welcoming environment for people from all over the world, where you can easily meet new people and apply your knowledge.

There are numerous academic specialties available, including Business Informatics, Electronics and Business, etc.

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Is Education Free In Austria For International Students?

Compared to other nations in Europe, studying in Austria is fairly economical for international students. At public universities, international students should budget €1,452 on average, plus €20 per semester for student union dues.

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Austria?

One of Europe’s most economical education systems is found in Austria. While tuition prices vary from study program to study program, international students should anticipate paying anywhere from 3,000 to 23,000 EUR each year. Some specialized programs have annual tuition costs of at least 35,000 EUR.

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Best Business Schools In Austria

#1.WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

An international university with three accreditations is the Vienna University of Economics and Business. They provide graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs.

In addition, they offer a range of English-taught and -conducted programs and research. There are a variety of students on its campus, with a 4:1 ratio of domestic to foreign students.

This university has a solid track record of accomplishments in research, community service, and the application of knowledge to the business.

Additionally, the typical semester tuition charge is $412 USD. However, foreign students who are not citizens of the EU or EEA (European Union or European economic area) must pay US$823 in tuition.

Due to the country’s free education system, these fees may be deferred for qualified students, including Austrian citizens, and residents of the EU/EEA. Also, refugees under the Geneva Convention, those with subsidiary protection status, those who are subject to the ordinance’s admission requirements, and those who have residence permits.


#2. Faculty of Business, Economics, and Statistics – University of Vienna

The University of Vienna, one of the top business institutions in Austria, hires professors from a diversity of cultures and religious traditions, which results in a variety of research and teaching methods. In addition, they provide MBA, Ph.D., master’s, and undergraduate programs.

English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian are just a few of the languages that are accessible for lectures in the business courses’ wide language curriculum. As one of the top 10 research faculties in German-speaking nations, the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Statistics also generates excellent research. In order to keep its research current and valuable for the development of the business sector, it places equal emphasis on theory and its application to industry.

Students who are EU/EEA/CH members pay a different tuition rate than those who are not. EU/EEA/CH students are exempt from paying tuition for the typical length of their program plus an additional two semesters. The cost increases to $435 per semester for prolonged studies. The tuition cost for non-EU/EEA students is $845 each semester.


#3. Faculty of Business and Management – University of Innsbruck

As one of Austria’s top business schools with a strong international reputation, the University of Innsbruck is a leader in the country. Along with its reputation for high-quality education, the university is also renowned for its contributions to research, which the Faculty of Business and Management also makes. Additionally, they provide undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

Furthermore, internships and exchange programs are made to assist students in sharpening their abilities and gaining exposure to various business views when handling and approaching various scenarios.

EU/EEA/CH students are not required to pay tuition during the normal course of their programs. Additionally, businesses in the industry are interested in graduates because of their reputation for employability.

Through international exchange programs, internships, and partnerships with colleges, their knowledge and abilities are developed.

The cost of tuition for an additional stay is US$411 per semester. Non-EU/EEA students must pay US$822 in tuition every semester.


#4.MCI | The Entrepreneurial University

Innsbruck, Austria’s MCI Entrepreneurial University is a private institution with a strong emphasis on Applied Sciences and a desire to remain current with industry trends.

For three years running, the university has been ranked in the top 24 universities worldwide thanks to its high-quality education. It has been recognized for excellence in digital education by the FIBAA and the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).

Employers in the business are interested in MCI alumni because of their reputation for employability. Through exchange programs, internships, and collaborations with colleges throughout the world, their knowledge and talents are refined.

Its graduate programs are mostly taught in English, with Business Administration and Business and Management courses being offered in German for undergraduate students.

For all levels, tuition for EU students is $411 each semester. Students from outside the EU pay US$7,075 for undergraduate studies and US$8,490 for graduate studies each semester.


#5. Department of Management and Economics/ Danube Business School – Danube University of Krems

One of the top business schools in Austria is the Danube Business School, which is a part of the Faculty of Business and Globalization of the Danube University of Krems. It has received a quality seal from FIBAA and is certified by the ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation).

Additionally, it is a public university with standing for providing top-notch instruction and reliable research results. However, this institution only provides MBA and Master’s degree programs.

