Top 5 Biggest Mistakes College Students Make

You’ve made it to the point where a university is an option for you. Both your social circle and your horizons will expand as a result.

Having your beliefs and assumptions tested will get you closer to being ready for the rest of your life. It’s also a period when you could make some poor choices and lose out on fantastic possibilities. 

There is often an enormous learning curve associated with settling into university life. Youngsters are frequently eager to try alcoholic beverages, for instance.

And if you get over the line sometimes, try to educate yourself with an alcohol addiction essay which can be useful. There are dozens of essay examples that emphasize the pros and cons of drinking’s impact on students.

Additionally, it’s very uncommon for freshmen to feel homesick, get misplaced on campus, or have a falling out with their roommates. Either way, here’s our list of the top five biggest mistakes college students make.

Biggest Mistakes College Students Make

  • Risking Their Lives For Trends
  • Overloading
  • Procrastinating
  • Overmedia-ing
  • Trying To Do Too Much

Risking Their Lives For Trends

One thing that can be considered a mistake definition in students’ behavior is frequently getting over the line with trends.

As we live in a technologically advanced age, understudies’ educational growth is often under the radar. It’s true that they are using many devices so often.

New possibilities for both the classroom and the classroom environment have arisen because of technological advancements in education.

In the classroom, technology is used to simplify difficult concepts, educate children on how to share their knowledge through digital mediums such as webinars, and track and monitor students’ progress.

One potential drawback, though, is that being online all the time might be distracting. A number of academics and health specialists from different parts of the globe have voiced their worries about the effects that children’s excessive screen time may have on their health.


Another issue that every student is faced with is overloading. Adolescents’ bodies need to find a method to adapt to the strain that schoolwork creates in their life.

Although some pressure is really beneficial, persistent stress may have detrimental effects on a person’s body, mind, and personality. It’s common for students to complain about feeling overwhelmed.


In the concept of a student view, they always get things done on time. However, that’s far from reality. Procrastination is a major issue for students of all academic levels.

It’s a tricky issue since kids delay for a variety of reasons and might benefit from individualized approaches to combating the issue.

Pupils procrastinate when they need to sit and do their schoolwork or write a school essay. Instead, they squander time surfing the internet throughout the day and only make progress late in the evening while wishing they had begun earlier in the day.


Perhaps the biggest student mistake that can be seen nowadays is spending too much time on social media.

Only a tiny percentage of ninth through twelfth-graders never use their smartphones during recess or lunch, and this is especially true of the younger pupils.

A large number of students have their handsets confiscated by professors, however, it is the individuals’ duty to safeguard their devices, and they should avoid putting themselves in such a predicament.

Trying To Do Too Much

With a huge desire to show themselves among their peers, understudies frequently go over their limits in college.

Teenagers are quite often advised to engage in a plethora of extracurriculars in order to build strong transcripts suitable for university admissions.

False, to begin with. College entrance authorities do not see more as better. In addition, taking on too much, whether in school or outside of it, may lead to exhaustion and, in turn, poor efficiency.

Even worse, anxiety boosts cortisol levels, alters sleeping habits, reduces confidence, and exacerbates depressive moods, all of which may have a significant negative influence on healthcare. Do not take chronic stress lightly.


It’s essential to be brutal with your time-management techniques if you’re overloaded, feeling more than one indicator that you’re working in large amounts, and have previously eliminated what you can from your calendar.

This is the point at which you should start using a calendar, blocking off time every day, and facing the facts about how you really use your time.

College students are piling on the stress by taking on too much work.

However, you should avoid making such blunders. Instead, keep thinking about how you treat your time and how you can make the most of it.

Do you have suggestions on these biggest mistakes college students make? Please leave a comment below.

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