8 Best Business Schools in Rome-Tuition & Programs

If you have been planning to enroll in any top business school in Rome, this is the right time to do it. You have all the information that you need in this article.

If you’re considering studying MBA in Rome, here’s what you need to know about this beautiful city and the top business schools in Rome.

Overview of Business Schools in Rome

Rome has a good number of English-speaking top schools to study business. The city is full of history and culture, but there are also plenty of opportunities for students to have fun.

The city has a long, rich history of commerce and trade. In fact, many Roman emperors were also successful entrepreneurs, making Rome one of the first cities in Europe to have an economy based on business.

The presence of such a rich history can help you learn more about your future career as well as gain valuable insight into how businesses operate in Italy today. Studying abroad at one of these top schools will give you valuable experience working in an international environment while allowing you to make connections that could help jumpstart your career upon graduation.

Why Study in Rome?

Rome is a city rich in history and culture, with plenty of opportunities to learn about both. It’s also a great place to live, with good weather and delicious food.

If you’re contemplating studying in Rome, here’s why it should be on your list:

The Following is the List of Business Schools in Rome

The following is a list of the top business schools in Rome:

Luiss Business School

If you’re looking to study business in Rome, Italy, Luiss Business School is an excellent choice. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and entrepreneurship, you’ll be able to explore your own passions while gaining the skills necessary for a successful career. As a matter of fact, Luiss Business School is widely considered the best business school in Rome.

Luiss Business School was founded in 1986 as part of the LUISS University system. The school has grown rapidly since its inception; today there are more than 1,500 full-time students at the Rome campus alone.

Additionally, Luiss offers degrees in Milan and Bologna—the latter of which offers programs through online distance education as well.

The AACSB accreditation means that LUISS offers an excellent program with rigorous standards of quality. It also means that employers will take note of your degree from this school when seeking out qualified candidates for leadership roles or other high-level positions within their organizations (not to mention some great networking opportunities).

In terms of accreditation, LBS has received multiple accreditations and membership from various recognized agencies like:

  • GBSN, and many more.

LBS is the most decorated business school in Rome. The cost of studying for a full-time MBA at Luiss Business School is €30,000.

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Rome Business School

Rome Business School is one of the top business schools in Rome, Italy. It was founded in 2011 and has never looked back since then.

Rome Business School has a good reputation among employers as well as students. It also has a great location—the campus is within walking distance to many historical attractions such as the Vatican, Pantheon, and Colosseum.

Rome Business School’s academic reputation isn’t bad either: it is considered one of the best business schools in Rome, second only to Luiss Business School.

RBS offers an international/global MBA program that costs around €18,000; this price is further reduced to €16,900 if you decide to pursue this MBA online, instead of traveling to Rome.

RBS’s International MBA program is accredited by ASFOR – a foremost accreditation agency in Rome, Italy.

Overall, the MBA program by Rome Business School is a well-recognized one; it is a good value for money.

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European School of Economics (ESE), Rome

The European School of Economics is a private business school located in Rome and multiple other cities in Europe, like Madrid, Milan, Florence, and London, to mention a few. ESE-Rome offers courses in English and Italian, as well as a bilingual program.

The European School of Economics is the only business school in Italy to offer a Master’s degree in Economics. It is a top accredited business school in Rome that holds accreditations and membership from CTH, UCAS, and ASIC.

ESE also has an affiliation with Richmond, the American International University in London as well. This school offers one of the best MBA programs in Rome, and the full cost of the program is €35,000.

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Swiss School of Management

The Swiss School of Management is a private school located in Rome, Italy that offers a variety of programs. The school’s programs include an MBA program, an Executive MBA program, and a Master’s in International Business Management for Executives.

The Swiss International University Foundation owns the Swiss School of Management as well as other schools throughout Europe: The European Business School (EBS) in Germany and Geneva; EIB Paris; EIB Barcelona; EIB London; EIB Lisbon; and ESG Turin.