A variety of MBA specialties are available through the Business School and are taught in either English or German. There are certification programs for a few of the specialties. Depending on the area of specialty, the average tuition for the whole program is US$16,300, whereas certificate programs typically have tuition fees of US$8,490.


#6.Lauder Business School

In accordance with the Austrian educational system, Lauder Business School, an English-speaking business school in Vienna, Austria, functions as a “University of Applied Sciences.” Lauder Business School combines the greatest elements of the American business educational system to give students the opportunity to study both the global economy and international business.

By combining the best of the American and European business school systems, particularly the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, the Lauder Business School in Vienna gives students the opportunity to study both the global economy and international business.

Additionally, tuition costs for students from the EU are €726,72 ($1.453,44) every academic year. Your costs of living in Vienna are not covered by the tuition. The Austrian student union requires an additional €42,40 payment per academic year. The costs of the student union are renegotiable, and both payments are required.


#7.IBS International Business School Vienna

The International Business School has developed into a really cutting-edge and energetic business institution.

Our collaborative culture, which combines academic rigor, cooperative effort, entrepreneurship, diversity, and ongoing innovation, makes it an appealing environment to learn and teach.

In addition to undergraduate or graduate degrees, the academic experience they offer gives their students from more than 100 different nations the chance to network and develop skills that will give them a competitive advantage for the rest of their lives.

Its goal is to become a multi-country, multi-accredited, a regionally recognized supplier of higher education services for a highly mobile, multinational student body with an interest in cutting-edge business and management fields.

They are passionate about giving those who can benefit from it English-language business and management education that is both economically and culturally relevant. Additionally, this institution is customer- and demand-focused. They improve education, boost self-esteem, and open doors for everyone who chooses to invest in their education at our institution.

Ph.D. tuition costs £3,100, whereas master’s degrees cost £5,900.


#8.MODUL University Vienna

In addition to having a strong research emphasis on international management, service-related sectors, tourism, sustainability, data science, and the design of information systems, Modul Institution Vienna is an international university for business and economics. They offer BBA, BSc, MBA, and PhD degree programs.

You are assured a distinctive educational experience at MU in a global setting. The University’s core values are environmental preservation, social responsibility, and economic viability.

MU’s semester tuition costs vary depending on the program’s nature and whether you’re eligible for a discount. Additionally, you have the option of paying in full, monthly, yearly, or per semester. For instance, the tuition for a PhD can cost between £5,000 and £7,000. between £500 and £5000 for undergraduate and master’s degrees


#9.University of Salzburg Business School

University of Salzburg’s business school is known as SMBS. Additionally, they focus on postgraduate programs. As a world-class provider of extracurricular education, they provide top-notch MBA and Master’s programs from around the world, as well as University certificate programs.

The tuition costs are 363,63 Euros for EU citizens and 726,72 Euros for non-EU citizens. In general, tuition fees are due by all students attending Austrian universities. Students who have specific exemptions or those who are ordinarily exempt from paying tuition fees are exceptions.


#10. Johannes Kepler University

The new Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration offered by the JKU Business School prepares you for a career at an international company, either in Austria or abroad. The program is entirely taught in English. The curriculum helps you develop your managerial abilities so you may function well as a member of an intercultural team in addition to giving you an informed understanding of a company’s business operations.

Furthermore, Students must also complete a second language requirement in addition to taking courses in economics, math/statistics, research techniques, social skills, and international law.



Is School Free In Austria?

All EU and EEA citizens are entitled to free tuition at public universities in Austria; tuition for out-of-country students is only about 1,500 EUR each academic year.

The tuition at universities of applied sciences (UAS) ranges from 365 to 7,500 EUR depending on the degree program and the student’s nationality.

Is Austria Good For MBA?

Austria is renowned for having a top-notch higher education system. MBA programs and issuing schools are judged by the rankings and accreditations received on a global scale.

Moreover, a number of the most prestigious international accrediting bodies have certified Austrian universities and degrees.

In comparison to many other countries, it is also less expensive.


Any of the MBA programs on this list would be a fantastic location to pursue your objectives, no matter what your field of a business interest may be.

Additionally, because the schools provide hands-on training to prepare you for the business world, these business schools in Austria are the best option to turn that passion for business into a reality.

Best of luck!


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