The cost of a full-time MBA program is €15,300; making it one of the most affordable business schools in Rome for an MBA. The program is 1-year long (4 semesters), and is packed brimful with academic, social, and leadership seminars that will leave its students significantly more business-intelligent.

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John Cabot University Guarini Campus

John Cabot University is a private university in Rome, Italy. The school has two campuses: one in Rome and one in Pescara. It is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU).

John Cabot University’s main campus is located in the EUR district of Rome—a neighborhood where you can find many other international universities such as Sapienza University, Roma Tre University, LUISS Business School, and Bocconi University.

The area is well-connected to public transportation and offers plenty of amenities like shops and restaurants open until late at night if you want to do some shopping or grab a quick bite after class ends for the day.

JCU, in partnership with Polimi School of Management, offers an AACSB-certified, part-time “customizable” Executive MBA [EMBA] that takes as long as 24 months (2 years). The program is a well-received one. The cost of the program is €37,000 for individuals and €40,000 for companies.

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The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University

St. John’s University’s Tobin College of Business is an internationally recognized business school with a comprehensive MBA program designed to develop your management skills and make you an outstanding manager.

The MBA program has two options: on-campus or online, which means you can complete the coursework anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, the on-campus MBA programs are further divided into FLEX MBA, STEM MBA, and an Accounting MBA program, with key focuses on various business sub-disciplines like Business Analytics, Educational Leadership, Marketing, etc.

It lasts for two years with a part-time option available. This part-time option is ideal if you are looking for a flexible schedule that allows you to keep working while studying at St. John’s University’s Rome campus.

Elite global recruiters from leading organizations such as IBM, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte), KPMG International Cooperative (KPMG), Telecom Italia Spa (Telecom Italia), etc., have ranked St John’s University as one of their top choices for students who want to pursue careers as managers through the Management Development Program (MDP).

Students will gain real-world experience through internships with top companies around the globe during their studies at SJU Rome Campus. The cost of a part-time MBA at SJU is €47,198 (estimated).

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Fox School of Business & Management, Temple University Rome

Temple University Rome is a branch of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1991 with the goal of promoting internationalization and cultural diversity at the university level. Today, Temple University Rome has over 100 students from around 30 different countries studying on campus.

The school offers five degree programs: Bachelor’s degrees in International Business (IB), Finance and Management Information Systems (FIS), Marketing and Sales Management (MSM), Specialized Studies for Foreigners (SSD) and Tourism Management (MTM); Master’s degrees in Business Administration – International Corporate Governance; Executive MBA-Global Leadership Series; Joint Degree Programs – Law / International Business; JD/MBA program for American law students interested in pursuing a career related to international business​.

The cost of a Global MBA program at the Fox School of Business costs €25,000 on say, 20 credits. They also offer an Executive MBA program.

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Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome is a public research university located in Rome, Italy. It is the largest university in Italy, with about 60,000 students. Sapienza is also one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII.

The school is quite popular in Italy; however, it is not one of the favorite destinations to study Business. However, it is the cheapest business school in Rome. At €1,000 per year, for two years, you can study and complete a Master’s in Business Management at Sapienza. The program is offered online, and on-campus, as well as in a hybrid setting combining both.

The school also offers other Masters and undergraduate programs in nearly more than 51 disciplines. The school is famous for its serene location, and historic building.

Students who do not have the budget to meet up with top business schools in Rome like LUISS Business School can settle for Sapienza if they choose to.

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Entrance Requirements for Business Schools in Rome

To give you an idea of what requirements business schools in Rome typically demand from you to study an MBA program, we’ll take a look at a top school.

Entrance into one of the MBA programs according to the European School of Economics requires the submission of the following documents to the Admissions Office at the ESE center of interest:

  • An undergraduate honors degree at 2:2 or higher (diploma and transcripts), or an equivalent level professional qualification in a relevant field, followed by at least two year’s relevant management experience,
    Substantial experience in a management or leadership role, typically in a middle or senior management post, where the applicant can demonstrate clear potential to operate at a postgraduate level.

  • Resume / CV + Personal Statement.

  • Two Recommendation Letters.

ENGLISH Language Requirements:

  • 6.5 IELTS, 90 iBT TOEFL or 232 CBT TOEFL (TOEFL cannot be used for VISA PURPOSE in the UK), CAE 176-184 with no less than 162 in each score or Pearson Qualification 58-64 with no less than 42-49 in each component.

  • Students have up to 90 days to submit their English Language Proficiency scores.

  • Photocopy of Passport/ ID document.

  • Photograph (passport-sized).

Also, documents are expected to be submitted in the English Language.

Policies and Procedures for Exceptions to Admissions Criteria

To understand a bit more about the admission exemption policies guiding most of the top business schools in Rome, we will use the Swiss School of Management as a case study.

The School of Management states that “it allows candidates who hold recognized secondary school certificates as per the entry criteria but not a BBA or BS degree to enroll at the MBA program Level and take courses and thesis toward a degree from SSM.

Such applicants should have gained at least 10 years of leadership experience and passed any of the designated internationally approved English Exams stated within the admission criteria section of the MBA program.”

Popular FAQs About Studying MBA in Rome

Does Italy have good business schools?

Italy has a well-developed business education system, and Rome is an ideal place to study business. Not only are there several business schools in Rome, but the city itself offers a lot of advantages for students.

First of all, it’s beautiful: a historical city with much culture and history, as well as many other cultural attractions for visitors who want to enjoy some vacation time during their studies in Rome.

And if you’re interested in learning more about Italian culture and language while you’re here, there are many opportunities for that too—you can take language classes at one of the many universities or sign up for one of many cultural excursions offered by student-run clubs throughout the year.

Is Rome Business School recognized in Italy?

RBS is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the most well-known accreditor in the world. AMBA accreditation has been awarded to only 1% of business schools worldwide, and it’s a sign that RBS meets an international standard for excellence in business education.

RBS is also recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education; this means that you can take courses at RBS toward your undergraduate or graduate degree.

Is Rome Business School a good school?

Rome Business School is a good school. Rome Business School is recognized in Italy and around the world for providing high-quality education at an affordable price. The undergraduate, graduate and executive MBA programs are taught by professors from all over the world who bring with them their unique perspectives to the class.

In addition to receiving a rigorous education, students will have access to state-of-the-art facilities such as an onsite library, computer labs, and student lounge areas.

The school offers a variety of specializations including international management studies; finance and accounting; entrepreneurship; marketing; information systems management; human resources management; health care administration and more!

Is studying MBA in Rome worth it?

Studying MBA in Rome is a good idea if you’d like to learn about business, leadership, and management.

There are many benefits of studying an MBA program in Rome that include:

  • You will have a competitive advantage over others because the city has one of the highest concentrations of Fortune 500 companies per capita. These multinational corporations provide students with opportunities for internships and networking connections.

  • You’ll be able to meet other international students from all over the world who can help you adapt to life as an expat or give you advice about your career path after graduation. You might even find someone who’s willing to share an apartment with you!

  • Rome offers some fantastic outdoor activities such as hiking through Tuscany’s rolling hills or biking along its pristine coastline which will help relieve stress from studying for exams during this intensive program (and afterwards).

Final Thoughts

Italy is a great place to study business. Equally, Rome is a great place to study business.

Italy—and especially Rome—is the ideal country in which you can take your education in Italy and expand upon it with additional classes at one of the city’s many world-class colleges and universities.

Rome offers everything from large public institutions like Sapienza University of Rome; so, if you are considering studying Business in Rome, this may prove to be a good investment for you.

Wrapping It Up

Italy is a great place to study business, and there are a number of good business schools in Rome. It’s clear that Luiss Business School, alongside Rome Business School are among the top choice for students who wish to study in Rome.

These schools have an excellent reputation and offers a wide range of courses in many fields. It also offers several different types of degrees including an MBA program that can be completed entirely online or on campus.

If you are looking for more information about studying Business abroad, check out our articles about studying MBA abroad or getting an MBA degree from other top business schools.

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